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Copyright © by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana . William Panek holds the following certifications: MCP, MCP+I, MCSA,. MCSA+ Security . Working with the DHCP Database Files. .. PDF of Glossary of Terms. Mcse notes. 1. MCSEMICROSOFT CERTIFIED SYSTEMS ENGINEERNETWORK : A network is a collection of computers connected together. exchange server 5 5 mcse study guide | Download eBook pdf,, Download Note: If you're looking for a Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server (MCSE) Published: April 27, Prepare for .

Mcse Pdf Notes 2015

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Windows , XP, A+, Network+, CCNA, CCENT, LPI study guides for certification. Below you will find a list of the free study notes that we have written for MCSE, CompTIA, Cisco, LPI, and IP Subnetting for the Masses (PDF ) ADVERTISE | PARTNERSHIPS | PRIVACY POLICY | DISCLAIMER | © | CONTACT. Managing Files & Folders. • Managing Devices. • Understanding Passing both exams is required to achieve MCSA certification. LE. VEL. 2. WINDOWS 8. MTA. Find out how to become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE). difference between the new MCSE specialties, introduced in September , and the.

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Logical Topologies: Work group. Domain Workgroup peer to peer: Collection of computers connected together to share the resources. No servers are used.

Only Client OS is mostly used. Suitable for smaller organizations.

Where security is not the criteria. No administrator is required Where we are not using client server based applications. Like oracle, SQL and exchange etc.

Provides centralized administration. Domain offers security and provides logon authentication. Suitable if security is criteriaRequires an administrator. Desktop O. Network O. Win NT 3. Windows Enterprise Editions: Windows DataCenter Edition: There are two versions of IPs1. IP version 4: IP version 6: IP address is used for identifying the system and provides communication. IP address is of 32 bits divided in four octets. Each Octet is of 8 bits, separated by a.

Numbers range between Organizations responsible for assigning IPs to clients. Internet Assign Naming Authority. Internet Corporation assigning for name Numbers.

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Class A: Class D: H The first octet is reserved for network ID. The first bit of first octet is always 0. Class B: The first two octets are reserved for Network IDs. The first two bits of first octet are reserved as 10 Class C: The first three octets are reserved as network portions.

The first three bits of first octet are reserved as Class D: Used for Multicasting. The first four bits of first octet are reserved as Class D: Used for Experimentation. Packet Internet Groper 7. Is a centralized database where it contains the information about theobjects like users, groups, computers, printers etc. AD is a centralized hierarchical Directory Database. AD is a searchable Database.

We have to install A. Domain Controller D. A server where A. Functionality of A.

Using A. It provides single point of administration. Purpose of A. Provides user logon authentication services.

Features of A. Fully integrated security system with the help of Kerberos. Easy administration using group policy. Extensible modify the schema New features in 6.

Cross —forest trust relationship. Site-to-Site replication is faster. Evolution of LDAP: It is an industry standarddirectory access protocol used for querying and providing communication amongthe objects in A. It is directory access protocol. It runs on the port no. It is based on OSI model. Windows O. Active Directory Domains and Trusts: Domain controller security policy: Domain security policy: Logical structure is useful for organizing the network.

Logical components cannot be seen Physical structure is useful for representing our organization for developing the organizational structure. It reflects the organization mirrors Physical structure can be seen. A tree is a group of domains which share contiguous name space.

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If more than one domain exits we can combine the multiple domains intohierarchical tree structures. The first domain created is the root domain of the first tree. Additional domains in the same domain tree are child domains.

A domain immediately above another domain in the same domain tree is itsparent. Multiple domain trees within a single forest do not form a contiguous namespace. The two forest wide predefined groups — Enterprise. Administrators and schema administrators reside in this domain. Sites provide replicationThere are 2 types of replications 1.

Intrasite replication 2. Intersite replicationIntrasite Replication: It is a replication with in the same site. Intersite Replication: It is a replication between two different sites. Intersite replication is implemented when the sites are away from each other.

Implementing sites: Forceful replication: Creating a Site link: Knowledge Consistency Checker: It is a service of A. Directory Information TreeIt is a file logically divided into four partitions. Schema partition 2. Configuration partition 3.

Domain partition 4. Ad is constructed with the help of classes and attributes. Forms the database structures in which data is stored. Collection of objects is called class. Piece of information about the object is called attribute. Configuration Partition: Logical partition in AD database. Domain Partition: Collections of users, computers, groups etc. Units of replication. Domain controllers in a domain replicate with each other and contain a full copy of the domain partition for their domain.

DCs do not replicate domain partition information for other domains4. Application Partition: It is a newly added partition in win It can be added or removed It can be replicated only to the specified DCs. FSMO roles: Flexible Single Master Operations: Forest wide Master Operation1.

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Schema master 2. Domain Naming masterDomain wide master operation3. PDC emulator4. RID master5. Infrastructure master Schema Master: Responsible for overall management of the entire schema in a forest.

The first DC installed acts as a schema master in the entire forest. There can be only one schema master in the entire forestDomain Naming Master: It maintains the uniqueness of domain names. There can be only one DNM in the entire forest.

PDC emulator: Ifit is running in mixed mode PDC updates the password changes made by the users. It is also responsible for synchronizing the time. There can be only one PDC emulator per domain. RID master: Responsible for assigning unique IDs to the objects created in the domain. It is divided into two parts. DID Domain Identifier 2. Infrastructure master: It also maintains universal group membership. There can be only one infrastructure master per domainThe term flexibility means we can transfer any of the 5 roles from DC to ADC.

Transfer of Roles: We can transfer the roles for some temporary maintenance issues on to ADCand again we can transfer back the roles onto DC. We can transfer the roles in two ways 1. Command mode 2. Graphical mode Global Catalog runs on the port number All types of queries are first heard on this port number and forward the query toport no. Maintains the complete information about the objects withinthe same domain and partial information about other domains.

GC communicates to infrastructure master. The primary functions of GCTo maintain universal group membership information, to easily locate the objectswith in the AD.: Configuring a Global catalog server. Installing ChildDC: Installing New Domain tree in an existing forest: Forest initial domain controller or root domain controller On member server or stand-alone machine.

Select Domain tree in an existing forest. Trust is a process of enabling resources of one domain to beaccessed by another domain. Functional Levels: Domain Functional Level: Forest Functional Level: Windows mixed: This mode supports older versions of win We can add NT, flavors in networks.

Windows native: This mode can have NT and Useful when we upgrade NT to Windows server: This mode supports only server family. Trust relationships in Windows server Default two way transitive Kerberos trusts intra forest Shortcut — one or two away transitive Kerberos trusts intraforest Reduce authentication requestsForest-one or two way- transitive Kerberos trusts.

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External — one way non-transitive NTLM trusts. Realm — one or two way non-transitive Kerberos trusts. Establishing Trusts: The Domain where we have user accounts is called trusted domain. The domain where we have resource is called trusting domain. Trust between parent and child is two way transitive trusts.

Ex; A trusts B, automatically B trusts A this is a two way trust. Trust between parent and Grandchild domain is called implicit trust. One-way trust or Non-transitive Trust: It means A is getting the resources from B and B is offering the resources. One way out going trust: A is offering resources to B and B is getting resources from A Benefits of Domain Functional Level: Win server Level: The moment we raise the functional level, form mixed mode to win modewe get the following benefits.

Universal groupsGroup nestingDomain renaming tools. Benefits of Forest Functional Level: Win levelWe get complete benefits of when we raise the level from to win server. We can implement forest trusts. Acceleration of global catalog replication information. Domain renamingImplimentingForest Level: Raising Domain Functional in both the machines: Member Server: A server, which is a part of DC, is called Member Server. Server, which is part of the Domain, is called Member Server.

Member Servers are usedLoad balancingLoad sharing form DCsA member server can be configured as any of the following servers. Configuring a member serverRequirements: DCStand alone server flavorOn Stand-alone server: Configuring win or XP professional as a client: Same as configuring member server;Server: NT, , Client: WKS, Prof.

User Account: Domain User Accounts: These are created in the AD and they provedcentralized management of users besides easy administration2. Local User Accounts: These can be created on the Local machines where theclient works.

XP prof. These accounts do not provide centralized management. Suitable only for smaller organizations where there is no server. Creating a Domain User Accounts. On DC logon as a userDisabling password complexity policy: Re-setting User passwords: The moment we create a share on a server, server acts like a file server. Sharing a resource: The document file has standart. PDF Version cannot be purchased separately. Our testing engine is supported by Windows. Andriod and IOS software is currently under development.

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