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This PDF is for personal use only. Copyright © Spartan Games 10 . with the Firestorm Armada rules. This Fleet Manual is what we refer to as a. Dec 3, These books are compatible with the new Firestorm Armada Hardback Rulebook which has just started shipping. These PDFs are available. Mar 2, Why doesn't /tg/ talk about Firestorm Armada that much? It looks cool .. View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAOTrace, 7MiB, 1x1 Are there any differences between old one and ?.

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Prussian Empire ORBATS, V - 2 DWFA Prussian Empire V2. Federated States of CORE RULES. Firestorm Armada Edition Rulebook [PDF, MB]. The fine folks at Spartan Games have made the new version () of their Firestorm Armada rulebook available for free on their blog. Dec 10, Spartan Games have made the rules for Firestorm Armada free to By making these rules available for free as a downloadable PDF.

Important Note: You cannot spend one quarter on Allied Squadrons, one quarter on Mercenary Squadrons and one quarter on Natural Allies, instead you can feld up to one quarter Allied and Mercenary Squadrons, up to one quarter Natural Allies and must feld at least one half of the MFV from your main feet. Marauder Fleets Marauder Fleets do not contain any models from the major races or alliance factions, instead, they are comprised entirely of models from within this Fleet Manual. As you will see when looking through the following Statistics Profles, the models within this Manual are grouped into different factions: To construct a Marauder Fleet, you frst need to select one of these to be your Core Faction. Apart from this, you may fll out the remainder of your Fleet using the models available either to your Core Faction, or the other factions within this Manual.

As such, they may be taken as part of any feet in the Alliance of Kurak including core races for the points indicated. They may also be felded by feets within the Zenian League, but in this case they cost the points indicated in brackets on their profle.

Due to lingering animosity between the Aquans and the Syndicate, any feet containing Aquan models may feld STL Syndicate models, but at the bracketed cost see Table on Page 4.

The appropriate cost should be paid according to whether the faction is aligned with the feet in question where the standard cost is paid or not where the bracketed cost is paid. Mercenaries In any other Fleet, you may spend up to one quarter of your Maximum Fleet Value rounded down on models chosen from within this Fleet Manual, apart from those belonging to Pathogen. Otherwise, each Squadron is chosen as normal, using up the relevant Squadron selection for its Tier and paying the required Points Cost ensuring the correct points are paid depending on whether the feet is from the Alliance of Kurak or Zenian League — as shown on the Table on Page 4 — with all Upgrades, Hard Points and accompaniments available for purchase.


You may select your Squadrons from the following list: Tier 1 Between 1 and 2 Squadrons, chosen from the following: Tier 1 Between 1 and 3 Squadrons, chosen from the following: Tier 1 Between 2 and 4 Squadrons, chosen from the following: Each Fleet may also select a different Core Faction.

A force of between and Points is formed into one Grand Fleet and one Patrol Fleet, while a force of between and Points is divided into one Grand Fleet and one Battle Fleet and so on. Provided the minimum requirements for each Fleet can be met, you may divide your MFV between the Fleets as you see ft. Using the legitimate trading front of the RTL, the Syndicate grew even larger and more powerful, forging stronger links with Terran Alliance worlds, leaders and even military assets.

Eventually it grew to the point where it transformed itself into an organisation that could stand outside of the shelter of the Rif, confdent in its position as a partner to the strongest galactic powers.

Tis could not have come at a better time for Tauris, since the loss and presumed destruction of the Supermax facility on one of its more dangerous enforcement missions.

Firestorm Armada - Marauders and Mercenaries 17-08-2014

Nevertheless, his political manoeuvring with key Terran players has given him access to a number of older and previously decommissioned Reformer-class stations which he has used to great efect — so much so that even Terran Admirals have felded these assets themselves.

Tis is not something that pleased the Aquan hierarchy, but the unbridled political power Tauris wields amongst many of the Alliance of Kurak members, including the powerful Terrans, now meant they had little choice in the matter. He is not welcomed by the Aquans, but he is tolerated — for the time being, at least.

Although this rivalry has continued to simmer, the STL and OmniDyne factions will cooperate for mutual beneft, usually when some venture of dubious legality and high proftability is involved. Cleverly gaining knowledge of the Rif from the Corsairs in exchange for Directorate weapons technology, he provided OmniDyne with both a source of valuable income and a tactical advantage against the Syndicate operating in the Rif. Tis appeared to provide the various Corsair factions with a convenient money-laundering outlet, but also gradually made them more dependent on OmniDyne for supplies, ammunition and political backup.

Harnessing these forces, and with carefully drawn mercenary contracts with the Oroshan, Nerivar turned OmniDynes fortunes around. From the prospect of breakup, absorption and asset stripping to say nothing of contractual termination of its management , he crafed a new rising star within the Directorate group of companies.

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Paying its outstanding debts was, of course, the last thing that the management of the Directorate giant Works Raptor wanted, and Nerivar has made many enemies amongst its senior management. With a reputation for taking contracts rejected by other Directorate companies for a price , the new OSO quickly proved its ability to deliver results, providing no questions were asked.

Works Raptor still show their solidarity with their corporate associates, of course, although somehow their ships never seem to be available or in the right quadrant when assistance is requested…. Te actual reality of the inner workings of OSO are, as many suspect yet never voice publically for fear of their lives , borderline or completely illegal. OmniDyne maintains and supplies large groups of corsairs and pirates — not only in the rif, but from across the battlefelds and backwaters that exist or have developed across the Storm Zone.

Tese feets are ofen comprised of the lowest lawless scum that accumulates around the edge of civilised systems — all are welcome in OSOs Contract Fulflment Divisions.

Firestorm Armada

Tey are supplied at a healthy proft margin, of course with Directorate weapons and supplies to enhance whatever ships they have. Te weapons supplied may be legacy models, the supplies beyond their standard usage recommendations, but they still produce a formidable force of ships, few ever quite the same, and usually untraceable to their corporate overlords.

Being staunch but pragmatic warriors at heart, many bloodtribes have expanded out from the Directorate systems where their contracts were once more plentiful. It is now increasingly common to see elements of the Hwyvirna working for the Alliance of Kurak as well as for the Zenian League. In dark corners of systems, on missions of suspicious or malign intent, unmarked OmniDyne ships will fght for Terran masters, and sleek Syndicate ships glide noiselessly beside cloaked Relthoza feets.

Dindrenzi forces stretched thin on an attack deep into Alliance space may shore up their defences with former Trading vessels, paid for by the day into STL cofers. In short, the Marauders have black hearts and fckle loyalties, turned easily by the glint of riches and the temptation of quick proft.

Teir appearance on the feld of battle can bring relief for some, but there is always the fear of the knife in the back… even for those paying their way. They say the best is always worth waiting for, and we are confident that you will think that the Aquan Medusa Class Dreadnought has been worth the wait. This multi-part resin and pewter model is a formidable weapon of war.

The Aquan Sebrutin has escalated its military fleets, identified the ongoing threats to its large borders as something that cannot continue.

The Medusa spearheads its homeworld fleets which will be despatched to join the frontier fleets that are currently engaged in space battles with the Dindrezi, Directorate and Relthoza…. A community site for Firestorm Armada and sci-fi war gaming, The Black Ocean combines forums and file hosting in an easy to access package. This site is intended to be the nexus for new and seasoned Firestorm Armada gamers and a hub for discussion and creation of the first ever independent tournament circuit.

A Podcast of the same name is forthcoming this month and the teaser is already up on iTunes. Be sure to join the free forums, follow on Twitter, and like the Black Ocean on Facebook.

CorSec Engineering have released a mini turn template for Firestrom Armada. We have added a new Mini Turn Template that is designed to provide 2" of movement and a 45 degree turn on both ends.

From their website: The Dreadnought Class, for all races in the Firestorm universe, represents a new phase in the conflict surrounding the storm zone; an escalation of hostility that can only be responded to with overwhelming, decisive force. Each Dreadnought is the cutting edge of design and armament, the newest wave of engineering that sets the precedent for the coming conflict, and the Relthoza Apex Class Dreadnought is certainly no exception.

We wanted a name that would suit the superiority the ship possesses in the minds of the Relthoza admirals, hence the Apex class; the Apex predator among the stars. The Apex class is the pinnacle of the Relthoza combat fleets, the supreme predator in the starship food chain.

Once this model was finished we had an interesting time thinking up a name for the vessel. We bounced a number of ideas around, before the name Retribution came up. And that was it — the name stuck and suddenly the Dindrenzi Federation had its heavy hitter. As you can see from the images below, which we will let do the speaking for us, it is an intimidating vessel, and we think the name suits it rather well.

To show its size we have used a Dindrenzi Battleship for comparison: The overall philosophy was to keep the forward angling shape along with similar lines of symmetry but to bulk the up the hull to give it an imposing girth.

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