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CURFEWED NIGHT AS A LITERARY TEXT: A READER'S CRITICAL ESTIMATE. Farooq A Sheikh. J. S. Asian Stud. In Press Available Online at ESci Journals. Find out more about Curfewed Night by Basharat Peer at Simon & Schuster. Read book reviews & excerpts, watch author videos & more. Download PDF Curfewed Night, PDF Download Curfewed Night, Download Curfewed Night, PDF Curfewed Night, Ebook Curfewed Night, Epub Curfewed Night.

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Later that night I lay in my bed imagining the massacre in Srinagar. Kashmiri Outside, the curfewed night lay in its silence like a man waiting in ambush. Curfewed Night Book By Basharat Peer ( Topics History. Collectionopensource. LanguageEnglish. on kashmir. Chapter I. Curfewed Night: Journey of the Self. Basharat Peer‟s Curfewed Night published in , is written in the backdrop of armed conflict in Kashmir which.

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Curfewed night read [pdf].

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Curfewed Night Book By Basharat Peer (

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No notes for slide. Curfewed night read [pdf] 1. For such a text, a common, regular and unmarked understanding and analysis is more important. In opposition to this, if a text does not aim at plain, shallow and ordinary looking truths, but aims at artistic exploration and analysis of social, cultural and political situations, for such texts artistic truths get priority.

An artist does not comprehend the world as common people do, but get inside it and explores those deep spheres and areas which are inaccessible to a common man. The present article explores Curfewed Night to be or not to be called a good literary text. Further, this article also focuses on some textual mistakes in use and translation of some Kashmiri lines in the text. For me, the description Curfewed Night, apparently the firsthand account of the and narration is too lucid, too shallow, too ordinary, and youth growing up in Kashmir during the peak of the too superficial.

It would not be too hard to say that the insurgency, has attracted attention of people irrespective author, though being a Kashmiri, has not seen Kashmiri of profession and field of engagement. The book is in the life too closely to be told with a deep analysis of internal form of a memoir of a journalist from Kashmir who and external pain felt by Kashmiris of his age and in that leaves the valley first to pursue university education and time.

He has failed to express that state of despair, of later for a career. He himself, Kashmir, Militants and powerlessness, of pain, and of what worse one could paramilitary forces are entities which bind the narrative, imagine. He has failed to show the inner self of the youth which otherwise is a collection of very commonly and of his age at that time. The psychology, the feeling, the ordinarily known events of Kashmiri life.

He describes alienation, the restlessness, especially of his age and can his life and events in and outside Kashmir, some famous neither be grasped nor felt by this account. All rights reserved. In Press ordinary language and exert a force on a reader to roaming over their hearts and minds. The everyday world is pain in the same way as other Kashmiris did. The himself that how come the Kashmiris suddenly got crazy narration of this book is too straight to do that and to and resorted to arms in Why ?

Why not give an aesthetic pleasure to the reader. Peer shares with the reader portions of his life, Peer talks about how the adolescents and the teenagers his fear of the well-being of his family after a devastating in Kashmir are attracted towards militancy. What situation can historical trauma of partition for Kashmir and Kashmiris. It is easy to think and talk about the situation reconstruction, reproduction and representation of than to feel it.

Kashmiris are also human beings, normal history, politics and territory of Kashmir outside powers as in other parts of the world, not mentally ill, and they in operation. He has been judgmental in choosing the also love their lives as others do. It is a question worthy dominant and power oriented views and discourses for of asking to ourselves what makes them resort to arms various controversial issues like tribal attack, HM-JKLF and give away their lives so easily.

Peer has so easily rivalry, Pan-Islamism etc and has undermined the less compared it with fashion just by saying whatever they popular views and discourses about these issues. It is, wore, became the latest style. They were idolized by again at the end, an artistic incompetency not to include many of the boys who dreamt of owning their own all the views in his narrative and remain apolitical.

Life is life after all; nobody will give it away One of the major issues with the story is that it is too in such a cheap deal. If Peer is not able to understand the little an account for too much a span of time. He could Kashmiri lives were on sale. Instead of dying deep into have perhaps been able to answer the questions like their predicament and instead of describing the social, what Kashmiris want after all.

What are they fighting for? War is always between two It is not known whether Peer tries to create his own powers or nations, declared by one, the aggressor, and character as a representative of Kashmir or he is just defended by another, may be with less power.

Neither describing his character realistically as an individual. If imperialism and occupation nor the internal political the attempt is the former one, then I would say that it is a situation, the two extreme description of situation in complete artistic failure for Peer as a protagonist in the Kashmir, can be termed as war.

Is it a war?

If yes, story never visits his inner self to ask questions and between whom. Indian Army, termed as soldiers at most demand answers as Kashmiris have always been doing.

Curfewed Night

Questions like, what has happened to it. Militants are neither defending any nation nor are they us? Why us? Why are we apparently capable of defeating an army of more than occupied? Why are we so powerless? In Press situation could be anything like occupation, assimilation, Allah-o-Akbar! Ashadu An La Ilaha Illalah!

There is no God but God Peer, War often has the choice to The exact translation of the line is; accept the terms and condition and call it off which God is great!

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