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Also available as an ebook The ever-popular Chemistry in Context textbook has been revised to cover the latest Cambridge syllabus (). Chemistry in Context, 9th Edition, is the newest edition of a successful, issues- based curriculum developed by This book is available in print and as an ebook . Following in the tradition of the first five editions, the goal of this market leading textbook, Chemistry in Context, sixth edition, is to establish chemical principles.

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Chemistry in Context, 9th Edition by American Chemical Society Integrated course eBook; Supporting how-to videos, interactives and extra practice materials. Chemistry in Context - Kindle edition by American Chemical Society. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features. Chemistry in Context: Applying Chemistry to Society - Kindle edition by American Chemical Society. Download it eBook Online Access for Physical Science.

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Measurement and the Tools of Science 2.

Atoms, Ions, and Molecules: Matter Starts Here 3. Mass, Formulas, and Reactions 4.

Reactions in Solution: On Earth and in Our Bodies 5. Energy Changes in Reactions 6. Properties of Gases: The Air We Breathe 7.

A Quantum Model of Atoms: Waves, Particles, and Periodic Properties 8. Chemical Bonds: What Makes a Gas a Greenhouse Gas?

Molecular Geometry: Shape Determines Function Intermolecular Forces: The Uniqueness of Water Properties and Behavior Crystals, Alloys, and Polymers Chemical Kinetics: Reactions in the Atmosphere Chemical Equilibrium: Acid—Base Equilibria: Please review the errors highlighted below before resubmitting.

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American Chemical Society Chemistry in Context https: A highly reliable, easy-to-use homework and learning management solution that embeds learning science and award-winning adaptive tools to improve student results. Get a color, loose leaf copy of the full text Binder-ready pages Lighten your load, carry only what you need for class What are my shipping options? Connect registration card plus color, binder-ready pages of the complete text Connect includes: Program Details.

McGraw-Hill Publisher Get hands-on training from the authors, who are seasoned educators, on how to successfully execute the content and experiments in your classroom.

Chemistry in Context

At this time, all of our workshops for 9e are complete. The 10th edition will be available in , at which time we'll host workshops to support the new edition. If you do not respond, everything you entered on this page will be lost and you will have to login again.

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