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The Dark Knight Rises script pdf download Featuring the DC Comics character Batman, the film is the third and final installment in Nolan's Batman film trilogy. The Dark Knight Rises New link here - Thanks /u/captaingoodnight · Inception We Switched Sites! With many people coming here for 'The Dark Knight Rises' screenplay daily here, we thought.

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Bob Kane. Transcribed to PDF from: "The Dark Knight Trilogy - The. Complete Screenplays". Published July by Faber &. Faber Ltd. (UK). THE DARK KNIGHT RISES by Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan Story by by Bob Kane Transcribed to PDF from: "The Dark Knight Trilogy - The Complete FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY THE DARK KNIGHT RISES BLACK. THE DARK KNIGHT by D A R K. K. N I G H T. BURNING. Massive flames. A dark shape .. Batman rises, an engine RACES behind him- he can't turn in.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language. O Harvey Dent was needed. He was everything Gotham has been crying out for. He was

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It's okay. He heads into the bar, weapon drawn. Selina slips behind the truck and into the night. Spots the Congressman. The Thugs lay down cover fire, then race around a corner into a smaller passage.

A cop car pulls up, blocking the mouth of the alley - Gordon jumps out, gun drawn. The SWATs approach the passage, massing on both corners tactically. The two corner SWATs exchange hand signals, counting down They round the corner, aiming low and high. The passage is empty. Gordon starts climbing down the ladder Three SWATs fall in behind. Cops surround the manhole. Gordon races forward, tearing through the tunnels. This is a sewer! The Police Commissioner! And get me a DWP guy! Blake backs off.

Gets an idea - goes for his patrol car. THUG 1 This one's alive. Looks closer. It's the Police Commissioner. THUG 2 What do we do? The two Thugs drag Gordon down through the maze of tunnels. As they descend deeper they encounter work crews of muscular men wielding large drills and jackhammers, working the walls and ceiling of the larger tunnels.

Some of the men are armed Mercenaries, overseeing gangs of homeless street kids. They stare as Gordon is dragged past. Bare-chested, muscular, masked. A crooked line of scar tissue runs the length of his spine BANE Why are you here? The Thugs drop Gordon at Bane's feet. THUG 1 Answer him! Bane slowly turns to the Thugs.

BANE I'm asking you. BANE And you brought him down here? THUG 2 We didn't know what to do. And your weakness costs three lives. Thug 1 drops. Bane turns to Thug 2. BANE Search him. Then I will kill you. The Thug, terrified, pulls out Gordon's badge, wallet, gun.

Bane takes these one by one with quick glances. He stops at the papers. Unfolds them As he reads, Gordon rolls off the steps, dropping into the rushing flow of water - gunshots ring out. THUG 2 He' s dead. Thug 2 trails off as Bane looks up from the papers BANE Then show me his body.

THUG 2 That water runs to any one of the outflows - we'd never find him. Bane turns to the Lead Mercenary. Lead Mercenary hands him a GPS - Bane tucks it into Thug 2's jacket, zips it up like a mother sending her kid to school. BANE Follow him. THUG 2 Follow him? Bane shoots Thug 2, kicks him into the water. Turns to Lead Mercenary. BANE Track him. Make sure both bodies will not be found.

Then brick up the south tunnel. He spots something stuck up against the grille, thrusts his hand into the raging waters - Gordon is there, alive. Blake pulls him up onto the concrete, hoists him up, hurrying Wayne doesn't take unscheduled calls. Even from police officers. Would that still count as unscheduled? Wayne enters. When I pulled him out he was babbling about an underground army. A masked man called 'Bane''. One of them asked if he saw any giant alligators down there.

He needs you. He needs the Batman. But we've met before. When I was a kid. At the orphanage. See, my mom died when I was small. Car accident, I don't really remember it. But a couple of years later my dad was shot over a gambling debt.

I remember that just fine. Looks at Wayne. Not a lot of people who what it feels like, do they? To be angry. In your bones. People understand, foster parents understand. For a while. Then they expect the angry kid to do what he knows he can never do.

To move on.

To forget. Wayne stares at Blake. Used to be funded by the Wayne Foundation. See, I figured it out too late. You have to hide the anger. Practice smiling in the mirror. Like putting on a mask. You showed up one day in a cool car, pretty girl on your arm.

MORE We made up stories about you. The other boys' stories were just that. But when I saw you I knew who you really were I'd seen that look on your face. Same one I taught myself. Blake gets up to leave. Wayne is lost in thought. Even if you' re not.

Might be time to get some fresh air and start paying attention to the details. Some of those details might need your help. He's a mercenary. No other known name. Never been seen or photographed without a mask. He and his men were behind a coup in West Africa that secured mining operations for our friend John Daggett. I'll keep digging. Alfred turns to leave. There have to be some. Fox, I think. Do we still have any cars around the place?

About my leg. Alfred is less excited by this part of the request. Fox, I believe in what Mr. Wayne was trying to do. FOX I'll pass along your request. Next time I see him. Miranda catches something in this. Fox, are you aware that John Daggett is trying to acquire shares in Wayne Enterprises? FOX I was not.

But it wouldn't do him any good - Mr. Wayne still retains a clear majority. Miranda leaves. As I live and breathe.

Wayne rises, pushing hard on his cane. FOX What brings you out of cryo-sleep Mr. FOX Actually, you did that yourself.

See, if you funnel the entire R and D budget for five years into a fusion project that you then mothball, your company is unlikely to thrive. WAYNE Wayne Enterprises is running out of time. And Daggett is moving in. FOX Then sit tight. Your majority keeps Daggett at arm' s length while we figure out a future for the energy program with Miranda Tate - she's supported your project all the way. She's smart, and quite lovely. FOX We all just want what's best for you, Bruce.

Show her the machine. FOX Anything else? FOX These conversations always used to end with some FOX Let me show you some stuff, anyway.

Fox hits a button - the bookcase opens into a hidden elevator. They pass Tumblers with different weapons configurations FOX It was always shut down, officially.

I've spent years shuttering them and consolidating all the prototypes under one roof. My roof. FOX Stop them falling into the wrong hands. Besides, I thought someone might get some use out of them. Wayne shakes his head. FOX Sure I can't tempt you to something? Pneumatic crampons? Infrared lenses? Least let me get you something for that leg.

FOX Well, then I have just the thing for an eccentric billionaire who doesn't like to walk Fox opens a door - we glimpse a sleek vehicle.

Wayne's eyes light up. FOX Defense Department project for t ight-geomet ry urban pacification. Rotors configured for maneuvering between buildings without recirculation.

So I took to calling it the Bat. And yes, Mr. Wayne, it does come in black. Wayne touches its sleek side. FOX Works great except for the autopilot. FOX Software-based instability. Take a better mind than mine to fix it.

FOX I was trying to be modest. A less busy mind. Yours, perhaps. Wayne looks wistfully at the machine. Turns away.

I retired, Lucius. And not much of any use in your elbows and shoulders. Between that and the scar tissue on your kidneys, residual concussive damage to your brain tissue and general scarred-over quality of your body Takes a deep breath. I cannot recommend that you go heli-skiing. About the only part of your body that looks healthy is your liver, so if you're bored I recommend you take up drinking, Mr. Wayne smiles.

Full text of "The Dark Knight Rises Script By Jonathan Nolan And Christopher Nolan"

The Doctor leaves. Wayne pulls on a ski mask, steps to the window, hops up, pulls a wire from his cane, which he clips to his belt. He props his cane behind the frame - jumps out. The wire unspools from the cane as - EXT. Wayne, in sk mask, stands over him. Gordon's eyes flutter open. He tries to speak with a weak, hoarse voice Then you were gone. We won.

Our lie. Now there's evil rising from where we tried to bury it. Nobody will listen The Batman has to come back. He must. Checks a tracking device. Jon, provocatively dressed, leads a Yuppie Banker-type in through a front door. She picks up the pearls - hears a disturbance in the hall. JEN O. Goddammit, you took my wallet! But Selina has grabbed his wrist with a powerful grip. Selina twists his arm behind him in a blinding move.

She releases the Yuppie, who moves off down the stairs. Selina turns to Jen. Who is examining a wallet. JEN They're all assholes.

JEN I don't know what he's so upset about, he only had sixty bucks in here. Selina opens her hand and gives Jen the Yuppie's Rolex. Wayne watches her go. Then pulls out. Checking his tracker. Wayne pulls up to the Valet. Paparazzi line the entrance. Wayne uses his cane to get out of his Lamborghini Lenses swing onto Wayne, who pushes a button on his key fob - a pulse. The cameras die. Wayne heads to the door. Even Bruce Wayne is struck by the ostentation. He spots Selina dancing with a deeply smitten Rich Twit.

She wears a small, velvet pair of cat ears. And the pearls. S Bruce Wayne at a charity ball? Wayne turns to find Miranda Tate, amazed, a small mask her only concession to fancy dress. Proceeds go to the big fat spread, not the cause. It's not about charity, it's about feeding the ego of whichever society hag laid it on.

Take our clean-energy project But a man who doesn't care about the world doesn't spend half his fortune on a plan to save it. And isn't so wounded when it fails that he goes into hiding. Wayne looks at Miranda. Wayne watches Miranda glide away. Then turns to Selina. Rich Twit turns, annoyed - Wayne hands him his cane. Takes Selina by the waist. She glares at him. Admires her cat ears.

Brazen costume for a cat burglar. Who are you pretending to be? Who's your date? She left her diamonds behind, though. Worried they'd get stolen. You wouldn't want these folks realizing you're a crook not a social climber. You don't know a thing about me. Which means either you're saving for your retirement - or you're in deep with the wrong people. Once you've done what you had to they' 11 never let you do what you want to. Any twelve-year-old with a cell phone could find out what you did.

Everything we do is collated and quantified. Everything sticks. We are the sum of our mistakes. Trust me. I don't stand on the shoulders of people with less. Than you. Wayne glances around at the sumptuous party. You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits you're all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little to the rest of us.

Wayne rolls her into his shoulder - reaches up to the back of her neck, unclasps the necklace. But I still can't let you keep them. The pearls slide off her neck into his other hand. Selina looks at him. Then kisses him, hard, and disappears into the crowd. Wayne's cane reappears. Pats down his pockets. Wayne gives him a withering glare. Master Wayne. Takes a little time to get back into the swing of things.

Wayne dials his phone. FOX O. This is Fox. I knew it! Up front, Alfred listens. As Wayne starts moving his knee, bending, stretching, Alfred puts down a Thermos.

Wayne swaps the brace to his bad knee. Puts his weight on it - the knee bends, kicks. He sits again. Now we tighten it up. Wayne gingerly pushes a button - the brace starts to shrink tight to his leg, digging in. Wayne grits his teeth. Wayne shouts as the brace clicks home. He gets to his feet. Wayne executes a perfect roundhouse, knocking out a brick. Not bad at all. Alfred picks up the brick. Considers it. He follows Wayne across the bridge to the cube.

In a more ancient part of the world. A pit. Where men are thrown to suffer and die. But sometimes, a man rises from the darkness. Somet imes. Or how he escaped. But they know who trained him one he did Ra's al Ghul. Your mentor. Wayne takes this in.

Just like you. And a man considered too extreme for Ra' s al Ghul is not to be trifled with. And you can strap up your leg and put the mask back on. But it won't make you what you were. Even his own. The Batsuit emerges from the cube. Your resources, your knowledge Not your life. That time has passed. And I failed. As Batman, you can't afford to. I'm afraid that you want to. Then turns to examine the Batsuit.

Two Traders sit on a shoeshine stand in the lobby. Change is either good or bad. Near the front entrance: I told 'em rye. Trader 3 spots bad news on a screen. Alright, I'll take it. He thrusts Food Guy a tip and grabs the bag, distracted. At the rear secure entrance: Lose the helmet! Points at a camera. We need faces for cameras. In the rest room: At the shoeshine stand. Trader 1 waves a bill down at the man shining his shoes without a glance.

Shoeshine Man takes the bill, then, as the Traders step off, he reaches into a gym bag and checks an automatic weapon. He clicks the slide home, then hoists the gym bag and heads for the trading floor. At the secure entrance: The Female Security Guard's eyes go wide. Food Guy pulls an automatic pistol - clubs Trader 3 with it, pastrami flying.

Shoeshine Man moves onto the floor, pulls out his weapon. Under the Courier's helmet - a mask. He grabs the Female Security Guard and throws her into her colleagues, lashing out in four directions with rapidfire lethality.

Shoeshine Man fires into the large trading screens. The floor erupts into a different frenzy - traders hit the deck screaming. Bane moves onto the floor Turns to him BANE Why else would you people be here? Bane grabs Trader 1 by the throat and drags him across the floor to an online automated trades terminal He puts the man's thumb onto the print reader - the screen lights up.

BANE Enter your password. Or I send these men to your home. Trader 1, terrified, types in his password. Outside, sirens Shoeshine man pulls out a USB drive with an antenna - plugs it into the computer - figures race across the screen Blake argues with a burly Construction Worker. We've got a situation. Blake points - but SWAT vehicles pile in, blocking.

The Market Security Chief walks up, frantic. They've got direct access to the online trading desk. Mine's in my mattress. That'll slow them down. Cell's working. BANE For now. How much longer does the program need?

BANE Time to go mobile. Shoeshine Man picks up the laptop, slips it into his pack.. Steel wedge-shaped barriers rise up at the mouth of the street. A Sniper watches the doors through a thermal scope. Six large heat signatures bloom, too big for people Cops scramble to pull their vehicles out to give chase. Traders strapped to the back, facing backwards - screaming, ties flying in the wind A cruiser falls in behind.

They've got hostages! A Rookie Cop looks up into his rear-view. The Veteran Cop looks back - streetlights and headlights are dying one after another. The darkness is chasing them - the darkness hits them. Their lights, sirens, and engine die You're in for a show tonight, son. He looks back - sees streetlights explode behind him - darkness catching him up.

The engine chokes and dies. The Trader jumps off, shouting for the cops. Food Guy turns, pulling his gun. A tone builds - he aims it at the bike and fires. Sirens as Cops move in. Another bike splutters and dies - the Hostage breaks for cover. Pull 'em in, close every street! Foley looks out at Gotham rushing by. Foley ignores him.

Shoeshine Man glances inside his pack - signals '2'. Bane turns, sees darkness approaching, reaches back and grabs his Hostage, lifting him onto the back of Shoeshine Man's bike. Bane peels off - Batman stays on Shoeshine Man. Stay on the Batman!

Some robber, or the son-of-a-bitch who killed Harvey Dent? The shadow slides up a pair of goggles onto the top of its head creating the silhouette of cat ears. It is Catwoman. She turns to the TV, watching the pursuit. Catwoman opens the safe. Nothing inside. She frowns. He jumps up onto a concrete barrier, then down to the mouth of an outflow pipe.

He glances at the entire Gotham Police Department descending on one man. Disappears into the pipe. He looks back to see the Bat-Pod racing at him, ducks as it comes alongside Shoeshine Man looks up, confused. His hostage is ripped off the bike by a low-flying dark shape. Shoeshine Man lays down the bike in a shower of sparks, rolls off dazed. Batman grabs him.

Shoeshine Man stares. Batman rips the computer from his pack. The screen reads: Batman grabs the USB drive from the laptop. He jumps on the Bat-Pod - pauses, taking in the sight of thousands of police, cars, choppers, dogs, closing in. Batman looks at the line of stopped traffic. An empty car transporter is below the on-ramp Batman fires the cannons at the transporter, the near ramp crashes down, and Batman roars towards it - mounts it and jumps onto the on-ramp.

Daggett watches, intrigued. We're not letting one nut with a bad attitude and some fancy gadgets run this town down, you hear me?! COP over radio He's heading back downtown More cops appear at the far end of the boulevard.

The Bat-Pod executes a ninety-degree turn, flipping over as it goes, then guns into the darkness of a large blind alley. Cruisers and choppers block the mouth of the alley. Blake arrives last, his cruiser sealing the bottleneck. Foley swaggers out. Foley reaches for a loudhailer. A noise from the alley that none of the cops have heard before VETERAN COP You might have the wrong animal there, sir - Spotlights smash on and a massive dark cyclone roars out of the alley, spinning the choppers sideways, dual rotor downdraft forcing all the cops to the ground.

The Bat, now black, thunders up and over the entire Gotham PD. Blake slides up to Foley. Foley looks at Blake. Thrusts the loudhailer at him. He smiles. Stryver enters.

Daggett gets to his feet, relieved, moves to his inner office. Open the champagne Careful what you wish for. Catwoman grabs him, throws him across the room. He whimpers as she leans in. She plucks the gun from his trembling hand.

Stryver looks appreciatively at Catwoman as she lowers her leg. Catwoman digs her stiletto into his calf, hard. He screams. Catwoman spins, disarms Stryver, grabs Daggett. The 'Clean Slate'. I don't have it. The Bodyguard bursts in, gun drawn. Catwoman, holding Daggett, spins, kicking the window with the point of her heel. The glass shatters. She pulls Daggett through the window. He screams - they drop. Catwoman uses her bladed heel to cut a rope - the platform plunges down the side of the building.

Type in a name and date of birth and within a couple hours that person ceases to exist in any database? Little too good to be true.

But they had nothing. It was a gangland myth. Catwoman leans back from Daggett, taking this in Shapes drop onto the rooftop. Emerge from fire exits. They're not Daggett's bodyguards, these are Bane's men Catwoman holds Daggett by the throat, threatening him. They continue to approach. One of them screws a silencer onto his gun. They know. All eyes search for the source of the voice. Catwoman spots it - a dark shape, crouched on the roof above: As the Mercenary with the silencer looks up, Catwoman leaps forward, grabs his gun.

Batman drops into the middle of the fray, fighting back Mercenaries at Catwoman' s back - she fires at one, clipping him, he drops. She spins aiming at another' s head - Batman yanks her arm down, forcing her to miss the Mercenary. Batman takes him out with a kick. No killing. As more mercenaries come out onto the roof.

Batman runs for the far edge. Catwoman follows, confused, as Batman leaps off the roof. She gets to the edge, pauses to look down into the alley - sees the black angular roof of the Bat, cockpit open. Shots impact around her - she leaps, landing hard, but gracefully on the back of the vehicle, slides into the cockpit. As the engines thunder into life, and the canopy hisses shut, taking bullets from above. Catwoman flinches as the Bat thunders into the sky, downdraft forcing the Mercenaries down onto the roof, all but one, who walks slowly across the roof, strong against the wind He watches the Bat roar off into the night.

Catwoman jumps out. I saved your life. In return I need to know what you did with Bruce Wayne's fingerprints. Catwoman looks at him. I sold his prints to Daggett. For something that doesn't even exist. But Daggett seemed pretty interested in that mess at the stock market. Batman considers this. A police chopper sweeps past, searching. Batman turns to it. Then turns back. But she is gone. So that's what that feels like. A roar builds - the waterfall glows brighter until The Bat breaches, downdraft spraying water.

Two cubes rise - the Bat lands. Batman jumps out. Alfred brushes water off his suit. Shall I tell the neighbors you got yourself a new leaf-blower?

Alfred takes the cowl from him, then the cape, as they walk. But there aren't many things you couldn't turn into a weapon. Alfred looks at him. Puts down the cape and cowl. You lead a bloated police force on a merry chase with some fancy new toys from Fox.

What about when you come up against him.

The Dark Knight Rises Screenplay Story Map Free Download Not Final

What then? Alfred points to the monitor - Wayne sees Bane killing. What are you fighting for now? Wayne moves to switch off the monitor. Alfred grabs his hand. At his speed, his ferocity. His training. I see the power of belief. Of the fanatic. I see the League of Shadows resurgent. Who leads them now? And I beat him. Bane's just a mercenary, and we have to find out what he's up to. Wayne plugs the USB in, hits keys.

Text scrolls. The screen blanks, a thumb print appears.

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