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Center of Indian Languages. Cordially Invites called Zambu Island in Sanskrit, and Navalan Theevu in Tamil as that land had black sweet fruit This forms the major part of the ancient geological history of the world. Human. Kumari Kandam Mudal Sumeria Varai Thamizhar Varalarugal (Tamil) Paperback; Publisher: Manimekalai Prasuram (); Language: Tamil; ASIN. Kumari Kandam - Naval Theevu - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read land south of India is linked with the literary history of the Tamil language.

Kumari Kandam History In Tamil Language Pdf

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Kumari Kandam (Tamil: குமரிக்கண்டம்) refers to a mythical lost continent with an . Nor do they link the loss of this land to the history of Tamil people as a community. In a Tamil language textbook for ninth-grade students, T. V. Kalyanasundaram .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. We consist of Experts in Indian Culture, History and Indigenous . up the Lemurian Continent or “Kumari-Kandam” had occurred .. year, , S.V.S. Ragavan of TamilNadu has translated this book into Tamil language. The concept of the lost land south of India is linked with the literary history of the Tamil language. The crucial question is whether the land referred to as Kumari.

The concept of Lemuria was born in the s when certain British geologists noted the striking similarity between rock formations and fossils found in India and Africa. There is confusion between the concept of the lost land south of India linked with the literary history of Tamil tradition and the myth of the lost land of Lemuria. With reference to the records of sea level fluctuations, climatic changes, glacial advances and glacial retreats, this article tries to trace the factors that had given rise to the myth of Kumari Kandam and briefly touches upon the development of the European concept of Lemuria that found its way into the Tamil literary tradition. The Tamil Sangam classics refer to a populated land, which was submerged in the sea. The core of this tradition is that a substantial land mass was swallowed by the ocean in bygone ages. There is an obvious confusion between the above tradition and the myth of the lost land of Lemuria that was perpetuated by certain European mystics. Maps of the lost land were produced taking the idea from the palaeo-continent of Gondwana that existed about millions years ago, which broke up into the different continents.

Certain scholars such as Devaneya Pavaanar consider that the deluge under reference was probably the one that destroyed Thenmadurai. According to Adiyarku Nallar. The advocates of Kumari Kandam interpreted the term Nadu as country.

South Africa. Nadu basically referred to a settlement as opposed to Kadu. Thamilargalin Thayagam the term Nadu probably refers to areas the size of a present day Taluk Taluk is an administrative unit consisting of a cluster of villages in a district and should not be mistaken for the size of a country. The concept of the lost continent of Lemuria: When the southern part of Kumari was swallowed by the sea.

Was there a land this size south of Tamil Nadu? And if not. Kapatapuram otherwise referred to as Kathavam or Akdvaai was reported to have been made the capital of the Pandyas. There are references to deluges in the early Tamil literature. This also went underwater in subsequent floods. According to the commentators there were 49 Nadu countries in the lost land of Kumari.

According to Aravanan. In the above references there is no mention of the term Kandam. Those who wrote the commentaries centuries later exaggerated the references to deluges in Silapathigaram and Kalithogai. Since continents at that time were thought to be immobile and the flora and fauna of the land could not have crossed the oceans.

Kumari Kandam - Naval Theevu

It was also noticed that the formations of the Permian age in India. Australia and South America had similar formations and index fossils. There are many small towns and villages referred to as Nadu in Tamil and more in Malayalam.

The lost continent of Lemuria. The book also states: The Aryans. Her information. The racial undertones of the following sentences from his book need to be noted: It was clarified that the continents did not submerge or disappear and a land bridge like Lemuria never existed.

This happened long before the concepts of continental drift and plate tectonics provided the explanations for the similarity and distribution of formations and fossils in different strata in different continents. According to the teachings of Theosophical Society. Tamil anywhere in its far-fetched explanations.

Philip L. In India and the Malayan Peninsula. Scott Elliot. According to Haekal. Ernst Heinrich Haekal referred to this hypothetical land bridge in his theory on the distribution of lemurs that were found in Madagascar.

Kumari Kandam - Naval Theevu | Earth & Life Sciences | Physical Geography

Lost Land and the Myth of Kumari Kandam 97 possible existence of land bridges like the one that probably connected India and Southern Africa and continents that went under water were postulated. They were followed by the fourth sub-race who interbred with beasts.

Helena Blavatsky. To this land.

Kumari Kandam

Maps of the lost land were produced. He wrote. He also wrote about floating continents. Lemuria was given the Tamil name Kumari Kandam. In the s. The speculations about drifting continents and submerged land bridges also fuelled the speculations of catastrophes that destroyed the land. Certain scientists branded theories postulated by Wishar Cerve as pseudo scientific later on.

For instance. The narratives about a lost land called Lemuria. This was about the time when the Puranas and folklore began to permeate historic and geographic knowledge as though they were scientific facts. Neelakandan made a minute short film titled Kumari Kandam under the auspices of the Fifth Tamil International Conference.

Though he has never mentioned the Dravidians or Tamil. Harvey Spencer Lewis. The Lost Continent of Pacific. Filmmaker P. Names from Sangam classics were given to the mountain ranges.

California and the West coast of the United States as being parts of Lemuria and of their subsequent destruction. This major exercise in oceanographic exploration proved beyond doubt the validity the global tectonic theory.

In the middle of the last century. The major findings are as follows: Since the early part of the last century. Alfred Wegener. The sea of Tethys existed about millions years ago and the appearance of human beings on earth happened only fifty million years back.

Dramatic geological events were attributed to catastrophes like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. B Taylor. Lost Land and the Myth of Kumari Kandam 99 land. Eventually the catastrophic theories were dismissed by sound geological explanations.

British geologist Arthur Holmes explained that the convection current in the mantle could cause continents to drift. Frederick Vine and Drummond Mathews. Finally in During this time both the scientific and popular imagination were dominated by Biblical accounts of creations and deluges.

Tamil enthusiasts linked Lemuria. This is a classic example of how the geological time scale was misunderstood.

Sea level changes: Geology emerged as a professional scientific discipline in the late 19th century. The lost land. Since the last Ice Age. In the prehistoric studies of coastal areas.

During the past two million years.

At this time. Extensive studies have been made to understand global warming during the interglacial periods. Goa have done extensive work on the sea level rise. They can be studied through data like faunal contents and nature of sediments. The significant results of the study on palaeo sea levels are i that the sea level was lower by m about The last Ice Age caused the fragmentation of homo sapiens. The team studied marine sediments to generate proxy climate records to decipher the changes in palaeo sea levels.

Australia and Tasmania were joined together as were the British Isles with Europe.

Sri Lanka was connected to the Indian Peninsula by a landmass. The actual topography of the deep oceans had been mapped by echo-soundings and ultra-sonic signals. And in the s. In the following 8. Nigam and Henriques had developed regional models for palaeo depth determination.

Siberia was connected to Alaska and along this land bridge. Records of sea level fluctuations and related climatic changes are preserved in the seabed in the form of layered sediments. According to this graph. Rameswaram and Mannar were joined by land and the land that extended in the present day Gulf of Mannar was a 2. This is about the time when Sri Lanka evolved as an island.

Lost Land and the Myth of Kumari Kandam ii 60m about The Naval Hydrographic Institute. In other words. The sea was about 80 km east.

That time. Due to the increased rate of global warming between X to the scale 1: The author has prepared inundation maps based on the bathymetric contours and taking sea level curve of Central West Coast of India Rajiv Nigam etal Refer to plate 1 to work out the configuration of the coastline of south of India since the last Ice Age.

The sea was km wider near Cuddalore and about 25 km wider near Colombo Refer to plate Dehradun has produced hydro-graphic charts INT Between 4.

As the research of Rajiv Nigam indicates. The land between the present coast and the bathymetric contour of m roughly indicates the land that was exposed during that time. These changes in sea levels have affected human settlements. It is possible to demarcate the land lost to the sea from inundation maps that indicate that the significant changes in the coastline south of India because of post-glacial inundation.

Now that the status of the periodic sea level rise had been established. About As a result. The inundation maps show that significant coastline changes took place in the south during the last millennia or so of the Last Glacial Maximum. The people who lived in the coastal area of the Indian peninsula and Sri Lanka. As the sea levels rose.

Graham Hancock. Sea level changes had left their signature on archaeological events. Their descendants migrated to the Far East. Recent studies. An update Jour. Publication no New Delhi. The Secret Doctrine. The Tamils Eighteen Hundred Years ago. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Benin Castro. Sasi Vijay. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. The lost continent - Kumari kandam 1. Sheikhasinah 3. Pandya land lay between the rivers Pahruli and the mountainous banks of the Kumari.

Existence of rivers Pahruli and Kumari in the submerged land. Place your screenshot here Tablet project Show and explain your web, app or software projects using these gadget templates. A Chera prince in his wanderings in the Solomon Island saw wild sugarcane and started cultivation in Kumari Kandam.

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