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History and Culture of Kerala Free study material for KeralaPSC preparationspreparations arranged topic-wise. Read More >, Polity of Kerala Free study. Home» Study Materials pdf Rajya Sabha- Study Notes-Upper House of Indian Parlaiment Kerala Rivers- Study Notes for PSC and Questions · Newspapers. Study materials for Kerala PSC competitive exams like Lower Division Clerk, Last Grade Servants, Secretariat Assistant, Jail Warden, Sub Inspector of Police.

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5 days ago Comprehensive up-to-date notes & study material on General Studies for various Kerala PSC. 5 days ago Comprehensive up-to-date notes & study material on English for various Kerala PSC English Study Material for Kerala PSC-Updated for Changes Antonyms (Download PDF) · English EBooks (Download PDF). Government Welfare Schemes, Districts of Kerala, Current Affair PDFs, Tips and Study Material Kerala PSC, psc study material pdf free download, psc study.

That is much helpful those who are preparing for PSC Examinations. The More you study this the more you have the chance to include in the list. This can be treated as mock test for all who are seeking Govt: Any way you are registered your profile with One time registration. Diat Two important freedom-fighters died in who are they —- A. President B.

Charled Dickens C. Benjamin Baily D. Devassy Ans: Benjamin Baily. Curson Prabhu B. Minto Prabhu C. Elgin II D. Hardinj II Ans: Curson Prabhu. Tsunami forecasting system B. Volcane Explosion forecasting system D. None of this Ans: Tsunami forecasting system.

English Study Material for Kerala PSC-Updated for 2019-2020 Changes

Mettur Dam B. Grant Dam C. Krishna Raja Sagar dam D. Indhira Sagar Dam Ans: Grant Dam. Micheal O Daire B. General Diare C. Mayo Prabhu D. Rippon Prabhu Ans: Micheal O Daire. Perambady Pass B. Body Naikannur Pass C.

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Thamarassery pass D. Palakkad Pass Ans: Thamarassery pass. Iduki B. Wayanad C. Thrissur D. Kotayam Ans: Periyar B. Pampa C. Bharathapuzha D. Chaliyar Ans: Constrail B. Zerocumilus C. Cloud streets D. Nacreas Clouds Ans: Cloud streets. Metals B. Transition elements C. By metals D.

Kerala PSC GK | Study Material - Kerala PSC GK | Current Affairs | Model Questions

Inert gases Ans: Inert gases. Silver Bromide B. Silver Iodide C. Hydrochloric Acid D. Pottassium Permanganate Ans: Pottassium Permanganate. Visual AI DS. Glicerine B. Pure water C. Coconut Oil D. Kerosine Ans: Motor B. Transformer C. Bulb D. Induction Coil Ans: Karuppan B. Sree Narayana Guru C.

Vagbadanandan D. Thaikad Ayya Ans: Brahmananda Siva Yogi B.

Thaikad Ayya C. Chattambi Swami D. Nataraja Guru Ans: Thaikad Ayya. Shankaran B. Ayyappan C. Kunjikannan D. Karattu Govinda Menon Ans: Karattu Govinda Menon. By the following psc questions and answers I am sharing you the valuable seeds,from KPSC Thulasi that will decide your fate. Seeds means valuable questions having the capacity of determine your rank in examinations.

I am thinking ,this sort of question surely benefits you to brighten your future. That is why I am sharing with you. My advice that you should start your preparation not only from notification for a particular post but far-far from psc notification. Really so. Each every questions help you to near your place in rank list.

Current affairs matter also inco-operated with it for psc notification based manner. Jayalalitha B. Mamatha Banerjee C.

Karuan Nithi D. Lalu Prasad Ans: Munar B. Cochi C. Thekadi D. Thiruvananthapuram Ans: Mala Usuf Sai B. Fara Backer C. Elfred Jellenic D. Shiri Ebadi Ans: Fara Backer.

Welcome to Kerala PSC Notes

Jawaharlal Nehru B. Rajiv Gandhi C. Indhira Gandhi D. Morarji Desai Ans: Indhira Gandhi. Kumara Guru Devan B. Chavara Achan C. Karuppan D. Sahodaran Ayyappan Ans: Chavara Achan. Vagbadanandan B. Sahodaran Ayyappan C. Brahmananda Siva Yohi D. Palpu Ans: Sahodaran Ayyappan. Sodium Nitrate B. Sodium Carbonate C. Sodium Citrate D. Sodium Silicate Ans: Sodium Citrate.

Fundamental Rights B. Directive Principle C. The First Schedule D. Preamble Ans: Karothers B. Huganse C. Nareender Kapani D. Samuel Colt Ans: Nareender Kapani. Saranga Devan B. Purandara Dasan C. Narasimha Metha D. Vishnu Digambar Ans: Saranga Devan. Speaker B. Chief Minister C. Chief Secretary D. Governor Ans: Sanker B. Chacko C. Panabilly Govinda Menon D.

Naiceria B. Tipponima Palledium C. Myca Bacterium D.

Plasmodium Vivax Ans: Tipponima Palledium. Barbiturate B. Salicylic Acid C. Amphitamimbukal D. Pencillin Ans: E K Nayanar B. EMS C. C Achutha Menon D. Pattam M Thanupilla Ans: C Achutha Menon. Arnose pathiri B. Herman Hundert C. Mathews Pathiri D.

Chavara Achan Ans: C Arnose pathiri. Electro Encephalo Gram B. Electro Cardio Gram C. Tread mill test D. Mandroks Test Ans: Electro Encephalo Gram. Icenovar B. John F Kennedy C. Linden B Johnson D. Richard Nixon Ans: John F Kennedy. Lakshadeep B. Pondichery C.

Delhi National capital D. Andaman Nicobar Ans: Kulashekara Azhwar B. Rajashekhara Varman C. Indhukotha Varma D. Bhaskara ravi Varma Ans: Bhaskara ravi Varma.

Nassim Syed B.

R K Mathur C. H L Dattu D. T S Takur Ans: R K Mathur. Nargese Dutt B. Utham Kumar D. Renaissance Leaders of Kerala -Chattampi Swamikal. Budget Expected Questions pdf download. How much hours you need to study to crack any competitive…. India The best year book for Competitive exams especially for Civil…. Confusing Adjectives and Adverbs practice test 1.

Mock Test University Assistant 1.

General science quiz 3. GATE cut off Announced. Check the Cut off Marks of…. What is the Role of an Industries Extension officer? Duties and…. University Assistant previous year question paper Facts about Kerala with notes. Previous solved question paper Kerala PSC.

Please specify. A verifcation code has been sent to your mobile number. English Hindi All. GK Team Jan 2, Understanding the basics of General Science can lead any aspirant to achieve good marks in the examination. General Science a complete study material. Let us study all the topics one by one: General Science Complete Study Material 1.

Chemistry of Surfactants 3. Read more: Related Articles.

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