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Nl Ebook (epub, Free Ebook Caderno Maya Portugiesisch Isabel Allende isabel allende. popo, maya's grandfather, download ebook maya's notebook for free. In Chapter 2, we read about Maya's difficulties with procrastination. Figure Blank ABC record This information would take up one page in an A5 notebook. Isabel Allende discusses her latest novel Maya's Notebook.

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Maya's Notebook (Electronic book text, ePub ed) / Author: Isabel Allende ; ; Modern fiction, General & literary fiction, Fiction, Books. Maya's Notebook is a startling novel of suspense from New York Times Thrillers>; Maya's Notebook - EPUB. Share This Title: Maya. Read a Sample. Isabel Allende pdf epub ebooks. PC gaming is only Maya's Notebook: A Novel with a good Tiffany.

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Maya, joven de pasado Allende crea en Maya Vidal una ventana a una gran variedad de temas. Maya, joven de pasado turbulento, es una muchacha de buena naturaleza, aunque algo desprendida de la realidad. Siguiendo sus paginas, vemos su infancia con sus abuelos, su pelea con las drogas y el alcohol, los peligros que corre y su llegada a Chiloe. En Chiloe vemos su maduracion y enamoramiento con un joven extranjero. Allende usa a Manuel Arias, hombre que hospeda a Maya, para dar un vistazo a la vida de la revolucion.

Los fantasmas que atormentan a este son desenterrados por Maya, quien descubre muchas cosas en el camino. La hisotria es larga, con algunos momentos emocionantes.

Allende crea espacios espectaculares. Sus unicos momentos de flaqueza son cuando Maya se ve en estado de drogadiccion. De alguna manera, el factor de realismo se pierde y se hace algo obvio que es Allende la que finge ser Maya escribiendo, y no Maya escribiendo. Es un bueno libro, digno de ser leido. Lo recomiendo. Habia hecho un mejor review de unos 8 parrafos, pero goodreads se refresco cuando lo intente salvar y lo borro.

Hize este algo frustrado y mas impaciente, por lo que no es tan bueno. Ni modo. View 1 comment. There with time in her hands to contemplate her story she takes notes in a diary, narrating her family's history, weaving an intricate tale that spans 40 years and 3 different countries and everything is coming full circle.

She has the power to change her life course and escape the tragedies of her own making. Maya Vidal a 19 year old American that grew up with a colourful Chilean grandmother and a loving African-American grandfather, knows what binds a family together and can easily tear it apart.

Unable to handle tragedy she builds a wall around her and she hides behind drugs, alcohol and bad relationships. Numb, she thinks she finds the solidarity she desperately wants. Now, hiding in Chiloe, she reinvents herself by remembering her family's saga and meeting extraordinary people that managed to surpass the limitations set on them by judgmental and cruel people and create a haven.

Allende, Isabel once again stuns with her ability to weave an intricate tale of family and love. Effortlessly and with attention to detail she writes about complex characters you can easily relate to. Strong, independent women, fighting for their rights, unapologetically unique. She creates worlds of magic and she builds a book that you can actually live in. Maya's Notebook is a lyrical tale of survival and people reborn that I really enjoyed.

View all 19 comments. Jan 03, Angela M rated it liked it.

What I liked best about the book is the way Isabel Allende takes to you to Chiloe, an island off the coast of Chili, a place she knows and you can tell loves so much. You feel as if you are there among these wonderful,caring and sometimes superstitious people. They quietly go about there daily lives, but yet they know pretty much everything about each other and they take care of one another.

You almost want to be there for a few days and experience it first hand. Maya is there hiding from her pa What I liked best about the book is the way Isabel Allende takes to you to Chiloe, an island off the coast of Chili, a place she knows and you can tell loves so much. Maya is there hiding from her past mistakes, finding out about her family's past and in the end finding herself. The narrrative alternates smoothly from Maya's present in Chiloe to her past. The writing flows pretty seamlessly between here and Las Vegas , but the Las Vegas portions felt a bit too contrived to me.

It's not that I'm naive enough to think that these things don't exist, it just felt a bit over the top. Maya is a likeable character and you feel for her and you can't help but love the people on this island. I would recommend if you are a fan of Allende's other work. Mar 07, Elyse Walters rated it it was amazing.

I adore Isabelle Allende. I've met her twice -- she is actually shorter than me: I love my small girlfriends-we can exchange clothes. I've had a secret wish shhhhhhhhh , to be 'part-of-Isabelle's-tribe' for years take long walks with-talk-share-soak in the warm pools of Calistoga. Heck, I'd be happy to cook she and her husband dinner at 'our' house! This book is no exception.

Maya's Notebook is a ' I adore Isabelle Allende. Maya's Notebook is a 'raw' intimate personal story--taking place on two continents: Inside this page gem --the reader feels a close bond with the characters in the book -- For me: I genuinely felt like I was taking a journey through hell at times reading "Maya's Notebook" revisiting past pain --from a time when my 'own' daughter was around 19 and 'in danger' I was 'rooting' for Maya I loved that girl!

I, too, grew up in Berkeley. I, too, 'left' Berkeley, left the country for two years , when I was I'm now 61 years old: Soat times I was reading this book looking from a mother's point of view --other times I felt like the 19 year old myself other times I was just SAD: So much of this book just felt 'personal' from all sides of the coin Breakdowns are hard on the entire family.

The storytelling in Maya's Notebook is excellent! A simple-calm life on a far away island can be 'healing' -- beautiful people living on that Island of Chiloe. The island felt so 'real' as if I, too, was visiting. The only thing better than reading about Chilean History from Isabelle Allende would be to visit 'in person'. Who wants to fly to Chiloe? View all 4 comments.

I love Allende much of the time. Though not the best of her numerous novels, this one is still worth a read. The Chilean history lessons are welcome, as are as the 'life lessons,' but not their preachy moments. Audiobook reader Maria Cabezas does a terrific job -- but it sure would have been nicer if she'd known how to pronounce South American yerba mate, which is mispronounced several times.

Another peeve: The protagonist's endearment for her beloved I love Allende much of the time. May 18, Denise rated it liked it. Isabel Allende is the author of Maya's Notebook. This is my first book by this author but not my last.

I am reading this book because much of the book occurs in Chile on a small island off of Chile's coast. There are many others places mentioned in this novel. This is a great story that shows how a dramatic loss in 19 year old Maya's life caused her to spiral into a life of drugs, alcohol, prostitution, crime and violence. The reader learns about her life through Maya reading her journals that a Isabel Allende is the author of Maya's Notebook. The reader learns about her life through Maya reading her journals that are honest and real.

May 21, Diane Yannick rated it really liked it. I really love the way Isabel Allende writes. Her lyrical descriptions take you to Chile where "the ocean takes bites off the land and the continent of South America strings out into islands; an eyelash between the mountains of the Andes and the depths of the Pacific Ocean, with hundreds of volcanoes, some with lava still warm,that could wake up at any moment and bury the territory in the sea.

Maya's Notebook (Electronic book text, ePub ed)

Maya, the 19 year who comes of age in this novel, gets caught up in the sleazy life of drugs so easily available in Las Vegas. Eventually, she is wanted by the FBI for her involvement in a counterfeiting scheme.

Her grandmother Nidia arranges for her to live as a fugitive with a family friend Manuel. The evolution of their relationship as they learn to trust each other is very touching.

Maya's deep love and respect for her deceased grandfather Popo is a guiding force which eventually provides a moral compass. Her love for Fahkeen, her rescued mutt, lets her experience the unconditional love that she has so often been missing since her parents abandoned her. In order to survive the harsh realities of this secluded area of Chile Chiloe , she learns about the the the human laws of reciprocity.

She learns to live in a community of people where you give as much as you receive; where personal happiness is less important than being useful. The concept of favors that are repaid to humanity rather than specific individuals is embedded throughout this story. Although I found this book captivating and an enjoyable read, I felt that too many characters were introduced who did not flesh out the narrative.

I also felt that our talented author occasionally copped out linguistically--"It is impossible to describe that instant when the divine liquid heroin enters the blood. You were able to describe alcohol withdrawal as "an octopus of anguish that wrapped its thousands of tentacles around my temples and squeezed.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings EPUb/PDF Book by Maya Angelou - bi01nyunyua

Some take aways that rang true to me: It's a slow-growing plant. I was born in Chile, lived through the dictatorship with a very different experience and have been to the Island of Chiloe which is as beautiful and mysterious as Allende describes. Naci en Chile, vivi ahi antes y despues de la dictadura con una experiencia muy diferente a la descrita en el libro; he viajado a la Isla de Chiloe la cual es tan linda y misteriosa como Allende lo describe.

Quiero partir por decir que Isabel Allende es una de mis autores favoritas, y este libro me gusto. Una vez mas me perdi en las frases y la manipulacion del lenguaje espanol ademas de la trama que Allende maneja con tanta destreza. Maya es una chica criada por su abuela Nini y su abuelo postizo Popo en Berkeley en California.

Cuando muere su Popo, su mundo se derrumbe, se mete con un grupo de chicas poco deseables y termina deambulando, su vida casi destrozada y escondida en una isla de Chiloe. Escribe sus pensamientos en un cuaderno, no es un diario de vida, solamente un cuaderno en que paso a paso nos va describiendo como llego a vivir en la isla, con unos personajes querendones y grunones, y como esta recobrando las hilachas en que quedo su vida.

Es un libro de encuentros con uno mismo, cuando llega la hora de decidir que es uno mismo solamente quien tiene las riendas de la felicidad y que no puede seguir culpando a los demas o a las injusticias de la vida por su infelicidad. Allende describe graficamente los pormenores de la decadencia de Maya, pero no cae en lo pesado ya que va turnando con unas descripciones esquisitas de la isla de Chiloe, las curiosas costumbres de sus habitantes y el amor que se encuentra ahi.

Donde tengo mi objecion con el libro, es que Allende una vez mas introduce los hechos ocurridos durante y despues del golpe de estado que destituyo al Presidente Allende y puso a cargo del pais una dictadura militar. Esto lo describe solamente desde un punto de vista, algo angosto - sin detallar el estado del pais, economicamente, socialmente, civicamente que llevo al golpe militar.

Los hechos que ocurrieron despues son inexcusables - no hay lugar a duda - pero no se debiera trivializar el porque se llego a ese punto en el pais - ni tampoco el punto de vista de millones de chilenos que simpatizan hasta el dia de hoy con Pinochet y los cambios que logro.

Now in English - and this is not a word for word translation of the above. Isabel Allende is one of my favorite authors and I very much enjoyed this book. Once again I got lost in her use of Chilense, of the Castillean language used by Chileans which she totally dominates.

It was refreshing to read this in Spanish after reading so many of her books in English and I've never liked the woman she uses for her translations.

Maya is a young girl brought up by her Chilean grandmother Nini and her adopted grandfather Popo in Berkeley, California. When Popo dies, Maya's world comes undone, she hangs out with a group of undesirable firlfriends and winds up with no path, practically destroys her life and is sent to the remote island of Chiloe in Chile to hide out with a bunch of people she's never seen before.

She writes down her thoughts and her life in a notebook, not a diary, and step by step takes us back to what brought her to the island, and describes the colorful characters living there, some who are affectionate and caring while others are quite cranky and grouchy; through the patience of the islanders and the introspection of her writing, she begins to sort out her life and put it back together. It's a book about finding yourself at a time when you need to figure out that you are the only one responsible for your own happiness, that you can't continue to blame others, back luck or life's unfairness for your own unhappiness.

Allende uses graphic descriptions and doesn't mince words when it came to Maya's fate and her fall into hell, yet the book is not heavy because of her technique of mixing in the exquisite descriptions of the lush island of Chiloe, the curious customs of its inhabitants and the unconditional love she finds there. What I do find objectionable with this book is that Allende once again embeds a second story into the book by introducing Chile's military coup of which dissolved President Allende's government and installed a military dictatorship headed by General Augusto Pinochet.

My issue is that she describes this from one, and only one point of view, and it's unfortunately a very narrow viewpoint. She does not detail the occurrences that led up to the takeover, the state of the country, the economy in shambles, the scarcity of food, our social, economic and civil disastrous experiment causing a total and complete meltdown for the country.

What happened after the coup bears no excuse, it is inexcusable without a doubt. But when writing something like this I find it trivialized to present one side of the story without some explanation as to why millions of Chileans had a different experience and what exactly led us to that point.

View all 6 comments. May 18, Cynthia rated it really liked it Shelves: She decides to teach them a lesson and goes walkabout where she meets with evil. Some of these folks use her for a quick fix others are in it for the long haul.

Maya’s Notebook: A Novel pdf epub

On arrival she finds herself on a sparsely populated yet almost idyllic island where she almost immediately accepts and is accepted by the natives. She learns a new way of being. She continues to struggle with her addictions as her soul and body slowly knit back together. This review is based on an e-galley provided by the publisher. Disclaimer included as required by the FTC.

Dec 08, K. There's the plot dealing with Maya's family. There's the plot dealing with Maya's time in Chile. There's the plot dealing with Maya spiraling out of control.

And there's the plot where Maya's life goes totally off the rails in Vegas.

This book is frighteningly dark - it features rape, sexual assault, drug addiction, drug trafficking, along with any number of beatings and hospitalisations and mental health problems. I have no idea who this book is intended for. Because Maya is nineteen as she tells us her story, and much younger for much of the book. So frankly, I liked the stuff that was set in Chile. But everything else was a long, meandering trainwreck. View 2 comments. May 03, Julie Christine rated it liked it Shelves: Isabel Allende is a fearless writer.

She can take on magical realism, contemporary political thrillers, historical fiction, or epic sagas and craft unforgettable characters, evocative settings, and surprising plots. She is a natural storyteller with a keen sense of pacing and a flair for high drama. She is an unreliable narrator prone to disastrous choices and sophisticated self-reflection.

This novel confounds me. Yes, she is the result of an affair between a pilot and a flight attendant. Basking in the warmth of the Chiloe community, Maya feels compelled to write her story and slowly she begins to heal. But can she move beyond her pain, find forgiveness and learn to live with the scars of the past?

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She also took a special research trip with a skillful guide who helped her get to know the culture more deeply.

It is through spending time in a place and hearing the everyday stories and gossip of its residents that a person can really begin to know a community, Allende suggested. Isabel Allende's latest novel Maya's Notebook. Photo by Megan Kang. This focus is a notable departure for an author whose works have often featured historical themes.

The writer also shared some of her thoughts on magical realism, an artistic genre of Latin American origin with which Allende has frequently been associated.

She embraced the term and its relation-ship to the novel. She said that she often dreams of babies during her writing process, a pattern of imagery that she has learned reflects the journey of writing the stories themselves. Allende also addressed questions about how complex contemporary social issues around race, ethnicity, and gender have influenced her life and work as well as her characters.

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