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FREE DOWNLOAD. Kiev map. (Download map - PDF). Maps of main sightseeing places for Kiev explorers. Kiev city plan. map of the central part of Kiev. KIEV GUIDE - read online information about kiev hotels, kiev apartments, kiev restaurants, kiev shopping, kiev night life, kiev entertainment, kiev sights, kiev. Hi EastofEngland:) Nice to see you again in the forum! Not sure what exactly you have in mind by a downloadable map - an app or, but how about these.

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survival guide. GETTING TO THE CITY. After you arrive at Boryspil International Airport or Kyiv. International Airport Zhuliany, where you'll have a chance to. The actual dimensions of the Kiev map are X pixels, file size (in bytes) - You can open this downloadable and printable map of Kiev by. - detailed city and metro maps of Kiev, Ukraine for free download. Travel guide with touristic destinations, museums and architecture in Kiev.

What Bulava, which is both the military and a ceremonial mace or baton carried by a hetman, or the military head of a Cossack state. Today bulava is a symbol of the Presidency of Ukraine, and while being sworn into office President holds one. You can buy decorative ornamental bulava in most souvenir shops. Kyiv Cake is a brand of dessert cake, made in Kyiv since s. The cake has become one of the symbols of Kyiv city, particularly by its brand name and package. The cake has a large layer of biscuit with hazelnuts and caramel filling.

March 08, Thursday Palace Ukraine. March 10, Saturday Leticia Moreno Spain. Lalo, O. International Exhibition Center. March 13, Tuesday March 14, Wednesday Rota, F. Chopin, C. March 15, Thursday March 16, Friday March 17, Saturday March 18, Sunday Tchaikovsky, A. Dvorak, V. March 20, Tuesday March 21, Wednesday March 23, Friday Mozart, L. Beethoven, G. Massnet, G. Donizetti, G. Verdi, R. Academy of Music. March 24, Saturday March 25, Sunday Chopin, J. Bouzoni, I.

March 27, Tuesday March 28, Wednesday March 29, Thursday March 30, Friday Haydn, C. March 31, Saturday April 03, Tuesday April 04, Wednesday Glazunov, D. April 05, Thursday Palace of Sports. April 06, Friday Tchaikovsky, S. Prokofyev, M. April 13, Friday April 25, Wednesday Ravel, C. April 26, Thursday April 27, Friday Stereo Plaza.

Universytet, tel. Located near Kyiv City airport. Two open-air fields with more than 70 Soviet era constructed air crafts and exhibits. The highlight of civil field is Tupolev Tu, world's first successful, and the sole operating jet airliner in the world between and The exhibition comprises over declassified documents and exhibits on the worst accident ever in the history of nuclear power.

About hectares at a beauty spot in Pyrohovo village on the edge of Kyiv is home to authentic Ukrainian houses, wooden churches, windmills, and farmsteads represent different regions of Ukraine. More than 75, works of traditional folk craft and decorative art of Ukraine from 15th century to present days. Permanent exhibition includes also paintings of remarkable Ukrainian primitivist Mariya Prymachenko.

Outdoor exposition display armaments used by Soviet army in modern times. Kyiv Memorial dedicated to the Soviet regime designed artificial famine of in Ukraine when millions of people were starved to death. Hrushevskoho str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. Located near St. Andrew's church, this museum tells about the history of Ukraine from prehistoric times to present day.

Detailed hi-res maps of Kiev for download or print

This small but fascinating museum tells visitors rich history of the Andriyivskyi Descent. Museum exhibits are historical photographs, letters, posters, and countless personal effects from the Descent residents. It builds the displays of the past and ranges from room interiors to shop fronts. Andrews church built in in 16th century to a design by Bartolomeo Rastrelli and winds down to Kontraktova Ploscha in Podil.

The street lined with museums, souvenir sellers, and galleries. The Golden Gate of Kyiv was once a gateway in the ancient Kyiv. In , the Golden Gate reconstructed to the th anniversary of the Kyiv. The monastery located across the St. Sophia Cathedral in the historic and upper-town.

Originally built in the Middle Ages, and later rebuilt in the Ukrainian Baroque while interior remains in original Byzantine style. Since its foundation in the Lavra has been the preeminent centre of the Orthodox Christianity in Eastern Europe. At present Lavra contains numerous architectural monuments and underground cave systems. Later consist of underground corridors with living quarters and chapels. Hrushevskoho str, Arsenalna. The cathedral's name comes from the 6th century Hagia Sophia in Constantinople.

The earliest mention of the cathedral is In the cathedral was completed to its present form.

Kiev City Guide - Online Travel Guide to Kyiv (iPaper, Download PDF) | Crimea | Ukraine

Today St. Sophia Cathedral is a museum and World Heritage Site with most of its visitors being tourists. The cathedral is the mother church of Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The cathedral was finished in to commemorate the th anniversary of the baptism of Kyivan Rus. Cathedral mosaics and colourful interior particularly strikes the eye.

Khreschatyk street was completely destroyed during WWII and rebuilt in the neoclassical style of post-war Stalinist architecture. Today the street is the city administrative center and a popular place for Kyivans. Among points of interest situated along Khreschatyk there are 50 meter Friendship Arch called the yoke by Kyivans, dedicated to unification of Russia and Ukraine , 19th century Philharmonic building, National Musical Academy, Kyiv Passage, and the 19th century Bessarabsky Indoor Market.

The House with Chimaeras is an Art Nouveau building, build in the period of by noted architect Vladislav Gorodetsky who often regarded as the Gaudi of Kyiv. Originally an upmarket apartment building, it derives its popular name from its ornate chimaera decorations depicting exotic animals and hunting scenes added because Gorodetsky was an avid hunter.

Today several companies propose travel tours to this place, located km north from Kyiv. The tour usually takes the form of a bus-ride from Kyiv in a group of several visitors. One-day package include transportation and food though we recommend to bring snacks and water with you.

The sights include: Chernobyl reactor 4. You will be as close as meters from the reactor sarcophagus. Although radiation level in this area will be higher than elsewhere in the Zone, you will not be exposed a significant dose during your stay. Vehicle scrap yard. If youre lucky youll be able to see the scrap yard containing the contaminated emergency vehicles, fire tenders, ambulances, trucks and helicopters which tended the disaster.

Maps of Kiev, Ukraine

Pripyat city. The ghost city once was home to 50, residents and today it is a freeze-frame of s Soviet life. Propaganda slogans still hang on walls, and childrens toys and other items remain as they were in Sights are schools, kindergarden, public buildings and the amazing culture palace which contains a swimming pool, cinema and gym, and overlooks the famous Ferris wheel. The view from one of the Pripyats tall buildings reveals that the power plant is chillingly close to the town where its workers lived.

More info at www. Young volunteers will do their best to help you. It was founded in by Francisco Branicky in honour of his wife Alexandra. It is the largest dendro park in Ukraine with the area of 2 sq. Park museum is open daily, except Tuesday. The navigation time is from March to November with the peak in May to September. Thereare numerous cruise routes ranging from nearby one-hour boat rides 'Kyiv Panorama' to enjoy the capital sights from the river, to a multiday cruises to Kaniv, Zaporizhya, or even ship trips to Crimea, Odesa and Istanbul in Turkey.

There are many scenic areas in the park including waterfalls, fountains, ponds and a stone garden. It is one of examples of 17thth century European landscape garden design that survived to present time. This museum was based on real complex and infrastructure of the Soviet era intercontinental ballistic missiles silo launchers.

Museum consists of the located in the field battle launching positions, infrastructure, and the special auxiliary ground equipment. The green nature of the city is probably most notable by green hills and parks of the right bank along the Dnipro river and several islands that have been relatively untouched by development. Located centrally this park on the steep bank of Dnipro is marked by a monument atop the Ugorske Hill - the Askold's Grave. This place is identified with a burial mound of Askold the ruler of Kyiv in the s.

This park is good for a calm walk though some slopes and ascents may appear sporty enough.

It contains more than 13, species of plants from all over the world. The garden with it's slopes is considered the most picturesque in Kyiv neighbouring to the Vydubychi Monastery. The time of lilac blossom late spring is the most beautiful and busy season in the garden. If you consider to picnic this is the place though the place is very popular with local folks and quite noisy on weekends. This garden with excellent location in the very centre is very good for walking or a morning jogging for neighbouring residents.

It has also a children's playground. The garden's scientfic section houses over species of plants and a meter tall greenhouse with the oldest palm trees in Ukraine.

The park has beaches and numerous amusements including boat rental, tennis, paintball, water attractions, and, an open-air Soviet era gym. Centrally located park near the House of Parliament and Cabinet of Ministers. This park is adjacent to the Mariyinsky Palace, a monument of architecture, and has fountains and an open-air green theatre. The park is further linked by the build cast-iron Parkovy Bridge also known as the lovers bridge with Khreshatyi Park.

The latter has a number of monuments, including the the Arc for Friendship of Nations, the Pillar to the Magdeburg Rights, and the excellent watchpoint overlooking Podil neighbourhood and left bank of the city.

It can be accessed by Pedestrian bridge which is within walking distance from the European Square. Owing to cleanest air in the capital the park is good for recreational activities - biking, nordic walking, long distance running in summers; cross country skiing in winters. This park lies between the old city and Podil neighbourhood.

The park is a beautiful place for romantic promenades and has several watchpoints uncovering magnificent panorama that overlooks historical Podil Quarter and the river. Generally, room rates are much higher than in Western Europe.

The staff of most hotels is fluent in English. We used the star ratings here as indicated by hotels themselves, however, these ratings do not necessarily reflect the quality of amenities or service provided. Enjoy your stay in Kyiv! Cosy rooms with comfortable furniture, equipment, and Internet access. Khmelnytskoho str, Universytet, tel.

Hrushevskogo str, Arsenalna, tel. All air-conditioned comfy rooms have modern amenities. This hotel is notable for hosting foreign leaders such as Jaques Chirac and Helmut Koll.

Modern comfy rooms ranging from economy to president apartment at your service. Each room comes with phone, TV, air-conditioner, mini-bar. Vokzalna, tel. Lybidska, tel. Zhytomyrska, tel. Compared to European cities, Kyiv restaurant prices may appear to be slightly higher.

With respect to service there are two types of restaurants. One represents top and chain restaurants with excellent service, whereas the other lacks it. Most restaurants are busy at evenings and reservation is recommended. So, here you have the list and, of course, Ukrainian cuisine goes first! Enjoy your meal in Kyiv! Located centrally in the vicinity of Bessarabska Square this place brands itself an amusement establishment. Trully, a trip back in the 19th century Kyiv is worth of attention - fascinating interior decorated with old devices that can be viewed endlessly.

Authentic Ukrainian cuisine and wide selection of seafood. Try restaurants special drink - liqueur Mikstura infused from 18 herbs. Khreschatyk; 24 Sahaidachnoho str. Kontraktova Ploscha. Self service restaurants Puzata Khata is a good pick for fast-dining.

It offers decent and inexpensive food. Located near the Lavra this restaurant strives for preservation of traditions and it must be admitted that the restaurant is very good at creating atmosphere of Ukrainian rural eating house and serving genuine food.

Upon leaving you are in for a surprise - Ukrainian tradition requires you to be given a drink na konya one for the road. Live Ukrainian folk music. Restaurant is open round the clock to make an impression of Ukrainian cuisine. Overview View on map. Kiev Historical destinations Wallet Friendly. Facts Population: The general opening hours for shops are 10am-9pm every day, and often even longer for malls, although some shops close for lunch.

Banking hours are usually 9am-5pm from Monday to Friday, and currency exchange kiosks Obmin Valut are open 9am-9pm daily.

ATMs Bankomats can be found plentiful throughout the whole city. Travelers may refer to any of the multiple Tourist Information Centers TICs located all over the city — free maps and guides are at your disposal and the staff is usually multilingual. Tourist office: Walking along Kiev streets, one can witness many eras collide: Soviet architecture alongside orthodox cathedrals, and imperial palaces define the Ukrainian capital that has recently been shaken by quite a bit of political turmoil.

Kiev has now embraced modernity and has a lot to offer — its eclectic art and cultural scene can keep busy for days on end, so make sure to plan your route ahead. Shopping, streets and outlets One of the largest malls not only in the city but in the country is Caravan. It has more than shops, as well as about 20 restaurants and cafes, a cinema and a huge hypermarket.

This shopping center is perfect for … Open. Advices for travellers 4. Public transport is represented in Kiev in all possible forms. The most convenient way is to move around the city by subway, which runs from 6: From early morning until late at night taxis and buses, as well as trams and trolley buses convenient for traveling short distances, are cruising through the streets. Tourists, who expect to visit restaurants of national cuisine, have … Open.

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Besides cute raccoons, here you can see rabbits, lemurs, peacocks, ponies. And since this is a petting zoo, it's allowed to hold and feed many animals. One more place worth visiting is Oceanarium "Morskaya Skazka" Sea Fairy Tale , which is home to many sea inhabitants such as turtles, fish, starfish, jellyfish.

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