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Bob Proctor - You Were Born Rich Workbook This workbook is part of the 'You Were Born Rich Seminar'. Download PDF. Downloading. Born Rich Workbook PDF link: (this is a must have with this seminar!!!) http:// Bob Proctor-You Were Born Rich Workbook-Free Action Planner for Law of . have to sign up for anything at all, it's just a direct link to the PDF.

Born Rich Workbook Pdf

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Material wealth is a normal and natural state for you to live in. The first segment of your Born Rich program is designed to help you fully adopt that truth. You Were Born Rich Workbook. You Were Born Rich has been going strong for nearly 30 years. I am so happy you can access the entire seminar here. Rich Workbook Pages 1 50 [PDF] [EPUB] Description: Bob Proctor - You Were Born Rich. Workbook This workbook is part of the 'You Were.

Can I entertain a new. Con I entertainanother person? Can ientertainmyself? Sidney Herbert Wood This program is based on the premise that you have rich resourceslying dormant within you, waiting to be developed. The development ofthose resources will cause the manifestation of prosperity in yourmaterial world. Material wealth is a normal and natural state for you to live in.

The development ofthose resources will cause the manifestation of prosperity in yourmaterial world. Material wealth is a normal and natural state for you to live in. Thefirst segment of your Born Rich program is designed to help you fullyadopt that truth. The ideas and exercises in this program must be dealtwith in a most serious manner. Do not oermit the apparent simplicity ofthe various exercises to deceive you. Every exercise is directed atalterina-. In arelatively short period of time. Like all journeys which are properly planned and completelyenjoyed, you must have: A cleor understandingof where the journey begins;2 Check points en route to help you stay on course;3.

A clear understandingof your destina4. Unbelievable as it may seem. They ore notcompletely honest with themselves when it comes to recognizing wherethey presently are. Honest answers to every question us consideration toevery exercise and suggestion will clearly indicate: Approximate time it will take to complete this journey. Before you become emerged in your Born Rich program, form theattitude that this program has been prepared especially for youImagine that the author and speaker is a dear, personal friend whomyou have chosen as your mentor.

Make a commitment to yourself thatyou will follow every instruction necessary to alter your old conditionedbehaviour. Ask yourself -what does this mean to me? How can Iapply this idea in my life? Set aside a definite period of time every day, weekends andholidays included, for the proper use of your Born Rich programYou eat every day to nourish your body Look at your Born Richprogram as a form of healthy nourishment for your marvelous mindUse it daily until its use becomes habituai.

Take ten, fifteen or thirty minutes every day to listen to the cassettesas your eyes follow the written words in your Book. Leave a cassette in your car at all times. Listen as you drive. Thiswill quickly become a habit. Then you will have turned yourautomobile into a learning centre. If you drive 25, miles a year,you are in your car for approximately thirteen, forty hour weekseach year. Have a note pad and pen handy at all times.

Bob Proctor Born Rich Workbook | Resonance | Mind

Your Born Richprogram will become a mental stimulant. Ideas and solutions topresent problems will fly into your mind; these Ideas should berecorded, otherwise they may be lost forever. Do not attempt to force the use of your Born Rich program onothers. Force negates. Use it and others will want to follow you. You cannot use the cassettes or book too often. Listen to the samemessage numerous times. Repetition is the magic law of learning. Keep listening and reading this material until you become awarethat the ideas are a habitual part of your behaviour.

When you are studying this program eitherseminar, do not permit others to disturb youconversation that will distract your prosperousthough. BORN RICH This program was written in the sincere hope that it would lead youto the many discoveries that lie within you, by the repetition of theseprosperous ideas. You must beam to see money as an obedient, diligent servant, thatyou can employ to earn more money, and that you can use to provideservices far beyond the service that you could ever physically provide.

I is necessary that you feel comfortable when you talk aboutmoney, because you have truly been Born Rich. You have all themental tools necessary to attract the thoughts you are surrounded by, tocreate the consciousness that you must create in order for you to havethe wealth you choose to have. Lock and limitation can only exist when we make room for them inour mind. But prosperity consciousness knows no lack and no limitation. Resolve to completely remove the lid from your marvelous mindwith respect to your own earning-abilily.

The lype of thoughts and ideas whichoccupy your consciousness is of paramount importance in developingprosperity in your life. Your mind is either in an orderly or a confusedstate. Order must prevail in your mind if you ever hope to see it manifestin your material world, For over ninety percent of the population, confusion takes overwhen they begin to think of their mind. The reoson for their confusion isobvious. No one has ever seen the mind. Mind is on activity not a thing;therefore, no one has a clear cut image with which to mentaily work,The drawing below will eliminate your confusion and give you a modelto begin working with as you proceedthrough this program.

Chis model of the mind and body was originated by the late, Dr. Thruman Fieet of Son Antonio, Texas in circa. Fleet was thefounder of Concept Therapy. The Vwughts' you choose eventuaiv determine me resuns in y w we. All pah, Measure mdumnanon. As you accept a thought. You become vhd you mnk about. Evewthought your conscious mind chooses to accept, thls part mustaccept..

This port of you operates In on orderty manner. Any thoughtyou consclousty choose to impress upon the wb-conscious overond over. Power of me Sub-Conscious'. The thoughts or images tho?

No, 1 -moughts, N o 2 - Fwihgs, No. To change results. Keep it simple. You actuaiiy causethese feelings yourself. You will control your own feelings when youhave developed complete control of your own Thinking or ConsciousMind. Your Born Rich program will make you aware of exactly whathappens with your mind when you are not in control; then how todevelop control. While this conscious control is being developed, it is very importantfor you to be in a very 'Positive Environmeny.

The exercises in this seminar, that we suggest you give seriousthought to, have been designed to help you live in this 'PositiveEnvironmentm. Consequently, you nave been conditioned to accept manylimitations. Jamas Allan You are no longer an infant. You do have control over what entersyour sub-conscious mind. Whether you are exercising that control ornot exercising it, is another subject.

By doing this, you hove transformed your life.

Your Reasoning Factor is divided into two ports: It only has the ability to acceptand turn over to the treasury of your Sub-Consciouswhatever is offeredto it. Your Conscious mind is ina Deductivestate. If you were in a very Positive Environment when your consciousmind was in a Deductive State, you would automatically become thebenefactor of the positive energy you were surrounded by.

However, if your conscious mind was in a DeductiveState and youwere in a Negative Environment, you would automatically become thebenefactor of all the negative energy your senses come into contactwith.

This negative energy comes from many sources: A person who is continually in o negative environment and whoseconsciousness is Deductive, will very quickly become a product of thatenvironment.

This is the partof your personality that actually separates you from all the rest of theanimal kingdom.

It gives you dominion over your world.

Properly developed and applied, your Inductive Reasoning Factorwill turn you on and turn you into an excellent channel for creativeenergy to flow through. Your inductive reasoning factor has the ability to collect aseries of thoughts which are vibrating in harmony from this infiniteocean of energy. Inyour present position, how much money do you earn? Yes NOWhy? Agree DisagreeWhy? Does the lack of money present a problem In your life? Describe the kind of thoughts and ideas you would like yoursub-conscious mind to be conditionedwith.

Ead Nlghtingak For you to get this prosperity concept into high gear, you must bespecific - exactly how much money do you want? Remember, youare working with your sub-conscious mind, and the sub-conscious doesnot think.

You Were Born Rich, Bob Proctor

It merely accepts images and then moves them into form. I strongly recommend that you give very serious to this chapter,because the idea it contains could literally change your life.

Butunderstand that thinking by itself is not enough - you must move intoaction. BORN RICH If you find that the task of getting your financial world in good orderfor this excitingjourney is somethingwhich you are not able to do alone.

Iwould strongly suggest you seek out professional assistance. This issomething that almost all wealthy people do. That is to say thatwealthy individuals follow the advice of financial experts. It is similar inprinciple to the idea that if a person's body were sick, he or she wouldlikely seek out a skilled physician for advice.

Moreover, you should alsokeep in mind that even healthy people, if they are wise. In other words, you do not always need toget sick. It has already been brought to your attention that very few peopleever develop real expertise in the area of serious 'financial planning'. Therefore, you should seek out a competent financial counselor, inmuch the same manner as you would seek assistance in matters of alegal nature.

There are companies that provide this type of financialservice in every city. In some places they ore not too easy to find; butthey are there, if you will only look for them.

Deficit position in debt ; 2. Break-evenposition just getting by, debt-free ; 3. Surplus position. But ofcourse, this is not necessarily true. For if a person is In a deficit financialposition. Similarly, if they ore in a break-even position, they are in thehabit of spending everything they earn. People at work. Money at work. BORN RICH The idea contained in this chapter could very well be thebreak-throughfor you because image making, once we get a firm gripon it, is a truly dynamic idea.

I want to suggest, right at this moment, that you listen to thecassette and read this chapter over a few times. The knowledge of Image-Makingeliminates competition from yourlife, by moving you from the competitive plane to the creative plane. You will soon understandtherefore, that in truth, the only competition youwill ever have is your own ignorance.

There is another way to live that does not cost as much, but it isn't any good. The second step is: You will soon discover that if the ideas in this chapter are applied with intelligence. If your answer to this question is 'nothingm.

Each chapter i s related. I would ask you to pay particulorly close attention to the ideas which follow. BORN rucn The mind is a powerful magnet and as such.

Since you ore now well into the heart of the book..

You should be aware that the chapters in this book resemble the individual pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. When the new bulb i s plugged in and the electricity turned on. But one day. Like the cocole. Since the couple is now somewhoi more adventurous.

We smile ot the innocence of this poor couple. Visualize a poor couple who have lived of their lives in the backwoods. Let us therefore resolve to change our habitual pattern of thinking now and remember that the stream of plenty always flows towards the open.

We never grasp the simple truth that all we have to do i s plug a larger bulb into the infinite current of life. Then imagine them being suddenly transported to a small village where. For not only does the new bulb illuminates the entire room.

Several months go by and eventually the couple comes to accept their little light bulbs as a fact of 'modern' life. Since they have had no previous experience with electricity.

Search deep within your own feelinas and describe what you have been expecting in your life up to this point. Wallace D. Thomas Troward in his writings. It means your inner most thoughts. But spirit. Far example. The 'NON-physical' creative substance. Once you fully understand this great truth. Thot i s to say. Thomas Troward Expressed another way. Spirit can only express itself through the medium of an acorn in accordance with the limitations placed on the acorn.

As has been covered in previous lessons. In the space below. William James. Then everyone with whom you come into contact will know. Everything is in constant motion. Graduating between the lowest and the highest form of vibration. Everything i s merely in a constant state of change. From the electron to the universe.

In this seminar. T highest forms of vibration and very potent in nature. There i inertia. From the mental to the grossest form of matter. Energy i s neither created nor destroyed. They talk about it. J c h Mllton People. Having created their own hell. T understanding of how to make that change. Each day one can observe such individuals passing on the street.

With their faces turned toward the sunshine. Even the good holds some bad for them. Such individuals habitually think thoughts of a positive nature and they are a blessing to the world. No cheer. Their state of mind can be compared to the person who. Their facioi expressions take on the symptoms of their negative thoughts.

When two objects are in resonance or while within the sphere of relative motion of each other. The results vary. Two objects whose electromagnetic fields are the same. You attract whatever or whomever you are in harmonious vibration with.

Resonance is s surrounding objects. The dividing llnes are not borders. All are manifestations of eneriy When the world understands this great truth. The diffeyence being solely a matter of dearee or rate of vibration freauencv. The oniy difference between one thing and another is in density or amplitude of vibration.

Whether you can see it with the naked eye or not is unimportant. We have already covered the point in the lesson that two objects may be of entirely different material and shape. When you concentrate on those thoughts.

They are within the same sphere of relative motion. Or just a s the water that boils is connected to the steam it transmutes into. When you hold the image of your goal on the screen of your mind. You must also K N O W that since you are originating these electric waves. You are connected to everything in the universe and everything with you.

B y holding that image those particles of energy are moving toward you and you toward them. Know that you are originating those electric waves and K N O W that you are also determining the density of them by yaur own choice. Vibrations are not something new to us. W e are all aware of them.

Both are marvels. By proper stimulation of these centers. T understand it's functioning. T h e human brain is probably the most efficient electrical instrument ever evolved. The BRAIN is that part of the body where manner of frequencies are transfcrmed from one frequency to another. Since the early 's we have had the EEG. In our seminars. Within the BRAIN are centres which control and regulate the functioning of all the organs and parts of the body. In the brain.

Bob Proctor - You Were Born Rich Workbook

It was suggested you already have everythina you want. You don't have to G E T anything. If energy i s neither created nor destroyea. The secret to receiving on the physical plane. S O amount equal to that which the person throws off. The moment you bring your lift? It i s within. At first. Believe me. You should understand. Become fully aware of the 'good vibrations' you get. All you must do i s figure out how you can do it. Whatever it may be. Keep reminding yourself that you have tremendous reservoirs of potential within you.

Begin to visualize yourself as a risk-taker. James Allen List below the major. Date Date Date. One student 'nearlym passes the exam. One individual 'almost' completes a task. Zanuck spent four million dollars producing a movie which had the same title. That was the theme of the movie a s well a s the book. Both of these great men. One person 'just abouv starts a project.

Somerset Mauaham wrote an entire book entitled The Razor's Edgem. Once people have become proficient in me basics in any particular field. But they auit: The people. Realize that. We learn to read by the time we have reached grade six or seven and never improve our reading skills from that point on in our life.

Since this is true of most people in any given field. This means that by the end of the first year. Taking this into account. BORN RICH Perhaps the factor which will catapult you into the 'big leagues'' which will multiply your income from a moterial as well as a psychic point of view. List six Razor's Edge Actions you will implement immediately which will make the difference in your life.

S o the next time you step out to do something. Just try one more time. When they were simulating. I would suggest that if you practised your soles presentation in a similar manner. Always remember. With a year or two. Forgive yourself for thoughtlessness. Forget the failures and misdeed. For It is gone with its mistakes. For yesterday' was but a trial. The thing he said. And from mistakes of yesterday will come some noble deed. Why should you let your head be bowed? Lift up your heart and eyes!

They though! Stop looking back on your life. BORN RICH You will never obtain any substantial measure of material wealth if you insist upon living your life as if you were looking back through the rear-view mirror of an automobile. For pursuing that kind of mental activity will never lead to any worthwhile accomplishments in your life. Let the Dead Bury the Dead Remember the old adage which says. It is an e m o t i i l rehashing or refighting of some unalterable past event.

Let us. Since you cannot change the past. Like a broken record a person will keep reliving. Moke the above Affirmation with strong feeling. What has happened. Time has come for u s to free ourselves from these mental shackles of the past. Guilt is an attempt to make right in the present.

GUILT Guilt is another powerful negative emotion connected to resentment which forms part of the failure mechanism of a negative self-image. I release Insert name of anyone you hold a resentment for to their highest good. How can you apply these points in your life? I con s certain as it's going to get dark tonight. On the other hand. But again. Whot s i the lesson you learned from this chapter in Born Rich? How are you going to begin applying what you have learned to reach your goal?

What have I to give? T o a wise man he cried. But I would partake of life's bountiful store. As he gave of himself in useful living. Arthur WIlllam B o e r. Came the wise man's response.

Toward mankind he turned with a love new begotten. Then joy crowned his days. I have no doubt that you will agree. We hold onto old ideas and old things. A lock of awareness of your true relationship with the infinite power which will always leave you with a distorted image of yourself. This of course. But when individuals fail to appreciate this basic truth. But if we were to go directly to the primary cause of the problem.

Let me list some of. At this point you may be asking. In fact the truth is. They include any negative ideas. Your problem. Since this is true. You should visualize your body as being an instrument. I have explained to audiences. Once you hove done this. You must continually be "making space'. This process i s a never-ending one. I am well aware that some of your clothes may have been expensive.

The irony is. In saying this. Set the following project for yourself. By doing this. Check your own clothes closet very carefully. Only this time. I have discussed the law. Give them away. Keep this information constantly in the forefront of your mind. Beside each area. On the next page. For God's gift to you. List the concepts you hold to be true in the space provided below. Your gift to God is to develop and utilize as much of that talent and ability as you can.

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