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This was a question raised by Ice Nine Kills a few months back when they announced their latest release, Every Trick in the Book. A fusing of. Album Overview All Saints Day, Halloween, All Hallows Eve. October is synonymous with the holiday Halloween. A night of terror and horror. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Digipak CD release of Every Trick In The Book on Discogs.

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Every Trick in the Book is the fourth studio album by American metalcore band Ice Nine Kills. Released on December 4, , this is the band's first release. Bouncy Boston metalcore mob Ice Nine Kills released their fourth album Every Trick In The Book late last year on Fearless Records, but now it's. Fall Out Boy Breaks Down "Thnks fr the Mmrs". Every Trick in the Book is the fourth full-length album from Boston metalcore band Ice Nine Kills read more».

It is widely considered to be perhaps the scariest film of all time. We wanted this song to pay homage to the brilliantly twisted story, while exposing people to this time-tested literary gem. Equal parts sinister and sexy, this novel introduced the world to perhaps the most famous monster of all time. The Story Of The Andes Survivors , is one of the greatest survival novels in the history of literature. This song tells the true story of a Uruguayan Rugby team, whose plane crashed into the Andes mountains on October 13,

And while this album may have missed the mark, a refined ear and a little more toning down of such grand ideas and concepts could really help develop a new style and sound for both the band and their genre as they grow into their next release. Natasha Van Duser. Author Tony Shrum Website. Album Review: Set It Off — Midnight February 7, Show Review: Write A Comment Cancel Reply.

The stories behind Ice Nine Kills' Every Trick In The Book album

I had the chance to chat with some of the guys when they came through our area recently and you could tell they were excited about this about, and rightfully so. The band has its pedal to the metal coming out of this release and will be a force to be reckoned with.

Ice Nine Kills is: Ice Nine Kills Album: Every Trick in the Book Label: Fearless Records Produced By: Boston, MA Released: Share this: Facebook Twitter Google Tumblr Reddit. Though what good is it to find the same sad solution? We took the fort, we stormed the gates But became the very thing that we hate. Her symptoms seem to be getting worse, psychological and physical phenomenons seem to happen.

Her mother, Chris, believed it was because of the divorce between her and Regan's father. After sometime, Chris turns to a priest for some guidance.

After several meetings with Regan, Father Karras believes she is under the control of demons and wants to perform an exorcism. He calls upon Father Merrin to perform it, whom ends up dying in the attempt.

Father Karras must finish the exorcism and also ends up dying after relieving the demon. I know you're in there, Regan Just continue to breathe I will cast him out, his grip is weakening Cast him out, this is his day of reckoning Through the father, the son, and the Holy ghost I will lure this parasite from its wholesome host Eternally, my last decree If a soul must be taken I demand you take me.

The part of "Dracula" that most relates to the song is when Dracula leaves Transylvania and becomes obsessed with Lucy Westenra. He was known for luring women either to their deaths or saving, but for some reason Lucy becomes all that he focuses on. Over time, she begins to sleepwalk and has episodes of dementia. She starts transforming into a vampire herself.

The man she is engaged to notices and tries to stop it, which leads to her death. And now I'm fixed on you Despite your trembling body I can tell you want it too I'm every man you've ever dreamed of All your fantasies combines You can tell I'm the best by the blood on your dress There's no bite as good as mine.

The Story of the Andes Survivors" is about plane crash survivors who were stranded on the Andes Mountains in October of Originally there were 45 people on the plane, but only 16 made it out alive in sub-zero temperatures.

Every Trick in the Book - Wikipedia

They cannot be together and Juliet is promised to another. They try to create to create a plan to runaway, get married, and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, due to miscommunication between them and the priest, both young lovers die a tragic death-poison and a dagger to the heart.

Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" is about a doctor who tries to create a way for it to rain though a drought, but instead he creates another version of himself.

This other version is a murderer; that version becomes stronger and more in control. Eventually Dr.

Album Review: Ice Nine Kills – ‘Every Trick In The Book’

Jekyll can no longer control himself for Mr. Hyde is taking over. Jekyll sees himself becoming Hyde permanently.

The final note of the novel said, "I bring the life of that unhappy Henry Jekyll to an end. The writer of the diary starts as a year-old girl. She first gets involved with LSD, then starts taking sleeping pills. After sometime, she begins dating a drug dealer who she starts selling drugs for. The writer of the diary and a friend turn in their drug dealing boyfriends and promise to stay away from drugs but they meet a woman who invites them to glamorous parties where they ended up using again.

They are introduced to heroin. They try again to stay away from drugs but it does not help.

Ice Nine Kills – Every Trick in the Book

The diarist ends up going into a asylum. When she is released, she feels better and no longer needs the diary she has been writing. But she ended up dying a few weeks after from a drug overdose. It is unsure if it was accidental or premeditated. Her father's business partner and his family were also in hiding with them. She kept the diary as a record of her life with no intention of letting it became what it did.

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