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Esio Trot by Roald Dahl - review. 'My favorite character is undoubtedly Alfie, the poor old tortoise who gets taken away from his little house on. Feargie 'I liked Roald Dahl's descriptions because he made the characters come to life and it felt like I knew them'. brings you the latest reviews for Esio Trot by Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake. Read reviews from real readers and browse our reviews.

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Esio Trot is a children's novel written by British author Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake. Published in , it was the last of Dahl's books to be. Mr Hoppy. Esio Trot, Esio Trot, Teg Reggib Reggib! The idea for Esio Trot came to Roald Dahl 12 years before it was published, as he told students in Esio Trot book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Mr. Hoppy is in love with Mrs. Silver, but her heart belongs to Alfie.

Look Inside. Jan 22, 64 Pages Middle Grade Buy. Jan 22, 96 Pages Middle Grade Jan 22, 64 Pages Middle Grade Hoppy is in love with his neighbor, Mrs.

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Esio Trot by Roald Dahl - review

Willow Moss and the Lost Day Misfit witch Willow Moss holds the fate of the magical world of Starfell in her rather unremarkable hands. Category See More General fiction. Sign up to our newsletter for Reviews 0 Top Tips 0. My favourite book is Esio Trot I really enjoyed it. This book is about a man called Mr Hoppy and he is all alone. Every time she goes to work he changes the tortoise so itmis only two more than the last one until one day the tortoise could not fit into his house.

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Then she invites him over. He gives all the tortoises to the pet shop and sold them for free. And tortoise which she had before went when to a little girl. Luca age 9.

As a family we really enjoy Roald Dahl books so I was excited to read this to my daughter. It was a nice quick read, took 3 minute chunks at bedtime. It was easy to read and the illustrations helped my daughter follow the story. She enjoyed the story a lot, once she sussed out the secret plan she said it was a very clever story.

I really liked this book as it was funny. I loved all the tortoises. It was really good when they were been put into the new flat. The pictures were really funny too.

I enjoyed this book specially when Mr Hoppy was tricking Mrs Silver with the tortoises that he had brought from loads of different pet shops.

A really fun story that I remember reading myself when I was younger. I remember feeling the shock and delight when I found out the secret of the magic words and the magic words that Mrs Silver has to say to get Esio Trot to grow.

They exchange pleasantries, but that's about it. Mr Hoppy greatly desires Mrs Silver to love him, but all her affection goes to her tortoise, Alfie.

One day she tells Mr Hoppy that she would like Alfie to grow bigger, since he only weighs thirteen ounces he's about the size of a grapefruit. That is when Mr Hoppy has a great idea. He gives her a piece of paper, and tells her to say the words written on it to Alfie three times a day. He then goes out and buys no less than one hundred and forty tortoises.

Book of the Month – Esio Trot by Roald Dahl

They all have dark shells to match Alfie's, but are heavier than Alfie. He then makes the tortoise-catcher, and when Mrs Silver is at work, he gets Alfie and replaces him with a tortoise two ounces heavier. He fastens a handle to the end of a long metal tube, and a tiny claw at the bottom. By pulling the handle, the arms of the claw gently open and close.

The following day, when Mrs Silver leaves for work, Mr Hoppy selects a tortoise from his living room that weighs exactly 15 ounces. He carefully picks Alfie up from the lower balcony, and exchanges him with the new tortoise. When Mrs Silver returns home, she faithfully whispers the magic words in Alfie's ear, but does not notice that an exchange has been made.

Over the next 8 weeks, Mr Hoppy continues to switch Mrs Silver's current pet with a slightly larger tortoise, but she still does not perceive that her pet is growing in size.

One afternoon, Mrs Silver comments to Mr Hoppy that Alfie seems a bit bigger, but cannot tell for sure. Suddenly, Mrs Silver notices that Alfie can no longer fit through the door to his house, and exclaims to Mr Hoppy that his spell is sure to be working.

Mrs Silver runs inside and weighs her pet, and is surprised to find that Alfie now weighs 27 ounces, more than double the weight he was before. Mr Hoppy summons his courage and asks Mrs Silver if he can come down and see the effect for himself.

Esio Trot - Roald Dahl

Mrs Silver, in raptures over her pet's transformation, gladly grants his request. Mr Hoppy races down the stairs, nervous and excited to be on the brink of winning Mrs Silver's heart. Mrs Silver flings open the door, embraces Mr Hoppy, and expresses her admiration for Mr Hoppy's magical spell. However, the tortoise cannot fit in the house now, so Mr Hoppy tells Mrs Silver to say a magic spell that night and the next night, secretly replacing this tortoise with one slightly smaller during the day.

His part works splendidly, and Mr Hoppy, suddenly emboldened by Mrs Silver's warm smile, asks Mrs Silver for her hand in marriage. Mrs Silver delightedly accepts Mr Hoppy's proposal, then adds that she thought he would never get around to asking. Mr Hoppy secretly returns all the tortoises in his living room back to their respective pet shops, and Mr Hoppy and Mrs Silver are happily married a few weeks later.

The "original" Alfie is bought by a girl named Roberta Squibb after he is returned to a pet shop, and after many years, does indeed grow to double his size.

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