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Iron KIngdoms. Full metal Fantasy. roleplayIng game: Core rules p. Stormblade abilitieS. Replace Gunfighter with Close Shot. p. abilitieS. Add the. Items 1 - 14 of 14 DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files! Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game Core Rules. Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Roleplaying Game Core Rules - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. unsmeashed.

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Read and Download Ebook ((PDF]] Iron Kingdoms RPG Core Rules PDF ((PDF]] Iron Kingdoms RPG Core Rules PDF ((PDF]] Iron Kingdoms RPG Core Rules. followed WARMACHINE, Iron Kingdoms Unleashed follows Iron. Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy, . “The Game” details the core rules of the game. This chapter. Privateer Press is excited to announce the release of its award winning Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game in PDF format at.

The blighted Nyss are the degenerate and corrupt servants of the dragon Everblight. Already appearing markedly different from their Iosan cousins, being taller and more physically robust and having black hair and extremely pale skin, the blighted Nyss bear the signs of their unnatural origins. Their twisted bodies and minds emphasize their more predatory nature, prone to malice and cruelty. Their figures are leaner and their features distorted by blight. With unblinking eyes, sharpened teeth, extended jaws, patches of scales, and sharp bone spurs, they appear wholly unnatural. Some, like the striders, are even more profoundly warped, with musculature and bone structures entirely unlike their original species. Such augmentations allow them to move swiftly and kill more efficiently.

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These adventures take place across Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game Core Rules Embark upon a journey of adventure and intrigue in a steam-powered world fueled by magic and contested with gunfire and steel. Armed with mechanika and accompanied by mighty steamjacks, explore the soot-covered cities of the Iron Kingdoms and the fell ruins of ancient powers. This essential full-color guide to the award-winning Iron Kingdoms setting equips you with: A robust, elegant rules system Submit Search.

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Why not share! An annual anal Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. There are others in the wilds who keep their own mystical traditions, such as the gatorman bokors, who commune with and command the spirits of the dead, or their bone grinders, grisly meat-wizards who render down the flesh of fallen creatures, friends, and foes and create potent fetishes from the flesh of the dead to tap into the arcane potential of life itself.

In western Immoren, the supernatural is a real and dynamic force that can be used as a tool by those with the power to command it. Though humans think they dominate western Immoren, the wilderness is filled with other races. Living in isolated communities hidden in the hinterlands, these peoples are bound by their own laws, not those written by men in distant cities. In the vast tracts of unspoiled land between the walled communities of mankind lies another world, a savage world that ultimately follows only one law: In the swamps, ravenous gatormen and scheming bog trogs battle for control of wetland territory that few others would consider quite so valuable.

In the dense forests and among the mountains, kriels of indomitable trollkin, durable pygmy trolls, and feral Tharn carve out homes, battling one another for prime patches of real estate. Across the wilderness, secretive gatherings of the Circle Orboros, a group of druids working tirelessly to forestall an impending apocalypse, subtly manipulate their unwitting neighbors.

The agendas of these blackclads reach far, and few places in western Immoren remain untouched by their mystic work. They are masters of subversive manipulation and often instigate strife and even wars. When their schemes are discovered the blackclads can suffer backlash, so they have learned to go about their business with the utmost stealth. Scattered like chaff on the wind, the last survivors of Nyss society search desperately for a home, allying themselves to any who will take them in.

They work as mercenaries, scouts, and brigands and can be found fighting alongside nearly every group in western Immoren, provided the price is right. In all places the inhabitants of the wilds have to deal with the press of the Iron Kingdoms themselves.

Men of those nations incessantly intrude upon the wilderness to harvest natural resources that feed the needs of their industrialized society. On occasion these humans come offering trade in return for safe passage and the right to harvest lumber and mine, but most often they simply push in and take what they desire. Those who try the former are sometimes allowed to live; those who try the latter are usually strung from the trees as a warning to the next person who might attempt such a thing.

In order to survive in this inhospitable land, travelers must be well armed and band together with others possessing the grit and fortitude to prevail against the threats that come from every side. There are countless ways to navigate the trackless wilderness in search of prosperity, but many lead to death and ruin.

Which fate is in store for you? Trollkin legends extend deeper into the mists of prehistory than anything preserved by man.

The emptiness saddened her. Dhunia birthed the first and most formidable predator. The Wilds Creation and the Gods of Caen The cultures inhabiting the wilds have origins stretching before the written word. To light the world she made the sun for the day and the three moons Calder. Eventually the Devourer overcame and ravaged the Great Mother. Menoth forgot the Great Mother. She knew a fleeting moment of fear.

Sensing the life quickening within her. To do this. Those races that turned their back on Dhunia did not accept her embrace. Foremost among the early races are the trollkin.

Dhunia rested and winter settled over the lands of Caen. Dhunia knew she must allow death and destruction into the world. Consumed by battle lust. Dhunia fostered a skilled hunter from the strongest and most cunning of her children: The Devourer was a bestial.

Her body became the world. Dhunians know this to be untrue: Among dwellers of the wilds. There they experience countless horrors and must band together to endure. And yet the Devourer was not content. Then living creatures and plants sprang up. With the coming of spring. While humans claim Menoth created the world. Despite their claims of mastering the deeper lore. When Dhunia awoke on the first day. In this way.

Wherever Menoth passed as he hunted the Wurm across Caen. Her tears created the rivers. All living things had to be part of the cycle of birth.


It prowled the world seeking more challenging prey. When the first living creature killed and ate another. The Wurm brought hunger and predation. Their clashes would take them across the face of Caen. They rely on a wealth of myth and lore to explain the world and its beginning.

In various times these races have been closer to one or the other of their primal parents. Her love of all creatures is such that when a living thing dies. Dhunia and the Devourer Wurm Dhunia was the first to emerge from the endless chaos that once was all that was. There is a reason Urcaen is also sometimes called Hell. Even before they learned to carve runes in stone.

Dhunia bestowed upon him the power. After some time. Soon they would not have enough to eat. All life came from Dhunia and she was filled with intense joy. Not all these legends agree. She knew that the great summer had to end so the grasses and trees could sleep and awaken refreshed in the spring.

Its rage manifested as storms and earthquakes that scattered the abundant herds and heralded the end of the first life cycle. Desiring a reprieve from the predations of the Great Beast.

The blackclads believe both the Wurm and Dhunia are manifestations of a single primal and all-pervasive entity they call Orboros. When trollkin emerged on Caen they were smaller and weaker than trolls but also smarter. The only places they did not go were the high caves where the mountain kings laired.

They describe the natural world in a way not entirely dissimilar to that of Dhunian shamans but with a complex philosophy and a systematic approach of their own. Dhunia brought other children into the world. Over the centuries they sometimes rouse to test their chains.

The remaining trollkin banded together to subdue these giant beasts and chain them beneath the earth. Soon the kin spread so far and wide that they forgot where they were forbidden. The hunger of the Wurm was embodied in the trolls. They in turn spawned the rest of trollkind. These first trolls were ageless and undying. Each was fiercely territorial and willing to devour anything that disturbed it.

In truth. Entire forests. There they still rest. Taking advantage of the gift of intelligence. The druids of the Circle are often mistaken as priests or prophets of the Devourer. The first and mightiest of the primal trolls were the mountain kings.

By their philosophy. In retaliation for their intrusions. Mountain kings were fonts of generative power. They owed less of their nature to the Wurm and were favored of Dhunia.

The mountain kings were among the earliest creatures formed of the violent union between the Wurm and Dhunia. By dint of their powers and esoteric mysticism. They built the first villages and raised their voices in the first songs.

The blackclads of the Circle Orboros draw supernatural power from the chaos embodied by the Wurm. With the mountain kings subdued.

Caen and therefore Dhunia represents the tangible physicality of Orboros. They laired high atop mountains across Immoren. These races she favored. The male was Morrow and his sister was Thamar. She taught them that the rules others set down about what is right were a means to enslave them and said each person could make his own laws.

As life prospered and multiplied. For this he demanded obedience and adherence to his True Law. All legends of Kossk describe its hunger and cold malevolence. Whether Ashiga is a god or a beast is not known.

The Devourer Wurm has many names and many fierce children. Gatormen speak of Kossk as a giant reptile. Bog trog mist speakers have many enemies they are eager to introduce to Ashiga. More recently some few humans claim to have found a god named Cyriss. What happened to the other elven gods is a long tale connected to the rise and fall of the first civilization of the elves. Humans seem to enjoy hearing their own words. These two offered new ways to think and act as well as values to consider other than obedience.

They were created. Menoth then showed them how to erect walls to keep beasts away and gave them the means to grow food by watering the ground. The Divine Court of elven myth came to be in a place called the Veld. It is an entity of pure and terrifying purpose. Lacyr bearing them to term. Though elves are long-lived.

In time other heroes of their faiths followed their examples to become powerful spirits called ascendants and scions. He asked his followers to work together but also to think for themselves and ask questions. In time humans would find new gods. Once the elves had spread and multiplied. He instructed his people in forging weapons and igniting fires to drive away the wilds.

Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game Expanded Bestiary (7375830)

Ashiga is Ashiga. After a long era. Though much discussed. Its only desire is to consume and grow. It does not think or plan. She is a goddess of the stars. All but two of those eight gods are now gone. He demanded their worship and in return offered the means by which this race could endure. Aspects of the Great Beast In the wild places among wilderness tribes there is a plentitude of hungry beings named and worshipped as gods. As to what Menoth the god thinks of Morrow or Thamar.

The other four looked after the passage of time. Lacyr did not intend to let her people roam Caen without guidance. Bog trog mystics do not talk of their origins but describe a powerful and monstrous creature named Ashiga.

Some of these beings created people in the hopes of being worshipped. For a long time these soft-skinned and almost helpless creatures had to fend for themselves amid a hostile world where they were prey. Those who serve her become machines themselves and worship her in their metal-walled temples below the earth. The Dhunians believe their birth was likely an accident.

Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Roleplaying Game Core Rules

So the elves were created. The Gods of Man Menoth was the first god of humanity. Four of these. These two surpassed their mortal limits to become gods. Many humans worship these ascendants and scions together with Morrow or Thamar. Other Gods and Ancient Powers At the dawn of the world there were few gods.

Some of its children are thought to be just aspects of the Beast of All Shapes. Thamar told her followers to trust only themselves and to do anything necessary to acquire knowledge and power. The elves say their gods came from the moons and the sun and that these gods saw human souls spilling into Urcaen to join Menoth or the Wurm. Most humans forgot Menoth and turned to the Wurm. Menites did not care for either of these faiths.

Only learned tinkerers serve this goddess. Menoth returned to Caen and was angry to see his people praying to the Beast of All Shapes. In a later era a pair of Twins were born. Morrow believed in honor. Occupied with fighting the Devourer Wurm.

The priests tried to have the Twins' followers all killed but failed to stamp them out. These new gods went to Urcaen and made domains for themselves. Eventually the Nyss reached the Shard Spires in the far north. With such direct guidance from their gods.

No one knows what became of this cycle since the gods came to Caen and then suffered tragedy. Each held a seed of divinity and dreamed of eventual freedom. Father Winter. Some of their stories begin in sorrow but end in triumph. The Nyss hope they will join the Winter Father one way or another but cannot say with any certainty that this is what awaits them. The people of Darsael followed a prophet named Aeric.

They convinced Ghor they should build a massive tower to serve as a monument to his power. These chosen people became the Nyss.

Less than a century after the departure of the gods. They made their trek. They had become what Nyssor wanted them to be—a cold and hard people. The dwarves believe that long before they themselves were created. With Lyoss destroyed. The Wilds the Divine Court made itself known and granted them wisdom. According to Aeric. After much hardship. Rhulfolk believe the Great Fathers are literally their progenitors. Aeric said they must become a people apart.

In the process of erecting this tower. So it was the two last gods of the elves returned to their people changed and diminished. Eventually it became clear to their gods that they had lost their power and were weakening.

They became a tribal people. Those still missing are called the Vanished. The people of Lyoss were tasked with building this bridge. Far from the frozen lands of the Nyss. Once Iosans thought their goddess of night. With many tearful farewells. They could not stay on Caen.

Now free. There they would find a region of perfect and endless winter. They marked the perimeter of their territories with warning stones and slaughtered any who stepped past them. The afterlife of the elves is now an uncertain thing. Those not ready were sent back to be born anew.

He said that he and the other gods were dying. The rest of Ios did not stir as the people of Darsael abandoned their homes and left Ios without a word of explanation. They seek to take what joy they can in life and do not speak of what transpires after death. Scyrah came to the elven capital and then fell into a deep slumber from which she has yet to awaken. The Great Fathers of Rhul Not all pantheons of the new gods are filled with such tragedy.

They learned to ride the sure-footed ulk of the mountains as mounts. When the gods stepped into this world. For thousands of years the nation of Ios languished. Nyssor did just that. Then—after several generations had passed and all had forgotten what it was like to live among the gods—Nyssor. To restore themselves they must return to the Veld. They revealed their rebellion when they collapsed the tunnels connecting those mines.

They also persuaded him that such a tower must use the peerless stone. The gods of the Divine Court yearned to be closer to their people and envisioned the construction of a great bridge between their realm and that of the living. This city and its people had never been well loved by the rest of Ios.

They relied on their faith and will to endure. They might have spread across the entire continent if a tragedy of their own making had not sealed their doom. His priests vowed to protect him. The lands they crossed were hostile and unknown. There was a vast and terrible explosion. Individual tribes of other races were no match for the elven armies.

Fire so hot it could melt mountains filled the sky. The gods of the elves saved as many of their people as they could. Toruk was more potent and cunning than his spawn. The Dragonfather expected that each dragon would mirror him in form and intellect.

Toruk set about seeking to consume them. The greater the carnage. The Old Witch Most creatures of ancient legend are long vanished.

He cast down several of his progeny. Legends say this most powerful and fearsome being on Caen grew tired of his lonely existence and sought the veneration of creatures worthy of him.

Their gods look after them but do not seem inclined toward strife with other powers. She is a creature to be dealt with carefully.

This is most common among tribes whose members have become blighted. All who have beheld his vast wings or his fury can speak only of their dread and fear. Since ancient times she has whispered in the ears of kings and chieftains. | Agra Sena -

Inhabitants of the wilds know only that Toruk and his brood are monstrosities to be avoided at all costs. For sixteen centuries Toruk has been worshipped as a god by those in the island empire of Cryx.

These were not creatures who had it in their nature to obey. Toruk spawned the other dragons in ancient times. Then they departed Caen. Each fragment of his athanc grew into another dragon. The possessor of vast wisdom. The Great Fathers created the foundations for the Rhulic civilization.

The dwarves are a people of substantial industry who have thrived amid their mountain homes. Zevanna Agha is well known to people of the northern wilderness and appears in the oldest trollkin sagas. The Lord of the Feast Known by many other names. How long the Feast Lord has walked Caen no one knows. Dark deeds are associated with her. They are something altogether other and unnatural. Over time it has become increasingly obvious that they are not like other living things and are part of neither Dhunia nor the Wurm.

There is. This is the ancient crone Zevanna Agha. In times Instead the dragons turned on their father and sought to consume him.

Yet some few people revere the dragons and turn to their service in exchange for power or protection. They are immortal and unbelievably powerful. The clash between dragons was terrible. What he did not expect was for each to be as arrogant and spiteful as he was. Those who worship the Dragonfather claim he has always been present.

So he took his heartstone. There they secured their realm and invited the dwarves to rejoin them in the afterlife. An emaciated but towering warrior bearing a crown of antlers and wielding an ancient blade of tarnished iron. Toruk the Dragonfather The dragons are great and imperishable horrors once thought to be spawned by the Devourer Wurm. Countless tales and legends describe destruction wrought by the Dragonfather.

She has been attributed with the gift of prophecy. The villages of the Molgur were thriving places with skilled craftsmen shaping leather. The Wilds of old he was a chieftain famed for his prowess as both a killer and a hunter. Its scarred and leafless branches are strung with bones—the bleached remains of thousands of years of offerings. They cannot endure the environments they stubbornly seek to tame. The Tharn look to the Tree of Fate as an emissary of their god and seek to worship at its skull-lined trunk and beseech it for visions of the future.

A balance had been achieved. Those who pray before it sometimes receive visions of the future. The oldest among them were respected for their wisdom so long as they stepped down from leadership to make way for the young.

The Rise of the Molgur Before the rise of the first human civilizations. The divide between tribal and civilized humans seems a result of the long era when Menoth.

He prayed to the Devourer and asked it grant him a boon—that he would not die of starvation and that death would be unable to claim him so long as he was hungry. Wurmwood is not rooted to a single place but instead appears at will as if it had always been in the chosen location. Civilization arose among the softer races who needed to band together to survive. At the next site of slaughter he may appear again. To outside eyes it seems the Oathkeeper is more imprisoned slave than ally.

Often Wurmwood is tended by a blackclad called the Oathkeeper. What arrangement there is between the blackclads and this immortal power is known only to the omnipotents. Through them. Every man he killed and every beast he ate he offered to the Wurm. Despite their barbarity and instability. Humanity is a paradox. Yet this clannish race is inventive. The first great civilizations were those of the elves and the dwarves.

Disparate tribes found ways to coexist even amid constant strife and conflict. Between bloody feuds. Whenever his body is cut down. The Molgur had no central authority. For the strongest and best- 14 adapted races this tribal existence has never been abandoned.

This shared faith allowed common cause and shared traditions. History itself is an endless well and much has been forgotten. The greatest heroes were remembered in songs and stories passed down through the generations. The wilds held no fear for the Molgur. As age began to take its toll. Dominance of the Tribes For countless generations the lives of the peoples of the wilds changed little. This ageless tree has a mind and a will that are filled with malice.

Yet they once held more territory than any modern empire. Only trollkin with their krielstones and scrolls and the blackclads with their accumulated lore have marked the years. Various tribes identifying as Molgur frequently clashed with one another in fights that could be vicious and bitter. This prompted some humans to become civilized. Conflict and violence were not viewed as horrific but a natural and sometimes joyous aspect of life.

So rose Lyoss in the east and Rhul in the northern mountains of western Immoren. Primal History The line where legends end and history begins is hazy. They knew ways through the wilderness and hunted its fiercest beasts. The Molgur arose from struggles for dominance and survival among the trollkin.

The Molgur embraced its member races as nearly equals. Constant violence. Humanity had to come to grips with the wilds to survive. He held elaborate feasts in his hall where his warriors gathered. The chieftain was given the strength of his youth but became famished and filled with an unending hunger. Their methods were old.

No later civilization has recognized the accomplishments of the Molgur. Hunger for death and thirst for blood. The Wurm heard his prayer and gave him what he wished. The Feast Lord is always starving for the taste of meat and thus cannot perish. This is particularly true for races who never recorded the past in stone or have no tradition of storytelling or song. Wherever it shows itself. These races had been born late into the world. The reckoning of dates is of little importance to wilderness peoples.

The sophistication of their crafts varied considerably from tribe to tribe. Dual full moons—Calderfull and Larisfull—occurs twice yearly. Morrdhic armies were led by lords boasting dark powers hitherto unknown to Immoren. It also burned their foes and served to forge weapons of war. This lore was not shared by all. Some gatorman tribes unearth the abandoned stones and put them to new use. These gifts are considered the foundations of Menite civilization: They prefer to speak in terms of proximity to significant legendary events or the lives of notable ancestors.

Numerous legends and superstitions involve the conjunctions of the moons.

Though little remains now of Morrdh but ruins buried in the swampy depths of the Thornwood. It follows a long. The Kingdom of Morrdh Some former Menites settled in a valley amid the vast forest now called the Thornwood. Nights of all three moons being full are even rarer. Devourer shamans boasted other gifts of their predatory god and used them to terrorize the Menite humans who eventually settled in the plains and valleys near the Black River.

Some human tribes could channel the power of the Devourer to flow into their bodies. The Law gave them the codes by which they determined who would rule and who would serve and laid down the ways their strict god would be praised and remembered.

One of the enduring legacies of the Molgur was a shared language.

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