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FA series. Low Standby Power Quasi-Resonant Controller. □ Features. ・ Internal V high voltage startup current source. ・Realized less than 1W input at. IS Indian Standard. GUIDE FOR SELECTION AND INSTALLATION OF. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT IN HAZARDOUS. AREAS (OTHER THAN. IS (pdf), , Code of practice for installation and IS (pdf) · IS (txt), , Guide for Selection and installation of Electrical.

Is 5571 Pdf

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IS Guide for Selection and installation of Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Areas (other than mines). byBureau of Indian Standards. IS (): Guide for Selection and installation of. Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Areas (other than mines). [ETD Electrical Apparatus for Explosive . Method Statement for Installation of Cables, Wires & the selection of electrical equipment has been based on the classification of hazardous areas given in IS This standard is intended to provide guidance for selection of electrical equipment for use in.

While preparing this standard the statutory regulations in this country have been kept in mind to see that no provision goes against such regulations. The first revision was carried out toremove difficulties faced during the implementation of this standard and also to take into account the latest developments in the field of electrotechnology. This standard is intended to provide guidance for selection of electrical equipment for use in hazardous areas. The number of significant places retained in the rounded off value should be the same as that of the specified value in this standard. In locations where personnel maybe exposed to potentially toxic concentrations of combustible materials. No account is taken in this standard of the toxic risks which are associated with most combustible materials in concentrations which are ust.

PVC or similar sheath. The should be of heavy duty type. For portable and transportable apparatus with rated Particular consideration should be given to the voltages not exceeding V. Suitable duty supply cables may be used. Only certified portable electrical apparatus should be used in a hazardous area.

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The earth continuity conductor and screen should be bonded to the appropriate metal work of the apparatus and to the 8. The plastic material shall have self-extinguishing property see IS In particular. Special care muy be necessary in the selection material and in the design of the enclosure. The inserts shall be permanently fixed in the plastic material of the enclosure. The thread forin shall be compatible with the plastic material.

NOTE — Moisture absorption under humid conditions can affect the dimensional stability of plastic components. The thread form and the plastic materials shall be compatible and of adequate strength and durability.

If non-metallic fans or cowls are used as alternatives. Enclosures made of plastic material shall be dimensionally stable for the storage and service condhions. Title Part 1: For working voltages up to and including 1 V For working voltages from 3. Part 1 General recommendations 7. Part 1 General guidelines for aging procedures and evaluation of test results Classification of flammable gases or vapours with air according to their maximum experimental safe gaps and minimum igniting currents General requirements for electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres Code of practice for the selection.

B-n Intakeandexhaust system design shall meet the following minimum requirements: Where valve spindles pass through the walls of any component of the induction system.

B-5 To prevent flashback through induction system. B An engine having a crankcase volume of over 0. B-1 The starter shall be either of flameproof electrical type usually operated from the mains supply or of the following non-electric types: Spring recoil. B The fuel injection pump and governor. In some situations cooling of the exhaust manifold and piping maybe necessary.

B-9 A system using an alarm or trip device to protect the engine from excessive vibration should be considered. Relief valves or breathers on engines shall be fitted with flame traps or discharge into the induction system downstream of the flame trap.

Electrical equipment shall be effectively earthed and bonded. B-3 All belts shall be of antistatic fire resistant type. B-8 Alarms or automatic shutdown devices shall be provided. B-7 To prevent overspeeding of the engine due to induction of flammable gases or vapours. B-4 In order to contain discharge of sparks or flames from the exhaust system.

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Any other electrical equipment associated with the engine shall be flameproof. The diametrical clearance shall not exceed 0. C-4 The exterior of the cells shall-be so constructed as to resist impact and the cell cases shall be firmly fixed. C-8 The cover of the battery case shall have special fastenings. C-7 The metallic cover of the battery case shall be lined with materials resistant to electrolyte. In these cases. The creepage distance between two poles of adjacent cells shall not be less than 35 mm.

C-5 The cells shall be so built into the containers that loose working of connection of the cells with one another is impossible and normally a discharge voltage exceeding 24 volts shall not appear between adjacent rows of cells. C-1 Celluloid and similar combustibles shall not be trsed as constructional materials.

C-2 Battery containers as well as fittings and insulating parts outside the enclosed cells shall not consist of porous materials. C-6 The battery case shall be so constructed as to ensure sufficient ventilation in order to prevent accumulation of gases given off from the battery and the free space within the case shall be as small as possible.

NOTE — Charging of storage batteries shatl be conducted in non. Where voltage of batteries is not less than 50 volts. C-3 Openings of cells necessary for the escape of the gases given off shall be so constructed as to prevent splashing of the electrolyte.

C-9 Exposed live parts of battery contained in a case shall be protected with rubber or equivalent insulating materials. Where the discharge voltage exceeds 24 volts. These shall meet the following requirements. Enquiries relating to copyright be addressed to the Director Publications. E9 MIDC. Rwiew of Indian Standards Amendments are issued to standards as the need arises on the basis of comments.

SCO ET 22 New Delh.

Manak Bhavan. This Indian Standard has been developed from Doc: Printed at: Frahhat Offset Press. IV -Cross Road. Standards are also reviewed periodically. New Delhi Telephones: No part of these publications may be reproduced in any form without the prior permission in writing of BE3.

This does not preclude the free use. Copyright BIS has the copyright of all its publications. Scheme VII M.

Sector A. Is Selection of Electrical Installation for Hazardous. Flag for inappropriate content.

Is 5571- Selection of Electrical Installation for Hazardous

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Explosive atmospheres, Part Gas detectors, Section 1: Performance Requirements of Detectors for Flammable Gases. Gas Detectors, Section 2: Electrical Resistance Trace Heating, Section 1: General and Testing Requirement.

Electrical Resistance Trace Heating, Section 2: Application Guide for Design, Installation and Maintenance. Electrical apparatus for use in the presence of combustible dust, Part 1: Protection by enclosures 'tD'.

Test Methods, Section 1: Methods for Determining the Minium Ignition Temperatures. Electrical Apparatus for use in the presence of combustible dust, Part 2: Type of Protection 'pD'. Electrical apparatus for use in the presence of combustible dust, Part Classification of areas where combustibe dusts are or may be present. Protection by intrinsic safety 'ID'. Selection and installation.

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