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Download eBooks A Beautiful Wedding [PDF, ePub, Mobi] by Jamie McGuire Read Online Full Free "Click Visit button" to access full FREE ebook. A Beautiful Wedding book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. You know that Abby Abernathy unexpectedly became Mrs . The free, unedited continuation of Travis & Abby by Jamie McGuire. He held my wedding dress in front of him, and after several seconds he lay it carefully on .

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Julie Gabriel's insightful green beauty tips into practice, they are also being. Appendix B: The Green B Beautiful Boy: A Father's Journey through His. mcguire jamie-a beautiful wedding - dokument [*.pdf] Praise for Jamie McGuire: ' Once you get inside Travis Maddox' head, you won't want to leave!' Colleen. You know that Abby Abernathy unexpectedly became Mrs. Maddox. But what do you really know? Why did Abby pop the question? What secrets were shared.

Automatyczne logowanie. Praise for Jamie McGuire: Devour it. No reproduction without permission. All rights reserved. The right of Jamie McGuire to be identified as author of this work has been asserted by her in accordance with sections 77 and 78 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

Why did Abby pop the question? What secrets were shared before the ceremony? Where did they spend their wedding night? Who else knew about it. Fans of Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster will get all of their questions answered in this whirlwind tale of the wedding day and night! She and her husband Jeff live with their children just outside Enid, Oklahoma, with three dogs, six horses, and a cat named Rooster.

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The more I tried to ignore it, the more unbearable it became: My father said that the urgent need to run when things were about to go wrong was a like a tic, a defense mechanism inherent in the Abernathys.

My gut pulled me toward the door. Told me to leave; to get away, anywhere but here. I could barely focus on that voice I loved so much describing how afraid he was of losing me, and how he was close to escaping when he ran in the opposite direction, toward me.

We somehow survived and were sitting alone in his apartment, trying to process it all. Feeling afraid, feeling guilty. Equally unforgettable were the sounds. The sirens, the wailing, the worried and panicked chatter, and the screams of people arriving on the scene to discover that a friend was still inside.

Everyone looked the same, covered in soot, with identical expressions of bewilderment and despair. It was a nightmare. Despite my struggle to focus, I did hear him say this: Travis was invincible. But being a part of the Circle, and helping to organize a fight in unsafe conditions that resulted in the deaths of countless college kids. Our relationship had withstood so many things, but Travis was in real danger of going to prison.

The one obstacle that we had no control over. He had protected me. It was my turn to protect him. It was just you. I loved him. I loved him, and I had to do whatever I could to keep him safe. Whatever it took—no matter how crazy. All I had to do was talk him into it. I leaned against him, pressing my cheek against his chest. Have you noticed that? Bimbos, fights, leaving, Parker, Vegas. Our relationship can withstand anything.

In that moment, the most insane plan formed in my mind, but the idea made sense as I stared into his warm, brown eyes. Those eyes made everything make sense. His face and neck were still covered in soot mixed with sweat, a reminder of how close we had come to losing everything. My mind was racing. We would only need necessities and we could be out the door in five minutes. We could buy clothes there. The sooner we left the better. No one would believe two people would get on a plane right after such an enormous tragedy.

I had to take Travis far enough away, for a specific reason. Something believable, even if it was crazy. We should already be gone. Travis was staring back at me expectantly, waiting to unconditionally accept whatever came out of my crazy mouth.

How many times had we hurt one another along the way, screamed at each other one minute and fallen into bed together the next? Who knew when the end would come along and sweep one of us away? I looked at him, resolute. He was mine, and I was his. If I knew anything at all, it was that only those two things mattered. He furrowed his brow. Not even for him. He had gone through hell while we were apart. I half expected him to tell me to get the hell out for even mentioning it, but this was the only plan I had, and I was desperate.

Congratulations Travis and Abby! I am thrilled for you both ; View all 61 comments. We get to see inside the proposal, their time in Vegas, the actual wedding, and some time after the wedding.

Travis Maddox is one of my original favorite book boyfriends and I will always have a special place for him. He is all kinds of male perfection. I will read anything with him in it so I jumped right on this! Why not 5 stars??? I get where she was coming from, I do. I think that bit of information would have been better left out. Overall, still a fantastic little novella. Made me swoon, made me smile and made me laugh! U ready yet?

Not yet. Hells yes. I look ducking amazing. When u c me u will want to marry me 4 sure. View all 63 comments. View all 11 comments. En lugar de aportar lo que hace es poner en duda cosas que ya se daban por sentadas. Instead of contributing what it does is to question things that were already taken for granted. View all 6 comments. Nov 23, Rose rated it did not like it Shelves: Initial reaction: Decided that I'd go ahead and write a formal review of this. Yeah, I didn't expect to read this and there's a bit of a story that I'll tell when I write the full review.

This was about what I expected it to be - a bit on the cheese side, had some offenses to offer to the table misogyny chiefly, but even very few instances of casual racism But believe it or not, Travis was probably more tame in this narrative than he was in either Beautiful Disaster or Walkin Initial reaction: But believe it or not, Travis was probably more tame in this narrative than he was in either Beautiful Disaster or Walking Disaster didn't mean he lacked annoying points.

Abby on the other hand I'll talk about it in the full review. There's a bit to cover, but I'm going to have to rely on what I remember. Full review: I'm done, I'm through, no more trying to follow Travis and Abby Maddox because I find them both to be epic insufferable.

They're married, this series is finished. I'm not subjecting myself to this kind of fantastical train wreck fraught with misogyny, repetition of things already happened, and other offenses And that epilogue was the most Mary Sue wish fulfillment thing I've ever read.

No more. Never again. I think "Beautiful Disaster" is still somewhere in the top 20 if I were to make such a list that long. But I digress. Fast forward a number of months later, I realize that the Beautiful series is, in fact, not over.

There's a novella, it's about the shotgun wedding that Travis and Abby have in Vegas. My first instinct was to run. But the funny thing about life is that you could say you will never touch another book in a series or by a particular author, and somehow it comes back to bite you in the bum when you actually end up in a shotgun scenario of your own where you do the complete opposite because you're drawn, in all places and spaces, within a bookstore.

Here's the story: For one, the book just came out the day before - the one I saw in the bin was in used, but good condition. It's a hardback book, you could probably put it on a coffee table. You could also read it in a single sitting which is what I ended up doing. But as I picked it up, I couldn't help but think "This is short I know this is a book that I probably will have problems with, but it's in my hands. I could technically read it at the table nearby.

I decided I might as well, because some might be curious to see where the story goes and I wondered what exactly happened at the wedding. It took me inside an hour to finish it, so really - this wasn't long at all, but designed with your usual whirlwind drama. The story takes place after the fire in "Beautiful Disaster" - where Travis and Abby escape the devastation and on their way to Vegas to have a "shotgun" wedding.

But this story purports to describe the "real" story behind their sudden decision to get married. Abby marries Travis under false pretenses. I figure I might as well say that straightaway, because that's the major conflict if you can call it one. If you're looking for plausibility as to why, probably not a good idea to try to look too hard into it because you either might start wincing at the terms or laughing because it's not Maybe somewhere between that reaction if you're critical of it.

Abby wanted to marry Travis for that? That's not my happy romantic ending! Not at that time anyway. Abby, filled with anxiety over the whole measure of things, decides to have the shotgun wedding in Vegas so that she can save Travis from getting arrested on behalf of the events of the fire. The guy that Travis fought ended up dead So, yay?

Travis is not only misogynistic, but he's also a loosely connected murderer because he knocked the guy out and no one got him out of the fire? Abby doesn't tell Travis that he might be suspect wanted for questioning in this whole Instead, she lies to him, wants to get married then, and the two hop on a plane ride straight to Vegas, complete with a fake Elvis. Abby's in a big, big rush to get this wedding overwith so that Travis can be cleared of any kind of wrongdoing, since the wedding is their coer.

Travis's brother Trent texts Abby with updates about the situation to see if Travis can get cleared. There's a lot of plot holes and suspension of disbelief entailed in all this, and I had a difficult time believing it. Even when Trent points out the stupidity of that plan, Abby's like "Don't tell me it's stupid. He observes her at one point crying as she talks to Trent on the cell, but he doesn't know what's going on.

In other measures, Travis is still his charming misogynistic self in some terms. He even considers an attractive Chinese girl and thinks paraphrased "If I were my old self and not with Abby, I would totally bang this chick. But maybe I wouldn't expect him to because of the timeline. At least the character's are consistent, but thinking about the events of the fire, there are some stretches in the timeline taken here. Anyway, wedding details. Abby gets her dress, Travis hires an Elvis, the two say their vows in a chapel.

Abby even receives a "beyond the grave" letter from Travis's mother. It's a pre-written letter to Travis's wife about her "special" boy and telling Abby in so many words to take care of him. This will make me sound somewhat heartless, but I thought that was total cheese the way it was done. I know there are some terminally ill people who write letters intended for their sons and daughters, and that's heartfelt, I get that.

But honestly, there's no way that Travis's mother would know how her son would turn out to be, and I wasn't getting the motivation for his mother to write to his wife here. It was just I think McGuire still struggles to establish character motivations and background in her writing, and it was evident in this and other factors through the work, so it didn't sell me.

There were some really dry sexy times written here, didn't really do much for the character intimacy. At one point, Travis asks her about why Abby was crying and talking on the phone at the boutique she bought her dress she didn't see him watching, as they conveniently were around the same place. Abby easily fields off his inquiry with something else.

The issue is never brought up again. No, I'm not kidding. So Travis never knew that Abby Potential plot conflict point dropped for the sake of love. Later on, Abby goes with Travis to get "Mrs.

The narrative fastforwards about a year later some time after that to show Abby and Travis having a traditional wedding in the Carribean. Travis is noted around this time to have his anger issues under wraps because he "hasn't punched anybody" in a while according to Abby.

Kara makes a brief appearance in this book, as does Shep and some of the other characters, but they're more background noise for the story than anything else. I think in the sum of things, there's problems peppered through this narrative that are technical in the suspension of disbelief for the turns of events. I took issue with the very few presentation of the characters of color here - what with the aforementioned Chinese girl and the presentation of a limo driver who addressed Travis as "Mistah Maddox", but then spoke without a dialect for the remaining phrase.

The limo driver was never mentioned for race, but upon context clues I don't know how to take that personally, and it made me want to facepalm more than a few times. Overall, about what I expected for the novella. I take it fans probably won't care. Me, I'm just on my floating solitary cloud for not believing in the happily ever after.

I've read more endearing stories that were just as short with more sweetness while not trying to shove the romance down my throat. Not a true progressive reformation for the guy, and honestly, that could've been shown even more in this novella. Abby was more of the sketchy party here and one could make an argument that there's some subtle female condescension in that. Travis ends up being the good guy, and she ends up being the And that was an opportunity missed to actually put forth some palpable conflict to deal with the honesty issue between them, but it just bulldozed its way to the happy ending without consequence.

In sum, short read, but still full of problems for what it offered. Oct 24, Catarina rated it really liked it Shelves: I understand you, I was one of them. Even if you think you've already read everything there is to read about this series and this book will bring nothing new, read it anyway.

This was very sweet and I loved reading it. She pissed the hell out of me in the previous books and she did the same in this one, which is remarkable considering its short length. Anyway, I you liked the previous books, you have to read this beautiful novella. View all 24 comments. Oct 24, Jacqueline's Reads marked it as considering. View all 9 comments. I wish it was a novel instead of novella! Happy reading!

View all 13 comments. It was amazing getting a look at how their wedding all went down and everything else in between! But the reason for Abby's decision to marry him kinda destroyed my heart.

I mean really?? Whyyy did that have to be t 4 Getting married! Whyyy did that have to be the deciding factor behind it!

I really wish that tidbit wasn't included. Other than that punch to my bleeding heart everything feels complete now: And as always, anything that includes a Travis Maddox is always treasured and loved dearly. Travis was one of my very first book boyfriends, therefore he will always have a special place in my heart.

Travis Travis Travis Travis!!! I love him so gosh damn much, I can't get enough.

I'd seriously read anything with him in it!! This was a wonderful short read that won't let you down. If you loved Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster as much as I do, you really won't want to miss out on this one. Oh the feels, just too many feels. We were best friends first, and we tried not to fall in love, and we did anyway. What you may not know is that there is nothing I want more than to be your husband.

A Beautiful Wedding

Almost tempted to put this in my cash cow category ca-ching , but since the series is so utterly horrible by itself it's being marked for this category. I will not read this. People who tell me that my review is mean, that I'm a bitch, or any of the usual crap will get laughed at and told to go away. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, here are my top ten reasons why I won't be reading this: I already read her POV in Shitty Disaster Almost tempted to put this in my cash cow category ca-ching , but since the series is so utterly horrible by itself it's being marked for this category.

Most of the time these weddings are headed towards disaster though there are exceptions. They can't support themselves, save for old Travis boy hitting someone and that's probably going to cause them more trouble in the long run-i. Those two are the most irresponsible pet owners ever. And they have a cute dog. I always did want a Cairn Terrier. Really, that was the best place to get married at. Why not Reno? Seems a little safer to me. I read Beautiful Disaster back in and I remember it being a drama filled, angsty romance that captured my heart and wrung it out!

It was an addictive and memorable read and I was thrilled with how things ended. Were there cold feet, or did their intense love for each other stamp out any pre-wedding jitters? All the details of the wedding like where it happened, what they wore, and who knew I read Beautiful Disaster back in and I remember it being a drama filled, angsty romance that captured my heart and wrung it out!

All the details of the wedding like where it happened, what they wore, and who knew are all filled in with this novella. While I enjoyed some of this novella, parts of it undid the positive feelings I had about their marriage.

Once again, Abby completely disappointed me while Travis continues to shine. His love and patience for Abby just show how big of a heart he has. Love, love, love Travis since the beginning and my feelings for him have never changed.


I think honesty is the best policy and her reasoning and final actions made my opinion of her even lower than after finishing Walking Disaster. A copy was provided by Atria Books in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! View all 18 comments. Nov 15, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: Ok now I just feel greedy. Greedy needy and gluttonous.

Just when I thought I just couldn't get enough of Travis It's come. The time has come. It was just you. View all 8 comments. Dec 30, Karla rated it it was ok Shelves: Did she love him, or didn't she To make up things and make what was a beautiful, but complicated love story a disaster?! I don't get it. I'm sorry, but I think I should have left this one on the shelf.

Maybe I'm just too old for this kind of read. View all 30 comments. Well i went into it being really afraid of what i will read.. And yes the start was ugh.. BUT i ended up loving it like the rest of the series.. After all we are talking about Travis-f cking-Maddox.. My favorite boy! At first i had a problem with Abby and her 'reasons' for marrying Trav but the double POV and the constant declarations of her love for him made me finally warm up to her again after the after the arctic feelings i had for her throughout WD..

Travis was as always amazing, Well i went into it being really afraid of what i will read.. Travis was as always amazing, with such a heartwarming behaviour, ready to show her how much she means to him in every step of the way.. The weddings were great, i had a chance to see some of my fav characters from the previous books and i loved almost everything in this one..

Anything else is downright wrong.. It was so beautifully written and heartwrenching full of love and hope.. View all 5 comments. Dec 09, Yonaily rated it did not like it Shelves: La envidio tanto. Deben entenderme: View 2 comments. Oct 23, Suzana rated it it was amazing. Loved it! I want more!!! It was like we were getting ready to jump of the highest high dive into the deepest river that fed into the most magnificent, terrifying waterfall, right onto the best and most fantastic roller coaster in the universe The wedding and renewal of vows If you're not with me, it's not where I want to be.

I'm in this. I'm with you. We might be impulsive, and absolutely insane to be standing here at our age, six month after we meet. This whole thing might play out to be a completely wonderful, beautiful disaster, but I want that if it's with you It might take a lifetime to prove to everyone that this works. We'd made so many mistakes, and undoubtedly we would make thousands more, but the odds were in our favor.

We'd proven them all wrong before I guess the beautiful disaster turned into a beautiful wedding! Since I work in law, I can't get on board with a book that delivers the message that if you REALLY love someone it's OK to tamper with a police investigation and commit perjury in order to save your loved one from the accountability of their involvement in the matter. Sorry, Jamie McGuire but.

View all 16 comments. Oct 23, Lady Vigilante Feifei rated it did not like it Shelves: Did not like Abby's reasons for marrying Travis. View all 12 comments. Dec 05, Navessa marked it as reviews-say-nay. View all 10 comments. Should it turn out to be a good read. Walking Disaster wasn't up to par. A Walking Disaster is amazing! You'll love it. This novella was worse than WD.

I literally skipped through most of the lengthy paragraphs just to get to the dialogue. No, we don't need to know that. She didn't just get a wild hair up her ass and decide to adopt a potty mouth out of nowhere. The different POV's were sometimes hard to tell apart.

The beginning was so slow. Hell, who am I trying to kid? I was confused throughout the first page. I actually pulled out BD to see if this book would match up with it. I don't like it. In BD Abby acted like she was just soooo in love with Travis that she couldn't go another minute without him.

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