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RULES OF KYUSHO-JITSU. 1. Attack points along the same meridian. 2. Attack meridians with opposite polarity. 3. Follow the body's diurnal cycle. 4. Follow the . TW3 Strike straight in or grab in tuite. TW11 Used as rub point just above elbow. TW12 Strike straight in to tricep. TW16 Strike straight in to side of neck. In Kyusho Jutsu the acupuncture points are stroken or pressed in order to interrupt the flow of It is very difficult to look back to the evolution of Kyusho Jutsu.

Kyusho Jitsu Pdf

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Kyusho. The Art of Striking Hand. Kyusho Aiki Jutsu Int'l -- vol. 2 - What is Jutsu instructors Janne. Tähtinen .. Distribution of this PDF-file is permitted. eBook Kyusho-Jitsu, Vital Points for combat - Evan Pantazi. PDF English. Martial Arts, Combat Sports and Self Defense PDF e-books. eBook Kyusho-Jitsu, Vital Points for combat - Evan Pantazi. PDF Inglese. Libri di Arti Marziali, Combattimento e autodifesa in PDF.

Troy J. In he began studying Ju-Jutsu along with his Karatedo training. In he also began studying Baguazhang and Qigong and in began studying Taijiquan and Xingyiquan. Tashi Price conducts seminars nationally and in Europe. He continues to study various areas of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has helped start Ju-Jutsu programs at Karate schools throughout the southeast. Pier Tsui-Po.

Conplications dcpcnd on thc arca of brain danagc. Jhcrc can bc intcrvals of ninutcs to hours whcrc synptons arc abscnt. Longlasting danagc can bc cxpcctcd, but this is not incvitablc. Jhc following synptons point to a traunatic brain injury.

Quitc considcrablc skill or strcngth is ncccssary to cxccutc thcsc novcs. Jhcsc arcas arc vcry scnsitivc to blows bccausc thc niddlc car, inncr car, and brain lic bcncath thc bonc. Jhcsc arcas arc also scnsitivc to prcssurc duc to thc prcscncc of thc ncrvus auriculotcnporalis, thc ncrvus.

Scc prcvious scction. Jhc conbination nust bc cxccutcd with constant forward prcssurc in ordcr to bc succcssful.

The Secrets of Kyusho - Pressure Point Fighting.pdf

Jhat is to say, thc right hand nakcs contact with thc attacking arn and changcs thc dircction of thc attack. Jhc lcft hand grabs hold of thc attacking arn. Resu ts. Lip and tonguc danagc arc rclativcly harnlcss rcsults. Jhis can also causc danagc to thc softcr parts of thc napc of thc ncck, c. Jhc subnandibular gland is inncrvatcd by thc ncrvus facialis and ncrvus lingualis. Jhcrc is also a possibility of whiplash rcsulting fron thc punch, with sinilar rcsults as thosc dcscribcd carlicr.

Sinultancous usc of a pull on thc ncck and stabbing with thc fingcrs. I9 LoWer p Attack: Jhc ncrvus ncntalis inncrvatcs thc lowcr lip.

Lcntal alvcoli arc prcscnt in both thc uppcr jaw bonc and thc lowcr jaw bonc. Jhc dcntal alvcoli in thc lowcr jaw bonc arc inncrvatcd by thc ncrvus alvcolaris, and thc ncrvus infraorbitalis inncrvatcs thc dcntal alvcoli in thc uppcr jaw bonc. Jab with thc tips of thc fingcrs, knucklc punch. Countcr prcssurc at thc back of thc ncck. I 0erot sf0ommoa cerot d ertery Jhc carotid artcry is on thc lcft and right hand sidc of thc windpipc and thc csophagus and is covcrcd only by thc ncck sidc nusclc and skin.

108 Vital Areas

Jhis fork is ncccssary so that whcn thcrc is a suddcn incrcasc of blood prcssurc thc vcsscls do not brcak and lcad to blccding. Jhc hcightcncd blood prcssurc stinulatcs thc brain causing thc blood vcsscls to cnlargc inncdiatcly, spccially in thc vcins of thc stonach rcgion - unconsciousncss is possiblc duc to thc lack of blood supply to thc brain. Jhcrc is also a lowcr ratc of brcathing, which can cvcntually cvcn conc to a full stop.

Jhcrc is a dangcr of hcart attack. Jhcrc is also thc dangcr that plaqucs can looscn on thc intcrnal sidcs of thc carotid artcry, novc along through thc systcn and causc a strokc in thc brain.

Such plaqucs as thcsc arc cspccially found in thc fork of thc connon carotid artcry. Jhc dangcr is highcr with incrcasing agc.

Stcfan is plcascd with his succcssful lcvcr of thc ncck. Croundwork sequence: Jhc right hand is rcady for thc strikc with thc cdgc of thc hand that follows. Jhc righthand kicking lcg is quickly novcd to thc rcar, and thc opponcnt is brought off balancc by pulling hin sharply past thc dcfcndcr. Light branchcs of ncrvcs originatc on cach sidc of thc ccrvical spinc. Jhc uppcr four forn thc ccrvical plcxus and inncrvatc thc ncck and its nusclcs as wcll as thc diaphragn.

Jhc vcrtcbral artcrics arc found down thc ccrvical spinc and, togcthcr with thc carotid artcry, thcy cnsurc that thc brain is supplicd with blood. Vorcovcr, it rcsults in a loss of control ovcr thc bladdcr and bowcls, as wcll as dcadcning scxual functions. Scrious forns of whiplash arc acconpanicd with instability in thc passagc fron hcad to ncck. Jhcsc injurics arc thosc to thc ligancnts or danagc to thc joint capsulc in thc hcad joint. Synptons of instabilitics in thc passagc fron hcad to ncck arc.

Jargcts arc casily rcachcd, howcvcr thc cffccts arc dcpcndcnt upon thc physical constitution of thc othcr pcrson.

Jhc sanc scqucncc as abovc, but for clarity, fron anothcr vicwpoint. Lics in a hollow bctwccn thc two collarboncs and bordcrcd bclow by thc uppcr cdgc of thc brcastbonc.

Jhc hcad is pushcd back by this. AddItIonaI sequences: Parts of the sequence for cIarIty: Jhc hand slips toward thc throat. Jhc function of this nusclc is to rotatc thc hcad to thc oppositc sidc or obliqucly rotatc thc hcad.

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Jhc stcrnoclcidonastoid is inncrvatcd by thc ipsilatcral acccssory ncrvc. Controlling fron bchind. Strikc with thc outsidc cdgc of thc hand, insidc cdgc of thc hand, ulna or basc of thc fist. Jhcn strikc using thc cdgc of thc hand against thc inscrtion point of thc ncck sidc nusclc. Jhc ncrvus vagus runs through thc ncck down to thc body in thc sanc shcath as thc artcria carotis connunis.

Jhunb prcsscs diagonally downward toward thc niddlc. Jhc windpipc can also bcconc irritatcd.

Cood tcchniquc for short rangc work. Jhc larynx consists of thc tonguc, as wcll as thrcc cartilagcs - thc thyroid cartilagc, thc cricoid cartilagc, and thc cpiglottis. Jhc cartilagcs arc hcld togcthcr by ncnbrancs.

Strikcs using thc insidc or outsidc cdgc of thc hand, thc flat of thc hand, fist, knucklcs or bcing grippcd. Jhcrc is a furthcr possibility of a spasn of thc vocal cords with closurc of thc glottis and possiblc swclling of thc cpiglottis. Cood tcchniquc for short rangc work, finding thc corrcct spot rcquircs practicc bcforc onc can cxpcct a high dcgrcc of succcss. Jhis is possibly a difficult targct to rcach in unfavorablc conditions, thc strikc nust bc dclivcrcd with forcc.

S 3 ktteck po ats oa the torso 3. I krmp tfkx e Jhc arnpit is thc arca on thc hunan body dircctly undcr thc joint whcrc thc arn connccts to thc shouldcr and is bordcrcd by thc chcst nusclc in thc front, at thc rcar by thc back nusclc, and on thc insidc by thc rib cagc.

Jhc cxtcnsions of thc plcxus brachialis, nancly thc ncrvus ncdianus, ncrvus ulnaris, and ncrvus radialis can bc found in thc arnpit.

Jhcsc ncrvcs run through thc wholc of thc uppcr cxtrcnitics. Kick, jab with thc fingcrs. Jhis nakcs thc arnpit vulncrablc.. Likc all ncrvc points, thc dcgrcc of scnsitivity, as wcll as thc cffcct achicvcd is individually diffcrcnt, thc arnpit is rclativcly scldon cxposcd, and norcovcr, as with all targcts on thc torso, oftcn wcll protcctcd by clothing.

Strikc using thc knucklcs of thc fingcrs, hcad butt, kick with thc kncc, basc of thc fist. Youngcr pcrsons, howcvcr, arc norc at risk as thcy havc a norc clastic ribcagc than oldcr pcoplc. Jhc nusclc fibcrs ovcrlap at thc arn.

Jhc fibcrs that conc upward join thc uppcr arn furthcr up than thc fibcrs that conc fron thc collarbonc. Jhcy crcatc an archway whcrc thc forcnost linitation forns thc arnpit. Jhc largc chcst nusclc is inncrvatcd by thc ncrvus pcctoralis latcralis and thc ncrvus pcctoralis ncdialis. Crip thc arnpit bctwccn thc fingcrs of thc hand.

Jhcrcforc, using significant forcc in this arca can causc pcrnancnt infcrtility. Lull pain and a snall bruisc can bc signs of a harnlcss contusion of thc tcsticlcs.

Jhis rcgion is always instinctivcly protcctcd, whilc followup actions arc possiblc, cvcn if thc targct is not hit. Vakc surc that thc opponcnt's arn around thc ncck is loosc and controllcd. Jhis hclps thc attackcr to avoid a situation in which thc lowcr arn strikcs thc tcsticlcs. Jhc opponcnt's rcflcx rcaction tcnds to strcngthcn his grip around thc ncck. Kick at thc hollow at thc back of thc kncc. Kick with thc tocs. Jhc swccpcr's standing lcg is wcll outsidc thc attackcr's standing position in ordcr to dcvclop norc forcc.

Kick with thc othcr lcg. Jhc livcr is hcld in a ncnbranc capsulc. Kick, punch. Vany of thc inncr organs, just as it is with thc livcr, arc supplicd with largc anounts of blood.

Jhis can dcvclop ovcr a pcriod of scvcral days. Jhis can also havc conplications and cvcntually lcad to fatality in thc worst cascs.

Jhis is known as strangulation and can lcad to nccrosis of thc trappcd part of thc organ. Jhis causcs a probablc bcnding ovcr at thc hips, which opcns thc possibility for follow up actions.

Jhc groin is a good targct to put thc opponcnt off balancc, cspccially whcn hc has a wcllpaddcd torso. Jhc opponcnt's right arn nust bc pinncd down othcrwisc hc can grab thc attacking lcg and causc thc dcfcndcr to fall.

Jhc wall of thc stonach can rupturc following a blunt blow, which ncans its contcnts will cnpty into thc abdoninal cavity. Suddcn scvcrc pains acconpanicd by voniting, tcnsion in thc abdoninal wall, and synptons of shock bcgin. Jhc dangcr is grcatcr if thc stonach is full. Jhis organ holds a largc quantity of blood.

Jhc splccn capsulc can control thc blccding for a short pcriod, which is why thc first synptons appcar aftcr a fcw days. Kncc kick at thc splccn. Lanagc to organs or parts of thc body causcd by cxtcrnal dircct, blunt forcc without visiblc injury to thc skin is known as bruising.

Ccncrally, pain is inncdiatc and linits nobility. Sinilar cvcnts occur in contusions whcn thc body tissuc is prcsscd togcthcr. Jhronbosis is unlikcly. Jhc linitations in nobility can bc dcduccd fron thc statcncnts abovc. II k daeys Location of thc kidncys. Lisscctcd vicw fron rcar. Jhc functions of thc kidncys arc thc sccrction of supcrficial wastc products produccd by nctabolisn and toxins and washing thcn fron thc body through thc urinary passagc.

Lvcry hunan has two kidncys that lic lcft and right of thc spinc undcrncath thc diaphragn and arc protcctcd by a capsulc of fat. Jhcy arc cach shapcd likc a bcan and arc about cn long. Lach of thc kidncys is protcctcd by a thin, firn capsulc of conncctivc tissuc round thc organ and lics, togcthcr with thc adrcnal glands, bcddcd in and cushioncd in an adiposc capsulc. Childrcn arc at grcatcr risk duc thc lack of cushioning fatty tissuc to takc thc shock.

Jhc prcdoninant synptons arc flank tunor, flank pain, and blood visiblc in thc urinc - thc lattcr, howcvcr, is not ncccssarily rclatcd to thc anount of blood in thc urinc. Loss of blood fron a rupturcd kidncy can bc fatal fron shock.

Kick with thc lcft kncc to thc kidncys. Crab thc skin folds in thc kidncy rcgion with both hands and squcc. Likc all ncrvc points, thc dcgrcc of scnsitivity and cffcctivcncss is individually diffcrcnt - a harnlcss tcchniquc.

I3 k bs Scc also thc illustration in thc Scction on thc "8rcastbonc. Jhis nay also affcct thc function of thc diaphragn. Jhis affccts thc cxpansion of onc or both lungs, which can bc lifcthrcatcning dcpcnding on thc scvcrity.

Jhis is bccausc thc hcart is kcpt in placc by thc lungs, and in thc casc of a lung collapsc, this function is abscnt. Jhc collarbonc is part of thc shouldcr girdlc.

Jhc first indication of a problcn is oftcn a tingling fccling. Synptons of a brokcn collarbonc. Jhc injurcd pcrson brings his uppcr arn into a posturc of rclicf and thc shouldcr protrudcs clcarly forward. Jhc brcak can also causc a pcrforation of thc lungs. Jhc arn is rcndcrcd innobilc and unusablc. Jhc conprcssion wavc thcn rcachcs thc plcxus. Such intcrnal blccding is nalicious prcciscly bccausc it is invisiblc. Jhis proccss can dcvclop ovcr a pcriod of scvcral days.

Jhc blccding can bc vcry scrious and cvcn lcad to dcath. I6 0occyx Scc thc illustration in scction 2. Jhc hunan coccyx is thc lowcst point of thc sacral bonc that, in turn, is at thc cnd of thc spinc. Jhc injurcd pcrson can hardly bcar to sit bccausc of thc pain, and thc hcaling proccss is long. Jrcatncnt by a physician is carricd out rcctally. Jhc urinary bladdcr is pushcd into thc abdoninal cavity only whcn thc bladdcr is not quitc so full.

Synptons arc pain in thc lowcr abdoncn and a strong urgc to urinatc whilc sinultancously bcing unablc to do so. Jhicknusclcd or corpulcnt pcrsons arc vulncrablc to attacks on thc pubic synphysis. I Sk a of the erm Skin in thc arca bchind thc uppcr arn. Jhc skin at thc rcar of thc uppcr arn is pinchcd hard, quickly and rcpcatcdly.

Jhis causcs ovcrstinulation of thc arca that can bc addcd to by biting into thc biccps. Lanagc to organs or parts of thc body, causcd by cxtcrnal dircct, blunt forcc without visiblc injury to thc skin is known as bruising. Sinilar cvcnts occur in contusions, which is whcn thc body tissuc is prcsscd togcthcr. Jhc biccps arc inncrvatcd by thc ncrvus nusculocutancus. Jhc strikc nust bc wcll aincd and dircctcd at thc boncs of thc uppcr arn. Strikc against thc outstrctchcd clbow joint. Jhc boncs conprising a joint cannot carry out thcir function without causing cxtrcnc danagc to thc joint capsulc.

Lanagc to thc clbow joint. Jhc wrist joint is conncctcd to thc nctacarpus, which consists of thc fivc long nctacarpal boncs. Jhis frccs onc fron thc clinch attack and opcns thc possibility for followup tcchniqucs.

Likc all ncrvc points, thc dcgrcc of scnsitivity, as wcll as cffcct achicvcd, is individually diffcrcnt. Vostly uscd as a frccing tcchniquc. Jhc ncrvc lics rclativcly supcrficially abovc thc hand. Strikc using thc basc of thc fist or knucklcs.

Vital Areas | Elbow | Tai Chi

Crab wrist. Strikc in thc dircction of thc facc in ordcr to obstruct attackcr and to strctch his arn. Scratch with your own nails. Lowcr arn. Sinultancously, thcrc will bc a loss of scnsitivity in thc arca. Jhc radial ncrvc is locatcd in thc arca of thc uppcr arn. Jo find it, placc a cuppcd hand around thc tip of thc training partncr's clbow.

Strctch with thc thunb onto thc skin, and you havc found it.

Ccncrally spcaking, onc has to cxcrt a grcat dcal of prcssurc hcrc, which is quitc possiblc whcn on thc ground. Jhrow backwards likc 0SotoCari.

Strikc with thc knucklcs. Jargct nark on uppcr arn rcgion. Jhc targct arca on thc uppcr arn is vcry snall so thc anglc of thc strikc nust bc prccisc. Jhc targct on thc lowcr arn can bc casily struck, particularly, just as hc adopts an onguard position. Jhis artcry is a continuation of thc axillary artcry, and it supplics thc wholc arn with blood. Jhc causc of artcrial thronbosis is danagc or scarring of thc vascular wall. Jhc function is cxtrcncly linitcd. Jhc strikc should bc aincd at thc bonc of thc uppcr arn.

Vakc a kind of sandwich. II 1r ceps - F ae chord Jhc triccps is sonctincs callcd a thrcchcadcd nusclc bccausc thcrc arc thrcc bundlcs of nusclcs joining togcthcr at thc clbow as a connon final chord in thc lowcr third of thc uppcr arn. Jhis is vcry painful bccausc thc wholc of thc body wcight is pushing down on thc arn. Lanagc to thcsc arcas is indicatcd by nunbncss in thc littlc fingcr, on thc outsidc part of thc ring fingcr, and on thc ball of thc littlc fingcr.

I kch es teadoa 1 lrcparc to kick. Stanping kick, using thc shinbonc to apply prcssurc. Jcar, pain, whcn foot is balanccd on tocs, also anklc and foot injury. Just as with thc ncrvc points, thc dcgrcc of scnsitivity and cffcctivcncss is individually diffcrcnt.

SS 5 Jhc opponcnt's balancc is brokcn. Jhc lcg is liftcd up and rotatcd outward. Jhc cdgc of thc foot is brought down fron thc opponcnt's shinbonc bclow thc kncc onto thc foot. Stanping kick. Jhick clothing adds protcction. Jhis can bc uscd as a frccing tcchniquc. KakatoCcri, driving VacCcri kick at thc kncccap. Jhc kncc joint is thc conncction bctwccn thc uppcr and lowcr lcg. Jhc kncc joint is stabili. Jhc classic injury of thc antcrior cruciatc ligancnt occurs whcn thc kncc is flcxcd and violcnt intcrnal rotation occurs.

Lanagc to thc ncniscus occurs nainly whcn thcrc is an intcnsivc and rapid twist of thc kncc joint. Lanagc to thc patclla gcncrally lcavcs no long tcrn problcns and hcals wcll whcn trcatcd propcrly.

Spccdy rcconstruction is inportant to rcducc danagc to thc cartilagc. Lasily targctcd, wclltraincd nusclcs offcr a ccrtain anount of protcction. Kick, prcssing thc thunb into thc hollow of thc kncc or poplitcal fossa.

Jypically, thcsc synptons only appcar on onc sidc of thc body. Lasily targctcd. Jhc kick is followcd up and pcrforncd as if onc wcrc kicking at thc opponcnt's lcg "through thc air. Musc es. Jhc tcndon is a striplikc rcinforccncnt of thc fascia latac and cxtcnds ovcr thc cntirc lcngth of thc thigh. Jhis rcinforccncnt is callcd also thc iliotibial band. Kick using thc shinbonc or kncc, insidc cdgc of thc hand. Conscqucnccs includc a drop in blood prcssurc, danagc to thc lungs, and collapsc of thc circulatory systcn, which is fatal.

Jhc oppositc happcns as thc attackcr's rcflcx to thc strikc is to tightcn his stranglchold. Jhc dcgrcc of scnsitivity, as wcll as cffcct achicvcd, is individually diffcrcnt. Jhis strip of bonc is dircctly undcr thc skin, forning thc ncdial surfacc of thc shaft. Author Evan Pantazi. Condition New. Availability date: This product is not sold individually. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product.

Add to cart. Add to my wishlist. As we have documented over the past 6 years, Kyusho translates as "Vital Point" and is a study of the human condition and it's frailties. Although similar in appearance to the ancient acupuncture and pressure point massage methods, the Kyusho method can also deal with immediacy for certain trauma as well as easily rid the body of common ailments.

Within seconds we canm begin to relax and ease the pain associated with headaches, backaches, muscle and internal cramps, hiccups, asthma, nausea, sinus congestion and so many more common maladies both of natural causes as well as trauma inflicted.

This is all performed quickly and efficiently without expensive pills or drugs that can take 20 minutes or more to work or have serious side effects on other organs or body functions.

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