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03 Kuji-In Mastery - The Power of Manifestation by cittadelmonte.info - Free download as PDF File 74 Kuji-In Meditation. Ninja Power of the Mind - kuji kiri. Kuji-In was created in India, and it migrated to China and Japan along with Buddhism. It was used by the samuraï and ninja warriors of feudal japan because of. confuses, and —clouds the mind“ of any opponent. Revealed here are the Breathing Exercises and Kuji-Kiri hand positions that enable you to collect, cultivate.

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Kuji-Kiri means “Nine symbolic cuts”. It is a technique that belongs to the esoteric Buddhist tradition. From the outside, it seems to consist in drawing nine lines in. Ninja Power of the Mind - kuji kiri - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Kuji-Kiri and Majutsu - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Table of contents The Source of Wisdom and Power. What is a Vajra. By applying the ritual practice while also seeking the knowledge that once lead to it. So will the mantras and the mental imagery. While the physical and mental aspects of the technique are easy to remember and apply. The ancient wisdom of the Hindu and Buddhist people who assembled Kuji-In over the millenniums.

Study Diagram 2. Without them we are helpless. Remember that there are 81 hand symbols which are used to focus the inner forces in various ways. The Hands The hands are important to a human being. Each of the hands also acts as one of the polar nodes of one's inner forces. The novice need not have complete mastery over each technique—that will take a lifetime. Practice and meditate on each of the following techniques. The techniques in this manual describe only the basic modes. Some of these symbols are exactly the same.

This is true of the Nine Shadows of the Koga Ninja as well. Wind and Void: These poles influence and are influenced by the various internal and external manifestations of the universe. A novice must gain a rudimentary proficiency in all of the techniques described in this manual before he can learn more. Often such training begins as early as age five.

Feel the solidness of the body. Close the eyes and begin Phase 1 of Positive breathing. Earth Invoke Chi. The influence of the earth mode can cause a person to be stubborn to change when change is needed. Failure to adapt can mean defeat. As the awareness grows. Concentrate on this area. Earth energy is focused around the tailbone.

The negative effects. A Ninja must control the power of the earth mode in order to derive the positive effects and avoid the harmful ones. He will remain completely still. This awareness can be helpful in diagnosing physical injury. The positive effects of the earth mode are physical and mental stability on the conscious level. The body will feel dense and solid and at higher levels of proficiency one will become acutely aware of his muscles.

A trained Ninja. Focusing on that area of the lower abdomen. Maintain neutral breathing. The feelings seem to be. Water To tap into the power of Sui. Blood flow. The center of the water mode is in the urinary tract. A Ninja must avoid the negative and seek the positive. It may cause a person to take unnecessary risks or become caught up in his own emotions and lose control of the self through fear. The body is limber and responds rapidly.

On the negative side. The ability to interact successfully with others is heightened. On the positive side. The Ninja is acutely aware of his emotions and those of others.

Ninja can use this knowledge to tap into these weaknesses in others. At advanced levels. In the fluid state. The level of tension is important. This is used in fierce. Begin with neutral breathing and perform Phase 1 of Positive breathing. The fire mode affects the heart and the adrenal gland. The advantages of the fire element allow a Ninja to enjoy life more fully. Fire To trigger the elemental influence of Ka. Ka has its center in the heart. The bowels will tighten. In order to take the offensive effectively.

If it becomes necessary. Coupled with positive breathing. Increasing the flow of adrenalin brings about the fight or flight response. Life and its problems are challenging. This energy can be explosive. Ninja who successfully control the fire mode often experience feelings of warmth. Under the influence of the fire mode. This is when the body prepares itself to fight or to run away.

This can lead to ineffectual rage or paralyzing. Constant failure to control the fire element may also lead to greater risks of high blood pressure or even heart failure. The disadvantage of the fire level occurs when a person cannot control its influences.

Wind The hand symbol for summoning Fu. Too much fear may cause dangerous hesitation. They are important to effective courage. This is what creates true bravery. A Ninja must continue neutral breathing and concentrate on the middle of the breast bone. Fear and anger must be controlled. Too much anger may cause foolhardiness.

A balance between these two emotions must be maintained. It also increases one's ability to empathize with and understand others with more compassion. Internal power can also be directed through a Kiai using Fu also. Effectively controlled and utilized. More importantly. To know oneself is to know one's enemies and the secrets to defeat them. Feel this energy emanate through the body with every breath. The wind element often uses mind over matter and brains over brawn.

The effects of heartburn.

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The wind mode also increases one's capacity for love and acceptance. Through understanding and compassion. It can. Digestion will be improved. The wise man does not have to fight battles. It is everything and nothing.


This can only be experienced. It is the subatomic mass from which all things are derived. Used ineffectively. Some styles of Ninjitsu do not sign Ku. This is symbolized by the hand pattern as seen in Photos 2. The physical and mental effects are total harmony. Under the influence of this element. All things are realized. Void Ku. Ku makes all things possible. It is as if the Ninja has reached a higher plane of thinking.

It can be encountered using neutral and negative breathing. Another problem.

There are no negative effects. Meditate on this psychic center of energy. The mind that wanders and wastes time is inefficient and ineffective. The creative power of the void is centered in the voice box. They must be capable of being summoned automatically at the knitting of the hands. A Ninja will usually not have time to work into any of these modes. Such discipline often requires years of practice and training.

Do not become discouraged. With all of these techniques. Only a true Ninja has the dedication and the patience to complete such rigorous training and achieve such mastery. It should not be surprising that the benefits and the ability to perform seemingly superhuman feats come at a high price. The advantages gained from these techniques are almost useless until their psychic patterns become so ingrained that they can be triggered almost instantly. Masters and Grandmasters achieve this. Constant dedication and practice are required.

Becoming as wise and benevolent as the wind usually comes late in life. A Ninja must concentrate on obtaining mastery of these five levels of knowledge.

To become potentially as explosive and aggressive as fire can take up to thirty years to master. Union with the void often takes an entire lifetime. Each takes a longer period of time to master. To learn to be strong and as unmoving as stone often takes little time. This is the easiest level. To be fluid. Strength is useless against superior strength.

Rin is the symbol for power. The second part will describe how to perform the Jumon power grid. A tenth cut. See Photos 3. This section of the manual is divided into two parts: The first part will describe how to perform each of the nine cuts separately and what their benefits are. Uncontrolled positive breathing with Rin may cause heart failure. The disadvantage of the influence of Rin is that it may cause a Ninja to use force where force will not prevail.

The Jumon power grid consists of all nine cuts. Rin strengthens both the body and the mind. Through Rin. Rin Rin is an extension of the fire element. It primarily enhances physical power. Use neutral breathing with Rin. The primary purpose of Hei is to generate psychic power.

Use neutral breathing and Phase 1 of negative breathing. The danger of Hei is that one will often hesitate to use physical force when it is needed. Perform Hei as shown in Photos 3.

Physical energy can be more effectively directed to do the will of the user. Hei can be used to augment a Ninja telephatic powers. Hei Hei represents the ability to focus power. In conjunction with other techniques. One of its functions is to mask one's presence and thoughts from others.

The physical benefit of Toh is overall good health. Toh Toh is a combined extension of earth and water forces. Toh is used to establish physical and mental balance and harmony. This can be used to become psychically invisible to the untrained mind and at higher levels. The danger of Toh is falling into a trance of sublime carelessness and overconfidence.

Use neutral breathing. This is helpful for rest and healing. This balance can be used to succeed in the physical world. Sha gives a Ninja awareness of the bodily functions of the self and others. This knowledge can be used to heal or harm.

Sha drains the body of the user of its energies momentarily. On the disadvantageous side. Sha Sha is an extension of the wind mode. Photos 3. Not only does it allow a Ninja to be aware of the body. Sha gives the power of life or death to a Ninja. In this way. For a short time. To gain powers over life and death requires a price. It is used with positive. Overuse or misuse of Sha may result in disease or internal injury.

Once a Ninja develops the awareness. Sha should not be taken lightly or used very often. Kai gives Ninja ESP powers to sense presences. It is used with neutral breathing and Phases 1 and 2 of negative breathing.

The physical effect of Kai is complete control over the function of the body. Kai is used. The dangers of Kai. The mental effect is the sharpening of psychic awareness. At advanced levels of mastery. Ninja can use Kai to resist moving. Kai Kai is the Kuji-kiri symbol for awareness and control.

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At the psychic level. Not only can it mask one's own thoughts from others. The danger of Jin is that some people can sense its use. Jin lessens physical energy. At the mental level. Neutral breathing is used. A beggar must not only look like a beggar. Jin is used to read the character. Unskilled use will almost always attract unwanted attention. Jin greatly increases the mind's telepathic powers.

A disguise. Through Jin. Actual mind reading is possible only as a student continues to advance.

At the physical level. Beginners will often only be able to sense impressions. Jin Jin is the symbol for telepathy. Overuse or misuse can also cause mental strain. It is performed as shown in Photos 3. Through it. Often a novice will only be able to daze enemies just long enough to attack or escape.

Misuse of Retsu can lead to fever. This cut can affect one physically by controlling the body temperature and bodily eliminations. Ninja masters can kill with these techniques by attacking the brain of an enemy. Another use. The effectivenss of such techniques depends on the level of a Ninj a's advancement. Retsu Restu. Retsu allows a Ninja to stun opponents with a telekinetically enhanced touch.

Retsu is used in a variety of ways. Under the influence of Zai. By merging with the elements. Use neutral breathing with Zai. Zai is difficult to master and comprehend and it is equally as difficult to put into words. Instead of utilizing the manifestations of those elements within the self. There is also the extremely rare risk of spontaneous combustion.

Dangers associated with this technique are edema. Instruction from a master Ninja will be needed to complete training in Zai. Zai Zai symbolizes the extended harmony gained by merging with the universe. Ninja use Zai to develop the ability to pass unnoticed through the universe. It is the symbol for true invisibility. At the highest levels of achievement.

At lesser levels of advancement. Perfect contentment is found. In a sense. Very few Ninja Masters ever obtain this level of development completely. Once obtained. Zen has no disadvantages. It is the highest level of advancement.

This approaches pure thought. Those who do often experience out of the body experiences or obtain powers of divination. The virtues of this technique are total physical and mental control. All things are possible at any time. When a Ninja attains Zen. Zen Zen can best be understood as the representation of understanding.

Form Zen as in Photos 3. But Zen is a goal to strive for always. Ninja can form this power grid and tap into its power. The names of each cut can be spoken silently or aloud as they are performed. Ninja use the power grid to summon the complete power of the Kuji-kiri when it is needed for a short period of time. Doubt and laziness will quickly destroy any chance for learning and progress. Photo 3. Progress in the Kuji-kiri will be gradual. Discipline and dedication are integral to the life of one who would be Ninja.

Through a series of horizontal and vertical cuts. Ninja may invoke the grid with a sword. This is used as meditation. Just putting the hands together in various ways will not accomplish anything. A minimum training schedule would be as follows: Jumon Training Hour 15 minutes positive breathing 15 minutes negative breathing 10 minutes on the Five Elemental Symbols: Jin — Telepathy 7. Ka — Fire 4. Zai — Invisibility 9. Sha — Life or Death 5.

Zen — Understanding. Kai — Awareness 6. Fu — Wind 5. A Ninja must be able to form the hand symbols instantly and without needing to look to see if the fingers and hands are positioned correctly. Toh — Control 4. He must: Until this is achieved. Hei — Focus 3. Ku — Void 20 minutes on the Kuji-kiri the nine cuts 1.

Chi —Earth 2. Sui — Water 3. Retsu — Psychokinesis 8. Rin — Power 2. At the most basic level. Practice learning these techniques for at least one hour each day. KNOW 2. Then the cycle would repeat. Such a schedule would work as follows: The length of such learning cannot be predicted or gauged. At the second stage of Jumon training. This may require the assistance of a Ninja. As time goes on. One must do. This is only the beginning.

This is accomplished by meditating for one hour each day on one of the fourteen techniques. Once a Ninja can enter each of the modes instantly. Do not attempt the power grid until adept at each of the nine summonings separately.

Neutral breathing is not included in this schedule separately because it is a part of many of the techniques and should be practiced at all times until it becomes normal and automatic. To know a thing is not enough. This will take fourteen days two weeks to complete a cycle of meditation on each of the techniques described in this manual.

But Jumon training can begin at any age and can progress either faster or slower with older practitioners. Acceptance of the possible makes further progress attainable. To do is to act upon the knowledge one has gained. Others can also achieve this mastery. Shidoshi or instructor. If a person thinks something is impossible. Of course a Grandmaster of Ninjitsu. This is the second stage of Jumon training. The third stage of mastery is difficult for some people because they cannot accept what they can do through Jumon hand symbols.

Once a Ninja reaches the third stage: He knows He does He accepts But progress does not stop there. Most Ninja begin training at age five and reach a level of basic mastery at age twenty.

The third and final stage of Jumon training is to accept. The normal time period for this basic level of mastery is approximately fifteen years. This is a dynamic. Often a master must point this out to them. After small successes. But just as certain sounds and pitches can cause discomfort and headaches. These are Kiai-jitsu the shout art. This technique is often used in connection with Retsu and Phase 1 of positive breathing.

Contact 2. Ninja masters become so aware of the minds of the ignorant that it is an easy matter to attack their minds with telekinetic power through a touch. At best a novice will only be able to stun an opponent for a few moments. Some of these techniques are difficult to describe. But there are other areas of Ninja expertise which are closely related to the Jumon. It is up to the individual Ninja in a specific situation to decide upon what modes or strategies will be useful and effective.

At first a novice will only be able to cause an opponent to hesitate. This manual cannot describe everything. The effects of Kiai-jitsu will vary according to a Ninja's level of proficiency and are hard to understand by the average person. Conditioning 3. This art is divided into three main areas: Kiai-jitsu In Kiai-jitsu. The ability to use Kiai-jitsu improves along with one's Jumon progress. Saiminjitsu Saiminjitsu is closely related to Jin. Manipulating the thoughts and ideas of others for one's own advantage requires a highly developed telepathic awareness and a working knowledge of human character and behavior.

Actual mind control. Through physical. If the Ninja is known to the person. In essence. This is done so skillfully that the subject thinks that he has decided to come to a certain conclusion or course of action on his own. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the person. In the contact phase of Saiminjitsu. Mind control begins with the Ninja being in complete control of his own mind. But it is important to remember that a person who is hypnotized will NOT knowingly do anything to harm himself or others.

Such people often have a very strong presence and charisma and make powerful leaders. This is the first phase. Even then it is very draining and dangerous. Even in physical combat. Once a profile of the subject is formed.

Ninja can also cause them to expect the Ninja to do certain things and then defeat that conditioning by doing something else that is not expected. He may see the Ninja as merely supportive or even opposed to his decision. Usually the subject will be unaware of this. In the second phase. At the highest levels of mastery.

Ninja Power of the Mind - kuji kiri

Some people naturally develop the ability to influence other people to a certain degree. But this is rare. It also requires great power. It must be remembered that usually the subjects lose consciousness.

Subjects can be hypnotized while they are asleep. An enlightened Ninja develops and perfects such power to make the universe more harmonious. It is not that such feats are impossible and therefore supernatural in origin. Grandmaster of the Nine Shadows of the Koga Ninja. The awareness a Ninja has of the infinite potential within a person and within the universe is the key to accomplishing all things.

Toshitora Yamashiro. They seem amazing only to those who cannot execute them. Within themselves. They are. Ninja Power of the Mind - kuji kiri Uploaded by ckhavea. Flag for inappropriate content.

Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. View something as impossible and it will Mastering the art of the Silent Way takes a lifetime of dedication. With each one, he summoned the mystical power of the grid, speaking the name of each cut: Frank Hays. Thor Sheil. Kartik Reddy. Bogdan Marcu. John Wolf. Mohamed Elkhder. Chetanya Victor Mundachali. Oxkar Medrano Perez. Ron Collins. Ruo Se Jr.

On isha na ya in ta ra ya sowaka Mantra sk: Om ishaanayaa yantrayaa swaha. The first part requires an exchange of energy between the inner and outer energetic bodies at the level of the navel chakra 2 inch- es below your navel, inside your body.

Visualize white light flow- ing outward in every direction from the navel chakra, at the same time that white light energy is flowing into your navel center. The system we are describing here involves a complete circuit: This can be visualized as a single sphere with bi-directional flow, which extends out from your body just a few feet. Your inner navel is the center of the sphere where energy comes in. You may visualize the light flowing more intensely at the front and back of your body, where the navel chakra has its entrance.

You might think of this as an. Focus your attention on the continuous inflow and outflow of energy from your navel chakra, which then condenses into a sphere around you, and a glowing energy center inside of you. Visualize this white light flowing in and out of you, purifying your exchanges of energy with the Universe.

Breathe deeply and relax. When you inhale, focus on the flow of energy into you. When you exhale, chant the full mantra prayer three times. When you are consistently performing the philosophical contemplation described above, you will begin to see changes in your personal life. Everyone has tiny balls of clogged energy that obstruct one or more of their energetic channels. Your use of the Kuji-In techniques will enhance your spiritual experience by safely and effectively clearing out those obstructions, one or more at a time.

The material that was clogging your channel is then released, sent back to the Universe. Eventually, some of this dispersed energy may re-manifest the events that lead to whatever caused the blockage in the first place, offering you an opportunity to resolve this issue once and for all. Kuji-In is a process that allows you to release the detritus of human experience.

The side effect of this release is that you become more powerful, but the primary goal is always to evolve. Once you rid yourself of energetic obstructions, you may still experience a few of these karmic occurrences, but they will inevitably be an event that you can resolve promptly, or an event your Super Conscious chose for you, in order to experiment and have new experiences in your life.

In every case, you will become stronger. However, Kuji-In is not a technique that will give a human being Supernatural powers for the sake of their ego, or because of a human lust for power. Kuji-In is not intended to provide an ego-boost, and, in many instances can be quite hard on those with fragile egos: Rather, Kuji-In triggers an expansion of consciousness, which naturally leads to the evolution we have been describing. As you evolve, you will soon discover that the distressing events that you were hoping to resolve actually occur more frequently, sometimes following one another in rapid succession.

These challenging events manifest more quickly, so you can evolve more quickly. If you currently feel overwhelmed by bad luck or bad karma, slow down; take the time you need to resolve each situation that emerges, one at a time. Kuji-In is meant to make this process easier, you will get overwhelmed only if you take on too much. Develop faith, and learn to trust in life with RIN. Develop personal responsibility with KYO. This will make your life easier. If you find that there are a lot of negative events occurring in your life, take a bit of time to do the KYO Kuji.

If the event has been hovering on the verge of manifestation, it is also more likely to become an actual fact.

Once it is actually manifested, you will notice that you have the tools to easily resolve it. RIN utilizes a process of enhancing self-trust and faith.

It should never be invoked to evade personal responsibility for anything. You may lose everything and become a beggar,… but Life will have taken care of you, according to your own dictates.

If you demonstrate a lack of respect for your own personal self worth through your failure to act, then you will manifest inaction and lack of value. As the KYO process teaches us, if you exhibit personal value and responsible action, then you will be responsible for causing what you desire to manifest positively.

You must act in accordance with your desires. Yet, even if you work very hard at putting these principles into action, if you do not believe that Life will take care of you, responsible action may manifest as constant challenges to your security. Even when you begin to exhibit responsible action and trust in Life, it will take quite a while to manifest what you want if you do not have the RIN attitude of faith set firmly in place.

These techniques build upon each other, and mastery of one tech- nique helps you do well at the next. Thus, mastery means having each technique solidly established as part of your life, so that responsible action will help you manifest abundance in all aspects of your life if you have faith that Life will take care of you. Some people call this process transmuting karma; others refer to it as transcending the human experience. I call it transmuting emotion, for it is at the emotional level where the transcendence.

You can use your conscious mind to penetrate and absorb the emotional content and meaning of your experiences, to absorb and digest them, so they become the nutrients that help you to evolve. An emotion cannot be transmuted by actively wishing it to go away, or trying to get rid of it.

Whatever experience you are deal- ing with occurred so you might become aware of your deepest emotions, to face them and absorb them. It is only by becoming consciously aware of the full range of our emotional experiences that we will be able to transmute these experiences and use them to help us evolve.

Our Super-consciousness intentionally experi- ments with allows us to experience these different life situations and difficult emotions, so our souls can taste life in all its wonder and misery. Therefore it is not our task to flee such experiences, nor, contrarily, to seek them out. Life will bring what we need to us. The transmutation process cannot occur if we are self-absorbed in dread, fear and worry. Those emotions only lead to avoidance. This transmutation requires the that we take the first steps in learning that life will provide what we need, and we have what we need to penetrate, absorb and digest these events so that they result in our evolution.

At this level, you are encouraged to center yourself in your inner dan-tian inside your belly , and to adopt an attitude of humility, tolerance and adaptation.

When an outside force impinges upon you, you can either resist, creating a conflict and a possible impasse, or you can bow to it, adapting your outer shape to the incoming force, yielding to it. When you accept the flow of power without rigid resistance; when you humbly adapt to its flow, you will remain in a state of harmony. Consider a little stream of water that is trying to run its course between two mountains.

If the power of the rock to remain is greater than the force of the water to move it, the water will humbly flow under the rock and around its sides until it passes again on its way. Even though the rock tries to damn up the water, the water does not fight the rock. It remains in a state of harmony and keeps flowing on its own way, with humility. There are other times when the force of the water is much greater than any rock, but TOH is not that time and place.

TOH is a state of harmony which you maintain with tolerance, humility and a spirit of forceless adaptation. If you drop a small rock into a pond of water, the ripples will come and go. Eventually, because of the flexible and adaptive state of water, the pond will return to a peaceful mirror-like state, contemplating itself, contained in its earthly bed.

Thus, the lesson of water is to peacefully contain yourself while you adapt to your environment. If you learn this lesson properly you will always be in a state of harmony and you will always have ample energy reserves. The wise choice is to adapt your physical position and get out of the way before it is too late. If there is a lot of arguing going on around you or someone is contentious with you, adapt your tolerance, negotiate as best you can, find a solution, and take whatever actions you must to resolve the situation.

Adaptation does not require that you endure persistent stupidity; adaptation means moving when you need to, changing your diet when it is time, exercising to keep your body healthy, and so on. If something threatens your life, preserve your life and health in any way you can.

Point your thumbs and the last two fingers of both hands while keeping your index and middle fingers interlaced inside your hands. Dan-tian, between the Hara and Solar Plexus Mantra jp: On je te ra shi ita ra ji ba ra ta no-o sowaka Mantra sk: Om jitraashi yatra jivaratna swaha.

In your abdomen, among the intestines, there is a fluid substance at the physical level and a plasma fluid at the energetic level. This fluid acts like our standard battery acid, and is able to gather and store energy reserves. When you inhale, the oxygen rich air blows gently on the fire at your base chakra, causing this fire to flow thru your entire body; at the same time, your abdomen also fills with energy. Energy is actually flooding you from everywhere all the time, and this part of your body is constantly gathering and storing that energy, just like a battery.

Whether you breathe in or out, the flow is continuous. There are no limits to the. Never apply force, simply use your mind to visualize it entering and collecting, and it will fill up all by itself. The energy is white when it enters and it takes on a little golden shade as it condenses within your body, filling your reserve system with healthy golden, glowing energy.

Do not put any effort into immobilizing the energy. Your body naturally knows how to use it, and it might tap into the first reserves the moment you fill yourself if you are not used to taking the time to refill your reservoir. After a few minutes, focus your concentration on filling up the energy reservoir in your abdomen. At the same time, let the outside world go, and begin to lose yourself in your body, as if you were wrapping yourself in a cocoon.

Enjoy containing your consciousness in your body and isolating yourself from the outside world. Your gravity center is in your abdomen. Your life center is in your abdomen. Fill yourself with life, contain yourself as life.

This is the most important part of the TOH technique. Know that you are life. You are inside yourself, and you are not a simple human thing or mundane object, you are Life. Fill yourself with these flows of energy and be aware you are this life-giving-energy. If energy flows around and throughout your entire being, then it fills you and you are that energy. If you are life, then your consciousness of yourself, which fills you all by itself, will continuously enhance your awareness of yourself as life.

Be at peace, you are Life contained within yourself. The emotional transmutation technique should not be done excessively. It can be demanding at first, so just begin by doing it once or twice to get the feel of it.

Someday when you feel like exploring your emotional world, you may return to this exercise and practice emotional transmutation more often.

Someday, you will feel the need to use this technique. When you do, you will double your Kuji-In efficiency. Now that you understand self-trust and how to abide in faith RIN ; now that you are responsible for what happens and you can activate evolutionary experiences in your life KYO ; now that you know you are within yourself as consciousness, as life TOH , you might want to know how to process all these new experiences.

When a disturbing experience occurs and you want to resolve it, first take all the necessary physical actions that you must, in order to correct the situation, then you can always work at the emotion- al level to go thru the entire experience using consciousness to penetrate the experience and absorb it; by this means you can digest the experience and transform it, thus releasing the need for.

I call this the Transmutation of Emotion. An emotion is not transmuted by actively wishing it to go away, or trying to get rid of it. Every experience occurs so that you may become aware of it; it is only by consciously becoming aware of the full experience that the emotion will be transmuted and released as a new higher experience. We experiment with emo- tions so that the soul can taste life and so that consciousness can know its own existence.

We must not flee from painful or difficult emotions, yet we must not intentionally provoke pain either. This process cannot take place while you listen to the inner voice and its natural fear of feeling pain. You will have to be courageous and go beyond your fear; have faith, release control over the emotion- al pain and become aware of the emotion without engaging it in any way.

Begin the Transmutation Technique by selecting some recent event that you feel guilty about or perhaps some event that left you feeling rejected. You may choose any memory, whether in your recent or remote past, as long as it is not an experience you associate with overwhelming painful emotions of any kind.

Begin with this problematic, but bearable emotion, so you can do the emotional work and still be able to follow along with these three simple steps.

Kuji-Kiri and Majutsu

Remember that you only need to understand and practice these steps in order to get acquainted to them. First step inner contact: Refresh your memory of the emotion and the situation linked to it. Take a deep breath and feel this emotion without limitation. It is in your belly, within you, and you can feel it more and more. Do not amplify it from your normal stance as the victim of this emotion, instead, listen to it, feel what- ever it brings up for you, taste its flavor, accept its shape and form and how it defines itself even if that is different than how you were defining it , contemplate it, and hold it within you.

Be at peace and relive the emotion for a few breaths, up to one full minute. Be at peace. Later in your training you may perform this with some more powerful emotions. For now, just enjoy peaceful- ly contemplating the positive change you just made.

Sometimes, you may feel the need to express an emotion outward- ly, in order to release some pressure that seems to be building up. On those occasions, and this is not to be done frequently , simply release what you need to let go of, but never lose control over this experiment.

When you are just learning these techniques,. Remember that you are practicing just becoming aware of the emotion. When you are unable to bear the intensity of an emotion, you may release some of the pressure on you; then just continue on with the process. It is obviously not the goal to keep this emotion trapped inside of you, or buried; rather it is the goal of this exercise to release the hold you have on it. Thus it is perfectly fine to perform the process while expressing some normal human emotion.

Simply keep track of the experiment without losing your grip on the process. Breathe into your abdomen throughout the entire process.

Do not breathe from your upper torso. Hold the situation that caused the emotion in your mind while you feel the emotion. Second step integration: Get inside the emotion and follow wherever it leads you. Breathe deeply and comfortably. As the air flows into your abdomen, your task, as consciousness, is to penetrate the emotion and let it absorb you.

Be aware of all the feelings that entering this emotion evokes for you, whether you feel pain or emptiness, coldness or heat, anger or sadness, get inside of it and become it. The process of Integration requires a conscious fusion of you and the emotion. You are going to allow yourself to be enveloped within the emotion; to be integrated by it. For a few minutes, breathe and accept, breathe and become, breath and feel.

Follow the path this emotion leads you on, and you will notice that most of the time, the emotion will be cover- ing another emotion that is buried beneath it. Use your mind to follow these experiences from the past so that you can remember what happened. You might run thru a few events while following your emotions , until you come to the first time in your life that you felt that emotion. Stay focused. Do not jump from one thread to another; trace one experience to its root cause, following one thread at a time.

As you allow the emotions to exist, without avoiding them or rejecting them, the emotion is freed up, and the energy associated with it ceases to be trapped; the emotion is alive again, emancipated. When you stop blocking it and permit it to BE, your consciousness can understand the profound essence of that emotion.

During the exercise of becoming the emotion, this previously problematic feeling will be re-set to a peaceful, natural state and you will get an abstract but clear understanding of your human experience. You are what you experience, as consciousness, as spirit, as life.

Do not rush through your experience of this step. Allow the penetrating fusion to continue for a while, until there is no pain associated with the emotion, but only the experience of it.

Conscious breathing will also naturally relax your hold on the emotion until it is released. Please understand that the emotion will not leave you, it will simply be free to remain inside of you without any of the previous negative associations. Always consciously push past your fear of pain; never push away the emotion.

With your mind, consolidate the entire experience, which is comprised of all of the life events that made it; breathe and be conscious within that entirety. Many times, the emotion is not blocked all by itself. Instead, the human ego keeps control over it, out of arrogance, vanity, jealousy, and envy, the ego refuses to allow the emotion the right to be resolved, all because of pride. You have to be in charge of this experiment and release the mental hold you keep on your emotion.

You simply have to let go. Third step liberation: When you feel completely saturated with the emotion you are working on, when your consciousness has transmuted it into a living experience, that emotion and all the energy that was trapped with it is freed up. It is not released out- side of you, it is available to you again, and all the power and potency of the emotion is alive for you again.

The heavy, dense or contracted energy that was troubling you is released in that it is converted into its essence, and dissolved in your higher conscious- ness. A good feeling will naturally bubble up from within you. You may feel deeply satisfied, or you may experience a profound state of peace, or you may feel the emancipating joy of freedom. Breathe and allow this new feeling of joy to fill you up; release this positive emotion if you wish to go ahead and laugh. After this transmutation, the most important thing for you to do is to contemplate the wholeness of the experience as joyful life and happiness.

Even if your physical human experience did not seem to change at all, your inner experience of it became one with your consciousness. Do not let your human ego steal this moment from you. It is crucial for you to rejoice within yourself, for your have tasted life at its fullest. A few days before I began writing this book, I was struck with insecurity. I allowed myself to release my control over that feeling. I used Kuji-In to get in touch with the aspect I wanted to work on, and then I stopped the specific Kuji-In practice so I could concentrate on emotional transmutation.

In order to get underneath the fear, I went down to the emotion of feeling abandoned. I sat within the emotion of abandonment in a state of complete acceptance for some time. I felt sad about the abandonment. It took a few minutes before I got to the depth of my sadness. My goal was to be conscious of it, without struggling against it, or trying to change it.

I followed the experience deeper, and deeper, only to discover that I was afraid of not having enough money. Each day I hoped to eat, and I came to understand that life is very hard.

A few minutes later, after I had questioned myself more and more extensively as to why I had to go through the experience of being a beggar, I sought to remember some time in the more distant past when I had felt this same emotion. I remembered my brother stealing my toys and I suddenly realized that was when I started believing life would not give me what I want.

In fact, it did not actually go away; it was transmuted into trust. Thus, I came to understand the entire experience, and the emotion became what I sought, thanks to the wonderful process of evolution. It can take years of suffering for a normal human being to grasp the essence of a single lesson, and this process is rarely accom- plished consciously.

This lack of conscious understanding permits the negative events to re-emerge over and over. With conscious integration of an emotional experience, a few hours, sometimes even a few minutes are enough to release the entire experience for you.

Sometimes the experience does re-emerge again later, but only to be integrated at another level, and again, only a small amount of time is necessary to transmute it, compared to the natural evolution process.

Some people resolve one karmic event every 10 years. Most cannot resolve more than a few lessons in their lifetime. If you feel something weighing on your mind, it is recommended that you apply physically responsible actions in order to resolve the situation physically, whenever possible.

There will be a few things that are too broken to fix, like a damaged, but irreplaceable valuable. Whether an actual resolution is possible or not, apply the Conscious Transformation Technique and begin the Emotional Transmutation to allow yourself to feel the emotions related to this situation.

You need to become aware of the emotions at the level of your soul in order to bring everything related to this expe- rience up to consciousness, including dredging up any incidents where it could have originated in your past. You will use the Conscious Evolution Technique Emotional Transmutation is the cornerstone of this process to solve this problem at the soul level, where it originated.

Using this soul level technique will make it easier for you to work out problems on the physical level, if any action is required. It will also free you from the paralyzing emotion of guilt.

The KYO technique is not designed to make you take on any responsibility for the things that happen to everyone else. It is a technique of personal-responsibility that deals with the sum total of everything that you experience. If what you are experiencing touches other people, then they also have to take the responsibili- ty for their experience of that situation. The concept of fault and responsibility are two different things. Fault is maintained by an emotional attachment to guilt.

Guilt is result of a self-judgment that you have been refusing to become conscious of. When we look at the concepts of fault and guilt, we see that the human ego tends to play the victim for what happened and wants to sink into the self-abusive, self-defeating shame of what it did.

This creates a war against the self, which is maintained in order to prevent conscious awareness. Conscious awareness at every level is mandatory for personal evolution and transformation. A responsible person does not suffer long from any experience, because he or she refuses to dwell in an emotional puddle, where the ego gets caught playing blinding games of denial.

Responsibility is guilt free. It is an acceptance that the process of manifestation of experiences originates from a desire on the part of your Spirit to experience a particular life lesson through the events currently available in your circumstances. Responsibility requires acknowledging that everything happens because of an inner cause. This inner cause is inside you just waiting to be discovered. When you master this law, you will be able to consciously manifest what you want, but acknowledging your personal responsibility is a prerequisite to mastery.

In any situation that brings up an emotion or triggers a reaction from you, the first thing to do is accept your responsibility for the experience and take a deep breath to become aware of what is going on inside you emotion, reaction, thought. When an emotion rises, make it a reflex to automatically breath-in in order to embrace the experiences and feel the emotion. The actions you take from that point on will be more conscious and more powerful at every level.

There is a good reason why the step before TOH is a contem- plation of humility and tolerance. You are blessed with free-will, with the power to act and to accomplish whatever you wish. However, you must never think that you can harm others with your right to act.

While you are not free from the moral responsibility that comes with your decision to act, and from the requirement that you respect others, you are absolutely free to make your own life-choices.

As you become more and more powerful, you will feel this self-confidence in your guts. Do not slip into the habit of comparing yourself to others building your- self up by putting others down , or ever looking down on anyone. Any type of superiority complex you have will rise as you advance, it is inevitable.

It is a normal part of this evolutionary path that your animal and ego reflexes will reveal themselves to you. Do not fight to repress them; neither should you act upon them. Take your superiority complex inside you and emotionally integrate it. Take the time to consider why you entered into a mental and emotional state of competition, of comparison. Feel the natural animal and biological defense system that makes us want to fight, to get into competition with everyone around us for more and larger acquisitions.

Recognize that THIS is what drives this supe- riority complex. Absorb it. If you absorb this superiority complex, you will still be driven to become powerful, but you will do so consciously, and it will stop being a competitive race with others, based on the ignorant and foolish assumption that there are limited resources for which you must contend. Since there are no limits to the resources available, as you may discover in the RIN Kuji you can continue to release competitive urges, while continuing to strive consciously to become everything that you are capable of.

Any time you force another person to do your will, you are violat- ing their right to free-will. Use your abilities to make your own life better. You can pray for a person to heal, you can help others, you can protect yourself and those in need, but you may absolutely not use your power to confront or to challenge anoth- er human being.

SHA is confirmed by the awareness of personal responsibility you gained from KYO, since you are the one that manifested what happened to you. By improving yourself, you will manifest more desirable outcomes, outcomes that are congruent with your true will. By accepting that you manifest what happens in your life, you gain the power to consciously alter your experience and you learn to manifest consciously.

As you learn to adapt yourself to your environment, you gain the power to adapt your environment to your will. Tolerance helps your mind release irritation, allowing you to focus only on the good things, the positive outcomes you desire, thus encouraging the manifestation of those good things.

SHA teaches you that you have the right to have power. SHA offers you the lesson that you are always free to act. SHA naturally gives you back the means to exist fully, which physically manifests in the healing of your body.

The power of SHA should not be constrained. It must be allowed to flow freely within you. You can direct your willpower with SHA energy, and you may direct it to accomplish a specific purpose if you wish to, but in general, allow the SHA energy to flow harmoniously within you. As you develop the power of SHA, it will never stop flowing and it will always naturally go where you need it.

Extend your thumbs, index fingers and little fingers. Interlace your middle and fourth finger inside your hands. Solar Plexus Mantra jp: Om haya vajramaantayaa swaha. SHA is the level where you begin to take charge of this process.

It is your stepping stone to the expression of your inner power, directed will, intentional action and the manifestation of your true will. It is well known that the first phenomenon observed with the development of your SHA energy is the healing of your body.

It is a fact that the active energy in your solar plexus immediately starts regenerating your body. The natural reflex of the body, when filled with active Qi, will be to reconstruct itself, to heal and to extend your lifespan. First, help release energy blockages that may be present in the abdomen and on the border of the rib-cage. Place your hands palm down on your knees. Breath-in deeply, pulling the air into. Empty as much air as you can, and immedi- ately release your abdomen muscles but keep your lungs empty, do not inhale yet.

While your belly is relaxed and empty no air in it remain in this breathless state while you suck your abdomen up into your rib cage. Keep all your intestines and digestive organs pulled up into your rib cage. Perform this 3 to 9 times before moving on to the next Kuji-In technique. As you focus on these concepts, fill your solar plexus with living power and determina- tion in the form of raw energy, which is a circulating and radiant energy that is shining from your solar plexus.

Crank up this power, feel it in your guts. See your body reconstruct and heal as you focus on your inner power. Visualize this nuclear fusion reactor which is inside of your body. See the powerful sun of the solar plexus. Do not focus on this energy as any kind of comparative power. You can use this affirmation,. Always contemplate your power without stressing your body. Consider alternating periods of active theatrically powerful practice, with relaxed meditative practice.

Move with your power. Speak the mantra with power and decisive- ness. Contract your muscles as often you wish, and return to a state of relaxation from time to time. Power can flow thru you with harmony and peace. Complete the practice with relaxed breathing, while focusing on joy. The healing ability which SHA enhances is the primary reason that most people want to learn about Kuji-In. Therefore, now that you are able to build up your energy properly and store it in your battery, so you have an adequate source of energy for healing , and you have learned how to direct your energy according to your will, you are now ready to receive the application of SHA so that you can use the SHA technique to heal yourself or someone else.

Healing is always a side effect of the rectification of the various parts of your Self on the other levels of existence. Self-therapy and emotional integration will always be an important part of assisting the healing process. As you gather all the components of this technique in your mind and prepare to start practicing SHA, you must focus your attention on beginning the process of healing.

Although the SHA technique is enhanced by alternating between mild and intense applications, this must remain a background thought, because effective healing requires a singular focus on peace and harmony.

Therefore, the best way to proceed is to keep your inner contem- plation focused mostly on the healing of your body, while maintaining the fact that your solar plexus is radiating energy as a background thought. Graphic pictorial language speaks to our subconscious. The following exercise uses the graphic pictorial symbolism of a fruit that has been left to rot, in contrast to a freshly picked fruit, burst- ing with life and juices.

Visualize the cells within your body as they. Use every sense to imagine and focus on this restoration process, quickly leaving behind the idea of any decaying cells. Make the image of your cells beautiful and alive. You may place your focus on your entire body, or on a special organ, depending on your needs. Close your visualization with the certainty that there are only rich healthy cells remaining in your body. Your body knows better than your mind what the correct shape of an organ for your body should be.

If you seek to heal an organ, do not visualize the organ itself, as you may wind up manifesting an organ with an improper shape for your body. Simply focus on the reconstruction of the organ at the cellular level, and ask your body to heal. If you need a stronger and healthier heart, you may certainly visualize the organ conceptually as healthy and strong, using a visualization that is as close to the desired result as you can imagine.

However, please refrain from adopting an attitude of control over the exact final shape; just allow your body to comply with your expressed desire and to perfectly create a healthy, strong heart for you that is perfectly shaped for your body.

If you need to reconstruct a bone, for example, you might compare your visualization to a broken tree branch rectifying itself. Focus your thoughts on the bone structure reforming, instead of trying to dwell on the exact shape of the finished prod- uct. Then all you have to do is trust that your body knows exactly how to reform the bones so that they will fit your body perfectly. Therefore, you will always focus on the bone rectification process in general way, rather than the precise details.

It will take a lot of practice before you will be able to heal at will. However, although it does take time to develop this ability to the level of mastery, the rewards are excellent for the diligent and perseverant practitioner.

After you have sufficient experience at regenerating your own body, you will be able to focus this healing process on others, in order to help them heal. In this way you can assist their natural healing process, just as you do when you work the SHA technique on yourself. It is important that you understand that the SHA technique always works much better if the person in question actually wants to be healed. You may think this is a strange concept, but it does happen that some people want to experiment with being sick for a while.

Others might seek to be ill because they feel guilty about asking to be loved unless they are ill. There are many reasons for these choices, even if they seem strange to you. Most of all you must understand that it is difficult, if not impossible, to fight against the will of someone who manifests sickness in their body so they can play the role of the victim in order to get attention.

When someone gets sick, there is always an underlying reason for their choice to manifest that illness. In any case, it is wise to under- stand these principles if you want to help people to heal.

It is also. Remember that you are responsible for your own well being and self- preservation first. Do not promote yourself as a healer unless you actually work in this field. Take care of yourself before you try to help anyone else.

The KAI level is associated with the Heart chakra. It is said that the ability one develops with this Kuji is intuition. In fact, intuition is a natural side-effect of the deeper understanding of the wisdom beneath intuition, which is compassion. According to many spiritual philosophies God created us to expe- rience life. Your life is a manifestation of God. God experiences life through you. Everything that happens in your life is a blessing of the honorable consciousness that you are.

At the emotional level, the heart chakra is both an organ of perception and an emitting organ. The heart tells us what is right and what is wrong; these perceptions are part of the process that conditions our human ego. This Love is not only the love exchanged by mates, but the all-mighty unconditional Love of yourself and others. As you look at yourself, focus on accepting all that you are, in whatever state or condition you currently find yourself.

If you wait for perfection before you start loving yourself, you will wait forev- er, because loving yourself as you are right now is a necessary tool for the attainment of perfection. KAI is the way of acceptance, love and compassion. By accepting yourself and all that you are, by accepting others as they are, by accepting everything that happens, you are opening the way for a greater experience of compassion.

The compassion of KAI offers you a way to look at painful events, with an eye to seeing the lesson that the experience is trying to teach you. This is possible when you understand that there is a loving Spirit whose goal is your personal evolution and bliss; that Spirit is buried beneath those human masks of terror and sorrow, and hidden deep within the frustrating and challenging life experiences you have been having.

As to evil: Never seek pain, never inflict pain on others, and never work towards getting more pain. We spend entirely too much mental and emotional energy pushing painful experiences away, or wishing we had never had any painful experi- ences. Immediately accept the fact that you are having a painful experience and get right to work resolving the situation.

Accepting the existence of pain does not mean we should permit the pain to continue hurting us. It simply indicates that we should acknowledge the fact that something hurts, and put all available resources into resolving the painful situation with virtuous actions. Our human ego tends to amplify feelings of pain, hoping to attract attention and compassion from others.

Please develop enough compassion for your self to release the pressure of pain at the emotional level. When a painful experience cannot be resolved or the facts of the situation cannot be changed like when something irreplaceable breaks, or when someone we love dies , we are encouraged to accept it and see it with compassion so we can elevate our percep- tion of life with Love.

Everything happens for a reason; this is especially true when we are aware that we are responsible for our own experiences. In any case, take the time to embrace every experience you have with Love and compassion. Get in touch with your emotions; instead of fearing pain, taste it inside you.

Breathe into it. Be conscious and aware of your experience. When someone touches you gently, consciously feel it physically and emotionally. When you are touched aggressively, do the same. When you are the subject of the opinions of others, whether they tell you how good you are or how bad you are, embrace the opinion without judgment, but with compassion.

There is only experience, and it is always a perfect experience. Interlace all of your fingers, with the tip of each fin- ger pressing into the root of the facing finger. Heart Mantra jp: On no-o ma ku san man da ba sa ra dan kan Mantra sk: Om namah samanta vajranam ham. The Heart chakra is the perceptive and emitting organ of the soul. As you bring your hands together in the KAI mudra, as you chant the prayer of KAI, remember that you are honoring your consciousness, your spirit, at the level of the Buddha or the Christ-consciousness.

Bring yourself into a state of gratitude for everything that happens. Whether your experience is good or bad, pleasant or not, it does not matter, just focus on the good things that happen to you, no matter what.

Feel that your heart is a round luminous perceptive organ vibrat- ing with Love. Focus on gratitude and happiness. See the vibration of your loving heart radiate in front of you and behind you from your back, while your heart chakra glows with Love. All that you perceive is Love, the only comments you emit are Love. As you inhale, focus on your gratitude for everything that you have, for everything that happens to you.

While you pray, you are honoring the greatness of your experience, the flavor of all things that you can taste as human and Spirit. This technique conditions your heart and mind to think from the stance of Love so you will naturally develop compassion. It will elevate your perception of life and assist you in manifesting enjoyable experiences, while accepting whatever happens. Another side-effect is that your intuition will naturally become more obvious.

With Kuji-In, we wish to attain a state of transcendence, to allow our consciousness to go to the plane of existence from which it originates and to remain there for a while. In meditation we tend to lose our awareness of what actually happens when we transcend. Therefore, when we are performing Kuji-In techniques, we use a special physical and mental technique to retain our aware- ness of the physical plane, while simultaneously allowing our consciousness to achieve the state of transcendence.

Begin to practice transcending in simple meditation, and then practice remaining aware while you transcend. This ability to remain aware is encouraged by performing a combination of physical movements and energy movements before the meditation or Kuji-In practice.

Before doing a motionless or almost motionless technique like Kuji-In, you may start with a series of moving Qi-Gong tech- niques to get your energy moving, to stretch your body, to awak- en your mind, and to activate your breathing and blood flow.

These exercises will help you perform the motionless techniques longer and with more efficiency. It is impor- tant to remain awake while you meditate, and these exercises will. When you achieve the state of transcendence, your awareness might drift in and out, but you are not sleeping. You will under- stand the difference with practice. Sometimes, it is recommended that you practice Kuji-In techniques in a meditative fashion, instead of the usual active- invocative style.

To use Kuji-In meditatively, sit and cross your legs, either in full lotus, half lotus, or with your right ankle over your left. Use a chair only if it would otherwise compromise your comfort. Keep your spine straight without putting conscious effort into the task. Allow your head to tilt forward a bit, but not to fall completely forward onto your chest. Practice all of the Kuji-In steps up to the one you are currently working on; continue to do your current exercise for a while.

When you get to this Kuji-In technique the one you are currently learning , allow the mantra to become very repetitive, then slowly shift into silent mental repetition, and hold your visualization effortlessly while breathing naturally, let your eyes close a bit, and just relax into the technique.

Your hands may be lowered so that they rest on your legs; your focus may be shifted to the associated chakra, and you may allow yourself to gaze inward at your Spirit. Reduce every aspect of the technique until all parts of it mudra, mantra, mandala, and chakra are only whispered inside of you, to keep a little light in your mind while you let yourself go into the state of transcendence.

Eventually, only the mantra will remain, slowly and softly repeated in your mind. You mind will be disturbed by small interruptions the first few times. This is an essential process that your mind has to go thru. It is a kind of cleaning up of your residual thoughts. Allow all your thoughts to wander, to go as they please, do not force them to be still, but do not encourage them either. When you notice you are drifting back into some thought process, gently return to the Kuji-In technique.

Your physical body might also want to express itself through motion. The energy circuitry not used for meditation will produce unexpected itches, tickles, and perhaps even little cramps in your muscles. Attend to these physical annoyances ONLY if your com- fort is really compromised.

Each time you have a physical reaction to meditation, it means the energy is working on you and it is a good sign. Let the energy work to reduce the noise in your circuit- ry while you continue to focus on your meditation. When you are used to doing 15 minutes of meditation daily, extend your practice time to 20, then 25, then 30 minutes.

Meditation will train your mind to reduce extraneous chatter and noise, it will help you to let go. It will permit your body to become a suitable vessel for Spirit to interact with. The technique teaches your human aspect to accept your spiritual aspect so that all of your techniques will become much more efficient. While you will retain the awareness of your human existence, your consciousness will soon expand to include your spiritual existence. JIN has to do with developing perfect knowledge of self.

Its power is accessed by our ability to listen and speak perfectly. As a side-effect of that ability to listen and speak perfectly, you might develop the psychic ability of telepathy. JIN requires listening at every level, and the ability to speak from every level. It is a life- long process to develop this ability, but you will immediately feel the enhancement in your life the moment you start paying atten- tion to the JIN attitude in your everyday behavior.

The JIN way of life takes the longest to develop of all the Kuji-In Techniques and it produces the most powerful results. It offers you an access to higher levels of consciousness, as well as an ability to transform your human experience into something greater. It comprises everything you have learned so far, experienced at the level of hearing and speech. Perfect your ability to listen. The first obstruction to true listening is our need to compare ourselves to others, to establish ourselves as superior.

Everyone has this superiority complex; it is genetic; we are born this way. Our minds are conditioned to believe we hold the truth, and that our actual conception of truth is the best for us at the moment, which often leads us to degrade any knowledge that does not fit into our pre-establish scheme of beliefs and thought processes.

It is recommended that you make yourself available to new infor- mation. It does not mean you will have to automatically accept whatever you hear as truth for you, but without the ability to be open to new ideas, you are certain to block out anything that could help you progress.

If you deduce that some specific knowledge does not apply to you, or does not fit you at the moment, you will have plenty of time later to discard it. At the moment you are lis- tening to someone else, remain available to the knowledge they are trying to impart.

As with the RIN mind-set, trust yourself and let down your guard. Respect all knowledge that is spoken every time it is spoken, what- ever level it is spoken from, no matter who is addressing you. Pay attention to the way you listen, and grow from there.

Listen to those who say stupid things to you; listen to those who tell you that you are a good person; listen to everyone and everything and trust yourself that, in the end, all will be well.

As with the KYO mind-set, be responsible for what you are. Develop your discernment, a sense of good judgment that will allow you to acquire only that knowledge which is best for you. If someone says you are stupid, before discarding that knowledge, seek inside of you to see if there is a place inside you where you are stupid.

If you do your job well, you will certainly find a place such as this. By admitting that there is such a place to yourself, you will not react to this knowledge; you will be in acceptance of what. By getting out of the way of the information, the communication can continue in such a way that it resolves what- ever provoked the comment.

Another important part of the KYO mind-set is also to admit to yourself that you are a good person when someone says that. It is important to accept both compliments and complaints. You are the one responsible for processing the knowledge and it is up to you to make the best of it. As with the TOH mind-set, develop tolerance for what you hear, listen with care and lower your defenses.

Do not rush to reply, to react, defend and to confront. When it is your turn to speak, speak. When it is your turn to listen, remain receptive and accept everything that is said. Accepting what is said is not an admission or approval of what is said to you. Acceptance allows you to acknowledge what is said, at the level it is said from, and does not imply that you must become or believe what is said to you.

As with the SHA mind-set, believe, know and understand that knowledge is power. Do not attempt to control the exchange of knowledge until it is your turn to define the exchange of knowledge. The knowledge will usually flow naturally in whatever direction it must, and when you notice the knowledge leads nowhere, or becomes too provocative, take full responsibility, and manifest a return to peaceful communication.

As you learned in the KAI mind-set, do not judge what you hear. Practice having a compassionate ear, and listening with love. If information is addressed to you, accept this new experience. Understand that pain is only painful at the level at which it is perceived; know that it is painful at that level, admit it is painful, then focus on the experience itself without judgment. When you practiced RIN, you learned to adopt the attitude of trusting your right to speak, as well as your ability to speak.

Never capitulate! You have to right to express yourself, but it does not imply that you must get your point of view across at any cost. It does not imply that you should battle until your vision of the information is assimilated by others; they have the right to their opinions too. It simply means that your spoken words have value, at least to yourself and your divinity.

This being said, do not waste your precious speech when it is not being received. Trust yourself; before anything else, trust yourself.

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