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Oxford English Grammar: the advanced guide answer book Use the search function (ctrl + f) in this PDF to find specific page references. grammar provided by SADDLEBACK'S BASIC ENGLISH. GRAMMAR 1 and 2. Helpful marginal notes throughout the books have been provided to reinforce. BASIC ENGLISH GRAMMAR. STRUCTURES AND VOCABULARY. A SHORT COURSE IN ENGLISH FOR ADULT STUDENTS. Prof. Juan Gmo. Moya Montaña .

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Semua kalimat dalam bahasa Inggris tidak lepas dari tenses karena semua kalimat pasti ada hubungannya dengan waktu dan sifat kejadiannya. Waktu. Grammar/structure, dan pronounciation). Hanya saja Modul ini memuat ringkasan materi bahasa Inggris dengan didikuti latihan- latihan soal. 1 English grammar. 1. 2 The simple sentence. 6. 3 Statements, questions, imperatives and exclamations. 4 Questions and answers. 5 Leaving out and.

Lesson 1 a. How to tell time There are two ways to tell time, here they are: After I that I go to school at half past six, I go to school on foot, it takes fifteen minutes to go to school, and I arrive at school at quarter to seven. This is my time table, how about you? What time Nana get up? Yes, she does b.

My books a. Thisa clock in my class a. Is that a desk? I write on the.. Book b. Pen c. Pencil d. Eraser e. Exercise 2 Translate into English 1. Ini adalah kelas 2. Ini adalah sepatu 3. Ini adalah sekolah 4. Itu adalah lemari 5. Itu adalah perpustakaan 6. Itu adalah seorang murid 7. Ini bukan seorang murid Presented by tsabbitminami E n g l i s h f o r 4 t h E l e m e n t a r y 19 Exercise 3 Fill in the blanks with a or an. This is. This is orange 4. This is eraser 5. This iselephant 7.

This ishorse 8. This is ice cream 9. This is glass This is ball This isegg This isplate This istiger This is.. I studying hard at school. Heriding new bicycle. John studying English now. My uncle drinking coffee now. The children playing kites in the yard. We eating fried chicken now. Yousinging a song. Theysitting on the chair. My sisterbuying new dress.

My mothercooking in the kitchen Presented by tsabbitminami E n g l i s h f o r 4 t h E l e m e n t a r y 20 Unit 5 My Family Read this text carefully I am Sally, this is my familys picture, this is me, using blue dress, this is my father his name is Andrew and that is my mother her name is Mary, Jason is brother he is holding my moms hand.

We are a happy family. Answer the questions 1. Who is the girl in the text above? Jason b. Mary c. Sally d. Andrew 2. How many brother does sally have? One b. Two c. Three d. Four 3. What is sallys mothers name? Andrew 4. Who is using green shirt? Father b. Mother c. Jason 5. Are they happy family? Yes, they are b. No, they arent c. Yes, they arent d. No, they are Vocabularies Family Father: Simply add s apostrophe and s after noun For noun that ends with s such as; James just add apostrophe after noun.

My pen is on the table Dianas shoes is under the table My clothes is behind the door My school is beside my house Teacher is in front of the class The marker is near by our school The library is between teacher room and my class room.

I school at Strawberry Elementary school. Practice Unit 5 Exercise 1 Answer based on your family fact 1. Do you have brother? How many brothers do you have? Do you have sister? How many sisters do you have? Do you have cousin? How many cousins do you have? Do you have aunt? How many aunts do you have? Do you have uncle? How many uncles do you have? Presented by tsabbitminami E n g l i s h f o r 4 t h E l e m e n t a r y 22 Exercise 2 Fill in the blank with on, under, beside, behind, in front of, in, between, or at.

The first one has been done for you. There are three books There are three books on the table. The cat is sleeping di bawah the table. There is a broom di belakang the door. Mandy sits. My teacher is standing di depan my class 5.

There are two pencils di dalam the pencil case 6. Emma is standing di antara Julie and Peter. The children are doing their homework.

There is a picture di atas the wall. There are two candles di dalam the box The students are singing di depan the class. Exercise 3 Translate into English 1. Ini rumahnya Diana 2. Rumah nenek di Pulau Seribu 3.

Itu computer kakak perempuan 4. Ini Koran ayah 5. Itu kamar Belle 6. Ini makanan bibi 7. Ini kelas Brian 8. Ini ruangan guru 9. Ini toilet siswa Itu seragam Charles. Presented by tsabbitminami E n g l i s h f o r 4 t h E l e m e n t a r y 23 Unit 6 Kinds of Colors Read the text below carefully This is flower, this flower is very beautiful, it color is pink and yellow, the leaf is green, I put this flower in my mothers garden, there are a lot of flowers in my mothers garden, there are rose, jasmine and chrysanthemum.

There are red rose, yellow rose, blue rose, purple rose and white rose, and also there are white jasmine and orange jasmine, chrysanthemum only has one color. Its color is white.

All flowers fragrances are very nice, but I my favorite flower is orange jasmine. How many flowers that mentioned in the text? Five c. Two d. Three 2. What is the color of chyrsanthemum? Blue b.

Yellow c. Pink d. White 3. Where is the flowers are planted? In the yard b. In the bed room c. In the garden d. In the living room 4. Who is planting the flowers? Mother b. Father c.

Son d. The writer 5. What is the writes favorite flower a. Red rose b. White jasmine c. Orange jasmine d. Chrisanthemum Vocabularies Colors White: Is the rose red? Yes, it is Is the rose grey? No, it isnt Corversation Listen and practice, answer the question orally. Jasmine, can you take me some strings?

What is the color of the string? Student 1: Now can you tell me the color of rainbow? Student 2: Answer the question What does the teacher ask to the students? How many color of rainbow? Mention one by one! Read the text below Our Homework My name is Mary. Brian, Alana and Simon are my classmates.

We are doing our homework. Bryan is drawing, Alana is writing, Simon is reading, and I am counting. We are working hard. We enjoy doing our homework. We always do that, two times in a week.

Easy English Grammar 1

True False 1. There are four paragraphs in the text. They are in Monicas House. The Writer is Alana. Simon is reading 5. They do their homework in Monicas house three times a week. Positive form: Hi, Tom. Hello Mandy. I am planting flowers Mandy: Asking whats someone doing Asking Responses What are you doing? I am watching television What is she doing? She is washing clothes What are they doing? They are playing kites Are you playing basketball?

No, I am not I am playing football Is he study hard? Yes, he is Presented by tsabbitminami E n g l i s h f o r 4 t h E l e m e n t a r y 26 Practice Unit 6 Exercise 1 Choose the right answer. I am studying English a. Pink c. Orange d. Black 3. The sky is.. Are you sleeping? No, a. I am not b. I isnt 6. No, this is a purple rose.

The color of banana is. No, I am studying Math a. I am not The color of our earth is..

Complete English Grammar and the Exercises

Drinking a cup of milk 2. I singing a song 3. Shereading a magazine. They playing kites. She washing dishes. Doctorworking in hospital. Theyplaying marbles 8. I drawing a picture. We reading newspapers. Fatherwriting a letter. Presented by tsabbitminami E n g l i s h f o r 4 t h E l e m e n t a r y 27 Exercise 3 Fill in the blank with am not, is not, or are not.

I playing badminton, I am playing football. He drinking milk, he is drinking a glass of syrup. Theyrunning in the class, they are running in the yard. Exercise 4 Fill in the blank the right answer. The color of sky is. The color of chrysanthemum is..

The color of leaf is. The color of orange fruit is. The color of strawberry is. The color of vanilla milk is. The color of elementary school uniform is.. The color of chocolate is. The color of blood is. The color of rice is. Exercise 5 Sing a song Are you sleeping? Brother Johnbrother John Morning bells are ringing morning bells are ringing Ding dong ding ding dong ding.

I am a boy I am nine years old I am tall. I am a handsome boy. I have a brown skin. I have two eyes, two ears, and one sharp nose. My hair is brown and my teeth are white. Answer these questions.

How old is he?

English grammar pdf and word doc

What is the color of his skin? How many eyes does he have? What is the color of his hair? What is the color of his teeth?

Read these sentences and practice it in front of class I can see with my eyes. I can smell with my nose. I can taste with my tongue I can hear with my ears. Practice unit 7 Exercise 1 Choose the right answer. I can breathe with my a. I can walk with my a. I have.. I have hands a. I have a black hair on my.

I use my watch on my a. I can kick a ball with my a. I listen to the music with my a. I type with my. I have. Toes a. Is Mary beautiful or. My grandfather is old, but my father is still. The boy is clever, but his friends are 4. Is this class or big?

My bedroom is clean, but my garage is 6. I have new dress because mother keeps the one. The test is not easy. It is 8. Kevin us a naughty boy, but Mandy is girl. The ribbon is long, but the rubber is His house is from here, but my house is near. Monday 2.

Tuesday 3. Wednesday 4. Thursday 5. Friday 6. Saturday 7. Sunday Months 1. January 2. February 3. March 4. April 5. May 6.

June 7. July 8. August 9. September October November The day before Wednesday is Tuesday. Presented by tsabbitminami E n g l i s h f o r 4 t h E l e m e n t a r y 33 Conversation Jason: What day was yesterday? Yesterday was Sunday. Answer these questions based on this day.

What day is it today? What day is it tomorrow? What day is it after tomorrow? What day is after tomorrow? What day was before yesterday? I stay at home with my family. There are seven days in a week. Sunday is the first day and Saturday is the seventh day. Answer the questions based on the text above. Do you go to school on Sunday?

What are the names of the days? How many days do you go to school? Are there twelve months in a year? Today is First of September Today is Monday. Yesterday was. The Muslims People, have Jumat pray on.

We do not go to school on. Yesterday was Saturday. Tomorrow is. Tomorrow is Thursday. Today is 6. Today is Sunday.

Gerry and Jenny d. DewiSantika Mr. Joanna and Jenny What does Melda call Mrs. Presented by tsabbitminami f.

Rendy and Garry b. Beni Santika Mrs. Joanna and Gerry c. Deni Santika Mrs. Lidya Mr. Rosy Andy Santika Mita Santika a. Mita and Ronald are…. Ferry Santika Mrs. Practice 3 Arrange the words a. Is she happy? Nenek sihir itu sangat jelek 7. Jane sangat sopan 4. Practice 1 Translate into English 1. Andy suka menolong 5. Saya murid yang rajin 3. Diana bahagia 2. Gedung itu tinggi sekali d. Fat x thin Diana is fat but Sandy is thin a. Buku ini tebal Wanita itu sangat cantik 6.

Kakakku marah 9. Adikku sedih 8.

Nenek saya lebih kuat dari pada nenek kamu 3. This statue is………in Indonesia tua English for 5 t h Elementary Namsan Tower is…………………tower in the world. She always gives us present. My father is more generous that grandfather Superlative Antartica is the coldest place in the world Sahara desert is the hottest place in the world That dress is the most expensive in the world Diana is the most generous student in the class f.

Sandy lebih pintar dari pada Indra 4. His father is a chairman of the company. Sandara murid paling rajin di kelas 5. Ibu saya lebih cantik dari pada ibu kamu 2. Kakak perempuan saya murid yang paling tinggi di sekolah g. What does proud means? How many children that the writer mentioned on the text? What is the opposite word of naughty? Even my brother is naughty. The word beautiful has the same meaning with? Presented by tsabbitminami Lesson 2 a. My mother is not the most beautiful woman in the world but she is the most beautiful for us.

Reading My mother I have a big family. Practice Answer the question below. Are you a student? Mereka adalah dokter gigi Kakak laki-laki saya seorang sekretaris 6. Tetangga saya seorang pramugari 7. Bibi saya seorang perawat 4. Jenny seorang aktris 9. Pak Anthony seorang presiden direktur 8. Saya seorang petani 2. Ibu saya seorang pramuniaga 5.

Dia laki-laki seorang supir angkot English for 5 t h Elementary Practice 1 Change into English 1. Ayah saya seorang dokter 3. What do they plant in the farm field? In future I want to be a farmer too. Monday b. When the harvest time comes. Sunday c. I always help him on Sunday. Engineer — architect Driver — fireman Doctor — nurse Postman — dentist Waiter. Farmer — seller Butcher — carpenter Employee — chairman Gardener — servant Policeman — policewoman Clerk — buyer 8.

Student — teacher I am a student and she is a teacher 2. Do they sell the harvest? Thursday 4. Friday d. We plant corns. What day. What is his willing in future? Practice Answer the question below based on the text above! Presented by tsabbitminami Unit 7 Public Places Lesson 1 a. Restaurant Keep Silent English for 5 t h Elementary Chat 5. Play 2. Park 3. Greedy 3.

Make noise 4. Silly Lesson 2 a. Sleep at class d. Angry 4. Afraid 2. Lazy 5. Would you show the way to go there? It is not far from here. The cinema is in the corner of Pemuda Street and Pahlawan Street. Just go straight in the road and turn left when you find a traffic light.

Philip Renata 2. Excuse me. The post office is next to school. Just go straight meters to the north and turn left on the crossroad.

Thank you. Then you will find a school on your side. Conversation 1. Philip Renata Mr. Thank you very much: Would you show me where it is? Cinema c. Museum 6. Bank b. Cinema b. Railway station 3. Mosque b. Post office 2.

Market 8. We can see mini trains and merry — go —round in the… a. Bus station c. Railway station 9. Market 5. Market Mosque 7. Zoo c.

The people save their money in the … a. Zoo b. Museum b. School c. The policeman works in the… a. Amusement park b. Hospital c. The Muslims pray in the… a. Airport b. Museum c. The students study in the…. Post Office c. Practice Choose the right answer 1. People go to the ….

People catch the trains in the… a. Police station b. We can see many historical things in the… a. Temple 4. Zoo English for 5 t h Elementary Post office c. Church c. I buy book and pencils in the… a. Book store c. Answer these questions based on the text above! The town has also some place to get entertainment like cinema.

Amusement park. My town is small but it is clean and comfortable. There is a hospital and drugstore as the health facilities. I can send letters for my pen pals easily. There is a post office near my house. The people in the town are kinds and friendly. I and my family like to go to the places in the week end. They like to help each other.

Presented by tsabbitminami Lesson 3 a. I love living in my town. There is a bank for the people who want save their money.

The town has complete public facilities. Reading My town I live in a small town. My school is also not too far from my house so that I never come late to school.

Is the town is big? How are the people in the town? Does the town have complete public facilities? Where can people save their money?

Is the hospital in the town Are there recreation places in the town? When does the writer usually go to the recreation places?

Does the writer like living in her town? Where is the hospital? Where is the zoo? The zoo is between mosque and amusement park. Where is the book store? Arrange these words into good sentences 1.

Sekolah berada di sudut jalan strawberry dan jalan pineapple Masjid berada di sudut jalan pineapple Terminal bis berada di depan taman ria Hotel berada di dekat kantor polisi Bank berada di dekat terminal bis student — school — the — at — study book store — buy — can — books — at — we — the dinner — restaurant — at — a — have — they — the to — drugstore — hospital — next — the — is — the corner — the — merdeka street — museum — in — pahlawan street — is — of — and Translate these sentences into Indonesian!

The policeman works in the police station Mother buys fruits and vegetables in the market The museum is next to the books store The zoo is in front of the hospital People save their money in the bank English for 5 t h Elementary Translate into English 1.

Juno Daniel Juno Daniel: Andy Mary: I am doing sport exercise. I have a headache too. Andrew Andrew: It makes our body fit and healthy. I think so. I see 3. Conversation b. I will do it. Presented by tsabbitminami Unit 8 Healthy Habits Lesson 1 a. Mother Son Mother Son: I slept late last night.

I studied hard for a test at school this morning. By the way. What do you think about it? What should I do? I think. Nurse 4. Nurse b. We can buy medicine in the…. Eating too much candy can cause a. Patient c. I go to the…. The doctor works in the…. Hospital b. Syringe 9. If I have toothache.

Stethoscope b. The ….. Ambulance b. The doctor gives a …. Dentist b. Dentist c.. To give an injection a. Toothache Prescription c. Drugstore 7. I always….

Bahasa Inggris kelas 4.pdf

Doctor 8. Wash b. We must eat….. The nurse uses a …. Fit b. Stomachache c. Syringe c. Headache b.. Eat c. Drugstore 6. Patients English for 5 t h Elementary Rest c Nutritious 2.

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