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The shettles method claims to have a success rate of % for a boy Since the s, Dr. Shettles has recommended gender selection. How To Choose The Sex Of Your Baby book. Read 28 reviews from the world's It's written by Rorvik with the late Dr. Shettles (d. ) having provided the. EBook Dr Shettles Gender Selection Method Read | Download / PDF / Audio. Title: Dr Shettles Gender Selection Method Views: Favorites: Formats.

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The Shettles Method is a child conception idea that is reputed to help determine a baby's sex. It was developed by Landrum B. Shettles in the s and was. In this new edition of their classic book, Dr. Shettles and David Rorvik provide authoritative scientific studies and compelling anecdotal evidence demonstrating . How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby [Landrum B. Shettles, David M. Rorvik] on Millions of people throughout the world have used the Shettles method with .. We had a boy first time around with no Dr. Shettles, so we really wanted a girl.

Most couples are aware of strategies they can try to sway their odds of having a boy or a girl. And for all sorts of reasons, having a baby of a preferred gender can be enough to motivate them to try their luck. Luck is certainly a factor in the Shettles Method. Shettles landmark book — How to Choose the Sex of your Baby is still in print and was revised in Although its claims sound pretty farfetched, his latest edition includes testimonials from delighted couples who found his techniques worked for them. Shettles believed that X and Y sperm contain different characteristics. Dependent on the timing and frequency of sex, couples can influence whether they conceive a boy or a girl.

Laudanum is depicted as being by Mr. Rorvik the Journalist. It is so convenient in this case that, if the outcome does not match the expectations, the couple are given sufficient rope to blame themselves for not taking enough care with the instructions, as Dr.

How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby : The Method Best Supported by Scientific Evidence

Laudanum will no doubt blame them to maintain his already shaky statistics. It is, in short, not the sort of survey that is used by a researcher who is truly working to eliminate sources of bias in his results.

But I do wonder how much of a researcher Dr. Laudanum is, anyway? Early in the book Rorvik attributes all sorts of achievements to his name; yet, when I did some of my own investigation I was unable to find any indication that he had anything significant to do with all but perhaps one of these achievements. Is he so hated in his field that there is a conspiracy afoot to erase him, or? The book also talks about the anecdotal evidence provided, even though anecdotes are irrelevant in the absence of hard data and useless in the small quantities provided, and are clearly there only to excite the readers' hopes.

This is the sort of nonsense that happens when you let a journalist write your book for you. It is also tedious to keep reading about the elevated results Dr. Laudanum has achieved in his own studies. These percentages are useless and frankly suspicious when they cannot be replicated by others. I am merely an interested reader, not a would-be parent desperate for a child with particular genitalia. In fact I find the idea of sex-selection abhorrent, not because I think it would unbalance the population if easily possible, but because it panders to antiquated and damaging beliefs that the experience of parenting a child is linked in a very specific way to their gender.

I don't particularly care if people who intend to be loving parents no matter what choose to attempt such techniques, but hopefully they won't care when their daughter hates dresses or their son takes his wife's surname rather than 'passing on' his own to the grandchildren. The nonsense in this book about how the pain of not being able to have a child of the desired gender being equivalent to the pain of not being able to have a child at all was revolting to read.

I think most doctors tell such histrionic idiots to be grateful for what they have got for very good reasons. I also think there is a very good chance Dr. Laudanum and his journalist are taking advantage of and legitimising the hysteria of these very same idiots for their own personal gain. If this isn't the case, maybe they should put their brain cells together and come up with a more convincing book.

Aug 03, Enid rated it really liked it. And they will tell you this in the book. It does increase your odds. Great explanations, so that you understand what is really going on scientifically. I can honestly say we tried the methods in this book, and we were successful. Perhaps it was up to some greater power? What we did only made the chances better and we were blessed to have what we were hoping for and healthy most importantly. Aug 20, Monica added it Shelves: I'm not at a point of needing this book, but a neighbor swore by it and I was curious.

The science is fascinating and the book is clearly written with pretty straightforward recommendations. I can't review it because I don't have personal verification that the methods work, but if you know you get pregnant easily, or are really set on a boy or girl, or are just plain curious like me, it's worth checking out, and can be "read" for highlights in just a few hours.

Aug 17, Heather Muzzy rated it really liked it. I read this in as part of pre-pregnancy preparation. I was NOT looking to have just one or the other sex, but the theory was facinating. I felt lucky no matter what and thought I knew what sex each would be before we found out at each of three deliveries. Probably a lot of coincidence but nice book for those that care more than I did.

Mar 09, Sally rated it really liked it. Very informative, helpful book. Actually, I'd say it was a bit too informative. It was like information overload!

Shettles Method – Trying For A Boy Or Girl

I skimmed through a lot of the history and science of it and just skipped to the chapters that were useful to me. Thankfully, it was laid out very easy to do that. I'd say that if you were looking for ways to up your chances of your baby being a certain sex, this book is a good place for you start.

May 24, Jessica rated it really liked it Shelves: Great information. The first pages cover the history, right and wrong of the concept, etc. But after you finish with that, the book gives great information. Of course, I haven't even started trying it out yet, so I obviously don't know how well it works! But I do know others who have read it and the information has worked for them. Jan 29, Tiffani Reid is currently reading it. A friend gave us this book and it's helping us to understand all of the important nitty-gritty details of conception.

I'm not sure if we're going to follow the advice it's giving, but it's an interesting concept to ponder Mar 25, Anna rated it liked it. Well I thought it was very interesting to read. If I get tempted enough to try out Dr. Shettles methods I will let you know what I really think once we get an ultrasound.

But it seems to make sense to me. May 31, Jen rated it liked it. I liked this book and I don't doubt that it can help with the selection of the sex of your child. But, somewhere in the middle of it, I realized that doing all this stuff just doesn't feel right to me. If I decide to have another child, I'll just be happy with whatever I get. Jul 08, Cathy rated it liked it.

This book was very insightful and seem to have some valid evidence for its methods. I skimmed several of the chapters because they were summary after summary of scientific research studies. I just wanted the specifics on what I needed to do. I am a believer in the Shettles method. Aug 02, Tena rated it really liked it Shelves: Very interesting read.

I definitely learned a lot even having thoroughly studied TCOYF in the past and hopefully can get this to work for us! I do recommend reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility to basically outline how to monitor fertility, but this was a nice refresher and a very quick read. Jun 16, Alicia rated it did not like it. I got about half way through before I gave up. Maybe I just have too many friends that have been trying, but I didn't really learn anything new.

Jun 21, Allison rated it it was amazing. Feb 11, Molly rated it really liked it. Worked for me.

How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby

We'll see how credible this theory is Aug 27, Ashley Brooks rated it really liked it. Very interesting. Jan 14, Alexandra rated it it was amazing. Gift from Stephanie.

It worked! May 01, DawnMonique Elkin rated it it was amazing. Read it And it worked. Highly recommend for those hoping for a girl boys are cool too Mar 28, Lisa Shook rated it it was amazing.

Hey, it works! I had 3 girls first and read the book to have my son: Aug 24, T rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Potential parents. We followed this method to the letter Might be science, might be coincidence.

But it worked for me!! And Lil P thanks Dr. Jun 15, Stefanie rated it really liked it Shelves: I enjoyed reading the science behind this, I get tired of the wives tales of how to know what your having etc.

Daljit Kaur rated it it was amazing Feb 05, Catty rated it really liked it Feb 26, Mdprabhatkumar rated it it was amazing Oct 20, A letter [4] published by BMJ , reviewing some recent research, tries to clarify this issue. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rorvik How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby: Fully revised and updated Rev Upd ed.

Effects on the probability of conception, survival of the pregnancy, and sex of the baby". The New England Journal of Medicine.

How To Choose The Sex Of Your Baby by Landrum B. Shettles

Kulkarni January Journal of Andrology. Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Pages with DOIs inactive as of Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from September Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

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