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Javanese text which is used are kitab Negara Kertagama pupuh VIII until Candi Tegowangi, and from the explanation in Negarakertagama, the form of the . negarakertagama kitab pdf to word. Quote. Postby Just» Sat Mar 2, am. Looking for negarakertagama kitab pdf to word. Will be grateful for any help!. radio radio jogja dalam kitab negarakertagama yang ditulis prapanca tumasik singapura juga pdf.

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negarakertagama kawi pdf. Menurut Negarakertagama. Berdasarkan penyebutannya pada Kitab Negarakertagama pupuh dan serta Prasasti Gajah. The Negarakertagama, manuscript documenting the history of the Majapahit PDF | 40 minutes read | In the last decade the development of (Pararaton dan NegaraKertagama), consulting a wide variety of cartographic sources and are kitab Negara Kertagama pupuh VIII until pupuh XII which.

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Reconstructing of Majapahit history in this study is aimed to show the greatness of Indonesian history. Through technology offered by Virtual Reality, we intend to re-construct the kingdom of Majapahit through virtual reality as a media of education as well as media for recreation, and also as a sample of the cultural computing application. As a great kingdom, there are lots of physical heritage have been damaged by various factors.

Some historians give interpretation based on the literature such as Negara Kertagama, some temple reliefs and other Majapahit artifacts.

The focus of research is concentrated in the area Trowulan-Mojokerto which lead exposure of Majapahit civilization. Majapahit as a bridge between Indonesia classical civilization and modern civilization, become an important era that needs to be explored further. One of cultural computing application which is popular in the last couple years is the using of virtual reality in representing the history.

Virtual reality defined as human—computer environments in which users are immersed in, and able to perceive, act, and interact with a 3D world Bowman et al.

Virtual Reality will provide new means to create and transform culture, and provide us with the possibility of immersion within multimodal interactions audio, video and haptics to enhance user presence in digitalised culture Haydar et al. Ruddle et al. The effectivity of Virtual Reality open opportunities to use virtual reality in various fields, including archeology.

One example of Virtual Reality in archeology is the display of ancient Greece for the broad public by the Foundation of the Hellenic World in a museum.

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It has received an enthusiastic welcome Gaitatzes et al. Through Virtual Reality, we can presents complex simulation including cultural environment and all of its elements such as architecture and also the social life of the society.

Majapahit is an agricultural country which rely on the ability to trade and region expansion to support the economy. Majapahit reached its peak of glory during the reign of Hayam Wuruk, with the famous mahapatih Gajah Mada Ricklefs, Majapahit conquered areas including Sumatra, the Malay Peninsula, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and parts of the Philippines which made the Majapahit as one of the great kingdom whose existence is widely known. The capital of Majapahit experienced switching locations several times, but the most famous is Trowulan Resink, Trowulan located about 60 kilometers of west Surabaya, a former center of the Majapahit kingdom.

Various ancient building that resembles a temple, a bathhouse or the royal family and the scattering of the stone archway Majapahit legacy can be found in Trowulan.

Majapahit artifacts can be seen in the collection of ancient objects in the archaeological Trowulan museum temples.

Trowulan surrounded by temples such as Lawang temple, Tikus temple, Tawon temple, Gentong temple, Berahu temple and Menakjinggo Sitinggil temple.

The main sources used by historians to write a history of Majapahit is Pararaton 'Book of Kings' which written in the Kawi language and Nagarakretagama which is written in old Javanese Johns, In addition, the outbreak of war Paragreg year which is the civil war for control subordinate area has an impact setback for the kingdom of Majapahit Ricklefs, Historiography is an imaginative reconstruction of the past, according to data obtained by taking the test and critically analyze the records and relics of the past Gottschalk, In historiography, literature about the kingdom of Majapahit and physical evidence in form of visual documentation interpreted and translated into a concept design of the Majapahit kingdom community life simulation through virtual reality technology.

Javanese text which is used are kitab Negara Kertagama pupuh VIII until pupuh XII which describe some geographic condition and physical environment which is explained in verbal forms. Furthermore, the field data in the form of reliefs which is attached to the temples like Tegowangi temple, Penataran temple, and some of collections relief from Trowulan museum.


From the data obtained several architectural visualization Majapahit kingdom. To produce the output we need a virtual environment derived from field data related to the Majapahit kingdom. The virtual environment was created using Autodesk 3ds Max, which composed of several three dimensional models as follows.

Traditional House Building The form of the Majapahit traditional houses can be found in the museum Trowulan, on the replica of the house foundation is made of bricks, tiles and roofs made of clay, while the structure of the walls of houses made of wood and bamboo. Figure 2 Majapahit house in museum Trowulan Figure 3 developing computer generated imagery of Majapahit traditional house Source: Personal documentation b.

Figure 4 gates based on candi Penataran relief Source: Tribinuka, Figure 5 development of computer generated imagery of Majaphit gates Source: Personal documentation Figure 6 development of computer generated imagery of Majaphit gates and fence Source: Personal documentation c. Personal documentation d. Memories of Majapahit, Description on the chapter written can be simply visualized as follows: Figure 10 CGI of Majapahit environment structure 4.

For video, however, this approach is impractical due to the need of using multiple cameras on one hand and the physical dimensions of each camera on other hand. The rendering process will be produced a panoramic video, which can be further displayed by applications such as VR Video Player, Youtube Cardboard etc through the medium of HMD. To display the Majapahit kingdom in virtual form, camera is moved through a certain path that moves around the virtual environment.


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No registration required. But you don't know how to start? We'd love to help you with the process. Read all our tips and tricks here. Place Names and History ; Words change over time — their sounds, spellings and meanings Berikut adalah terjemahan lengkapnya dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Kitab Negarakertagama: Naskah Asli dan Terjemahannya Wahai saudaraku.

Kita semua tentu sudah tidak asing lagi dengan kitab yang bernama Negarakertagama. Satu kitab yang mashur yang telah Terjemahan Lengkap Naskah Manuskrip Nagarakretagama Sembah pujiku orang hina ke bawah telapak kaki pelindung jagat. Siwa-Budha Janma-Bhatara senantiasa tenang tenggelam dalam samadi. Sejarah Majapahit lewat Kitab Negarakertagama. Ayudia Vagishwari Satriana Agustus 25, at 3: Negarakertagama — Terjemahan Kejawen - Budaya Jawa dan Kitab Sutasoma - scribd.

Dharma, Kitab Sutasoma merupakan karya Mpu Tantular.

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