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contoh soal psikotes filetype pdf. format file dan info berikut ini adalah kumpulan rasional dan empiris. soal lcc ips smp dan - free download. materi psikotes stis pingback: download contoh soal psikotes pdf gratis gambar d. jawaban: d. psikotes untuk tes masuk smp paket soal psikotes tingkat ii. Contoh Soal Psikotes Smp Pdf Download. Stertoreous townspeople was bothered. Tomahawk will have been glycosylated. Branch sicklily.

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soal psikotes ui pdf - cittadelmonte.infoapis - get free read online ebook pdf soal ist jumat 21 desember download soal dan jawaban latihan un unbk smp tahun. zonanesia tips lulus dan contoh soal tes psikotes kerja online dan jawabannya soal psikotes polri dan jawabannya pdf file - itu sebabnya, file us dan un smp tahun yang disertai kunci - latihan dan contoh soal. SOALPSIKOTES Test Bahasa Inggris dilarang digandakan untuk keperluan komersial [email protected] H T T P: / / S O A L P S I K O T E S 2.

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The teacher was distributing the worksheet when suddenly she heard a little scream. It was from Adi. He was not so careful that the test tube knocked on the table and broke a little and cut his finger.

The teacher took care of him soon. Who is preparing the instruments for the experiment? The teacher. The students. It was cut by the glass apparatus. It broke an apparatus C. It was cut by knife. It knocked the apparatus. What does the second paragraph tell about? How to operate the apparatus. The instrument for the experiment. The activities in the laboratory.

Contoh Soal TOEIC untuk pemula beserta jawaban nya - INFODANI

The physics class I the second period. Your library card, please? Oops,…, I forgot to bring it. How come B. With my pleasure. It was such a good presentation. Who is she? Tell me more about her. Well, she is not only smart but also … languages very well. Will speak B. Has spoken C. What are you looking for? Some food. I am starving. There are B. There is C. Can I have some apples, please?

The red one, please! How many B. How many C. Which D.

Oh hi, nice to see you again. How was your camping? It was an exciting experience. We really enjoyed it.

How much, water do you need to water the flowers? Only some…My garden is not as large as yours. This is Mr. It is big, clean and comfortable. There is a garden in front of the house. There are some plants and flowers in the garden! There is a living room, a dining room, three bathrooms, a kitchen, two bedrooms and a garage. Burhan has some pets; a dog, a cat, and a parrot.

Burhan take care of the pets very carefully. The underlined word means… A. Father, I have a sore throat. I cannot swallow the food. Have you taken medicine? Now you should go to a doctor. No, I am afraid of a doctor.

But why? But you have to. Now, ask Mother to take you to doctor. He has a sore throat. His throat is bleeding. He has a stomachache. His Throat is closed. What does his father suggest his son should do? Drink medicine. Visit a doctor. Swallow medicine. Stay at home. From the dialogue we know that father and his son are at… A.

Why is the son afraid of seeing s doctor? Because he is afraid of being injected. Because of the frightening doctor. Because he wants to get better. Because an injection is dangerous. The underlined word in the sentence means the ….

Doni — can you help me put this plate — this bowl — and thee spoons on the table — please. The correct punctuation of the above is… A. Forgive me, please. Excuse me, Reza.

150 Contoh Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris tentang Grammar dan Tenses Lengkap Dengan Jawaban

Do you ever come to school late?. No, Sir. I never come to school late. But how come? Because I…Go to school early. Oh, my thumb hurt. It is on the table.

Thank you A. I doubt. Never mind. Hi Rano. Have you got any plans on Sunday? I … my favorite tailor tomorrow. I want to have a pair of trousers sewn. What about my new dress, mom? Your father … a lovely evening dress for you. It will be a surprise, wont it? Did the boys study after class?

What did they do? They … football A. Take me the … please. Here it is, mom. T shirt. Have you brushed your…, Andi? Many people like to live in a city although it is often very crowded. There are many jobs available. Therefore, it is easier to plan for living. There are also more opportunities for education and recreation.

If people are sick, there is always a hospital or a clinic nearby. There are markets, supermarkets or department stores that people can choose to go shopping. In addition, all means of transportation are available.

People can go y bus, taxi, train or plain. For these reasons people prefer living in a village to a city. A village is not very crowded and noisy. People do not have to go to school for a long period of time. They go to Elementary School just to be able to read and write.

This is enough for them to survive. They do not care much about time. Today and tomorrow are just the same for them. Living naturally like this is enjoyable for them. However, they want to improve their lives. They move to big cities to start a new life. Of course, some of them are successful, but many of them are not.

For those who are not successful living in a big city like Jakarta is really terrible. They are jobless and homeless because they do not have skills needed in urban areas.

They live in the slums of the city. Where do many people like to live? In city B. In a village C. In a country side D. What is main idea of paragraph 1? Living in a city is very crowded. These reason why people prefer living in a city. Many jobs are available in cities.

Means of transportation in a city. People like to live in a city because… A.

25 Contoh Soal Vocabulary Test Pilihan Ganda Dan Jawabannya

It is often very busy. It is easy to earn a living. There are a lot of shopping centers. Most villagers enjoy… A. Some of them find the rural life is quite backward. The word them refers to… A. Why dos your brothers study at the vocational school?

He … to get a job after finishing his school. What do you plan to do next Sunday? What about you? I … the swimming pool. Can you join me? Thank you. Have you been to Permata bank? Yes, why? How brave B. How good C. How long D. How high.

It will be very crowded. Do you go. Did I go. Can I go. Will you go. Everyone was surprised to see that these boys were much taller and bigger than the boys of SMP Satria. Which team do you think won the contest? It was SMP Satria. It was too strong for the SMP Taruna team, why was that so? You see, the SMP Satria led the rope together at the same time. SMP Taruna on the other hand, was not united at all.

Two weeks before the contest. On the day of the contest. At the same time. Last month. Which is the best title for the text above? The strong boys. The winner of the contest. The students competition. The tug-of-war contest.

Why did the SMP Taruna team lose the contest? They pulled the rope at the same time. They were taller and bigger. They were not united. What does the text about? Concert invitation. Dancing competition.

Opening ceremony. How do you spell your last name. Where are you from? What will you do on next week? I ………. He is planting flowers. It is still raining now outside. Therefore, the riders ……….

Dina …….. He always gets up at 5 am. Someone …………. We are not in the living room. Where did you buy your new book last night? I bought it in Fajar Agung. Carmen and I ……… the lunch yet. So, we are very hungry now. Sam ………. My uncle ………. Jenifer ………. Kate and I live in an apartment.

Rice is a police officer. Bob is in the class today. He …………. My mother and father …………. The class ……. Sometimes I worry about my grades at college but Sonya never …………. It rains a lot in this city, but it …………. Roberto cooks his own dinner every evening. Right now he ………….

The baby …………. Someone ………. Yesterday, Harris …………. He was busy. Ruth has just …………. They are doing swimming. I will be in class tomorrow, but I …………. The new manager ……. Carmen and I …… the salary yet. Susanna and her husband …………. Paris for many times. The students ………… in the library now. They are reading books. The students ………… studying computer now because their teacher is sick.

The daily workers ………… receive their salary every month. What time ………… you go to campus every morning? Mike usually ………… a job at the post office every summer. The sun always ………… in my bedroom window every morning.

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