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Review your answers from your mechanical reasoning test #1. Find out by downloading our FREE mechanical eBook! DOWNLOAD NOW!. Mechanical Reasoning Formulas are a must know if you plan on taking a mechanical reasoning Find out by downloading our FREE mechanical eBook!. Psychometric Success Mechanical Reasoning - Practice Test 1 - Download These eBooks teach you how to master specifc aspects of psychometric analysis.

Mechanical Reasoning Ebook

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Our page eBook gives you a total of 8 practice tests with specialist questions, four on 'Mechanical Reasoning' and four on 'Fault Diagnosis'. There are. Mechanical reasoning questions vary widely in difficulty from test to test and Click here for details of this best selling eBook, available now for immediate. Whether you need to prepare for military, civil service or private industry mechanical aptitude tests, our downloadable eBook provides immediate access to.

This eBook will show you how to increase your speed and accuracy in mechanical aptitude tests. It contains examples and explanations covering every type of question you are likely to encounter including; levers, pulleys, gears, springs, tools, workshop arithmetic, and fault diagnosis questions. A pulley consists of a wheel with a grooved rim and a block which holds it. A rope runs in the groove around the wheel and one end will usually be attached to either: Pulleys are often used to lift things. For example, a pulley could be attached to an overhead beam and a rope could be run up and over the pulley to [ A gear is essentially a toothed wheel or cylinder that works in tandem with another gear or gears to transmit motion, or to change speed or direction.

This will mean that a force greater than the weight will be required to lift it. You may see more complex questions involving levers, where there is more than one weight for example.

In this case you need to work out the force required to lift each weight independently and then add them together to get the total force required. Mechanical Aptitude Tests — Sample Pulley Question The pulleys used in this type of question are made up a grooved wheel and a block which holds it. For the purposes of these questions you can ignore the effect of friction.

Single pulley questions are relatively straightforward. If the pulley is fixed, then the force required is equal to the weight.

If the pulley moves with the weight then the force is equal to half of the weight. Another way of thinking about this is to divide the weight by the number of sections of rope supporting it to obtain the force needed to lift it.

Double Pulleys There are two possible ways that two pulleys can be used. Either one pulley can be attached to the weight or neither of them can be. Remember to divide the weight by the number of sections of rope supporting it to get the force needed to lift the weight.

Answer C — The weight is Kg and there are 6 sections of rope supporting it. Divide by 6 to get 50 Kg. In all cases, just divide the weight by the number of sections of rope supporting it to get the force needed to lift the weight.

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A gear is a toothed wheel or cylinder that meshes with another toothed component to transmit motion or to change speed or direction. Gears are attached to a rotating shaft turned by an external force, which is not usually illustrated in these types of question. Two gears may be connected by touching each other directly or by means of a chain or belt.

If the gears are touching meshed then adjacent gears move in opposite directions. In this example the first and third gear will turn in the same direction. When there are an odd number of meshed gears then the last gear will always turn in the same direction as the first one.

Meshed gears with an equal number of teeth will turn at the same speed. If they have an unequal number of teeth then the gear with the fewest teeth will turn faster. To work out how fast one is turning with respect to the other you need to count the teeth. A spring is piece of wire or metal that can be extended or compressed by an external force but which then returns to its original length when that force is no longer applied.

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Top Pick. Mechanical comprehension tests are used widely during technical selection tests within the UK careers sector. Mechanical comprehension and reasoning tests combine many different elements. The test itself usually forms various pictures and diagrams that illustrate different mechanical concepts and principles. Mechanical comprehension and reasoning tests are normally highly predictive of performance in manufacturing, technical and production jobs.

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