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Abyssal Exalted, the Deathknights, Chosen of Death and the Neverborn. . Abyssal Exalted, the Moonshadows must make the Dusk Caste swear to raise up . Exalted 1E - The - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. with Abyssal Exalted characters or to portray ghosts, the. Exalted - Abyssal Charms (Netbook) - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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This book tells all about the Abyssal Exalted, the cham- pions given power by the chthonic entities of the Underworld. Whether you want to use Abyssals as. Manual of Exalted Power: Abyssals - A Guide to the Knights of the Underworld Gifted PDF + Hardcover B&W Book Gifted by the Deathlords with the corrupted Essences of Solar Exalts, the Abyssal Exalted are perhaps the. Parent Directory, -. Manual of Exalted Po..> , 40M. Manual of Exalted Po..> , 26M. Manual of Exalted Po..> .

Prince of Shadows came up out of the Well of the Void like a curse, climbing for what seemed like an eternity to reach the lowest of the nephwrack temples and for hours afterward to reach the edge of the Well. Yet, despite this prejudice, it was in their district that Prince of Shadows kept his Manse, and it was to there he traveled. She was, as always, frustratingly oblique, leaving him at loose ends. He was more angry that, once again, his mistress dropped hints of deep strategies, yet it seemed as if she spent most of her time tending to the needs of her loins and not of the masters. Prince of Shadows had not slept in days. Sleeping, Prince of Shadows dreamt. He dreamed of the man he once was, or rather of the boy, dreamt of the night when he had shivered inside his soaked wool robes outside the tomb, dreamt of the night the Lover had first come to him in Sijan It had been the very darkest hours of the night, and when he had gone out into the driving rain, the Prince had burned with a fever, but nothing could be permitted to halt the vigils of the order.

Additionally the opponents dice pool can be reduced to no lower than their permanent essence score. Shadow Door Prana Cost: It is total silent and Lock Decaying Method Cost: This charm causes the tumblers or other mechanisms in a lock to become loose and fall prey to entropy.

Lock Decaying Method Description: This dramatic charm allows the Death Knight to momentarily transform himself into a shadow and slide under a door or window. Generally the lock does not sustain any damage but some may require maintenance after this charm has been used on them.

Their caste mark is gold. Any lock touched by this charm instantly unlocks will a dull click. Inverted Raiment Prana Cost: Encompassing Sorcerers Sight. This charm allows the Abyssal Exalted to mask their anima. Unless the item is actively in use.

Reflexive Minimum Stealth: Grey Man Method Description: While this charm is in effect the Death Knight becomes automatically treated as part of the scenery by those seeing him. This charm cannot be used where the character would obliviously stand out. For every three motes spent on this charm. Stealth Shadow Cloak Meditation Cost: By drawing upon the powers over darkness and silence the Death Knight creates a baffle that makes it difficult to spot or hear them. Short of magical means the Death Knight is impossible to track.

The item can be stolen in this way even if it is in plain sight. Grey Man Method Cost: Shadow Cloak Meditation Description: Veiling the Passing of Shadows Cost: The Death Knight draws a veil of seeming to blend in and be one of the crowds around her.

Unless they roll as many successes on a willpower roll than they Death Knight has permanent essence. Pocket Numbing Grasp Cost: The Abyssal Exalted dulls the senses of those around her so that she may steal an item. Unless the persons looking for her have some sort of essence seeing ability no amount of searching including examining the crowd one by one will pick her out.

Shadow Beneath Notice Cost: Decaying Footprints Prana Cost: The Death Knight leaves the essence of death and decay behind her and her foot prints and other traces of passage. Shadow Beneath Notice Description: Any processing that must be done on said piece of paper. Intimidating Paperwork Prana Cost: One Task Type: Simple Minimum Bureaucracy: Soul-Draining Paperwork Method Description: One Task. The Death Knight infects a particular document.

It always seems to get put off till tomorrow. All must stay within Essence x 3 yard of the Deathknight and any actions any one of them takes to end the charm ends it for all involved.

Each two additional motes of essence spent on this charm allows the Death Knight to include another in its effect. This charm Delay Netherworld Processing.

Kiss of Death Technique Description: The Death Knight interferes with the natural processing of the underworld. When enacted the Death Knight rolls essence. Kiss of Death Technique Cost: The Death Knight taints a particular process. As long as the essence is committed the process. This does not work for Exalts or any other being with a magically extended lifespan. The Death Knight makes a certain task seem vital. Aside from the oblivious effects of making the target unable to communicate.

Conversational Epitaph Method Cost: Simple Minimum Linguistics: Language Tutor Method Description: Twisted Tongues Meditation Cost: It can be any dead creature with the physical capability to articulate. The knowledge leaves the Death Knight at the end of the scene as quickly as it came. Linguistics Speaking in Tongues Technique Cost: The Death Knight becomes instantly fluent in a language for the rest of the scene.

Language Tutor Method Cost: Simple This charm does not in any way let the Death Knight know the situation of the corpse. They are under no obligation to speak. Dead Man Talking Mediation Cost: Speaking in Tongues Technique Description: The Death Knight activates this charm while in contact with a corpse. This charm can only be invoked when trying to speak with someone that speaks the language in question.

As only as the Death Knight maintains the charm they may cause the corpse to begin speaking in a horrible parody of their own voice at will. Once they have done so. Minimum Linguistics: Speaking in Tongues Description: The Death Knight must consume the flesh of a creature that spoke or speaks! Conversational Epitaph Method Description: This charm causes the target it literally begin speaking in tongues. It does not effect sign language or charades. It is often used by Death Knights when striking pacts with influential mortals.

People with higher willpower are unaffected. Anyone with essence less than twice that of the Death Knight must make a willpower roll or become disgusted with the idea presented. Like the dead. This charm can only be used on an orator. Anyone listening to the target speak. Dead Man Talking Mediation Description: This Charm causes the targets words to appear hollow an insincere. Idea Killing Attack Cost: Simple Minimum Sail: The Deathknight calms themselves and their relationship to their ship.

Exalted 3rd Edition Abyssals Preview

They appear as a soul-less ghostly sailor. Perfect Pirate Method Cost: Twisted Tongues Meditation. Hearing someone speak with such soulnessness in their voice can turn people away from ideas even if they whole-heartedly agreed with them before.

Cursed Ship Malediction Cost: They never get sea-sick or tired. To simply matters you can sum up the mortal crew and assume the death knight gets a single success for every two points of permanent essence above 1. For the duration of the charm. This charm will not work if any one of the crew has an essence rating higher than the Death Knight attempting the curse. Dread Sailor Technique Description: Drawing upon the great sailors of the past.

The ship must not be in sight of land. Further all crew members suffer a penalty to their Sail dice pools equal to the Death Knights permanent essence rating minimum their own essence. Perfect Pirate Method Description: This charm allows the Death Knight to interfere with the ability of another sailor. For a number of days equal to the net successes.

This powerful charm allows the Death Knight to inflict a curse upon the ship they target it at. When this charm is invoked. One Day per point of permanent essence Type: Ghost-Ship Method Description: This Charm summons up a horde of minor but malevolent spirits to interfere with the operation of an enemy vessel.

The rigging is constantly coming undone. Further all the fresh water on the ship instantly turns to salt water. Ghost-Ship Method Cost: Each two motes invested in this charm reduce the difficulty not the target number the difficulty. Like Cursed Ship Malediction.

Simple Minimum Socialize: The Death Knight tells a lie with near perfect technique. Haunted Ship Prana Description: The Death Knight calls upon the powers of the underworld. In order to totally end it. Net successes fade at the rate of 1 per week. They remember everything that passed before. Marry Celeste Meditation Cost: Cursed Ship Malediction. The statement can seem as trivial or joking as the Death Knight likes. If the Death Knight botches. The being with the highest essence on the target vessel makes an opposed essence roll with the Death Knight.

The Death Knight makes an statement to the effect that a certain person may not really be the targets friend. Once this has happened. Intimations of Mortality Description: The Death Knights dark whispers slowly spread through out a social circle. The opponents dice pool cannot be lowered to less than Though its crew might find another way to do so.

Poisoned Well Meditation Description: This potent charm allows the Death Knight to hack at the bonds of common friendship that connect people. This charm affects a social circle no larger in members than the Death Knights Socialize score. The Death Knight must accumulate a number of successes equal to the years of the original friendship meaning one year or less only requires a single net success.

Each net success weakens the friendship by a small amount. Friendship Murdering Method Cost: Motive Concealing Method. While this charm will never allow the Death Knight to be a conversational powerhouse. No mundane or magical method can determine their true motivations or allows someone to realize they are lying. Mistake Hiding Method Cost: Truth Burying Prana Description: This charm allows the Death Knight to quietly pass through a social setting they are unfamiliar with.

Motive Concealing Method Cost: While this charm is in effect no one will notice that the Death Knight is being anything less then perfectly well behaved. Twice Bitten Prana Cost: This charm is automatically effective on mortals.

At minimum the Death Knight gets fair neutral treatment out of the character. This almost always inclines them to trust the Death Knight as all they can remember are the good things. Its hoof-prints leave frost on the ground where it stood for the rest of the scene. Simple Minimum Ride: Dire Horse-Riding Method Description: This charm allows the Deathknight to raise the corpse of a dead mount. The only person immune to the charm is the one being blamed.

Inverted Loyalties Method Description: The Death Knight whispers into the ear of their living mount. Inverted Loyalties Method Cost: The truly insidious part of this charm is that it is fully effective even if the subject has fallen for it before. Mistake Hiding Method Description: This insidious power. Friendship Murdering Method. Twice Bitten Prana Description: This power allows the Death Knight to swap out his position in a persons mind with another person as far as loyalties are concerned.

The Deathknight calms their mount. Any who fail come to believe that another person nearby. Blame Shifting Incantation Cost: This charm can be used on multiple targets at once. Any who hear must roll willpower will a difficulty of the Death Knights essence. Walking Dead or Ghosts. It seems almost to run on the air.

They can treat even the most broken down nag as a warhorse and coax it into combat vs. Black Rider Method Description: This Charm allows the Deathknight to imbue their skeletal mount with great power for the rest of the day. Dancing Nightmare Prana Description: This charm is identical to Dancing Nightmare Prana. It seems to breath fire from its nostrils. Stallion of Darkness Style Cost: Knight may add their essence in dice to their Ride dice pool.

Dancing Nightmare Prana Cost: No defense. For the duration of this charm the horse can cross any terrain. A Death Knight can have no more of these powerful mounts than their permanent essence score at any one time. The final damage from the attack is doubled. Extra-Action Minimum Melee: Keening Blade Attack Description: The Abyssal Exalted makes a single attack roll. As always the targets dice pool can be reduced to no less than their permanent essence score.

The weapon takes on a red sheen as it strikes. Entopic Strike Cost: Supplemental Minimum Melee: This charm allows the Abyssal Exalted to ensure that their blows strike with little resistance. Not satisfied with a single taste. The Abyssal Exalted may make additional attacks so long as they continue to feed their blades hunger.

Hungry Dead Attack Description: This charm allows the Abyssal Exalted to ensure that Bleeding Blade Strike Cost: Entopic Strike Description: This Charm allows the Abyssal Exalted to imbue their weapon with additional hunger for blood. She may direct these shadows to attack multiple or the same target in any combination she chooses using the original attack successes. Hungry Dead Attack Cost: This allows the Abyssal Exalted to ensure that their blows deal more damage.

Keening Blade Attack Cost: Varies Duration: Bleeding Blade Strike Description: Each mote invested in this charm reduces any dodge or parry attempt made against the attack by 1 dice. Each additional attack success scored on an attack using this charm reduces the opponents soak by 1 point for purposes of soaking this attack only to a minimum of 1. Bloodthirsty Blade Vortex Cost: This charm has no effect on beings with essence scores of 2 or higher.

The character calculates hit and damage normally. No more dice may be removed in this way than the Death Knight has permanent essence. Oblivion Blow Defense Cost: Reflexive Minimum Melee: This charm stacks with Depths of the Abyss Block. Depths of the Abyss Block Description: This Charm allows the Abyssal Exalted to reduce the dice pool of any single attack they are aware of. Each mote invested in this charm allows the Death Knight to remove one dice from the final damage before it is rolled and treat it as an automatic success.

Light Swallowing Defense Cost: Soul and Flesh Devouring Blow Cost: Soul-Eating Strike. Inferno of Shadows Stance Description: This charm allows the Death Knight to channel a massive amount of entopic energy into a single attack. Depths of the Abyss Block Cost: This charm allows the abyssal to drain the strength and disrupt the accuracy out of blows their opponent directs at them. Even the attacks of powerful beings such as Yozi or the Servants of the Incarna can be deflected with this charm.

If the attack can be parried. Bloodthirsty Blade Vortex Description: This charm allows the Abyssal Exalted to deliver a blow that sears and burns any mortal creature it strikes.

Inferno of Shadows Stance Cost: Light Swallowing Defense Description: This Charm allows the Abyssal Exalted to reduce the dice pool of every attack they are aware of. Martial Arts Shade Dodge Cost: Supplemental Minimum Martial Arts: For the rest of the scene.

Oblivion Strike Cost: None Many of its charms involve knowledge of the occult in addition to mundane fighting skills Shadow Leap Cost: Reflexive Minimum Martial Arts: The Exalt steps into their own shadow and appears anywhere within Essence x 10 yards that they can see. Reflexive Obliterating Attack Cost: Obliterating Attack Description: This powerful charm pairs with an attack launched by the Exalt.

Soul-Severing Prana Cost: Oblivion Strike. Black Hole Kick Cost: Oblivion Form Description: The Exalt summons the energies of decay and void into their hands. If the attack causes at least one health level of damage. They may add their Martial Arts.

Only one form type Martial Arts charm may be activated at one time. Shadow Leap. Shade Dodge Description: For the rest of the scene the Exalt is wrapped in a cloak of shifting shadows. The Exalt Summons forth the immense power of the Abyss and the darkness therein. The damage from this blow can only be soaked using stamina and soakincreasing charms. Wrapping their stance in a series of decoy striking shadows.

These destructive energies cause their bare-handed attacks to cause Lethal damage. This attack like darkness itself slips past all mundane protection. This attack must be made with bare hands. The Attack is resolved normally. Obliterating Hands Form Description: The Exalt summons forth the very energies of the void.

This bonus is separate and cumulative with all other bonuses that they possess. Cloak of Shadows Cost: Combined with some regular stealth. Even an area effect spell may be destroyed in this way so long as the Exalt is in the are of effect. Sometimes called Netherworld Kung Fu by younger Exalts.

The penalty starts at 1 assuming those attempting the action were just made aware of her location.

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This can be done even if the Exalt is in plain sight. Labyrinthine Deflection Description: The Exalt may shatter a spell of the Terrestrial Circle that is aimed at her.

Phantom Arrow. Minimum Martial Arts: The Character wraps themselves in a shroud of darkness and oblivion that helps them absorb damage. Each round that she does not give away her position. Magic Deflecting Maze Stance Cost: Any action that would rely on knowing the Exalts position is given a penalty. Any attack or damage roll made against the Exalt using this charm that is in any way affected by a charm.

Oblivion Shroud Description: The Character attempts to deflect an incoming attack with the labyrinth-like energies that pool in the depths of the underworld.

Using this charm to shatter a spell holds the same dangers as using emerald Countermagic. However if the attack they are blocking is composed of pure essence Elemental Bolt. Sorcery Obliterating Block Cost: The Exalt wraps themselves in the Shroud of the grave. The Exalt surrounds themselves with a maze-like enclosure of Entopic essence.

The Exalt projects the powers of the underworld. Wending River Defense Cost: Lure of the River Styx Description: The Exalt attempts either a dodge or parry roll. Raging River Offense Cost: The Exalt makes a Martial Arts Attack roll.

Only one Martial Arts form-type charm may be active on a given character at a time. Raging River Offense. River Styx Form Description: The Exalt. The opponent subtracts the Exalts Martial Arts from their initiative rating. However this includes bonuses from River Styx Form. Twisting River Stance Cost: If parried with a regular dodge. The character may reflexively dodge or parry all incoming attacks. Extra Action Minimum Martial Arts: River Styx Form For the rest of the scene they double their martial arts score for the purposes of attacking and defending dice pools.

Wending River Defense Description: The Exalt takes upon themselves the character of the winding twisting. However the cost is great. Any attack to which a parry action is applicable is automatically deflected. Depths of the Styx Block Cost: The Exalt becomes a furious rain of blows. The Exalt may block a single incoming attack they she is aware of without a roll. Dark rumors persist in the Underworld of Deathlords that have truly mastered this style.

Waves of the Shore Attack Description: The Exalt makes a single Martial Arts attack. Depths of the Styx Block. No more arrows can be conjured in this way than the characters permanent essence. Darkness of the Styx Cost: This knowledge returns at the end of the scene. They use the same attack roll and base damage as the arrow fired. The Exalt summons forth the cold and Darkness of the Underworld in her hands.

Memory Tearing Attack Cost: Stygian Undertow Strike Description: The Exalt summons forth the ultimate power of the Underworld River. Hail of Shadows Cost: Extra-Action Minimum Archery: Death Tainted Arrow Description: This charm allows the Death Knight to conjure shadows of the arrow they have fired from there bow in mid-air. Shot of Stillness Cost: Supplemental Minimum Archery: The Death Knight creates a channel of entropy between himself and his target at the instant his arrow These arrows can appear along the same trajectory as the original one or tangential to them.

The Exalt attacks and resolves the attack normally. Darkness of the Styx Blow. Only Heavenly Guardian Defense. This charm empowers an arrow being fired from the bow of the Death Knight with an entopic vortex that makes it difficult to avoid.

Life Saving Attitude. Though it does not negate magical defenses. Underworld Arrow Cost: Reflexive Minimum Archery: The shadow appears translucent and worn. Supplementary Minimum Archery: Underworld Arrow Description: It fades a moment after it hits or misses its target. This calms and destroys forces that might interfere with the shot. This arrow deals base damage equal to the characters essence score and the arrow can be fired without any environmental penalties to a range of essence x yards.

Each mote invested in this charm also reduces their soak by 2 points. The Damage from this attack is Aggravated. Shot of Shadow Method Cost: The Death Knight conjures forth an arrow formed purely of the energies of the underworld. The arrows scream is bone-jarring and causes the target to subtract one dice from their dodge or parry dice pool.

The character subtracts their permanent essence from their opponents soak.

Brawl Blistering Strike Cost: Supplemental Minimum Brawl: The Death Knight focuses their death-tainted essence into their hand to hand strikes. The arrow can be fired without any environmental penalties to a range of essence x yards. This Charm allows the Death Knight to empower her arrow with the deathly forces of the underworld. Underworld Vortex Attack Cost: Though the attack enhanced by this blow still only deals bashing damage.

This charm is not effective on an armored opponent. If an attack is totally soaked. Shot of Shadow Method Description: The Death Knight conjures an arrow from the purest energies of Death itself. If the arrow strikes the living. If the shot hits. This arrow deals a base damage equal to twice the number of motes spent creating it. No more motes of essence may be invested in this charm than the characters permanent essence.

Final Death Arrow Cost: Screaming Banshee Shot Cost: Underworld Vortex Attack Description: The Death Knight channels the energies of the underworld into their arrow.

Furthermore it adds the Death Knights permanent essence. Any attack made upon her with a bare-handed attack causes their opponent to have to soak lethal damage dice equal to the Death Knights permanent essence.

Stunning Blow Cost: Blistering Strike Description: Simple Minimum Brawl: Withering Touch Description: The Death Knight charges their anima. The Death Knight charges their fist. The attack enhanced by this Charm reduces the opponents Soak by 1 for each additional attack success.

Any attack made with a weapon not made of one of the five magical materials. Eagle seeks the Rabbit Cost: The Death Knight and the target engage in a opposed willpower roll. Each mote invested in this charm subtracts 1 from the opponents dodge or parry dice pool. Thrown Tenacious Buzzard Shot Cost: Instant None-Resistance Shot Cost: The Death Knight adds their permanent essence to the blades raw damage. The Death Knight focuses the disruptive energies of the Underworld into their blows.

The wave of negative energy that washes over them. This attack ignores armor. For a number of turns equal to the Death Knights essence they take a penalty equal to his Brawl score to their initiative.

Supplemental Minimum Thrown: The Death Knight instills the deadly essence of a carrion feeder into her weapon allowing it to avoid most blocks. Hungry Raptor Strike Cost: Tenacious Buzzard Shot Description: A thrown weapon empowered by this charm. Wave of Disorientation Cost: Stunning Blow Description: The Death Knight makes a gesture towards an opponent but does not actually strike them.

This penalty stacks with any wounded penalties. It makes a swooping attack. So long as the attack enhanced by this attack hits weather it deals damage or not. The target struck with this charm takes an additional penalty on all dice pools equal to the number of health levels of damage dealt by this attack. Energy Disrupting Attack Cost: The Death Knight channels the energies of the underworld through a wound to increases the pain and disruption it causes to their opponent.

Hungry Raptor Strike Description: The Death Knight charges their chosen weapon with the swooping seeking power of an Eagle on the Hunt. The range of any attack enhanced by this charm is tripled.

The Death Knight stills all wind and other resistances to their throw allowing the weapon to sail much further through the air that it otherwise would. None-Resistance Shot Description: The Death Knight. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Solar Exalted vs. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Simple 03 Sleepless Nights of the Dead Cost: They cannot however enact this charm after death, however long in the past the Deathlords found something else to do in the days allotted them by this charm… Endless Sleep of Death Cost: Any how listen, whose essence is lower then the number of successes scored on the roll, suffer a dice pool penalty of 2 to all actions Minimum Performance: Simple 05 1 Willpower Duration: Andre Mattos.

Cheryl Townsend McGonigle. Candice Gilman. Scott Simmons. Jim Stouffer. Scott Olman. Robert Butler. Solid Mercury. Oscar Ubeda Segmar. Greg Auraseer. Josh N Oregonia. Eric Myre. More From Scott Olman. Clyde Rogers. John Smith. Tsr Forgotten Realms the Secret of Spiderhaunt. Ed Franks Jr. Jensaarai Guild. Popular in Radioactive Decay. Are there any threats? The Prince shook his head. Your mistress sent me a dream of her presence.

Bring me a basin of water, blood-ape, and fresh garb. I must clean myself. Perhaps his mistress would learn more if there was a cost attached to her childish displays of power.

Prince of Shadows stripped out of his filthy body suit, the same one that had held the points of his armor for so many months. When the beast shambled back into sight with the pan of chill water, Prince of Shadows took it from him impatiently and toweled the seed from his naked loins. Then, he had the blood apes carry him in a palanquin to the edge of the city and used stormwind rider to depart, hurrying away to the East, across the Sunless Sea to where his mistress told him that the armies of the dead had begun to gather.

The darkness of living forests could not compare to the forests of the dead. Leathery black leaves and the grim dimness of the Underworld conspired to make the thickets places of darkness during the gray days and of impenetrable gloom during the long nights of the dead. Prince of Shadows strode through the nighted forest surely, for the Malfeans had changed his eyes. They could penetrate the darkness of the Labyrinth — no lesser darkness would thwart them.

This was an uncomfortable place for the Prince, far from his mistress and near the abodes of so many other lords, yet here he was, waiting in the darkness of the forest.

His orders were to meet his contact, but his heart expected ambush or betrayal. His heart was not disappointed. Prince of Shadows heard the calls of the hungry ghosts when they were more than a mile away, and it was not much longer until he heard the crashing and hurried footfalls of his contact.

Then, there was a blue glimmer to the air. Prince of Shadows was far from a gifted hunter, but compared to the fleeing woman, he was a paragon of skill. If he were an inept woodsman, then she was the worst of rubes.

Manual of Exalted Power: Abyssals

Princess Annuaski arrived dressed in a robe of white, with the hungry ghosts trailing close behind her. The beasts hesitated at the scent of the Abyssal, but their hunger drove them onward toward the fleeing ghost. The Exalt sighed. Her panic and her fear egged the beasts on. The faster she ran, the more sustenance they derived from the pursuit itself. Normally, Prince of Shadows would have watched bemused as this ironic scene played itself out, but the ghostly ruler was of use to his mistress.

Prince of Shadows bit his lip to hold back his chuckle, and Annuaski fled blindly past him, coming mere inches from the protector she could not see, one hand clutching a blue-glowing soulfire crystal, the other hand held out before her to protect her from collision with the forest giants.

She was beautiful, in the manner of ghosts, her form simple and erotic, without wrinkles or lines or any sign of life. It was a beauty that had come from the fingers of an artisan, laid across a being whose frame knew no needs save locomotion.

Then, the hungry ghosts came, fierce and ragged and skeletal, their long claws glittering. First came two and then a third, who had stopped to bay at the dark moon hidden somewhere far above the canopy and clouds. This was not the place to expend power. The snarls alerted the Princess, and Prince of Shadows turned to find her standing behind him, her light held high.

He raised his arm to shield his vision. We will not come to the field against another Deathlord. You would never have called for us otherwise. Prove yourself to me. Prince of Shadows spoke again. Soon my nation of Hanau and Tyoka will be forced to take up arms against him. I know you grovel before me. I think we shall shortly be vanquished and our people cast into slavery or destroyed. I will act as your spy. I have come to you. I beg your favor and the favor of your mistress as well.

You would have been better served to meet us in Stygia. That I have not seen the full breadth of her schemes? We have countless hidden places there. Now tell me your proposal. How do you know that my mistress is the proper master for your obedience.

Tell me of the betrayal that you plan. Why should I perish for my ideals when I can thrive and continue? Better to exist as a slave than pass into the Abyss a hero. Prince of Shadows smiled. Tell me. She spoke without emotion. Richard E.

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This book contains mature content. Reader discretion is advised. Check out White Wolf online at http: It began as a growing discord in the darkness, and then, the altar area filled with flickering white light. The worshipers moaned and prostrated themselves as the light grew. They groveled before the fane of their dark god, writhing and moaning in the throes of ecstatic worship. The priestess emerged from the darkness to the side of the altar with a smooth and graceful carriage. She bore a great tubular chime, and as she entered, she was striking it, producing such a dissonant racket that it drowned out for a moment the moaning of the wretches pressing themselves against the stones of the temple.

The effect of her graceful walk and the discordant hammering of the chime was quite pronounced. When she ceased beating on the chime and spoke, it was with the voice of authority.

The spectres pressed themselves to the floor, quivering in anticipation. The priestess stood before them and spread her arms to give a benediction. Her robes were wet with blood, and it spattered from the hems onto the stones of the dais.

In a world of suffering, it brings peace. She smiled beatifically down on them as they slithered toward her, rubbing their faces against the floor. We know they lie. The blood is the key to the prison. They say the blood is a drug, and they are right! They want to compare the touch of the masters to the devils of opium. They see your slavery to your cause, and they wish to say that it is slavery to the masters.

But you know that is not so. The Abyss does not bring chains, it brings freedom from all chains. The Abyss does not bring slavery, it brings freedom from all slavery. Each of you is a bodhissatva, each of you a saint. You have accepted the Void into your hearts. And yet, you stay, you persevere. In the withering tortures of existence, you bear up under the fires and strive to bring the black balm of annihilation to Creation. Taste of the darkness that awaits you, my children.

One day, you shall all be unmade, but until then, you can know how it shall feel. As they tasted the red blood, they shivered and convulsed with pleasure, the sweet feeling of emptiness growing vast in their hearts. The Lady of Darkness sighed, looking down at the quivering, twitching ranks of her ghostly disciples as they licked and sucked at the edges of her gown.

It saddened her that so few could hear her message, that she could preach only to the converted of the Labyrinth. Still, for now, it suited the Deathlords to preach the message of the ancestor cult and ghost-worship.

Until the day when all can hear the truth, the Lady of Darkness in Bloodstained Robes would abide. And we are always dreaming of the day when all the fires of summer are defunct, when everyone like a shriveled leaf sinks into the cooling ground of a sunless earth, and when even the colors of autumn have withered for the last time, dissolving into the desolate whiteness of an eternal winter.

The Usurpation shattered the First Age. The DragonBlooded rose up against the Solars and slew them, first from ambush and then in a brutal years-long war with the sorcerous might of the few survivors. The Solar Deliberative and all it stood for vanished into an age of warring daimyos and struggles over the bureaucracy of the Shogunate. But the First Age did not entirely die.

Thirteen among the slain Solars bargained with the Malfeans for power. Thirteen bitter, twisted heroes turned their face from the light and swore allegiance to the gods that they had slain in the early days of history. In return, those dead gods gave them power. First, the Deathlords used that power to unleash the Contagion.

Now, they have unleashed the next stroke in their plan for universal oblivion. The Deathlords have twisted those Essences, and over the last five years, they have made bargains with those whose.

Unfortunately, it is the nature of the race that some men and women will assent to this. Now, they are armed and armored by the might of their dark masters. They are young in their power, but in time, that power can grow into a dark blasphemy of the Solar Exalted, making them peerless, nameless slaves to Darkness.

Some Abyssal Exalted consent to this role and serve their masters as loyal thralls. Others rail against their dark fate and seek to oppose the Deathlords or other menaces to Creation. Yet, at each turn, these renegades are dogged by the taint of their own power, which rises up to strike out at the world if they decline their duty.

Thus, some are ruthless slaves to dark powers, others are grim and tragic figures, able to stand against lesser evils but ultimately serving the ends of Oblivion. This is the subject of Exalted: The Abyssal; the struggles of these young deathknights as they seek to serve or oppose the.

Regardless of how they seek to wield their might, the Abyssals may change the history of Creation as much as an equal number of Solars would, a disaster mitigated only by the reappearance of the other Solar Essences. Of late, they have begun to send their Abyssal minions out on errands into the world — and to find which are loyal to their cause and which are not. This is the story of those early quests, conquests and rebellions. Chapter Four: Traits This chapter describes the specialized Traits used in Abyssal and ghost character creation.

Traits detailed in the Exaltedbook are not discussed here. The chapter also contains a few mechanical systems unique to this book. Chapter Five: Charms This chapter details the dark and terrible Charms used by the Abyssal Exalted. Chapter Six: The Arts of the Dead This chapter discusses the artifacts that the dead make for their own use.

It also covers the Arcanoi, the spirit Charms of the dead, for use by Moonshadow Caste Abyssals and ghost characters. Chapter Seven: Storytelling The final chapter of the book discusses the special needs of storytelling an Abyssals game. The Abyssals is not a complete game. It just has an in-depth treatment of ghosts, the Underworld, the Deathlords and existence as an Abyssal Exalted.

The following entries are either words whose meaning is altered in the context of Exalted: The Abyssals or specialized vocabulary relevant to Abyssals, the Underworld or ghosts. A settlement, temple or strong place in the Labyrinth built by the nephwracks and inhabited by spectres.

Abyssal Exalted: The Deathlords use a necromantic ritual to offer this power to individuals worthy of Solar Exaltation who are about to die. The individual is given a chance of sacrificing her destiny and name to the Malfeans in exchange for dark power. Those who accept become Abyssal Exalted; those who decline perish as they otherwise would have. The name ghosts give to one of the magical powers they can learn.

The proper plural is Arcanoi. Black Monarch, the: One of the Dual Monarchs, the ritual rulers of the Underworld. In her female aspect, she is called Nebthys and hears the secrets of the dying.

An animal or human sacrificed during the funeral process and buried with the corpse rises again in the Underworld as the slave of the individual they were buried with.

Animals rise unfailingly and are unhesitatingly loyal to the deceased. Sacrifices made to the dead after their burial, which typically appear at the Underworld analog of. This book should also prove useful to Storytellers who want to present fully detailed Abyssal antagonists. This book assumes without apology that the players may wish to portray loyal servants of the Deathlords as well as rebels against their power. In structure, Exalted: The Abyssals is similar to the main Exalted rulebook, except that there are no Systems, Drama or Antagonists chapters.

The contents are as follows: Chapter One: The Underworld This chapter details the Underworld of Exalted and the fine points of existence as a ghost. Chapter Two: Deathlords and Abyssals This chapter details the ghostly Deathlords and their minions. Ten of the 13 Deathlords are described in detail, and the causes and condition of Abyssal Exaltation are also discussed.

Chapter Three: Character Creation This chapter contains the rules for creating deathknight and ghost characters for use in an Exalted game. Calendar of Setesh, the: A great mechanical device built by Setesh, the male aspect of the Black Monarch, whose operation causes the passage of days in the Underworld. The collective label for all ghosts together as a group. This term is in common use in both Creation and the Underworld.

A generic term for Abyssal Exalted. This term and many others are applied to these beings by the savants of the living, and many observers are currently not certain the Abyssals are Exalted at all. One of the 13 Solars who sold their names and souls to the Malfeans after their murder during the Usurpation. Dual Monarchs: The Black Monarch and the White Monarch are two masked figures who serve as ritual kings of the Underworld.

The Monarchs each have a male and a female aspect, appearing sometimes as one gender and sometimes as the other, depending on their whim and the demands of their extensive ritual schedule. Each aspect has its own personality and predilections, but the four aspects have always displayed a unity of purpose. Effigies are specially prepared funerary statues of men or animals. The statues accompany an individual into the Underworld and, there, serve as her simple-minded guardians and servants.

The city of Stygia also fields a great army of these effigies, which can be awakened and deployed in defense of the city in times of need. The hun of an individual whose chooses not to enter Lethe and accept reincarnation, but to linger on in the Underworld instead.

Some cultures worship the ghosts of their ancestors, while the Immaculate Philosophy decries the ghostly state as an offense against the natural order. Ghosts are spirits, but weak ones, and they are highly dependent on regular offerings to enhance their power. Though most nonImmaculates revere and sacrifice to their ancestors, only in those places where the Deathlords rule do the dead command the same degree of respect as gods and elementals.

Objects buried with an individual that appear with him in the Underworld. These grave goods are always of the highest quality, even if the actual item use in the burial was cheap and shoddy — or even a paper-and-wood effigy.

The higher soul of an individual, the seat of logic, reason and spiritual development. It passes out of the body with the final breath, as opposed to the po, which resides in the remains. If a hun chooses to linger in the Underworld rather than traveling on to its next incarnation, it becomes a ghost. A creature formed from the angered po of a deceased individual. It stalks the area around the body during the night and then descends into the Underworld during the day.

Destruction of the corpse confines it to the Underworld, and proper burial or sunlight outside of a shadowland destroys one instantly. The dark tunnels that lie between the surface of the Underworld and the tombs of the Malfeans. The Labyrinth is the home of spectresas well as of many hungry ghostswho find their way to its dark corridors. The Labyrinth is a nightmare realm of manifest hallucination and solidified fear, where time and distance are sometimes as fluid as in the Wyld.

A state of blissful repose ghosts enter as a prelude to accepting reincarnation. Over three days, the ghost grows increasingly lassitudinous and at peace, as her Passions and Fetters slip away one by one. This process cannot be stopped, but the Deathlords have chains that cast the wearer into Oblivion if he succumbs to Lethe while manacled. A dead Primordial, slain by the Solar Exalted. The Underworld was created with the first Primordial death, and those among the elder gods who were slain descended into the Underworld.

The Malfeans lie now in state, dead yet wakeful in their vast dark tombs, wishing always to strangle out the living world, hurling all that is into Oblivion. Monstrance of Celestial Portion: Each Abyssal Essence has a Monstrance it calls home, and it is to there that the Abyssal Essence flees if the Exalt who bears it is slain. A form of magic that uses the Essence of the Underworld to generate powerful black magic effects. Necromancy is practiced only by the Abyssals and the Deathlords.

Like sorcery, necromancy has three levels of initiation: Shadowlands, Labyrinth and Void Circle. Necromancers can also practice sorcery, but advancement in one art inhibits development in the other.

A city of the dead, where ghosts gather together for company and for protection against attacks by spectres and hungry ghosts. Necropoli are typically built in a location analogous to a city or burial place among the living, so that they can be near the altars to the dead.

Spectres who lead cults or live monastic existences in the service of Oblivion. They worship the Malfeans orOblivionitself, and not the Deathlords. In general usage among the dead, a nephwrack is any spectre religious figure.

A term used among the dead to refer to the Malfeans, who were never born into Creation. The force of true annihilation and total destruction, Oblivion came into existence when the Primordials died. Many are the savants who claim that it shall consume all life in the latter days of Creation, and the Malfeans and the Deathlords do their best to speed the coming of that day.

A creature of the Underworld that is not a ghost nor created by one. Some of these creatures resemble simplified animals from the lands of the living. Others resemble no natural creature. The po is the lower soul of an individual, full of his animal passions.


It remains in the body at death, while the hun passed on to its next incarnation or descends into the Underworld. The po of an unburied corpse, murder victim or wicked individual will often rise as a hungry ghost. In the Second Age, the line between the Underworld and Creation is perilously thin. A shadowland is an area where constant ghostly activity or powerful negative geomancy have brought the two worlds together. Shadowlands are dismal places, haunted both by hungry ghosts and the evil spirits of Creation, who thrive on the negative energy there.

A ghost whose heart has been consumed by Oblivion and who now seek universal annihilation as a servant of the Malfeans. The spectres are led by the nephwracks, who are their priests. The great dark capital city of the dead, where the Dual Monarchy rules. Underworld, the: The dark mirror of Creation that came into existence with the death of the Malfeans.

The Underworld is a place of memory, ritual and dust, whose natural inhabitants are a few simple types of plants and animals.

Those who die but do not wish to pass into Lethe linger in the Underworld as ghosts. A corpse or skeleton given mobility and a simple, slavish mentality through necromancy. The walking dead do not contain ghosts, but are instead animated by fragments of dark power, said by some to be the shattered souls of destroyed spectres.

Well of the Void, the: A great pit at the center of Stygia surrounded by the Manses of the Deathlords and the temples of the dead. The upper levels of the pit walls are decorated with the shrines and temples of the Nephwracks, and far below, in the darkness, are the porticos and fanes of the Malfean tombs.

White Monarch, the: In his male form, the White Monarch is called Usine, whose bright panoply gives the dead reason to continue their existences. In her female form, she is called Eset. Some say that in this form she is the incarnate voice of Oblivion and that she alone can calm the great storms that call the spectres from the Labyrinth. The Oblivion.

Now largely out of print, Wraith: The Oblivion was a little-appreciated game with a lot to offer. The Great War and Doomslayers: Thomas Ligotti.

NY, NY. ISBN While the material is slow paced, the actual ideas are a very intelligent, creepy sort of horror. Enkidu in the Underworld. Author unknown. Possibly a shamanic narrative given epic trappings, this early story of descent into the Underworld involves Gilgamesh dropping his drumstick and drum into the land of the dead and Enkidu climbing down to fetch it.

The Odyssey. Included because of the ghostsummoning scene in Book XI, which contributed greatly to the rituals of summoning the dead in Exalted and to the character of ghosts as well. The older one is slower and uglier, while the newer one is pretty and talks about spacefaring vampires. Doomed Megalopolis. An OVA about a supernatural assault on s Tokyo.

A useful resource for Exalted and for Abyssals in particular due to its evil ghostly villain, its incredibly cool-looking magic and a plot that at one point involves giant shadow puppets pulling down the moon.

Vampire Princess Miyu. Definitely worth seeing for the demon-fighting stunts and the ghosts. The Abyssals draws its inspiration from a variety of places: The sources below proved some of the most influential to the game, but there are many others:.

Symphony of the Night. The Inspector walked cautiously into the courtyard. They could never have successfully breached the gates. His hound and his horse accompanied him and silently behind him padded his two effigy defenders.

Each of these was armored and equipped with steel-hard claws. I think it was some nephwrack cult looking for sacrifices or slaves —or possibly converts. In the growing night. Inspector Chiu sought to ascertain the facts of a matter. Those who called to Inspector Chiu Bao for aid in their inquiries.

Inspector Chui traveled at the behest of his dead king into the rural districts of Calin. There were overturned carts. A dozen soldiers had come out from the necropolis of Calin as well.

Chiu Bao applied the excellent insight that had made him famous when living. With the Inspector in the lead. The Inspector did not travel alone. I suspect. At times. The party advanced cautiously toward the deserted city and the guards fanned out. I think it must have been a large pack. Let us learn. He nodded. I believe this is our first taste of the times to come. Both the Inspector and his effigy companions glittered and slicked from the shining grave-armor they wore.

The Inspector looked over the clawed gate panels and the obvious signs of strife within. The Underworld is a separate reality. Auguries cast against the Deathlords are still more Most savants who study such matters claim it was created at the death of the Primordials to accommodate their undying spirits.

Pitch black is that sky. The sky of the Underworld is always overcast. Grass or Leafless Forest would be treated as No Moon. The dirt is black and grainy. Divinations made in the Underworld regarding matters in Creation and the living will fail no roll required. Others hold that it was an integral part of the Primordial Creation. Other accounts differ on when it first came into being.

Those who cast auguries using these stars quickly find that they can foretell the fates of the dead. City or Forest. Characters traveling by night in the Underworld face great difficulty in just making their way. Some say that it was built by the gods to hold the tombs of the Malfeans. Sound travels strangely in the Underworld. The Underworld is dank and chill. Leading from the Inland Sea of Shadows up to the gates of Stygia. Despite these dangers. Storms on the Sea of Shadows are common and greatly feared.

They carry not only the common dangers of a storm at sea. Despite this. Little trade is conducted with these ships. Its waters taste like tears. The dead find water useful but not necessary — a ghost cannot die of dehydration. Those who would trade with their neighbors travel by land or stay close to the shorelines. Fleets of conquest. Traveling from the furthest Northeastern reaches.

They are primarily used as warships and as transports. The dead cannot drown. The fates of the Malfeans are unknown even to the stars of the Underworld and cannot be foretold in any fashion. At the peak of that mountain. The quicksilver metal quickly coats itself in a pattern of frost like snowflakes that cannot be wiped away or obliterated. Only one of the Five Magical Materials can be found naturally in the Underworld.

Some suggest it leads directly to Oblivion. Jade and jade alloys are even stronger in the Underworld and as easy to work as soft gold when properly treated.

Orichalcum carries the warmth of the sun in its touch and glows with a pale golden aura. Analog of the Yellow and Yanaze rivers in the Scavenger Lands. Moonsilver takes on a chill in the Underworld. Eridanus is the shallowest of the Eastern rivers. Some claim it is a place beyond Deathlords and Exalts. Cocytus flows slowly and is nearly choked over with undergrowth in many places along its run. Jade weapons. One leads to Lethe and a favorable reincarnation. Unknown before the Contagion except.

Others speak of a rocky prominence that rises out of the placid black waters. Others have even wilder theories. Starmetal turns silver beyond silver in the Underworld.

Despite its hazardous rapids and the creatures that frequent its waters. Running deep into the depths of the dank swamps of the Southeast. Of the third gate. Considered by some dead to be the boundary between the East and the South. Also named the River of Amber for the deposits of deep golden amber that are found in places close to its shores.

Soulsteel is forged from human souls alloyed with the black stone of the Labyrinth. Some say that it leads to Malfeas. Though the power of these Magical Materials is unaltered in the Underworld. The forests that surround the Phlegethon travel right up to its banks.

What all of the legends do agree on. More commonly. Most Stygians would be disturbed to find out exactly how much soulsteel is in use in the Underworld and how much has been carried up to Creation through the shadowlands. Its many offshoots branch into bewildering mazes of small streams.

One leads directly to Yu-Shan. Jade tools have a wet. There are massive aurochs and water buffalo. They can be affected by Charms and Arcanoi as if they were ghosts and. Dodge 3. Dodge 2. Brawl 1. These downpours occasionally carry with them rains of blood. Awareness 3. These creatures follow the same rules for materialization and regaining Essence as the dead themselves do. Some of these are echoes of species or creations now extinct.

Lions prowl the savannas of the East. Most Underworld storms are largely harmless to an Exalt. Awareness 2. Dodge 1. More dangerous than the effects of the storm itself are the beings often borne aloft by the storm. The dead care for livestock aurochs.

Most of the fauna of the Underworld have analogs of a kind in Creation. Underworld storms of this magnitude rarely last longer than a few minutes at this intensity on land. Ghost Tiger: Where the lions of the Eastern plains are pack hunters. Great fighting mastiffs bred by the Deathlords.

These striped or dappled black and Aurochs: Standing as tall as a tall man. Standing nearly three feet tall at the shoulder. Brawl 2. Assorted Abilities as needed. The beasts are terrifically loyal to those they will call master.

Perception at 2 dots and Wits at 3 dots. Melee 2. Aurochs bulls are protective of the herd but will not normally attack unless provoked. Dodge 2 Horse. These beasts. Chopping Sword: How they are created is not known by most ghosts.

For beasts. Athletics 2. They are domesticated by some in the area and used much in the same ways cattle are used in Creation. Unless otherwise stated. Awareness 4. Like the barghest. Thousands of years old. Jade Effigy: Weapons of the Dual Monarchy and of the more powerful nephwracks. Tall and proud are these steeds. Ghost tigers are rarely trainable Control Rating of 5 and never fully domesticate.

The Deathlords and their servants make use of these animals but also have a number of nobler beasts. A strange intellect lurks behind their eyes. Most of the horses of the Underworld are stocky. Most effigies are controlled by the Dual Monarchy. Each is unique. A few species of trees grow there — black ash. Whether this is because of shadowland gold or merely the types of lives those who would deal with the agents of the Deathlords typically lead is a matter of debate among savants.

Savanna Lion: Ashen-gray ghosts of the Southeastern plains of the Underworld. Most plants fare poorly in shadowlands. Almost all citadels are formed from the same black stone that makes up the Labyrinth. One or two are the provinces of mortal rulers who have taken up residence. Tomb golems can understand relatively complex series of instructions and duties but should not be left unattended for long periods — anything that does not fall within their instructions can bewilder them.

A smaller number of undergrowth plants — oleander. Tomb Golem: Created when carved effigies or statuary are brought into the Underworld. The air carries a noticeable chill. The Traits above are for a typical generic golem — soldier golems would have higher Physical Traits and better combat Abilities.

In the Northern reaches. The riches of the shadowlands are said to carry with them the taint of death and avarice. Many who take the gold of the shadowlands come to bad ends or become acquisitive beyond their means.

The birds are consummate hunters. Some of these citadels are inhabited by Deathlords. The only color on them is in their eyes and on the undersides of their feathers.

Most of the stones that can be easily mined from shadowlands are dark in color. They are occasionally captured and trained to serve the dead Control Rating 3. There are no gentle rains in shadowlands. Metals mined here are also dark in color — even gold and silver take on a sullen. Other Northern storms are dreary snowfalls that never seem to end. A normal pride of these feline predators includes a single adult male.

Effigies cannot be repaired. The great cats are unafraid of most other beings in the Underworld but are wary enough to retreat from an obvious threat. The results of great battles. Others have been abandoned for one reason or another — some are cursed by their prior tenants. Few plants that will grow in a shadowland are healthy to eat. Common knowledge holds that to eat any plant in a shadowland is to invite death. Various breeds of fungi. Pyre hawks are great ashen-gray predators with massive wingspans.

They will attack ghosts that try to interfere in their hunting. Abyssals or. Shadowlands share many of the features of the Underworld: The light of the sun shines less clearly in them. Little lives in most shadowlands. Storms howl through shadowlands. Tomb golems resemble whatever form they were carved into in Creation and. Some of the storms that beset the shadowlands sweep out of the Underworld especially at night. Exalted and so on exist in the same phase of reality at all times.

This materialization does not cost the spirit anything because it is not constructing a body from Essence. What then happened to the man is not recorded. Salt is a powerful weapon against the dead. Animals that are forced to stay in a shadowland Permanent solutions normally require powerful sorcery such as the Benediction of Archgenesis see The Book of Three Circles. Over the course of a year.

Every other month for a span of two decades. In most cases. The only noticeable effect of this is that all dematerialized beings become material in shadowlands at night. Possession in the Underworld is problematic.

All spirits. Not long after that. The faithful of the Immaculate Order know ways to sanctify or consecrate lands that may turn into a shadowland. It possible to possess corpses in both the Underworld and the land of the living. Healthy plants begin to whither and die.

The skies gradually darken. Hungry ghosts and other dark spirits grow increasingly more common.

Great battles. There is a small shadowland in the basement of a tenement in the Nighthammer district in Nexus. These rituals require the sacrifice of both living and dead to work correctly. Its facts and geography are those of magic and metaphysics. There is nothing physical about it. Each death hammered the hidden chamber deeper toward the Underworld.

By mingling the soil on the borders with that from fertile places. Almost all have a doorway or portal that leads into the Labyrinth directly. This normally causes the shadowland to recede slowly. Most shadowlands are the sites of horrible tragedies. A battlefield or plague-town does not normally instantly change into a shadowland. Shadowlands can also be created when sufficient numbers of people are buried without the proper rites being performed or when a properly consecrated burial site is ritually desecrated in a particular fashion known to some of the dead.

Some brave conspirators who wish to plan outside the view of Heaven take advantage of this fact. Ghosts cannot cross a line of salt. There is no dematerialization or materialization in the land of the dead. Any ghost possessing a living being is immediately ejected upon entering the Underworld —or at nightfall.

Heroic mortals are at enough of a disadvantage in the harsh Second Age of Man without further hindering their chances of survival. For genuinely backward and corrupted shadowlands. Mortal pregnancies what few there are in a shadowland are even more fraught with peril than normal. Even the hardiest of animals will. Storytellers should keep in mind that conditions vary greatly from shadowland to shadowland.

In places where mortals insist on residing in a shadowland. Those who do survive often suffer greatly. None of these penalties should apply for Exalted of any sort who originally hail from a shadowland.

Especially in the North. Mortals who dwell in a shadowland are almost as subject to its effects. Most die before they reach But many of those who were born and raised in such places will have lowered Physical Attributes as a result of the incredibly harsh life they have lived. Birth defects are not uncommon and include albinism. The mortals of Onyx. Poor diet heightens the severity of these ailments.

In some shadowlands. In shadowlands. If a ghost materializes in Creation. During the five days of Calibration. Celestial and Alchemical Exalted. Those unable or unwilling to seek out the rightful beneficence of their descendents are forced into a predatory existence. He can observe the living and pass through solid objects. Abyssals and their Deathlord masters and hekatonkhire.

In like fashion. It could also include things like certain corrupt spirits of death and ruin who draw their power more from the Underworld. Permanently tinged with the power of death and ruin.

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