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"Three cheers! Max is one of the smartest, strongest, funniest heroines around." - Diane Garrett, Diane's Books In this breathtaking new story from the. Editorial Reviews. Review. The Angel Experiment: "BOOK OF THE WEEK Pace, action, mystery, and cool." -- London Times "Adventure, fighting, backstabbing. Maximum Ride is a series of young adult fantasy novels by the author James Patterson, with a The first book in the series gives an overview of the Flock: Maximum Ride (the leader), Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman, and Angel. . The book ends with Phoenix, Max and Fang's four-year-old child, starting her first flying lesson.

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A breathtaking new story from the astonishing imagination of James Patterson: a girl who can fly has to save herself from the scientists who want to control. Start by marking “The Final Warning (Maximum Ride, #4)” as Want to Read: In this breathtaking new story from the astonishing imagination of James Patterson, a girl has to save herself from an army assembled just to capture her -- and maybe save the planet while she's at it. Maximum Ride, Vol. 4 book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Despite their initial hesitation, living with Anne has soften. .

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See all 14 questions about Maximum Ride, Vol. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jun 14, Sameera rated it it was amazing. I just finished reading this volume!

They left out a very important scene from the book in my point of view which clearly shows the progress of Fang and Max's relationship. The scene that I speak of is when Sam and Max kiss after their date and Fang is watching.

Maximum Ride: The Manga (4)

The manga ski YES! The manga skips right over that detail and doesn't show nearly enough of Fang's jealousy as seen in the book.. Ari looks different from the other volumes. He seemed less I dunno Actually, he was better looking which makes sense considering the fact that Erasers are supposed to look like super-models. View all 5 comments. Apr 26, Ichigo marked it as to-read. View 1 comment. Jan 19, Samantha rated it really liked it.

I read this in a couple of hours and it was great. Jan 22, Bexnbookx rated it really liked it. Review to come. May 19, Juliette E rated it it was amazing. I read the book Maximum Ride volume 4 by James Patterson.

I think this book was the best maximum ride book that I have ever read.

This I think was my favorite book that I have read in the entire year. At first when I saw this book I thought that is wouldn't be as good as the others, but when I started to read the book I was impressed on how good the book was. In this book there is a BIG secret that was found and born. My favorite character in this book was Maximum, Nudge she is the cover of the I read the book Maximum Ride volume 4 by James Patterson.

My favorite character in this book was Maximum, Nudge she is the cover of the book 4 and Angel. In this book Maximum was more likely the girl who was incharge of the whole flock group. Nudge in the book she was the one that was more bubbly but concentrated on what she was doing. Meanwhile Angel was very bubbly and concentrating with the group but she got off track sometimes to think about I think the author wrote this book on adventure, mystery, and about a group of very different teens that treat themselves like family when they are just really good friends.

This book is recomended to everyone. It is such a good book I can read the series over and over and over again if I wanted to.

If you read this book than I hope you enjoy the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and the 4th. The fith one ic coming out soon!!! View 2 comments. Jan 20, Ashley added it. Jul 17, Adrienna rated it it was amazing Shelves: Although I enjoyed the story, still some loops that needed to be twirled and completed.

Even though Nudge is on the cover, it seemed like it divulged more into Iggy's story which was the previous book. Mainly focused on Max Ride of course and her twin. Ari keeps playing a small part in her life, is it love, jealousy, or revenge?

I hope the series will uncover this soon. Lei Although I enjoyed the story, still some loops that needed to be twirled and completed. Leisure read Apr 23, Henry rated it it was amazing. They just keep getting better. That cliffhanger Nov 28, Dolly rated it liked it Recommends it for: After reading four of these volumes, I feel I'm vested in the story and will see it through to the end, but I am also getting tired of it, and am eager to finish.

Jun 05, Sarah Maddaford rated it really liked it Shelves: I hate to admit it, but although this book was good and I liked it at the time, it is rather forgettable. It's only been a month and I had to flip back through in order to remember what happened. I must say that the same things that made me pick up the first three books, made me pick up this one and will make me pick up the next one.

The art is good. The story is moves quickly and yet still manages to have enough depth to keep my mind engaged. And the characters are quirky without being overdone I hate to admit it, but although this book was good and I liked it at the time, it is rather forgettable. And the characters are quirky without being overdone so far I could do without Angel and mostly without Gasman and Nudge. I absolutely love Iggy; Max and Fang are fairly awesome too.

I'm all for empowering kids to make a difference in the world, but I also want them to think about multiple sides of an issue, I want them to question and read scientific studies for themselves, not listen to a pop culture icon tell them how "it is. At least now they have commercials that go "I got high. Nothing happened.

Nothing at all. I just sat on my couch all day like an idiot. You know what? I don't want to get high anymore, so that something can actually happen in my life. Sure, Max questions slightly if it's "really bad if the world gets a few degrees warmer," but they stick to the scare tactics and over dramatization that has been popular in global warming ever since An Inconvenient Truth.

Complete with ending the book with "worst hurricane ever recorded" which huh, the bad guys seemed to know was coming, so maybe it wasn't all natural? Never explored this in the book of course. This book offended me. I feel like Patterson thinks that I have no right to decide for myself what's really happening or not in global warming and that I'm so stupid that I need to be scared into doing what he has decided is the right thing. And what gets me even more is that nobody says a word about this book being such a propaganda tool, but if I wrote a book about a group of kids spreading a counter message, that maybe global warming is part of a natural cycle and that there are more issues involved than just human innovation and existence, then you can bet a million groups would be descending on me like I was trying to poison their children's minds by telling them Santa Claus isn't real.

More Max and Fang romantic confusion and tension--I feel like Patterson has that relationship pretty well fleshed out, though I'd like to see some closure or at least some more forward movement. Their relationship really hasn't evolved much from the last book. And at the beginning of this book, they have the funeral for Ari, and I feel so sorry for that kid.

Rereading the series before I read this book, my heart just broke for him.

The Final Warning

He's easily the most tragic character in the series. Still, I only felt like maybe a fourth of the book was about the characters, a fourth on action, and a half on, well, see above. There are so many interactions and relationships that still need to be fleshed out in the books. Max and Jeb especially have a complex relationship that I'd like to see keep evolving. I rather doubt this really is the last book.

Patterson left too much open, we still know nothing about the voice, and there's a lot about Max and the flock that keeps getting hinted at, then abandoned. I cringe to think of another book though, as disappointing as this one was to me overall.

Maybe he'll fast forward a bit, let Max grow up some. I'd really like to see Max be a little older, because I think her character interactions are at a standstill until she matures a bit more, then her relationships with Jeb and Fang, as well as the rest of the flock, will be able to expand. Edit - Yep, there is a fifth book listed on amazon. Maybe this one will have character development.

Or maybe they've decided to cool off the world by beating their wings really fast. Okay, and seriously, if you call one more bad guy "the director" then, you know what, James Patterson? I'm gonna hit you over the head with a thesaurus.

I'm beginning to feel like he doesn't actually read his own writing once he's finished. Not only are there three bad guys called the director oh, sorry, one is the Uber-Director , but in one book one person was indicated to be "The Director," and the next book it's someone else. Seems to vary by book , never mentioned Nudge was black in the first book at least not that I could find, I'm thinking he didn't decide that till book two… , and leaves me wondering how even a windbreaker can cover up their wings enough that they don't look like hunchbacks.

And, yeah, the wings thing. Their wing tips should at least fall over their butt. Fourteen feet of actual bone, feather, and muscle only becomes so compact. And they mention cutting slits in jackets, but what about their shirts?

And it doesn't seem like they would be able to just snap their wings out of those slits as easily as they always do. Especially while wearing backpacks and such. But okay, enough over-thinking these books. I think the more the author lectures to me about science and real world stuff, the more I question how unlikely his books are to be able to happen in the real world.

Something else I thought of a few days after finishing the book--okay, biggest hurricane in recorded history happens. That's really, really bad, right? Yet, that hurricane is the only reason Max and the flock get away from the Uber-Director.

Global warming bad. But without it, Max and the flock were in big trouble.

Bit of a problem with your message there, huh, Patterson? Once again, I don't think he's rereading what he writes. More at Bookwyrm Chrysalis Aug 01, Rachel rated it did not like it. What the hell? That was my general reaction to this book. Also, "Why?! This development is completely irrelevant to the plot, other then being "cool", and annoyingly convenient.

Same with Angel the 6-year-old flying who can read and control minds, to refresh your memory suddenly being able to change her appearance at will. When inexplicable things like this happened in the other books, I played along, because the books are fun to What the hell? When inexplicable things like this happened in the other books, I played along, because the books are fun to read and I thought they would probably serve some purpose in the next book.

No such luck; the plot of Maximum Ride is increasingly inconsistant and frankly, slap-dash. The Final Warning is the worst yet. What's more, I am doubting the ability of the author to kill off his main characters - or anyone who's not a bad guy, for that matter!

It's a miracle that Angel, Total and Akila survived being trapped in an ice crevice in Antartica. I thought Akila at least, a non-sentient dog we had just met, would be killed off.

But not only is she back to normal shortly, the flock adopts her even though it's incredibly inconvenient for them. Another addition to their happy little invincible flock. The flock also survives flying, unprotected, in a category 5 hurricance. For an enviornmentalist book, it's alarming unappreciative of the sheer power of nature. They should have been ripped apart. Consolidate all this with a global warming theme that comes straight out of an annoying educational video and you have -- I'll go ahead and say it -- a bad book.

It stands on such flimsy foundations that it's crossed the line from a fun dessert read to a book that's embarassing to be caught wasting your time on. Will I pick up the next book?

Maybe once I've calmed down a bit. Will I enjoy it? Even less likely. Mar 11, Stephanie rated it liked it Recommends it for: Ok, the humor was still there. The book was funny. But funny. It was a disappointment.

It was like Patterson was attempting to write the book, but wasn't done yet, and had forgotten to put in most of the excitement. Sure we had a kiss and a mention every other chapter, but there was nothing sturdy. Even the ending, it ends with them going off on another mission. No closure.

James Patterson, if this really is the ending of the series, I'm disappointed. If there's more Sure I laughed, but there wasn't really any action or adventure I was hoping for. It seemed more like a cry to save the earth, which the other books had some undertones of, but none of which were so strong as in here. I just Anyways, yeah, this is exactly how I felt after reading Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer too.

Too many writers are being rushed to finish the books so the readers won't have to keep waiting, and then we're disappointed. I want more action and adventure! Aug 18, Alexa rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The flock attend Ari's funeral, just after a new breed of Flyboy attacks the cabin they were thought to be living in.

The flock are led by Dr Martinez, who is now called Mom by Max, and Jeb to Washington where they are offered a comfortable life and an education in return for aid from the flock to the government.

Fang tries to kiss Max again. Max barely recognizes her subconscious love for Fang before she flies off the near by dock away from Fang. Max refuses the government offer and facility an The flock attend Ari's funeral, just after a new breed of Flyboy attacks the cabin they were thought to be living in. Max refuses the government offer and facility and they leave Washington.

The flock members have also begun to mutate on their own, or without the abilities programmed in. Angel develops a shape-changing skill, Nudge develops magnetism, Fang develops the ability to disappear, and Iggy finds he knows what colour things are by touching them.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that the new breed of Flyboy, who are lumpy and misshapen, were created by a cybernetic man called the Uber-Director, or UD by Max.

The head lieutenant is a powerful new Flyboy called Gozen. Dr Martinez takes the flock to meet a woman named Brigid Dwyer, who offers them a comfortable life for nothing. Max doesn't believe her and asks her to show her what the flock would have to do.

They are offered a place on a research ship which is on its way to the Antarctic, the flock accept and are soon on the bottom of the world. When they get there, two new, very unexpected skills develop. Iggy begins to see, but soon realizes he can only see things if they are surrounded by white, and Total grows wings. During the trip, Max becomes paranoid when she finds Brigid and Fang getting closer. Fang confronts Max's emotional behavior telling her they will always have a "thing", that she knows that and nothing is going to change it.

A member of the research ship is attacked by a Leopard Seal and killed. The flock discovers that she was a spy sending information from the vessel. Angel goes off with Total and the love of his life, Akila, a Malamute brought along on the Antarctic expedition. Angel falls down a crevasse but is soon rescued by Fang and Max, who are in turn captured by Gozen. The rest of the flock was also captured and they are taken to Miami, which has been evacuated because of a Category 4 hurricane that is about to hit.

They meet the Uber-Director or "UD" , who attempts to auction them off to worldwide bidders, but the building they are in is destroyed by a Category 5 hurricane. Gozen and the UD are both destroyed, but the rest of the Flock survive, along with Akila. The ending consists of Max standing before Congress in Washington, D. The flock is given a comfy life and a School dedicated to them.

Max complained that School was the wrong word to pick, but before the flock can even enjoy it, the voice inside Max's head speaks up and tells them that their mission is not over. The book ends with the Flock launching into the sky, with Max saying they can face any challenge that they come across. View all 6 comments. The Final Warning Author: James Patterson Series: Maximum Ride 4 Rating: First she was watched. In this breathtaking new story from the astonishing imagination of James Patterson, a girl has to save herself from an army assembled just to capture her - and maybe save the planet while she's at it.

Then she was threatened. Wow, this book sucked. I am being an angel by giving this book two stars.

It is just so What a stupid plot! Global warming, are your kidding me? An Title: And the writing? The book was way smaller. This is one of those books in a series that's just there.

And I hate that so freaking much! Things I Loved: I don't know what I loved.

Maximum Ride, Vol. 4 by James Patterson

Maybe that Fang is back? It's hard to say. Things I Hated: It didn't seem like the James Patterson writing style that I know from previously. The humor was totally off, and the writing was too crammed, and the plot was just so out there. I read some other reviews and they are all saying that he didn't even write it.

That's crap, James! How can you even put your name on this? I certainly wouldn't want to. It's so disgusting. I hate it! Hate it, hate it, hate it! Aug 02, Robyn rated it it was ok Shelves: In my review of the previous book, I said that if the next book was as bad as that one, I would quit reading.

This isn't as bad as the previous book, but it's not quite bad enough to make me give up, just yet. It was at least interesting to see this story get completely screwed up in an entirely different way than the last one. There are some things that this book has improved upon, making it better than the last one; there aren't a dozen meaningless plot twists, Max's voice doesn't feel a Huh There are some things that this book has improved upon, making it better than the last one; there aren't a dozen meaningless plot twists, Max's voice doesn't feel as "trying way too hard" as in the previous installment, and overall the flow of the whole thing was much better.

However, this may be a case of the author setting his sights too low, in the name of achieving an easier goal. There wasn't as much to screw up in this book simply because there wasn't as much here. There weren't any disappointing plot twists, because there weren't ANY plot twists.

This story did almost nothing to advance the overall narrative, and even took it back a few paces. It's starting to really feel like the author is horribly indecisive or we have too many chefs working on this stew. The big revelation from the previous book is rescinded, we're adding another freaking dog to the cast, at least this one doesn't talk There isn't one overarching force driving this, there's no vision.

This series is becoming as tightly plotted as a bad children's cartoon, with no sense of where it's trying to go at all. My review of the last installment compared the villain to one of the baddies from Captain Planet. Little did I know how prophetic that was. Eco friendly messages are fine, but when they are completely shoe-horned into the story, they lose their impact. I don't know about kids who read this, but I was really starting to feel talked down to in the environmental bits, and they were too long and preachy.

The worst thing is; I'm on their side, you know? Boo to global warming and pollution and species extinction! But shut up already, if you're going to talk about it in that patronizing tone.

It kinda makes me want to chop down some trees, just to spite you. What does Max and her group have to do with the environment, anyways? The premise for this whole book made zero sense.

There's really no compelling reason for them to be doing anything they do in this book. I'm starting to become really seriously disappointed in this series; it had such a compelling premise, and it's being thrown down the toilet. Here's how you fix this: That's much more impressive than this "mad scientist of the month" BS. Failing that, we need a huge shakeup.

Let the world end, and take the whole thing into a post-apocalyptic setting. And no more new super powers! Make something final and irrevocable happen so the readers know you aren't screwing around to give this a sense of danger again. It was cute at first, but now it's just filler. Added to that, Fang writes too similarly to how Max speaks. If you really can't part with this little gimmick, then do it right, FFS. Make Fang sound like Fang. Of course, the next installment has already been published, so my suggestions are too late.

I'm not going to issue ultimatums this time, as I think I might continue on with this series out of a sort of stubborn masochism. But I'm going to let everyone know how much it sucks. Jun 12, Elizabeth rated it did not like it. This is bad.

Very, very bad. You can do it! Global warming? I mean they buried Ari which I didn't like that Ari turned good anyway. He was a lot cooler as a bad guy who wanted Max all to himself and then they gathered information on penguins. And then they get kidnapped.

And then gives a speech to congress???? And what happened to them wanting to take the School down? The kidnapping was the only part tha This is bad.

Maximum Ride, Vol. 4

The kidnapping was the only part that was cool but where in the world did the uber-director come from? Anyone care to explain that? Was he connected to Itex or not? It was a whole lot better when the bad guys were Erasers who actually had a malicious desire to cause the flock pain. I mean cool, right? But no, now they are robots who don't feel pain and only wish to do as they were told.

The global warming thing killed me. I don't want it shoved down my throat when I'm reading a fiction book. Also it was very short. And there were random scenes. And yes James, we get that Max doesn't like it when Fang hangs with girls.

Why don't we just skip to the part where Max decides whether or not she likes Fang instead of all this weird jealousy.

Oh and speaking of relationships does the dog really need one? In the end it seemed to me like they took the other dog, Akilu or something like that, with them and I didn't like that. Max then is told by the Voice in her head that she must go to the coordinates where Max and the Flock are asked to go on a special mission — all the way to Antarctica , the bottom of the world.

Brigid Dwyer , Dr. Certain members of the Flock gain more skills — Iggy can somtimes see if surrounded by white and can tell colors by touch, Nudge can attract metal, Gazzy develops a way to release almost toxic gas, Fang gains the ability to blend in with his surroundings, and Angel gets yet another skill — she can change her appearance.

Papa's dog, Akila , starts to grow wings. While in Antarctica, a member of the research team, Sue-Ann , is attacked by a leopard seal and killed. It is discovered shortly after, however, that she was a mechanical impostor created by an unknown group of enemies attempting to capture the Flock. After being kidnapped, the Flock awakes in an office building located in Miami which has been evacuated due to the threat of an upcoming Category 4 hurricane.

The Flock faces the emotionless Uber-Director who is described as having many of his internal organs connected via plastic "boxes" which his head sits upon.

Eventually, the Flock finds safety in the eye of the hurricane, but the UD and his bodyguard plummet to the earth. After the chaos, the Flock returns to the home of Dr.

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