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Published: May 01, PDF created by Hagindaz · Österreich German language grammar rules useful to the student working through any of the . to, but are not included in, the vocabulary presented in the basic and advanced lessons. 6. März BASIC GERMAN:A GRAMMAR AND WORKBOOKBasic German: A Grammar and Workbook comprises an accessiblereference grammar and. Basic German: A Grammar and Workbook comprises an accessible reference grammar and related DownloadPDF MB Read online.

Basic German A Grammar And Workbook Pdf

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A GRAMMAR AND WORKBOOK In English most nouns form their plural by adding '-s' to the singular form In Modern German Grammar Workbook. Basic German: A Grammar and Workbook comprises an accessible reference grammar and related exercises in a single volume. It introduces German people. Basic German: A Grammar and Workbook is an excellent learning material for independent study with emphasis on German grammar. It is a beginner's course .

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Schenke Heiner, Seago Karen. Basic German: A Grammar and Workbook [PDF] - Все для студента

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The Lost Story of the Victorian Titanic download. In fact, many German textbooks are available online as free downloadable PDFs they usually open in the browser but can be saved to your disk. They are ideal for practicing grammar skills and improving vocabulary and reading comprehension. In addition, samples of various German language exams can also be downloaded from the Internet for free as PDF files.

Below is a list of those free PDFs for learning German that can be used alone for training specific language abilities such as grammar skills, reading comprehension or exam skills.

It goes without saying that for practicing pronunciation, listening comprehension and conversation skills you will need other types of learning tools. There obviously are tons of language teaching materials in PDFs or other user friendly formats that you can buy at Amazon or iTunes. For other types of free learning materials check out other sections of this website. Skip to content. Show Header Sidebar Content. Search for: The latest version of this course can be downloaded here , but the formatting of the PDF file seems a little bit odd and some lessons are not yet finished, so you may be better off using the original version from available under the link above.

This German course is suitable for total beginners to teach them basic grammar, phrases and vocabulary used in common, everyday situations. Basic German: A Grammar and Workbook is an excellent learning material for independent study with emphasis on German grammar. Thisstructure is very similar to English. Exclamation marksIn written German, you often put an exclamation mark after the commandform.

This puts more emphasis on what is being said. Frequent useThe imperative is used quite frequently in German. It is not impolite or rudeto do so. English tends to use more elaborate structures, often in question Exercise 6. Sie langsamer, bitte. Put the following inthe command form, using the du form. Unit 6 35Exercise 6. Interrogative Where do you come from?

Woher kommen Sie? Wo wohnen Sie? Yes or no question Have you got brothers and sisters? Haben Sie Geschwister? Is this your mobile? Ist das Ihr Handy? Here are both types in more detail. Unit 7 37 wann? ExamplesHere are some examples which show how the question words work.

Wer ist das? Who is that? Wo wohnst du? Wie ist deine E-Mail-Adresse? What is your e-mail address? Wie viel kosten Gramm How much is grams of Mozzarella? Wie oft gehst du aus? How often do you go out? Useful pointsAs you can see, the usage of most question words in German is very similar toEnglish.

Note the following points. Wie ist dein Name? What is your name? It is incorrect to use was in such questions. If motion to or from a placeis indicated, German always uses wohin or woher: Where is the church?

Wohin gehst du heute Abend? Where are you going to this evening? Woher kommst du gerade? Where have you just come from? How to ask about professions and where you workThe most common way in German to ask what somebody does for a livingis: Was sind Sie von Beruf?

What do you do for a living? Wo arbeiten Sie? For whom do you work? Where do you work? As youcan see, it does not need a question word. Trinkst du gern? Kommt Peter aus Berlin? Sie wohnen im Hotel Zur Sonne. Here are some more examples: Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Arbeitet er bei MTV Deutschland?

Schenke Heiner, Seago Karen. Basic German: A Grammar and Workbook

Does he work for MTV Germany? Does she really run 10 km each day? German is much simpler than English in this respect. Exercise 7. Wie alt sind Sie? Manchmal aber auch ein wenig stressig.

Ich spreche aber sehr gut Englisch. Unit 7 41Checklist 1 Which question word do you use when you ask for a name or an address? A noun is a word used to name a person, an object, an abstract quality or aconcept: Biological gender in EnglishIn English, the gender of nouns conforms with their status: German uses instead grammatical gender, where there isno such obvious relationship.

Three genders in GermanIn German, all nouns are masculine, feminine or neuter. Unit 8 43As you can see, it is easy to guess the gender for nouns where the naturalgender is fairly clear: It is therefore advisable to learn a new noun with its gender: Themost common abbreviations are: Nevertheless, there are some clues that can help you work out whether anoun is masculine, feminine or neuter.

One is the ending of a noun. Thereare also certain groups of nouns which have identical genders. Here is anoverview. Clues for masculine nounsTypical endingsThe following endings usually indicate that a noun is masculine: Groups of nounsNouns which tend to be feminine are: Clues for neuter nounsTypical endingsAs for the other two genders, certain endings help you identify that a noun isneuter.

The most important are: Groups of nounsThere are also certain groups of nouns which tend to be neuter: Ingrammar terms a word that is made up of more than one noun is called acompound noun. Der Computer hat eine neue The computer has a new Tastatur. What is the name of the cinema?

This can help you spot a noun in a German sentence. In the plural all three are die. For more details see Units 10— Summary of main pointersHere is a summary of the main clues that can help you identify the gender ofa noun in German: Groups of nouns include: Unit 8 47Exercise 8.

Do you remember which article they take? Most words have appeared previously,but, if you are not sure about the meaning, check in your dictionary. AllGerman sentences start with a capital letter. Exercise 8. Unit 8 49Checklist 1 Why is gender so important for learners of German?

What is meant by grammatical gender? If you talk about more than one item you use the plural: Exceptions include: Patterns in GermanGerman has several ways of forming the plural. It is therefore advisable tolearn a new word with its plural form.

But as with gender there are patternsfor typical endings, or plural formations for masculine, feminine and neuternouns. Here is an overview. Clues for masculine nounsAdding -eThe great majority of masculine nouns form their plural by just adding -e: Unit 9 51 singular plural ending: Clues for feminine nounsAdding -n or -enThe huge majority of feminine nouns add -n or -en: Mutter and Tochter forinstance both only add an umlaut: Clues for neuter nounsAdding -eMost neuter nouns add -e but no umlaut: The plural form is usually given in third place following the genderand the genitive ending see Units 10 and 12 of the noun: Unit 9 55Exercise 9.

Exercise 9. Checklist 1 How do most masculine nouns form the plural? Units 11—14 will explaineach case in detail and give examples and exercises. What are cases? How does this compare to English?

You knowthat a noun is a subject when it comes before the verb. If it is an object, itcomes after the verb. Peter loves Mary.

He loves her. Mary loves Peter. She loves him. Unit 10 57The nominative caseThe nominative is used when the noun is the subject of the sentence, i.

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Der Mann liest. The man is reading. The accusative caseWhen the noun is the direct object, i. Der Mann liest einen Roman. The man is reading a novel. Der Mann gibt der Frau einen The man gives the woman a Roman. The genitive caseThis is used to show the relationship between two nouns. Der Hut des Mannes.

Why are cases important? Factors which determine caseThere are three factors which determine case. We have explained one of themabove: There are two more factors, which decide what case must be used: VerbsThe verb determines which case you use for the object: If you have a verb which requires the dative case, then the object in theGerman sentence must be in the dative even if it would be a direct object inEnglish: Der Mann hilft der Frau.

The man helps the woman. If you have a preposition which requires the accusative case, then the objectin the German sentence must be in the accusative, even if it would be anindirect object in English: Summary of basic principlesThe use of cases is determined by three principles: It is particularly important to learn which verbs take the dative, and whichprepositions govern which case. Exercise Die Frau isst einen Hamburger.

Canyou identify which one is in the accusative and which one in the dative case? Check the tables above for endings. Sie gibt dem Mann eine Zigarette. One of each has been done for you. Unit 10 61Checklist 1 How many principles govern the cases in German? German uses the nominative case if the noun is the subject in a sentence —a person or thing doing the action. ExamplesHere are some examples of nouns in the nominative case: The man is listening to music.

Die Frau liest das Buch. The woman reads the book. Das Kind kauft einen Apfel. The child buys an apple. Here is an overview of the mostcommon endings: Unit 11 63 Er ist ein interessanter Mann. He is an interesting man. Er ist Ingenieur. He is an engineer. Sie wird Lehrerin.

She is going to be come a teacher. How to spot the nominative caseThe subject does not have to be at the beginning of the sentence: Nach dem Essen trinkt er After the meal he drinks einen Expresso. The class.

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