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Whether you field minions as faction reinforcements or as their own army, Forces of HORDES: Minions contains everything you need to deploy these savage. Mercenaries, HORDES, Forces of HORDES: Trollbloods, Forces of HORDES: HORDES: Minions, Formula P3, Formula P3 Hobby Series, Full Metal Fantasy. Cryx Retribution of Scyrah Mercenaries Convergence of Cyriss Trollbloods Circle Orboros Skorne Legion of Everblight Minions Grymkin: The Wicked Harvest.

Forces Of Hordes Minions Pdf

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Forces of Hordes - Minions - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. minions. Forces of HORDES - Minions - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Hordes book. Forces of Hordes - Trollbloods - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Forces of Hordes - Legion of Ever Blight Forces of Horde - Minions.

Whether fighting for their own agenda or offering assistance to others, minions possess unique skills that can be used to turn the tide of battle. As war continues to embroil these tribal cultures in a desperate fight for survival, new and more dangerous beings emerge from the darkness of the wilds. From bloodthirsty gatormen and savage and unruly farrow to the few brave adventurers who blur the lines between the civilized and wild worlds, generals can find minions to suit any battlefield role. Minions contains everything you need to deploy these savage tribes in battle, featuring: Beyond the struggles of empires, dragons, and ancient cabals, other creatures of the wilds are caught up in the. Much like the dark religion of their mist-shrouded swamps, the Gatormen of the Blindwater Congregation are a curious blend of strength and subtlety.

This army includes one or more Farrow Bone Grinder units. Farrow Brigand units in this army become FA U. TIER 4 Requirements: The army includes two or more Farrow Brigand units.

The army includes one or more Farrow Brigand units. Reduce the point cost of War Hog warbeasts in this army by 1. Farrow Bone Grinders. Wrong Eye and warbeasts in his battlegroup gain Advance Deployment. The army includes one or more Bog Trog Ambusher units. The army includes one or more Farrow Bone Grinder units. For every two Gatorman Posse units in the army.

TIER 3 Requirements: The army includes two or more Gatorman Posse units. These AOEs cannot be placed within 3 of another terrain feature. Gatorman units Croak Hunters. Your deployment zone is extended 2 forward. Gatorman solos. TIER 4 Benefit: Feralgeist solos in this army gain Advance Move. Gatorman Posse units become FA U.

The AOE is shallow water terrain. Free agents who serve these warring factions have to be cautious and ensure their allies have reason to leave them healthy. Of the factions on the wilderness fringes the kriels have proven to be the most honorable and forthright in their dealings with outsiders.

A free agent must offer his combat expertise or other skills in order to form a and he must possess a familiarity with their methods and expectations. Gaining allies may also allow an individual to gain access to normally impassable areas and thereby gather vital intelligence on other enemies. As in all barter. These deals are only as equitable as the more powerful group cares to make them.

Occasionally this arrangement develops from some other shared interest. Dealing with the factions warring on the fringes of western Immoren is risky even under the best of circumstances. Once the Khadoran rail crews were slaughtered the alliance dissolved. Because few organizations in the wild mint or use coin. In the shadows of the great armies that now battle across the primeval forests.

Those who have made a reputation and who take the time to barter directly with these factions can manage mutually Adventurers may be motivated purely by the sport of interested in exploration for its own sake.

The realities of survival in the dangerous wilds mean many groups. Perhaps more frequently. A rare few are able to bargain with the greater forces on their own terms and lend their unique talents at a price.

In some cases individuals may be motivated solely by the desire to form alliances and relationships with those inhabiting the wilds.

Each faction has shown some willingness to make such arrangements. The various farrow tribes are notorious for subjugating one another. In many regions the kriels are isolated and do not recognize any formal higher authority.

Many of those who populate of the greater factions. In such situations barter or promises of future services are made. Even these exceptional individuals must take precautions against their employers resorting to coercion. Outright enslavement is the standard. More commonly tribes ally with one another in the face of a short-term threat. Certain tribes of farrow. Without long-standing codes and contracts such as those among the mercenaries of the human Iron Kingdoms.

Moving across the uncharted and hostile wilderness is dangerous in the extreme. Though some of the more harshly abused groups do break with the druids. Some longstanding friends and proven allies. This has begun to change as kriels unite under leaders like Madrak Ironhide. Over long centuries. When need be. Even the most peaceful of kriels consider their kith and kin of greater import than any outsider.

Wise trollkin elders see the advantages of favoring negotiation over coercion. The druids have a long-standing tradition of taking advantage of the religious superstitions of certain tribes. The nature of these agreements varies considerably from one regional overseer or potent to the next.

Arrangements for grain or shelter during the winter are common between trollkin kriels and some farrow tribes. More often. Certain tribes may have been offered nebulous rewards for their long-term aid to the Circle and have been strung along with vague promises for centuries.

Both bog trogs and farrow have been known to conduct raiding campaigns on villages perceived guilty of unfair dealings. Some of these groups see the blackclads as special emissaries of their god and therefore serve them willingly. This sort of coercion can cause long-term problems. In many instances. Though by no means common. Not all trollkin are above intimidating others into aiding their cause. Hoarluk Doomshaper. Even a large and welldefended trollkin village will suffer from having food stores repeatedly looted and sentries murdered.

Due to their occasional contact with the civilized nations. The small number who prove useful may be spared. As the armies of the invading skorne have been stretched thin. While the druids are sometimes reluctant to pay their debts. Exceptions are rare. Those they defeat fall under the yoke of the Skorne Empire and are utilized as labor and fodder in their ongoing war of conquest. As time goes on. Even those who live long Orrik managed to weather the overthrow of Vinter Raelthorne with his arrangements intact.

Despite the often callous disregard the greater factions have for their allied tribes. Druids occasionally provide supernatural assistance such as increasing crops. Army of the Western Reaches have learned to rely on certain individuals like the ex-Cygnaran ranger Saxon Orrik. For isolated villages or tribes. What it needs. Since their arrival. Members of almost every race.

Being human he will never be fully trusted. They possess a deep knowledge of some of the fundamental secrets of the world and may be willing to share their less tightly guarded knowledge in return for valuable services. Orrik proved his credibility and skill by guiding the army across the Bloodstone Desert and remains an invaluable local contact and scout.

Though this second-hand blighting does not provide those enslaved by the Legion to slowly develop the scales. Fury points that are not reaved are removed. But because they are unable to control living bodies. Feralgeists lurk in the shadows of the deep forest. Remove this model from the table. The very aspect that compels feralgeists to dead beasts and grants them control over corpses also makes them vulnerable to warlocks.

These cunning and patient creatures haunt the fringes of battles or follow warbeasts as they march to war. As insubstantial walk for a time as other creatures do. If it does. If the warbeast is destroyed or removed from play while this model is bound to it. Each of these bodies responds to their will and lumbers to its feet with empty. The wilderness masters of Orboros.

Any effects. The warbeast cannot activate the turn Spiritbind is used. Feralgeists in such a guise pose a deadly threat to any who venture near.

They are vengeful manifestations of nature that strike against intruders or interlopers in wild places.

Forces of HORDES - Minions

If more than one eligible model attempts to bind to the warbeast. This model can exit the warbeast during your Maintenance Phase. If this model binds itself to the warbeast. The warbeast becomes a friendly Minion.

A warjack suffering Disruption loses its focus points and cannot be allocated focus or channel spells for one round. Even a single thrullg is a valuable asset to any army willing to risk its predations. Though these creatures generally seem to prefer lurking in the sewers of urban areas.

Forces of Hordes - Trollbloods

Minion — This model will work for Circle. Spell Ward — This model cannot be targeted by spells. When it about the victim and sucks the essence of his occult powers from him even as its claws sink deep into his Deciding the cold did not suit him. Ashley does not speak of a homeland.

Neither the reward nor the kill matters to him as much as the excitement of the hunt and the gathering of esoteric monster lore. Alten has earned few true friends. The monster hunter has already fought more dangerous creatures than a Nyss ranger might face in a century.

Somehow he always manages to escape unscathed and with more experience. Ashley seeks out one dangerous challenge after another. He knows their habits. Though Ashley relies heavily on this oversized gun. Most men feel fear at the emergence of previously hidden enemies and the onset the thrilling promise of both gold and danger. For sport or hire he has traveled more than most.

Spurning the easy life. Swift Hunter — When this model destroys an enemy model with a normal ranged attack. Monster Hunter — When this model hits a warbeast with an attack. Alten gleefully embraces the peculiar madness that demands some men seek danger instead of turning from it. He is nevertheless respected by both Kossite woodsmen and Morridane scouts. Some men are just rugged through and through: Unlike some braggarts.

Alten Ashley is such a man. His disdain for the humans grew even greater when he saw they had not even bothered to post sentries. Fearful their clan would bear the brunt of his impropriety if the Moot decided to get involved.


He is a seasoned warrior who would rather kill a man than endure a lengthy conversation. Brun refused to wait for their decision. Fury Manipulation. He perfectly remembers every location he has ever visited.

Given the nature of the twisting ended and Rhul began. Control Area. Cold Lesser Warlock — This model is not a warlock but has the following warlock special rules: Battlegroup Commander. He has vowed never to own any more than he and his pack mule can carry. Brun decided to settle matters once and for all.

Because he prefers to avoid any type of sizable community. With his gun or axe in hand and Lug beside him. When blood needs spilling. Before becoming a recluse. The ensuing carnage was almost too easy. Searforge agents.

He has never lacked for work as a guide or battle-ready escort. Damage Transference. Brun Cragback served his small dwarven clan by patrolling the western peaks near the border with Khador. Unlike most of his kin he has the dwarf feels he has mastered every nook and cranny of a given locale. He does not work regularly as a mercenary— at least not as often as those who earn their coin as seasonal soldiers—but he accepts periodic work with the Searforge Commission when his supplies or funds run low.

His kin were embroiled in a feud with Khadoran settlers of Skirov descent who regularly trespassed in their territory. A rugged and fearless loner with intimate knowledge of every game trail and mountain pass in western Immoren. Minions — These models will work for Circle and Trollbloods. Brun marched straight into the human camp with his axe in hand. Not a dwarf who appreciates half-measures. Anyone who feels at home alone up there is liable to be the same. When he returned to his kinsmen soaked in gore.

This compulsion to venture into new territory has taken Brun to the frozen regions of Khador. This model and friendly models B2B with it cannot be knocked down. Brun has spent time with some of the northern trollkin kriels and has contacts among the human blackclads who potential employers. Brun earned a name for himself through his own skill with arms.

Few sights are more Whether Lug would actually cease to recognize him without the hide seems unlikely.

Brun Cragback did not need to coerce. Brun claims not to know how long he and Lug have been together. Convinced the stupid bear thinks he is its mother.

He encountered a white mountain bear while hunting near Nyss territory in the Shard Spires. Though he does not often wax nostalgic telling stories about Lug.

He was in the middle of the messy business of skinning her when he heard a querulous roar and the sound of approaching paws. Brun relishes the tale of how he and the bear came to travel 30 together. Those who face the mass of fur and muscle do not have time to consider its mood before claws rip them in half. The only hint of sorrow the bear demonstrates is after if urging them to stand up and play some more. Clearly the bear has no real sense of mortality.

Brun has continued to wear the improvised cloak. What would surprise such victims is that Lug is not truly simple-minded beast that merely likes to play rough. Eager to acquire a nice. Lug is relatively oblivious to his own injuries in battle so long as he is given free reign to play. Brun shot down the ornery bear without a second thought. At last the bear sat back on its haunches.

In a moment of unexplained inspiration. Brun wrapped himself in the hide and stood to confront the newcomer.

Cragback claims this is simply a matter of self-preservation. Brun claims Lug is the dimmest bear ever born. In the process of this journey they also renewed contact with trollkin kriels in the Wyrmwall region and sent feelers to druids of the Circle Orboros to let the blackclads know they are looking for paying work.

If Cragback is destroyed or removed from play. Though Brun regularly hurls every foul epithet imaginable at his animal companion. Bear Hands lasts for one turn. Lug to crush it. This was a grueling ordeal requiring the pair to battle through war-torn regions in both Llael and the Thornwood before reaching the remote dwarven conclaves at Orven and Ironhead in Cygnar. The pair has fought Khadoran soldiers. Brun brushes aside questions about Lug.

Brun generally armors the bear only when he expects battle. Whatever the reason. Recently they traveled farther south into the Cygnaran mountains after hiring on with Searforge to escort supply shipments. Brun purchased special plated barding at no small expense from a master smith out of Skirov. Belying his casual attitude. Gudrun was impatient and longed to put aside his adolescence. Gudrun unleashes his emotions only in the unquenchable berserker rage that sometimes consumes him.

Fearless Berserk — When this model destroys one or more models with a melee attack during its combat action. Gudrun fought at his side. Hegord held sway over nearby clans. Unlike the other youths. Gudrun swore himself to this lord.

Had Gudrun asked more questions. His victims see only emptiness. Those who have stood at if inviting death to come. He strides into battle reeking of alcohol. Seeking to escape these reminders. Swaying unsteadily atop a rise. Gudrun the Wanderer knows this only too well. This model is knocked down. Hegord had long contemplated the extinction of the eastern Sigvar clan.

Hangover — attack. Screams echo in his dreams and bleed into his waking life. Death spits me back into the world each time. Feign Death — This model cannot be targeted by ranged or magic attacks while knocked down. He sought out dwarven Clan Lord Galos Hegord. Galos and most of his followers died in the battles that followed. Gudrun numbered among those few spared because the Moot Judges knew the ogrun was bound to obey his korune.

Hegord led a night raid against his rivals that quickly became wholesale extermination. His blade murdered the innocent and young alongside the outnumbered warriors Reach An oath taken incautiously can become a curse.

Binge Drinking — Once per game during its activation. Years have washed away his pride and self-worth. Gudrun shambles his waist. Gudrun the Wanderer nevertheless remains a skilled and valuable killer. He enters any fray without discrimination. A self-labeled disgrace who often falls into a drunken stupor in the midst of battle. Some say the deaths on his hands have left a cursed legacy that shadows him wherever he goes.

Now he wanders. Everything she witnesses lends texture to her compositions. She was prone to ignoring their instructions entirely.

The Hallyr line traces directly back to the lost Empire of Lyoss. But even among those elusive people. Her goals since leaving her homeland are unknown. By playing the proper notes one can change the world. Her fascination with music was not atypical of her family. Some people are touched by a special sort of madness that preserves them in the face of turmoil and strife. The blood of this mysterious she entrances all those who hear her.

She has shown no aversion to violence or warfare. Despite her apparent shortcomings. Certainly the sorcerous power of her music has played a large role in keeping her safe. Though born in Ios.

At times it seems as though she does not interact with the world at all but only watches from the outside. For years Dahlia has used her entrancing the many dangers of western Immoren. Models with Prowl gain Stealth that provides concealment. An undeniable aura of mystery surrounds all elves. She keeps no counsel and claims few friends.

Even today. Upon witnessing her trancelike delight in these deadly. Dahlia Hallyr is an enigma. Lesser Warlock — This model is not a warlock but has the following warlock special rules: The more militant Iosans deem such circles to be decadently oblivious to the dangers facing their race. Such behavior prompted rumors she might have inherited the less-esteemed legacy of the Hallyr line: The only constant in her life has been an inner compulsion to wander and perfect her music.

Dahlia proved to be exceptional from a young age. A market for talented artists exists among the aristocracy living in Iryss and Shyrr. Possessing singular grace and deadly combat prowess. The tatzylwurm Skarath has been with her for seven years. Dahlia sometimes restrains the 36 serpent from consuming its meal so that its paralyzed victim can serve as a captive audience to her latest musical innovation.

Skarath is a particularly large pale the cunning and savagery of its species. She can be an indulgent mistress. To its victims Skarath is a serpentine horror. Tatzylwurms are among the most frightening examples of monstrous predators in western Immoren.

Though all tatzylwurms are dangerous. She clearly holds this particular guardian in special esteem. Target friendly model gains Riposte. Serpent Strike lasts for one round. After the affected model makes a Riposte attack, Serpent Strike expires. When a model with Riposte is missed by an enemy melee attack, immediately after the attack is resolved it can make one normal melee attack against the attacking model.

Even otherwise fearless trolls steer clear of pale tatzylwurm territories. Their poison paralyzes their prey and their.

In her travels Dahlia has made her services available to several groups, loaning both her power and the killing prowess of Skarath to their battles. She appears to have made arrangements with members of the Circle Orboros and several large trollkin kriels in exchange for safe passage across their territories. She has visited individual Circle leaders and trollkin elders in private council. She claims no love for the urban centers of mankind and has expressed a strong loathing for the discordant hum of human magic, which jars her senses like shattering glass.

She has shown. If Hallyr is destroyed or removed from play, remove this model from play. Serpentine — This model cannot make slam or trample power attacks and cannot be knocked down. In fact, pale tatzylwurms prefer to digest their prey alive—a process that can take several long, agonizing hours.

Whether her involvement in the wars that grip western Immoren is part of some more systematic plan or she is simply following the impulses of the moment is something only Dahlia knows.

Certain arcanists serving the Retribution are convinced her latent power has not awakened to its full strength, and it seems clear they hope to make use of her in the wars to come. Nature exists to be conquered, not studied. Mercenary — This model will work for Cryx, Khador, the Protectorate.

Minion — This model will work for Circle, Skorne, and Trollbloods. Blind Spot — When an enemy warbeast misses this model with a melee attack, immediately after the attack is resolved this model can make one normal melee attack against the warbeast. Dismember — When this model hits a warbeast with a melee attack, roll an additional damage die. Reconnaissance Action — RNG 5. Take Down — Models disabled by a melee attack made by this model cannot make a Tough roll. Models boxed by a melee attack made by this model are removed from play.

He sees humans as no more deserving of special consideration than any animal caught in a trap or hunted to ground. Long years spent in the unforgiving desert with no company but the skorne have reinforced this attitude. His grim bloodthirsty heir, Prince Vinter IV. Orrik spent several long months serving as a ranger under the younger Vinter along the northern border, where they discovered they shared a certain cold pragmatism.

The incident quickly escalated into a political embarrassment. Though Vinter III was a harsh king to his subjects, he demanded strict adherence to the law, which explicitly forbade the deliberate slaughter of civilians. When word of this incident reached the king he was obliged to act. Eventually he escaped to survive on the run for several months before one of his associates betrayed him to the authorities. His subsequent imprisonment was far harsher sending him to Bloodshore Island.

No one was more surprised than he when the new king not only remembered him but also ordered his release. Saxon could no longer serve openly in the military, but Vinter IV made the former scout an agent of the Inquisition. Without the intervention of Vinter IV, he would have been sent to Bloodshore Island to die in prison, and he has never forgotten that.

He was among the inquisitors who sought to free Vinter IV from his imprisonment while he awaited trial and execution following the coup. Vinter solved that problem himself by making his now-famous escape. Word quickly reached Orrik that Vinter had drifted east on an airship across the impassable Bloodstone Marches. For several long years Orrik survived on the fringes of civilization, keeping his identity a secret until he received.

Vinter IV is famous for surviving his crossing, but Saxon Orrik repeated that feat without an airship to expedite his passage. He learned to hunt whatever slithering beasts he procure water and shelter. By the time he rejoined his king, Orrik had become a master of the Bloodstone Desert. His crossing had forged him into the perfect man to guide the skorne back west.

Saxon Orrik has since forgotten any life but the sun, wind, and sands. The Bloodstone Desert is his home, and he has mastered its vastness. He trained the skorne to cross the desert and conduct their war. He has led the way countless times and seems to draw strength from the hellish clime. Saxon has established contacts among diverse groups willing to hire him for his lore of Immorese terrain. His reputation now stands quite separate from that of his master.

Indeed, many of those who use his services neither know of nor care about his true loyalties. His dark eyes reveal less than his few words. Morrow willing. I will document them all. He was hauled by titans back to the Abyssal Fortress in a cage.

Pendrake undertook desperate measures to retain the vital intelligence his company had gathered. Dismember — When this model hits a warbeast with a melee attack. Patrolling the borders for enemy insurgents proved to be not to his liking. Professor Viktor Pendrake has gained recognition across the Iron Kingdoms for adventurous daring and scholarly acumen.

When he returned to civilization. His unique skills allowed him to become one of the few scholars to study this previously unknown species from across the Bloodstone Desert. There he learned that Vinter Raelthorne and Saxon Orrik intended to lead a massive and well-equipped skorne army west. He spent decades venturing into the wilds to study every had countless close brushes with death.

Trained by the notorious Saxon Orrik. After emerging as the sole survivor. Each attack roll can be rerolled only once as a result of Luck. His research demands he place himself in peril in order to directly observe and interact with his subjects. Warbeasts cannot target this model with free strikes. He has passed down wisdom gained from years spent in the wild by chairing the Department of Extraordinary Zoology at Corvis University.

Pendrake gave up military life to accept a post at Corvis University. His friend Quimut nearly died in this battle. This crazy ruse not only worked but also sparked within Pendrake a deeper love of studying wilderness creatures. Pendrake walked into an ambush. In amid a tribe of pygmy trolls. If this model attacked with another ranged weapon this activation. Pendrake could see the future threat they might represent to Cygnar and felt duty-bound to offer his services to the Cygnaran Army as an expert in both the skorne and the Bloodstone Marches.

While investigating skorne attacks on friendly trollkin kriels. Vinter decided to send him east to document the greatness of the Skorne Empire. After a risky reconnaissance run well past the Khadoran border. Knockdown — When a model is hit by an attack with this weapon. His unique knowledge and sense of duty drove him to put aside his scholarly pursuits.

He can go where the military cannot. Pendrake is glad to loan that his most dangerous weapon is his mind. Pendrake managed to escape and return west with new insight into the skorne threat. After a lengthy ordeal. She eventually found friendship among a chosen few outside her species. Minion — This model will work for Circle and the Trollbloods. Lanyssa arrived too late to participate in the last stand could not be kept from hunting down the nearest tendril of Legion forces. What followed was a hopeless battle near the Nyschatha Mountains.

I will drown that guilt in the blood of our enemies. In her calmer moments. She earned her fame as one of the few Nyss to venture into warmer climes in search inhabitants of the towns she visited had ever seen.

Ryssyl is a sorceress of considerable skill. Lanyssa Ryssyl is just entering the prime of life. Lanyssa has faced the horror that is the Legion of Everblight. A model hit suffers a POW 12 cold damage roll. On a critical hit. Animosity [Legion or Blighted] — This model cannot be included in an army that includes one or more models of the listed type.

Prowl — This model gains Stealth while within terrain that provides concealment. Vendetta [Legion or Blighted] — This model gains boosted attack and damage rolls against Legion or Blighted models.

Though she did not stay to complete the formalities of her training. Knowing Khadoran wizards stole the sacred vault of Nyssor. She might have spent a contented lifetime away from her homeland had she not received word of northern terrors and the cataclysm that nearly destroyed her people. Her cool beauty and sharp eyes intimidated many—as did the claymore slung across her feathered cloak. Though her friends fought bravely beside her.

She was not always like this. She has seen despair in the faces of those few who survived. Lanyssa Ryssyl has seen her people destroyed and their lands despoiled. Lanyssa now devotes herself entirely to war against both the Legion of Everblight and the Khadoran Greylords.

By the standards of her long-lived race. Anger cannot ignore the guilt she feels over her absence during this crisis. Whatever its purpose in Immoren. Strengthened by its totemic trophies. Jump — After using its normal movement to make a full advance but before performing an action. The world is largely unexplored by its isolated inhabitants and contains horrors many of its denizens can barely fathom.

Any effects that prevent it from charging also prevent it from using Jump. When this model begins its activation within 10 of its prey. Its complete lack of any other agenda means it is its mercy in the next.

The totem hunter has honed its skills with obsessive determination and bears many weapons of power. The totem hunter values its kills above all else and retains grisly totems from its most formidable adversaries.

Originating across the ocean. Stealth 8 C 3 Hunter — This model ignores forests. With a hideous cry that can shatter glass and paralyze men in terror. It slips away after the battle without seeking any payment or recompense beyond the totems it gathered in the course of its bloody work.

After drawing the eye of a warlock. This is a fortuitous time to seek trophies. It can leap tremendous distances and meld seamlessly into cover. This hunter has been drawn to the battles of western Immoren like a carrion crow to a charnel feast.

When the prey is destroyed or removed from play. In some areas it is shown as a gatorman. The leaders of religious ceremonies in their villages. Those who have earned the wrath of a gatorman tribe live with the fear that every floating log and tangled grove of cypress trees could hide a war party patiently waiting for their target to lower his guard.

Each bokor has a different attitude toward this entity and the power it offers. It has been common throughout tribal cultures of various species for predatory totems to be identified and revered.

One race of elusive reptilians has claimed these bogs and marshes as their domain. Outsiders such as the blackclads of the Circle Orboros insist Kossk is a primitive totem embodying a single form of the Beast of All Shapes. Though their appearance might lead some to believe them little more than savage beasts.

Though worship of this god is nearly universal among the gatormen. Gatorman bokors consider it blasphemous and disrespectful to link their faith to any other power and have reacted violently to blackclad efforts to take advantage of this alleged connection.

All adults are capable warriors. Each tribe is led by one of its bokors. Other long-dead allies under their control are the ancient and potent natural spirits that have existed within the swamp for millennia.

Bokors rely on their own rites and totems to facilitate this. Most gatormen live in small tribes numbering between a handful to several dozen adults. Gatormen can be violent and even bloodthirsty at times. In fact. Just as Kossk prepares to devour the world and absorb its strength.

As often as not. The gatormen are incredibly tough. These shamans invoke the name of Kossk. Some bokors treat Kossk as simply the most powerful and greatest of these spirits rather than offering it the respect due a god.

The gatormen revere their greatest ancestors. To do so is to invite instant and lethal retaliation—or at the very least a lasting blood feud with the wronged gatorman. Despite being incredibly powerful warriors. Though their natural armaments—tooth. Bokors can awaken these spirits force.

Gatorman warriors are some of the most physically imposing combatants in all of Immoren. Their primary ambushes and stealthy assassination. Typically the bog trog tribes are either subjugated by their more powerful neighbors or driven out. The typical gatorman stands well over seven feet tall and is armored head to tail in thick.

Forces of Hordes -

So armed. In addition. He intends to lead his army in conquest after conquest until. Gatormen will usually accept payment in food or metal weapons. Barnabas is a truly ancient gatorman who has been stalking the swamps and devouring his foes for centuries. A powerful gatorman warlock and bokor known as Bloody Barnabas has united a number of large tribes around Blindwater Lake and Bloodsmeath Marsh.

Though gatormen are largely reclusive. Gatorman warlocks can call upon a number these monsters. These creatures originated on islands to the south of territory held by the skorne.

Other demands often include the right to dead and all they carried. Calaban is cold. The bog trogs are simply given the option of adding their strength to that of the gatormen relationship. Despite the contact with outside civilizations it brings. Like their waterlogged homelands. Gatormen value such personal possessions. Barnabas is a feared and respected leader. The gatormen are certainly powerful in their own right. Gatorman bokors believe this ability is a gift from Kossk itself. Gatormen remain the same tribal people they have been for millennia.

To accomplish this. Over time he has conquered many gatorman tribes. Barnabas aspires to nothing short of godhood—to become a blood-drenched.

Many bokors have become shrewd negotiators capable of turning nearly any situation to their advantage. Stranger creatures. This has created an opportunity for other powerful gatorman warlocks. The ones that have the gatormen with superstitious reverence. Bog trogs bring numbers and an element of stealth and subtlety to gatorman warbands that is often lacking. An incredibly potent gatorman bokor.

Not only does their magical skill provide tremendous aid to the gatorman host. To have two of the most powerful warlocks of the species working together is a potent boon to the Congregation. Though he willingly aids Barnabas in his mad goals. Calaban intervened and proposed a better solution: The Bloodsmeath boasts a large population of bog trogs. Calaban envisions a day when the swamps belong to his people and his people alone.

With little choice. Barnabas and Calaban are among the greatest of these. An exceedingly intelligent and progressive gatorman. The monstrosities that serve Barnabas and Calaban are drawn from the remote depths of various swamps and bogs.

If Bloody Barnabas and Calaban have their way. He sees the work started by Barnabas in the gatormen. He will use the ancient warrior and his legend to take his place at the fore of his growing gatorman army. His knowledge of gatorman magic and ritual is unequaled.

Before Barnabas could complete his wholesale slaughter of the Thornwood trogs. Calaban is no fool. Calaban does not always favor a direct and ferocious assault upon his enemies. As the trollkin struggled to negotiate the deep swamp.

Calaban and his cadre have single-handedly scored a number of decisive victories for the gatormen and have gone a long way in spreading the mysterious and deadly reputation of the Blindwater Congregation. Such tactics have allowed him to defeat far more powerful adversaries than normally possible for a warband of the size he commands. Calaban invoked his will to call on the dark powers of the place.

When he and his personal warband enter battle he prefers subterfuge and misdirection to bring down his foes. Most recently. Unlike many bokors. Calaban never travels anywhere without a handpicked group of gatorman bokors and warriors as well as his favored warbeasts brought with him from the Fenn Marsh.

A pair of dire trolls and a number of full-blood trolls supported the trollkin. Gatorman Warlock — This model can have only Minion Gatorman warbeasts in its battlegroup. While completely in deep water. He believes his ascension requires becoming something greater than a legend in the minds of his people: The gatormen do not venerate their elders. The reverence and terror he inspires are as much due to the mad resolve seen in his unwavering stare as to his countless victories.

Counter Charge — When an enemy model advances and ends its movement within 6 of this model and in its LOS. Those who mistake his odd mannerisms for weakness or senility learn their mistake when he lashes out to destroy any he deems guilty of treachery.

There is something terrible and unnatural about him. Unyielding — While engaging an enemy model. Gatormen do not die of old age. The bokor known as Bloody Barnabas. He will assemble all the gatormen under one banner to lead them into a great battle.

A warbeast can advance only once per turn as a result of Warpath. At the height of his earthly power. Their brutal lives almost invariably end in violence. He intends to transcend his mortal shell as their new god. Iron Kingdoms Excursions vol1. Iron Kingdoms Excursions vol2. Rites of Passage. Warmachine Prime. Wicked Ways. And playing the part of a dumb American, which I am sure you all call us I wish I knew and understood the Russian language and its alphabet.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled posting forum. Black Dogs, The Malcontents: Urban Adventure, Iron Kingdoms Unleashed: Wild Adventure, Acts of War: Flashpoint, The Malcontents: Into the Wild, The Warlock Sagas: Godless, The Privateers Volume 1: Watery Graves, The Hellslingers Volume 1: Aftershock, No Quarter Collection: Bad moon rising.

Full Circle. Bitter Medicine. No Quarter Presents Urban Adventure.

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