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Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Nov 1, , Katherine Biber and others published Crooks Like Us, Peter Doyle. Crooks Like Us [Peter Doyle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Riveting stories and extraordinary images from Sydney's mysterious and. The Voice of the Lobster 5 novelette by Kuttner unlike crooks like us. Than Death to the 14 - lastly crooks part epic Berlin Alexanderplatz.

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Such are the potent circumstances surrounding the so-called ‘special photographs’ taken by Sydney police in the s, discovered over recent years among the tens of thousands of negatives of the forensic photography archive at the Justice & Police Museum. Explore James Leocadi's board "Crooks Like Us", followed by people on for high school seniors to english essay book for css pdf laboratory. Start by marking “Crooks Like Us” as Want to Read: In the s Sydney police began assembling a gallery of the city's most light-fingered, fleet-footed, silver-tongued rogues. Peter Doyle was born in Maroubra, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

Or maybe think of it as a kind of ledger, a scrupulously kept record of suffering, joy, failure, health and illness. The face is also, so we believe, a register of moral states - we base some of our most abiding judgment s on the briefest of glances at the faces of others. Is there any mode of representation more simultaneously revealing and misleading than the photographic portrait? Does that split-second visual sampling capture something true about the subject, some fleeting aspect of the self hidden from normal view, or merely some random configuration of facial tics and twitches? Or maybe you're just playing the part of the penitent, but scheming all the while. Perhaps there's a mixture of fakery and genuine emotion there, playing themselves out. No documentation accompanies the images but we know that each portrait was taken in the aftermath of a crime and generally prior to the court appearance.

Or maybe you're just playing the part of the penitent, but scheming all the while.

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Perhaps there's a mixture of fakery and genuine emotion there, playing themselves out. No documentation accompanies the images but we know that each portrait was taken in the aftermath of a crime and generally prior to the court appearance. Each portrait freezes a charged and fractious moment in an unfolding story. These mysterious images are extraordinarily rich and engaging just as they are.

But when we piece together the facts of each case, painstakingly gleaned from police and court records, newspaper reports and other sources, then a remarkable composite emerges: We find ourselves staring into the heart of human drama. Look at the picture, read the story, then look at the picture again and see it anew. Agnes Smith, criminal record number LB, 15 August State Reformatory for Women, Long Bay.

Mug shot of De Gracy sic and Edward Dalton. Details unknown. Central Police Station, Sydney, ca. The female criminal has always intrigued human society. The femme fatale usually possesses an irresistible sexual allure and leads an enthralling life unpunished by the law. Scrutinised closely, the reality for most women turns out to be a hard, dysfunctional and violent life — brutalised and degraded further by stints in prison.

Immerse yourself in Sydney's chilling criminal past in this unique water-front museum of policing, law and disorder - with its grizzly collection of underworld weapons along with tales of mayhem and lawlessness, aptly described as an educational resource befitting a 'professor in crime'.

Crooks and cops, thugs and judges, locals and drifters — the guilty and the innocent have all left their stories here.

Crooks like us

A routine stocktake leads to a new display that shines a light on the battle between NSW Police and the safebreaking fraternity. Least Wanted: A Century of American Mugshots. The Real Peaky Blinders: Carl Chinn. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Sydney Police Photographs Hardcover. Product details Paperback: English ISBN Tell the Publisher! I'd like to read this book on Kindle Don't have a Kindle?

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Crooks Like Us

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Paperback Verified Purchase. Art is often best when it is unintended. A masterfully simple Biedermeier desk, the futuristic Parker 51 fountain pen, Bauhaus woven cloth, Japanese wabi sabi objects, Dieter Rams' appliances for BRAUN, or the Gill Sans type font, things like these were expressly conceived to be used every day and not live out their years in a museum.

But they were so exceptional or singular that over time they rode the elevator up to art's top floor and stayed there. So too with photography. Whether it be Weegee or Vivian Mayer's black and white pictures of 's NY, Lartigue and Doisneau's day to day in Paris, LIFE magazine's coverage of the Great Depression, or even the best accidental Lomography work, what most people first thought were merely snapshots grew wings over the years and now live among the angels of art.

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Doyle is an Australian who went through the forensic photography archive of the Justice and Police Museum in Sydney. His book is essentially a collection of 's mugshots.

Black and white look-the-camera-right-in-the-eye photos of criminals who were caught and booked. Pickpockets, whores, grifters, murderers, small time losers, dope fiends, counterfeiters The astonishing thing about the compilation is both the unintentional beauty and composition of many of these photos. The men wear fedora hats tipped at jaunty angles, formal white shirts and ties, sharp looking tweed. Although some are seriously scary looking hombres, they've almost all got style and flair like you can't believe.

If you saw one of these guys walking down the street today you'd think "that is one cool dude. You can almost hear them sneering "You gotta problem, pal? What are you gawking at? Picture after dramatic picture of liars, cheats, steal from blind nuns, stab their mother, sell their children-- creeps, bottom feeders, perverts and monsters are transformed by simple police mugshots into gorgeous, haunting, timeless portraits.

Their eyes tell a thousand stories. Hands in pockets, posture proud and erect, hair slicked carefully back, their expressions are defiant, amused.

You can't beat them--in the end, they know they'll win. Almost a hundred years later you're certain these crooks knew things you wish you could learn. Characters whose lives you'd give a lot to know more about beyond that single, captivating glimpse. At some point the jarring realization hits you that every single person in the book is probably dead now.

But that is one of the wonders of great art--it can resurrect anything and make it so alive again that for a while you can almost hear it breathe.

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