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Crush book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Football glory. A giant diamond. A wandering and Lucy are happi. Crush Nicole Williams Pdf Download by Kaffri, released 03 March Crush Nicole Williams Pdf Download >>> Crush. Home>; JUVENILE FICTION>; Love & Romance>; The Complete Crash Collection - EPUB. Share This Title: The Complete Crash Collection. Read a Sample.

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Can love triumph forever? Crash - Nicole Williams (1).epub. KB. Clash - Nicole Williams (2).epub. KB. Crush - Nicole Williams (3).epub. Crash #1 by Nicole Williams Clash #2 by Nicole Williams Crush #3 by Nicole Williams. Nicole Williams is the New York Times bestselling author of Crash, Clash, and Crush, and numerous other books, including the young adult novels Trusting You .

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In the end, Lucy came around. But not before some trouble and turmoil. She realized what or who was really important in her life. Jude had it right all along. I am kind of sad this is the end of Jude Ryder.

I was really happy by the end of the book. Even though Lucy aggravated me at times, I still really like her as a mc. She is spunky, fun, and good for Jude most of the time. Jude and Luce were HOT together in this book The first 2 in this series were not this hot, so I was very happy to see that! Some people may have trouble liking or relating to Lucy for some of this book. I wanted to give this one 5 stars, but I will have to settle with 4 for most of the story- but the ending was 5 stars for sure!!!

I think that most people that loved the first two books in this series will love this one too! And I always will be. View all 43 comments. Oct 19, Annette Dellosa rated it it was amazing.

Yeah, I get that their relationship isn't an easy one and their personalities clash a lot. But it's the way that they work it out and fight for it that makes me adore them more.

There's always one that caves after every argument. Sometimes it's Jude, sometimes it's Lucy. Lucy is the usual snarky, independent and no-nonsense girl we met back in Crash. You can see how she matures in this book. For instance, instead of going on an all-out screaming match with Jude, she tries to hold her tongue and calm herself before she says anything she regrets later. There are still times where I want to shake her so bad because she's so infuriating.

I don't even have to go there. I can't give anything away. Do I need to say more?

Crash Series by Nicole Williams epub

You can't help but love the guy. Yes, he's got anger issues but at least now, he tries to control himself. He's got insecurities that's why he's too overprotective when it comes to Lucy. And he's still afraid of becoming his own dad. Yep, one of the many reasons why Jude is Jude. This line makes my heart swell: I'll always come back, Luce. No matter how many rip-roaring fights we have and no matter how many miscommunications we have. I'll always come back because you're where I belong.

I love how it ended and there's no doubt I'm going to miss these characters. LJ, you're the man, little caveman!!! And to you, Anton.. Her real name is Amanda Schull and yes she's a real ballet dancer. Oh lookie! I found these pictures of a younger Amanda. I'm hyperventilating right now! Been wishing to have a 3rd book and my wish has been answered. Thank you, Nicole for finally caving-in to fangirls' wishes.

You don't know how much we appreciate it. Now, I just hope Jude finally accepts Lucy's parents. My very own Lucy and Jude. View all 5 comments. I'm sad to see them go, but very happy with how it all turned out. This book was soooooo good because of Jude. If that works for you, I think we could out something special. Amazing "We fought; we made up.

We messed up; we apologized. We lived; we learned. We made alot of mistakes in the history of our relationship, but one thing we always seemed to get right? Our all-consuming love for each other. Every way," "I want you as my wife. You're the hairy one. YOU," "So. So, so much. And I didn't use to do girlfriends, flowers, or dates. And then I met you, and that didn't work for you.

So I changed for you. And you changed for me too. View all 38 comments. Oct 19, Sara rated it really liked it Shelves: Jude Jude Jude If I had to rate Jude and Lucy separately. He would get a 5 and Lucy would get a 2.

First lets discuss Jude. From book 1 to 3 Jude transformed from the lost boy who didnt think he had much of a future, to a man that was strong, hard working, cocky, dedicated, protective,faithful, fun, and sexy. I think i loved him more in this book. He was so supportive of anything Lucy did, loved her to a fault, loved her above himself.

He deserved his success for sure. I didnt like how Luc Jude Jude Jude I didnt like how Lucy treated him for pretty much the whole book. And I liked Lucy in the first two books.

I was really ticked that I did not like her in this one. She was moody, selfish, unsupporting, ungrateful, snappy The only nice thing she did was the dinner and tie surprise in the beginning. How many times did this man beg and plead to solidify their relationship!!!

I was screaming in my head " are you nuts, lock that fucker down now!! Its Jude Ryder for the love of God. If she told him "soon" one more time i was gonna throw something. Lucy was just so damn selfish it was frustrating. From his draft, the house, the move, the traveling, making a commitment, this bitch wouldnt throw him a bone!

But Jude never wavered, cuz thats how amazing he was. You may not like Lucy, but you will L. E Jude. He made the entire book, hands down. Anyway, loved that Holly was back and LJ. Anton, I knew was trouble, and I didnt like him one bit. View all 16 comments. Oct 19, Aestas Book Blog marked it as to-read. Can't wait to see these books on shelves in stores now that HarperCollins has picked them up!

Oct 21, Vero added it Shelves: Ohhh siiii Oh siiii!!!!! View all 11 comments. I had to see this series through, I'm totally enamored with Lucy and Jude. Oh the drama that are these two characters. Review 2. Everything seemed to have worked out at the end of book two but the following parts of the blurb caught my attention: Now it's Jude with the trust issues. No way! Now it is Jude with trust issues?

And Life-changing news? Why do I have a feeling Luce will view spoiler [get pregnant? I am not even sure if a third book was necessary. Really, if they are happy and not fighting the story characters would be OK. If they know they were followed by paparazzi: It was my own decision. I was glad I did finish it I think because now I can move on now without regretting not reading it.

Amazing- Stars! Aaah, what a great way to end such an amazing story! I really loved and enjoyed this trilogy! So much happened from the first to the last book! He's so hot 4- Mr. He's so hot and perfect, even when he went all ape shit over something I wanted to climb him like a tree. Unfortunately, I couldn't connect with our main character, our dear Lucy. I don't know what happened, I liked her in the first book, then she became irritating, selfish, and annoying and I couldn't stand her.

I tried, believe me, but it was so difficult. If it wasn't for her behavior I'd give this book 5 BIG stars but yeah, no. Puting aside my "almost-hate" for Luce, her relationship with Jude was so sweet. They had so much chemistry and passion together, I loved it. Oh, and thank you Nicole Williams for the steamy times Those were pretty hot by the way. Crush was the perfect conclussion to a great series.

Dec 03, Jan Bethel marked it as to-read Shelves: Oh my gosh! There is a third book!!!!! I read the first two books Clash and Crash a few months ago and I completely loved them. And I sure miss Jude and Lucy..

And now I just learned there will be a third book! How awesome is that?! Nicole Williams , you make me love you even more! And I can't wait for this book to be out! View 2 comments. Yup, Im totally looking forward to this one. I have such a crush on Jude its borderline stalkerish. Oh who am I kidding.

If I could find my way in between the pages of my Nook, I'd totally pull him out and keep him for myself ; April 23 to such a long wait. Review below! The Review: I love their history and I love their relationship.

Lets begin You know the usual suspects in this line up. But lets talk about our mains I have adored Lucy from the moment we met her on the beach in the first book.

She was strong, brave and a force. I will forever and eternally love this character. Jude and Lucy.. Lucy and Jude are still stumbling along when this book opens up.

Nicole Williams

They clash about money, about the distance, their jealousies, their futures, basically everything. I was conflicted as much as they were. She was all he thought about, all he cared about, all he wanted out of life. The money from playing football was just to set them up, have security, something he never had. But I understood her independence and her desire to follow her own dreams.

Jude wanted to take care of her, provide and protect her. She wanted to know she could succeed on her own, be her own person. Their conflict was real, it was genuine and understandable. I got both of their points and was pulled in different directions just as they were. But the author proved once again she knew best because Jude and Lucy had a bit more maturing to go through before they reached their HEA, and I love all the angst ridden moments, all the tension filled circumstances and all the passionate embraces we got to have right along side them as they found their way to their happily ever after.

The Side Stories Holly finds an unexpected attraction and I think it was a perfect union. Little Jude or LJ as he wants to be called now, is a hellion but so freaking adorable! Thomas proves how valuable he is to their group as he stands up and takes care of his girls.

India is just as provocative and outlandish as always. The Wrap Up: Crush is the end of a beautiful, heartfelt journey. When that book ended, I felt like a piece of my heart had been ripped out and given to Jude Ryder and Lucy Larson and the journey they had embarked on. And wait I did. For months I checked and rechecked the release date for the second book and when it finally arrived, I grabbed it up and devoured all its angst ridden moments right along side this power couple who it seemed could literally get through anything.

And of course the wait began anew for book three. But as I just finished this last book and the last words, I question, was the torturous waiting worth it? Of course. I wanted, no needed to know the ending to their story. Jude is without a doubt one of my all time favorite book boyfriends. There are some truly amazing fictional heroes out there and they have a permanent place in my heart but Jude Ryder carved out his own section, seared his story and his name into my mind and he will live with me, always.

To have a relationship thats as passionate and loving even with all the crazy arguing and hot headed antics, these two are unique yet real and we should all be so lucky. They are still hot headed, opinionated, passionate and in love and lust as much now as the first day they met and I fantasize they always will be. Its who they are, but they are maturing, they are learning, they are growing and they are trying to reason things out before exploding.

It may not have ended they way I expected or preferred or even wanted. And I hated the reason Lucy finally commits to Jude, which set me off in a mini-temper tantrum that this author, who I adore, would pull that card! But it was their ending and perfect for them.

The last lines of the book were perfect. Jude and Luce I love them and I love everlasting HEA! View all 17 comments. Da igual si estoy entrenando, durmiendo o en la ducha.

Lo solucionaremos igual que hemos hecho siempre. Pero sea como sea, ha merecido la pena conocer a Jude. View all 4 comments. Apr 20, Lisa Kane rated it it was amazing. I fell in book love with Jude Ryder by the first chapter of Crash and continued my love affair to the very last sentence of Clash.

But that love, that love seems like a crush pardon the pun until I met the Jude Ryder in Crush. Still engaged, still planning on getting married someday. He signs a three year contra I fell in book love with Jude Ryder by the first chapter of Crash and continued my love affair to the very last sentence of Clash.

He signs a three year contract with the San Diego Chargers, and although the amount is never disclosed, he goes from rummaging the sofa for spare change to being a multi-millionaire overnight. Jude leaves for training camp and Luce stays behind. Her choice. She wants to finish out the school year. And did she mention that she hopes to get a job for the summer?

A job in New York. He worries that the distance will pull them apart. They become very innovative with satisfying their need for each other and the loneliness caused by their separation. Flying back and forth to and from California to New York becomes a new way of life for them. Poor Jude, his attempt to buy them a lavish home and a cool car fails to impress Luce. In fact, she becomes more sensitive about his money with his every purchase. She likes his team mates, but their trophy wives and girlfriends serve to make her feel out of place.

Holly, and her son, familiar faces from the first two books, are forced by circumstances to come live with Luce in New York. Her old college roommate, India, helps to find Luce a job with her brother Anton.

The remainder of the story has some angst for the couple caused by her boss, and her frustrating inability to fully commit to Jude. His fame creates a particularly embarrassing, caught on film moment, after the two share a skinny dipping tryst on what they think is a secluded beach. Queue the ballistic, possessive Jude we have all come to expect. I mean, shit, those are my boobs.

Crush has a fair amount of toe curling, blush causing sex that is delicious. And then there is the angst. There are two scenes in particular, one with Lucy and her boss and one with the couple themselves where I needed to just stop reading and catch my breath. Jude, oh Jude, did that really come out of your mouth?

I felt my love for him slipping just a little; Jude Ryder does asshole very well. Their story comes full circle in Crush, the ends are tied up in a pretty little bow and the reader will be satisfied. As much as I loved Crash and Clash, Williams outdid herself with this one! By the way, the epilogue is one of the best I have ever read. It was my turn to step up to the give plate. Oct 20, Jessica's Book Review rated it really liked it. R rated? I was seriously not expecting some major hot love scenes between the two in Crush and was very happily surprised.

Who knew Facetime on the iPhone could be so sexy? Jude and Lucy have certainly grown up in their 4 year relationship and it really showed in Crush. I am a huge Crash Series fan. I fell in love with Jude It was perfect.

Jude is a hot shot QB in college, Lucy is a hot shot dancer at a totally different college.

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They overcame a lot of jealously issues as well as distance to finally get engaged on the football field in front of the entire crowd to make it one epic of a proposal. Lucy is a bit of a commitment phobic if you ask me. Lucy is trying to be independent and to follow her dreams while Jude is living his.

I really am happy with everything Crush had to deliver. Yes, Crush was an end but I felt the story in Crush was also really good and entertaining. I just wish Jude was in the story a bit more. I ended up really appreciating this at the end because I loved Lucy and respected her more for wanting her dreams, wanting to make her own money, and not live off of Jude and his millions; but to be her own person.

I give Crush Crash 3 4 Stars. View all 7 comments. I have been a huge fan of Lucy in the sky and Jude Ryder for a long ass time.

With that said I was really disappointed in how their last book played out.

Crush (Crash, #3) by Nicole Williams

I feel sad that they cant seem to find a happy medium. Their fight plain t I have been a huge fan of Lucy in the sky and Jude Ryder for a long ass time. She was very insecure and this needing to find her own place in life was only tearing them apart yet she kept up this attitude.

I kept think how selfish was and that Jude was only doing what thought was the right thing which was securing a future for her and only for her. Yeah he got a contract to play ball but his number one priority was to think of Lucy and her needs.

Her excuse about him changing because of the money was not the case, it changed her. Jude, ever the stud, was truly amazing in this installment. His love for Lucy never wavered. He had every right to be pissed. Even with all that the end just blew me for a loop, like as in a bad way!!! I wont spoil it but I thought they were both above this crap and for Ms Williams to place that kind of responsibility on them was just completely and utterly messed the eff up!!!

I was NOT happy with the ending hence the 3 stars for this one but seriously, this was NOT the way things should have gone down. She should have gotten over herself and made the sacrifice because Jude was the one and only and not because of anything else. I do have to say that Lucy did step up when it came to Holly. It might not have solely to help her but she did. Holly was a great character and she deserved to be happy. The rest of the story, blah! Nov 09, Georgia marked it as to-read Shelves: Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.

Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Being the new kid is the last thing Lucy wanted for her senior year, especially after her hot encounter with Southpointe's bad boy Jude Ryder has her labeled a slut on her first day. But her sights are set on becoming a ballerina, and she won't let anything get in her way.

Until she stumbles into Jude again. Jude's got a rap sheet—an actual rap sheet—that runs longer than a senior thesis and moods that swing from delectable to dangerous. He's had his name sighed, shouted, and cursed by who knows how many girls. He's a cancer, the kind of guy who's fated to ruin the lives of girls like Lucy—and he tells her so.

But as rumors run rampant and reputations are smeared in the mud, Lucy isn't listening to Jude's warning. Nicole Williams, author of Crash , Clash , Crush , The Eden Trilogy, and The Patrick Chronicles, is a wife, a mom, and a writer who believes in true love, kindred spirits, and happy endings. Nicole currently lives with her family in Spokane, Washington. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Read more Read less. Enabled Page Flip: Enabled Audible book: Audible book Switch back and forth between reading the Kindle book and listening to the Audible book with Whispersync for Voice.

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Paperback Verified Purchase. I really liked the first installment I fell in love with Jude and Lucy in the first book so was excited for their story to continue. Unfortunately, as much as a piece of me enjoyed reading about their lives after the first book, I am left wondering whether the author should have just stopped with the first book. A plus was that you could still feel the chemistry between them at times.

However, it really just fell flat for me overall. Too many of the situations seemed overly contrived, and I think the author could have put a bit more thought into them and the plot over all.

The situation with the cheerleader that "gets in the way" is actually just more annoying than anything While I understand what the author was trying to do with the whole "spirit sister" thing, it just didn't make sense and was too unbelievable. This would never happen in a real-life situation.

At most schools college cheerleaders are actually discouraged from even fraternizing with the players, much less doing their laundry. Which is just absurd. If would have been munch more believable had it been a "sorority big-sister" or team manager or something. The other thing that irritated me was Lucy's continued treatment of Jude.

At times I felt that she really didn't deserve him I think the author took this line in the plot too far. It was also no longer believable. I also wish that the author would have spent more time on their shared troubled past.

This really could have been the major issue rather than the highly contrived, under-researched, and over-played pseudo-issues that seem to plague the couple needlessly. Overall, I'm disappointed because this could have been a great continuation of the story of two characters I fell in love with in book one But all the same, I will always love Lucy and Jude. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I'm writing a review of the entire trilogy, which I loved as a whole, because I think books 2 and 3 are significantly better than the first.

No, these books are not contenders for the Pulitzer Prize, nor are they mind-twisters, brain-benders, educational, or breaking any literary boundaries. But they are FUN, passionate, sexy, and romantic. The second 2 books even contain some particularly insightful and meaningful observations about love and relationships not to mention several hot sex scenes ;. As a jaded, cynical, overeducated, nearlyyear-old woman who should probably be reading something more "intelligent" and advanced outside of work booorrrriiiinngg , and who avoids sappy romance novels because they're unrealistic and contrary to pretty much everything I've experienced with men, this trilogy cut through my romance-raincloud and steel-encircled-heart-and-soul.

The trilogy shows how both men and women can and do act stupidly even if they're head-over-heels in love and easily self-destruct a relationship, and there are also a multitude of outside factors that can rip through a relationship. BUT love CAN prevail if the man and woman accept this problem, want each other bad enough, and will constantly work at it. One of my favorite excerpts from the trilogy, and which sums up the main premise of the books, is: Love isn't easy.

Especially the really good kind. It's difficult, and you'll want to rip your hair out just as many days as you'll feel the wind at your back.

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