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New York Times Bestselling author JB Salsbury celebrates the five-year anniversary of Fighting for Flight with UNCAGED: A Flight Short Story. New York Times Bestselling author JB Salsbury celebrates the five-year anniversary of Fighting for Flight with UNCAGED: A Flight Short Story. Eighteen years. 00 Fight Or Flight - Sandy - Ebook download as ePub .epub), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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Fighting For Flight - J B KB. 5. Like Show likes Do you have j.b Salzburg book 3 fighting to forget please? Like Show likes. 12 Sep . Read "Fighting for Flight" by JB Salsbury available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first eBook. What happens when in order to win, you're. Fighting for Flight book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. What happens when in order to win, you're forced to lose?T.

The only daughter of an infamous Las Vegas pimp, Raven Morretti grew up an outsider. Liberated from the neglectful home of her prostitute mother, she finds solace as a mechanic. Flying under the radar is all she knows and more than she expects. Jonah trades in his bad-boy reputation and puts his heart on the line. But when her father contacts her, setting in motion the ugly truth of her destiny, Jonah must choose. In a high-stakes gamble where love and freedom hang in the balance, a war is waged where the price of losing is a fate worse than death. It Ain't Me, Babe.

Feb 28, Debra rated it really liked it Shelves: My angel. A city filled with gamblers and fighters A city filled with people with bad intentions But at the same time, a city filled with love, hope and good intentions He's a typical bad-boy, known for his many one night stands and the fact that he's NEVER been in a committed relationship.

Jonah, on the other hand, never expected this a-typical, yet beautiful girl to get under his skin the way she did, either. The way he sees women is simple: No attachments, no feelings involved. But then, this girl comes sweeping into his world and for the first time in his life, he starts to develop feelings She's not arrogant or overly aggressive. With her, you get what you see. It's refreshing. I miss her when she's not around.

I never miss women. Hell, I go months without seeing my mom and sister. Never bothers me. Raven's been away for twenty-four hours, and I'm going nuts, as if something valuable were missing. Her parents have neglected her her entire life and she's never had anyone taken care of her. But now that she's met Jonah, she's finally found someone who's willing to fight for her.

Someone who's willing to give everything up, just so they can be together. I'd do anything for you; I'll fight for your life as I'd fight for my own. Is he willing to fight for love Is he willing to fight for freedom? Is he willing to Fight for Flight? I'll always hold you when you're scared" He softly kisses my jaw.

Granted, because of the many positive reviews, my expectations were quite high and perhaps it didn't fully live up to them, but I still very much enjoyed reading Fighting For Flight. Raven certainly isn't your typical damsel in distress but I did feel sorry for her and for the fact that she had such and awful father I truly HATED Dominick!!

So, if you're looking for a a- typical love story with some very steamy scenes in it, give this one a try!!! And hopefully you'll end up enjoying it as much as I did!!! I'm already looking forward to reading Blake's story in the next part of this series You fill me with things I thought I'd never feel again.

You're my angel, baby. View all 76 comments. Mar 02, Desiree rated it liked it Shelves: Raven crying, and crying and still crying with some more crying and weeping and sobbing she's not done yet?

Really though How does one produce that many tears?? Please stop already Towards the end of the book I really just wanted to say I personally was over it. I really liked how the book first started off but then it just went down hill from there. I found throughout the story a lot of the situations not that rea 3.

I found throughout the story a lot of the situations not that realistic. I'm sorry to say but I didn't really enjoy reading Fighting for Flight. View all 37 comments.

This is just one of those books, the style flows easily, the central characters are easily to believe in and get behind and root for and the story is angsty, tortuous and completely compelling.

This is the story of Jonah and Raven. Her painful family history and a childhood devoid of love and full of neglect have set her on a path determined to be nothing like her prostitute mother. Jonah has a bad reputation, to put it mildly. The minute he sees Raven for the first time, their eyes lock on each other and the world around them fades away.

Raven awakens something inside him and he knows that he just wants to be worthy of her. He knows he wants her with an intensity that shocks him and she stirs a strong protective instinct in him. This is just a beautiful love story. I loved Jonah and his slow re-awakening and his overwhelming love for Raven. It was touching to see how she slowly brought him back to life. This is a great debut novel and is a complete story. Despite it being a full-length novel, I read this very quickly, in one setting — in fact, I devoured it!!

Fighting For Flight 2. View all 30 comments. Mar 03, Amanda. View all 15 comments. May 07, Rag rated it it was amazing Shelves: Seconds, this is what I've been feeling for the past week, I have over hundred books in my kindle that need to be read and I've been feeling like I have nothing to read.

You know what I mean, do you? When I get like that I usually just start rereading some of my favorite books until something comes along, that is until I realized..

I may be diagnosed with a disease of letting go. The 4. The number one problem with me is I hold onto something and can't seem to let get. That is what I was doing with my reading. I can't ever just pick up a book for the hell of it. I'm afraid of starting a new book, afraid of the outcome, afraid of the results and if I might like it or not. But isn't that what life is about, taking risks? But of course I still couldn't do it. So to make things easier on myself I searched up the books I was gonna reread, which was between Real and Beautiful Disaster one of my all time favorite books looked up the similar books and ran across Fighting for Flight and that is how all of this started.

He is good at what he does. It all started when his father died when he was twelve. His world revolves around fighting, and he is on his way to becoming the next Heavy Weight Champion. His life is simple really, between his family, friends, and fighting it's all he really cares about.

He doesn't do relationship and isn't intending to. He is fine with the nameless hook ups. Raven is unlike any other girl. She is a mechanic with a sad past. Her mom is a prostitute and her dad is the biggest criminal in Vegas. She tries to stir clear of her family's history as much as possible. She did a good life for herself between her one BFF and Dog she's satisfied of what she accomplished.

Jonah came into the shop looking for a mechanic to fix up his classic Impala, Guy of course recommends Raven the best for the job and that is how they meet. I really enjoyed this book. At first I did feel like the relationship was moving too fast but I over looked it.

Of course because of my bae Jonah. He was just the sweetest thing. Totally swooned. I see myself in her. All my money goes straight to VS. Overall, really great book. Glad I read it. View all 39 comments. Thank you Britney for making me read this!! I Love You: D This must be the most nail biting book I've ever read!!

I was Dominic Moretti a notorious pimp impregnates a beautiful prostitute But the baby was never hers wasn't it?

Meet Raven A girl who practically grows up alone, with a father who has nothing to do with her and a mother who doesn't care about her.. A girl who is different, not worried about shopping and money, but someone who is fascinated with cars. Fixing them, building engines.. A girl so innocent, a virgin who is tainted by her parents profession Raven is perfectly content with her life of being alone, her own family is her friends..

She is awesome!! Her cats name is DOG!!!!! Then there's Jonah Slade A Champion fighter.. Jonah brings his car to get fixed at a local mechanic.

His told Ray would be fixing it What Jonah does not know is that Ray is a girl From the moment Jonah meets Raven, it's immediately taken by her..

She's different.. Life for Jonah is fighting, partying, having sex With different girls A man with so many options he never sleeps with the same girl twice. A total man whore and ladies man. Raven starts working on Jonah's car at his house..

The more time he spends with her the more he thinks about her The chemistry is almost instant. Raven has never been touched. Things starts between her and Jonah, she tells him her life.. Her lonely life He opens to her about secrets he never tells anyone..

She starts staying with him.. She tells him she is a virgin Jonah is afraid His afraid that if he sleeps with her, he won't be interested anymore I think Jonah has.. One day Raven gets a call from her father She is flabbergasted.. Childhood dreams of her father claiming her and loving her comes to mind..

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Raven is hopeful.. Sometimes hope makes us stupid, makes us believe in things which will never happen Raven goes to meet the famous Dominic.. I was already in edge at this part Pacing moments Scared moments I was finally talked into moving on by my ladies! Dominic is coming to claim Raven alright Raven is going to be 21 and breaks it to her that its time for her to be a prostitute just like her mother!

If she doesn't, she will kill everyone she loves DREAD filled me.. She finally finds someone and this is what happens??? I found myself praying to God that she tells Jonah.. And she does.. Jonah makes a deal with the Devil himself Then he can get her.. Easily said than done! Jonah is a champion undefeated.. This is some serious panty wetting shit!! I was like What will happen on the day of the fight?? Let me just warn you that you will be nervous.. Scared, shocked.. I thought I had my life mapped out, thought I had it together.

Then you came along and flipped my world on its head. You make me want things I never knew I needed.

This ring is more than a symbol of my love. It represents family. Our family. The one we'll build together. Feb 26, Aestas Book Blog rated it liked it.

That alone sold me on the idea. It had a strong start. I loved the prologue and the tone it set for the story. I felt both riveted to the story and appalled at what was going on. But love the gritty feel of the it and was honestly hooked from there. But he does not do relationships. He does not bring girls home. And he never sleeps with the same one twice.

Its his whole world. Until Raven. Seeing her literally changes him and he falls hard and fast for her. But her evil pimp father has plans for her and is not going to let her go easily and soon Jonah finds himself literally fighting for her life. I liked it in certain parts and disliked it in others. There were several laugh out loud moments and the first part of the story really flew by for me. The story started to loose me a little though after the hero and heroine met. That being said, I did enjoy part of my read.

I went back and forth between enjoying it and just feeling really disconnected from it. I liked Jonah and he had a lot going for him — sexy tattoos and dimples for example — and he was sweet and considerate and VERY protective of her but I had issues with a few of his actions that really made him loose swoon points in my eyes. And then another thing that rubbed me the wrong way was this: He was the one with the temper, not her.

I feel like this story could be good. I love the cover, I love the premise and I really liked several parts of the book but over all there were too many things that jumped out at me for me to fully be able to enjoy it.

I could see the themes that the author was going for here — feeling worthy of love, feeling appreciated, not judging a person on their background etc but it was the delivery that needed some work. I wanted more time spent fleshing out their relationship, some of the dialogue really needed to be smoothed out and it just needed a bit more… depth to it. Jonah casting: Kindle-freebies currently over books https: View all 8 comments.

What I loved: The prologue sucked me in like a vacuum cleaner. Sex scenessome of the best I have ever read in a NA book. Loved the characters- There was not one thing annoying about Raven; she was independent yet young, open and honest, unloved but so lovable. Jonah was all fighter alpha man-whorish. There was no bullshit, major misunderstanding, deceit- just in your face open and honest how I feel and I fell in love right along with Raven and Jonah as well as Blake.

But this book is a modern day fairytale that I adored! This tiny girl who works on cars, laughs at stupid jokes, and blushes at the slightest flirtation is mine. View all 29 comments.

Fighting For Flight kicked off on a highly intriguing note. I was immediately sucked in to the lives of Raven and Jonah. But as the story progressed, it slowly lost its grip on me and I found myself at a disconnect with the characters. Raven is your typical gorgeous, insecure, heroine with her v-card still intact—but has suffered an insanely tragic childhood.

Her character was endearing, but I felt lacked some personality. Due to her uniquely disturbing background, she had the potential of being the most complex, rounded character of the story—and I was disappointed that she never fully rose to the challenge. There was definitely an 'insta-love' connection with these two, but it seemed to work fairly well within the story.

Jonah was possessive and jealous, but not to an unhealthy extent. He was also very caring and his feelings for Raven felt authentic.

Fighting for Flight (Fighting, #1) by J.B. Salsbury

Their connection was sizzling hot, and if you enjoy descriptive love scenes, you surely won't be disappointed in that area! There were portions of this story that were serious and almost dark, and then there were portions that seemed entirely light and fluffy I did enjoy the fighting aspect and found myself appreciating it more than the actual romance.

Although the ending was somewhat predictable, there were beautiful moments that left me almost teary-eyed. I think this story had potential to fly, but there were a few elements weighing it down. All-in-all, a fun and sexy read that I'd recommend to those who love strong, possessive heroes complimented by damaged, innocent, sweet heroines Although it didn't entirely work for me, it seems to be very well received by others—so I hope you all enjoy! Book Stats: Intense, complex, and sexy.

Alpha, UFL fighter-hero. Sweet, virginal heroine. Unique and strong concept, Unsteady execution. Bold and expressive. Character spinoff Blake View all 23 comments. Mar 01, xrysa rated it really liked it Shelves: She is a car mechanic and the daughter of a whore.

She grew up with her mother's hate and away from her father ,who is a pimp. Jonah Jonah is a UFL fighter. He is a womenizer and too frivolous when it comes to a relationship. He lost his dad when he was twelve and that changed him in a bad way.

He became a heckler until he discovered that he could use his anger and deal with his pain in a healthier way, by fighting. Raven starts working for Jonah but she never expected that a guy like him would fall seriously for a girl , as Johah is famous for his one night stands. The relationship they develop is strong,true and full of passion.

A lifetime would never be enough of Raven. I'll always hold you when you are scared. Comfort you when you are sad. Take care of you when you are sick. I'll make it a life misssion to make up for every second you were neglected. Everything is so sweet between them until Domidick , err Dominick appears. He is the worst father EVER! When he called her I didnt thought that it would be something important but I was left speechless.

However , Jonah loves her so much that he is willing to pay any price even if that means that he has to lose a fight , thus losing reputation , disappoint his fans and all those who depend on him. But these things mean nothing to him when it comes to Raven's safety. I'll fight for your life as I'd fight for my own. While I was reading the day of the fight I was so suspicious that something will go wrong. My feelings: When Candy a whore approached Jonah. Jonah changed for her and felt the joy of being in love with someone.

Raven is smart and funny. She never believed that he would love her so much and the whole thing between them was very beautiful. I cannot wait to read Blake's story.

Uncaged by J.B. Salsbury

I'm very curious to read his book because he is funny and chases anything with boobs , so I think his story will be interesting. View all 53 comments. I think it was her.. I am giving this book a good solid 3 stars, it would have been 2,5 but I kinda fell in love with side character Blake: The book actually started really great for me, I really liked it but I don't know why I kinda lost that feeling.

It was pretty predictable from the beginning, and that wasn't even the problem for me. With Raven being who she is, a mechanic, with actually not so bad past but more like potentially bad future, I expected her to be more stronger, more built up character, yes she has horrible parents but they weren't there, but all I saw was somebody so fragile, on the edge to cry constantly, blinking away tears etc.

I kinda expected some cool chick, who doesn't say "crud" or "effing", who doesn't put up with anybody's bullshit but I didn't get that. It's something to be proud of. I wanted her to fought back from the beginning and not accept her bad future, I wanted her to not let Jonah give up on his dreams so she could survive because of him. I wanted her to try and survive by herself with his help, and to show her father that she won't take his bullshit easily.

When it comes to Jonah I liked him. I liked him a lot. I can't say he wasn't hot when he was. He wanted to protect her, wanted to have her, to love her, make her his from the moment he saw her, blah, blah, blah The only thing that got on my nerve was him constantly calling her "my girl, my shy girl, my greedy girl But as all main alpha characters he got my liking again later on. Now the reason for my 3 stars!

I loved him from the beginning! I loved every cheesy, funny line that got out of his mouth! I wouldn't change a thing about him and I wished he got more time in this book but oh well This story actually had so many potential to be amazing, at least to me, but I guess it didn't live up for my expectations. I can't say I didn't like the story, I did, I just expected something else, more like I expected her to be something that she started to be only at the ending of the book.

Raven - 1 star Jonah - 4 stars Blake - 5 stars The story - 2. Mar 13, Jacqueline's Reads rated it really liked it Shelves: JB Salsbury knows how to set-up the story. I felt like it really established the tone and pace for the read. I knew it would be slightly intense and steamy. Her mom is a prostitute and her dad is a famous Las Vegas Pimp. Raven is twenty years old and works a mechanic.

I really liked Raven. I found her character unique, sassy and strong.

I found it cute reading her gushing over cars. Raven is a character and you just feel for. Jonah has money and is famous. Jonah is a famous fighter and has a car he needs restored. I love how determined he is.

I gobbled up the relationship between Jonah and Raven. I loved how they meet and I love every interaction. And it gets Jonah kind of jealous. The relationship between Raven and Jonah form fairly quickly and I would call it insta-connection. They are funny and add a little something to the story. We will see more of them in future books. More stuff happens and Jonah puts himself in the situation where he has to protect Raven.

Yes, I love it too! Audio Questions: I could listen to this in one sitting. It was well worth the listen. What other book might you compare Fighting for Flight to and why? Which character — as performed by Ryan West and Erin Mallon — was your favorite?

I love Erin Mallon. I follow her books and I thought she was the perfect Raven. I felt her emotions completely. I also love her voice transitions into other characters, especially the male ones. She does great male transitions.

Her voice is light, sweet and unique. This is my first Ryan West narration. I found it not so deep, but definitely dominate. I could imagine Jonah completely. I thought he conveyed the emotions well and he did great female transitions. I did find his voice a bit slow at times. His pauses were a bit too long for me and so I did speed up his parts by one forth the normal rate.

Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry? I really enjoyed Fighting for Flight. I thought the cover and story was unique. I loved the intro and it was the perfect tone to set for the rest of the book. I was immersed in the story and I felt like I connected to the characters. View all 12 comments. Feb 28, Duchess Nicole rated it liked it Shelves: A few quick thoughts: The good: The man is amazing Maybe I live in a bubble, but does any girl really act this way?

Anyhow, they got what was coming to them Why do I always fall in love with the oversexed male sidekick? I freakin A few quick thoughts: He's unabashedly sexual, and he never lets up I liked how Raven just laughed him off instead of getting pissed at his chauvinism.

It was all in good fun, and he was one of my favorite parts about the book The bad: At first, I thought that she was, but soon enough, the tears start to trickle She starts to rely on Jonah too much for my tastes. There's one thing about letting a man stand up for you and protect you, but another about hiding behind him and letting him be your shield.

One example - why did pimp daddy go to so much trouble to pimp his own daughter? That's like his entire goal since she was a newborn No explanation It was still an okay read, but again one that didn't grab me like I wanted it to. A couple of fave quotes: This tiny girl who works on cars, laughs at stupid jokes, and blushes at the slightest flirtation is min. There is nothing I wouldn't do for her. I would spend the rest of my life making her happy if she'd let me.

My life will never be the same I'm switching teams. I despise men and from now on will only date women Hell yeah, I'll be okay. I'm a lesbian now. View all 50 comments. I would've fought. However long it took. I'd never give up until I was free. You're my life, Jonah. My family, my love, my best friend.

Nothing, not even destiny, could keep me from you. If the prologue doesn't pull you in straight away, I don't know what would. As far as I know it is the first book by this auth "I almost lost you. As far as I know it is the first book by this author and a job well done. Loved the two main characters. A "true love at first sight" story. When I read that the heroine was only 20, was a bit wary as I like my Heros and Heroines a little older.

But Raven had to grow up fast and did not come across as immature and she was working and not in College. Towards the end, during the Big Title Fight and immediately after, my heart was in my mouth.

I did not know which way it was going to go Jonah fought for this one true love and in the end it all ended Happily Ever After. Not so sure I would be as forgiving of the mother Looking forward to the next in this series and the potty-mouthed Blake.

Well done to Ms Salsbury for a great book. View all 22 comments. Well if this doesn't define the "everyone loved it but me feeling," I don't know what does. I couldn't get into this and I think the sole reason was Raven. I just couldn't buy into her character.

In my opinion, there's no way the daughter of a drug-prositution ring leader and seasoned prositute-who supposedly continued to work as a prostitute during that daughter's formative years- would end up being like Raven, i.

My inability to buy into Raven colored the entire story for me, so I won't get into anything further than that. Anyway, I know everyone else swooned over this one I wish I had too! I just couldn't suspend my own opinions for this one to stick for me.

View all 3 comments. What do you get when a drop-dead gorgeous tattooed woman named Raven who's an expert mechanic and a bad-ass mixed martial arts fighter meet? The story to end all stories. These two burn up the pages with how much chemistry they ignite. Give me a minute here. He has one use for women and that's purely a one time sexual thing. He has no patience or use for anything more. In fact, just the thought of a woman wanting more has him cr What do you get when a drop-dead gorgeous tattooed woman named Raven who's an expert mechanic and a bad-ass mixed martial arts fighter meet?

In fact, just the thought of a woman wanting more has him cringing. He's a mixed martial arts fighter and is weeks away from the championship match. This is his only focus. And then he meets Raven. Raven is the product of a notorious Las Vegas pimp and one of his prostitutes.

You would think that would be the worst of it. You'd be wrong. Her father is a powerful and evil criminal who purposely got her mother pregnant for the sole purpose of breeding an equally beautiful woman to work for him.

So on her 21st birthday she will get some pretty bad news. He allows her mother to raise her until this time and she grows up with no love or compassion whatsoever from her. Her mother doesn't want to get attached knowing what her father has in store for her. Despite all the ugliness of her life, Raven emerges as a beautiful, sweet, amazing woman. She has a job as a mechanic and plans to own the shop when her boss retires. What I love about her is that she has so many layers to her.

On one side, you see this stunning tattooed woman who works on cars and knows her stuff. Saving a Legend. The Baller. The Sweet Gum Tree. Katherine Allred. The Aftermath. Center Mass. Lani Lynn Vale. Stepbrother Dearest. Penelope Ward. Fighting Love. Hard Knox. Nicole Williams. Helena Hunting. Sweet Soul. Deep Redemption. Damnable Grace. Crux Untamed. I Do Babe: A Novella. The Darkest Link. Beauty Found: A Novella Hades Hangmen 6.

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Will the hotheaded Jonah be able to restrain his inner fighter to save the woman he loves? In this series View all Book 2. Book 2. Book 6. Book 8. Skip this list. Ratings and Book Reviews 10 89 star ratings 10 reviews. Overall rating 4. Yes No Thanks for your feedback! Report as inappropriate. Characters were under developed. Like bestfriend blake better than Jonah Seemed like an unrelatable unbelievable problem for a 20 year old character … Show more Show less.

I was hooked from the beginning!! Even though her dad picked the name, I loved it! What was fun for me was, Raven she is a fantastic mechanic. In high school I wanted to follow that direction and class, but it was a boys class and they bullied me so I didn't follow it. Still have a bit of regret. Then a bit of drama came, when thinking about it I just can't believe some people are so bad.

I mean what kind of father are you when you do that! It made me feel so sad and angry for Raven! Sometimes it went a bit fast, but hey I'm not complaining sometimes fast is good. A quote I like was when Raven said this to a girl who introduced herself as a fighter, Raven didn't pull down and introduced herself and explained why that is great! I don't want to ruin it so I just put a bit here. And I'm a mechanic. Don't sell yourself short. I enjoyed this book.

It was a nice true love story with a different angle. It wasn't written the best English but it didn't spoil it for me. Loved this book and Fighting to Forgive book 2 can't wait for book 3!!!!!

Brilliant read. Can't wait to read the others.

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