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Continues: The British journal photographic almanac and photographers' daily companion. British Journal of. PHOTOGRAPHY. JULY Established PICTURE O REINIS HOFMANIS. LOOK & LEARN. How do you teach someone to see?. Brits scoop POYi Awards | Creo Leaf acquisition latest | Nationwide gallery listings. THE BRITISH JOURNAL OF. 06 | 04 | PHOTOGRAPHY.

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As Subotzky explains, Ponte City became riddled with crime and drugs, becoming something of a symbol of urban decay. The exhibition at Le Bal brings together many of these documents, which include maps, brochures and press clippings alongside portraits and images of daily life, created by the duo for the project. A World of its Own: Ones to Watch Our Talent Issue returns with 30 emerging photographers selected from around the world, suggested by an international panel of nominators made up of photographers, editors, curators and educators.

In Positions, we see Wenzel clad in various fabrics, posing as a table. In different positions her bottom, her back and her heels become the table.

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The references that Wenzel makes are also humorous and broad-based, with colour playing a major role. What are Juergen Teller and Marc Jacobs doing in there? The clever thing is these little nudges and hints, these disembodied body parts, are not so much depersonalised as part of a physically present persona Wenzel trained as an acrobat muscling up against her disembodied self.

In Building Images, Wenzel shows this disembodied self in an office environment, where she strips herself down to basic body parts. Legs in secretarial nylons stick out of desks and filing cabinets in true Guy Bourdin style.

Yet for all the serious content, Wenzel still has a light touch.

Femininity is reduced to a cluster of highly conventional signifiers skirt, tights, heels, undergarments and stereotypical roles housewife, secretary, pin—up. And she stages it all in a way that turns the look back on the viewer — presenting them with the mechanics of visual stereotyping, without being dour or didactic.

Alvaro Laiz As a child, fascinated by the camera his dad would carry on holiday, Alvaro Laiz came to associate photography with travelling.

So when he went to Uganda after finishing his studies in audiovisual communication at Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, it was only fitting that he took a camera along. Eight hundred years later, little has been done to rehabilitate the community.

For Wonderland [above], he travelled to the Orinoco delta, for example, to find the indigenous Warao tribe, whose ancient animistic rites value those with dual gender. The coming year will see him explore Uganda, South Sudan and Congo in search of other lesser-known realities.


He takes documentary to the realm of emotion and metaphor, with a rock-solid technique that never falters. I have no interest in objectivity. Having started out studying Japanese and Korean at Oxford University, Engman began making what he calls small picture notes, little sketches of things.

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I befriended a handbag designer when I moved to New York, and she asked me to photograph her look book. This was my first foray into fashion, and it sort of snowballed from there. But perhaps the most interesting was his story for Hungarian magazine The Room, featuring his mother as his muse. This accidental element is evident in Tangle, in which a fictional investigation into a murder develops as a stream of consciousness in.

The story unfolds from a murder mystery that begins when a woman goes missing. After three days, her body is found in a pit of snow, her death said to be the result of a love affair with a genie. As it says in an introduction to Tangle: And intrigue is precisely what he photographs in Tangle.

The project starts with a simple landscape; we see what appears to be a dried-up lake, its bed cracked; only a few patches of dampness remain. British journal of digital imaging, with its own enumeration and pagination.

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