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Overview. An angiogram, also called an arteriogram, is an invasive diagnostic test that uses x-rays to take pictures of your blood vessels. A long flexible catheter . Diagnostic Cerebral Angiography. 2nd ed. A. G. Osborn. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Philadelphia,. Pa, pp, hardcover, $ At last, the long- awaited. Background: The role of diagnostic catheter cerebral angiography has been recently diagnostic cerebral angiography at an urban tertiary care center.

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The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Division of Interventional Neuroradiology. Diagnostic Cerebral Angiography. The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Division of Interventional. diagnosis and treatment in a single procedure. Cerebral angiography produces very detailed, clear and accurate pictures of blood vessels in the brain and may. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, pp., $ If you would like to review books for AJR, please send a cover letter stating your interest with a .

Click on image for details. Complications associated with diagnostic cerebral angiography: Correspondence Address: None, Conflict of Interest: This study was conducted to evaluate complications minor and major that occurred in patients who underwent modern cerebral angiography.

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Cerebral angiography: review of complications in consecutive examinations - EM|consulte

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Cerebral Angiography

Gross S. Cerebral arteriography with diodrast, 50 per cent. Radiology Cerebral arteriography with diodrast 50 per cent.

Hassler O. Angiographic and histologic changes in infundibular widening of the posterior communicating artery. Acta Radiol. Kaplan A. It is thus difficult to evaluate the incidence of neurological complications especially in such high-risk patients. It is well accepted that patients with advanced atherosclerosis are at high risk for neurological complications during CA because emboli may occur following catheter or wire-related micro-trauma [ 1 ]. In our study, the only patient with neurological deficit during CA was hypertensive, smoker, and had hyperlipidemia; severe atherosclerotic disease was noted at CA.

Our result confirm that delayed neurological complications may occur [ 1 ]. A left MCA infarct occurred 12 hours post CA in a patient without pre-existing deficit or cardiac or atherosclerotic disease.

This type of complication could be related to platelet activation by the contrast agent. Several factors may thus lead to neurological complications: Mechanical factors emboli, dissection, thrombosis do not explain all complications that may still occur in spite of optimal technique [ 4 ].

The rate of renal complications following cerebral angiography is difficult to assess since not all publications recorded this type of complication. Also, when this type of complication was studied, results were based on retrospective evaluation of biological data and may not be complete.

In a study on patients, Dion [ 1 ] did not report any case of renal failure. Earnest [ 5 ] reported a single patient with acute renal failure due to cholesterol emboli in a study of cerebral CA 0. Even though we used nonionic contrast agents, 2 patients had acute renal failure 0.

This type of complication is thus less infrequent than reported in the literature. Underlying renal failure remains the main risk factor for post-CA deterioration in renal function [ 22 , 23 ]. Cardiac complications reported in the literature are mainly limited to angina: None of our patients had angina.

This confirms the association between atherosclerosis and risk of cardiac complications. Finally, local complications were minor and composed of uncomplicated hematomas.

A review of the literature confirms the decreased rate of local complications related to the decreased size of the catheters. Some complications such as intramural or perivascular injections described in older publications [ 6 ] are no longer reported. The absence of complicated hematoma, dissection or thrombosis may be related to the smaller catheter size 4F used in our study. The result from this prospective study shows that the overall rate of complication related to cerebral CA is essentially similar to what has already been reported.

Most complications were relatively minor, but 1 patient had permanent hemiplegia and another died following cholesterol emboli 0. Advances in angiography technique cannot completely prevent such complications as they are the result of atherosclerosis. In high-risk patients, these complications may be reduced by the use on non-invasive neurovascular imaging techniques. In cases where CA remains necessary, the risk of complications may be reduced by the collaboration between experienced angiographers and clinicians.

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