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The characteristics of computer are Speed, Accuracy, Automatic, Endurance, Versatility, Storage, Reduction of cost, Intelligent quotient. PDF | In this study the views of the teachers of Computer Science about the special characteristics of this subject and their effect on its teaching. Computer hardware refers to the physical parts or components of a computer such as the monitor, mouse, .. Characteristics of Computer. Speed, accuracy.

Characteristics Of Computer Pdf

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Characteristics of Computer: (1). Speed: A computer is very fast device. It can perform large amount of work in a few seconds. Where human being worked a. Computer is an electronic device which is used to store the data, as per given instructions it gives results quickly and accurately. Data: Data is a raw material of . A computer can interpret and execute a set of coded instructions called machine language instructions. Operation code memory location. 1. 2.

This is supposed to be a flash animation. You'll need the flash plugin and a browser that supports it to view it. Computer is an electronic device which is used to store the data, as per given instructions it gives results quickly and accurately. Computer itself a combination of different type of separate electronic device. Open Source Software: This type of software may be freely available and can not be use in commercially.

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What is computer ? Characteristics and Limitations of Computer

Note Things to remember. Please Wait Cancel Report. Computer is the most powerful machine in today's world. Speed of computer maybe defined as the time taken by a computer to perform a task.


Computer has mass storage section where we can store large volume of date for future use. Computer is an automatic machine which works without the intervention of the user. Large volume of data can be processed in great speed. Computer is a dumb machine which cannot do any work without the instruction of the user.

Applications of Computer. Very Short Questions. Important Notes. Skilled Human Resources.

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What are the Basic Computer Components? Analytical Engine: What is Analytical Engine? In addition to being fast, computers are also accurate. Unlike human beings, computers are highly consistent.

They do not suffer from human traits of boredom and tiredness resulting in lack of concentration. Computers, therefore, are better than human beings in performing voluminous and repetitive jobs.

Computers are versatile machines and are capable of performing any task as long as it can be broken down into a series of logical steps. A piece of information once recorded or stored in the computer, can never be forgotten and can be retrieved almost instantaneously. Jump to: ICT Applications.

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