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Bookshop, Epub Ahead Of Print, Epub Gratis Descargar, Epub From bestselling ebook author M Pierce comes Night Owl, the first novel in a. Night Owl book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. At twenty-eight, Matt Sky has the perfect life. He has a beautiful gir. Last Light Night Owl 2 By M Pierce epub download Early risers and night owls have structural brain differences: Discovery could help explain why people late to .

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Night Owl trilogy. Books epub and pdf. Night Owl (Night Owl #1) by M. Pierce .epub. KB. Last Light - M. KB. After Dark. Tanya Gupta pinned post. 13 May Actions. Report. M. Pierce - Night Owl. epub. KB. Last Light - M. KB. From bestselling ebook author M. Pierce comes Night Owl, the first novel in a provocative erotic trilogy where an anonymous online writing.

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If you believe the copy of this e-book you are reading infringes on the author's copyright, please notify the publisher at: For Anna, always Spend all you have for loveliness, Buy it and never count the cost. The beginning. The crowd continues to clap and Gail Weider beams at us. I pull Matt several feet onto the stage and he stops.

He stands there woodenly, his expression blank, and then darts a look backstage. Gail's smile falters. My boyfriend and I are live on Denver Buzz, the biggest morning talk show in the city, and this is our chance to spin his fake death in our favor.

A reclusive artist driven into hiding. A sensitive personality reacting to harmful circumstances. Stuff like that. She gestures to the couch.

I know where we are supposed to sit, and I have been coached on good posture, eye contact, and affirmative answers. So has Matt. But Matt is gone. The camera focuses on his stunned face. The applause dwindles. Abruptly, Gail crosses the stage and we flank Matt. The scene becomes comical. She grips his shoulder, I hold his hand, and we maneuver him toward the couch.

We're so excited to have you. She exudes authority, and Matt and I look like children on her stage. At last, we get Matt seated. His hand is glued to mine. This awkwardness is all my fault. Had I sabotaged our TV appearance? The possibility never crossed my mind. In fact, the proposal didn't cross my mind until it rolled off my tongue.

Oops ,,, "Matthew, Hannah. I pat Matt's knee. He remains comatose, and Gail launches into a spiel about how glad she is to see Matt safe, and yet how stunned she and the nation felt after the news of his death in December. She recounts the story. Her eyes sweep from the teleprompters to the crowd and back to us. A silence follows, during which Matt is supposed to speak.

Even I know his lines. I'm glad you brought this up, Gail. I've been looking forward to this opportunity to explain what happened, and why. First, I need to say that ,,, Matt glowers at the camera. Dear God, he looks adorable. His bewilderment turns to anger. He glares a challenge at everyone, as if we are already at the altar and someone might object to our union.

The audience gives a collective gasp. A blissful smile breaks out on my face and Matt and I hug. Everyone claps. People get on their feet. It's soap opera season finale meets touchdown in the studio. The bedroom was dark. I padded to the window and watched a thick white cord of lightning reach down from the sky. Thunder followed in a long bass rumble. I opened the window and tropically warm wind rushed over me.

Our curtains streamed through the room. Finally-a storm to break the dry heat of June. As I waited for the rain, my mind traveled back to that day, almost a month ago, when Matt and I appeared on TV and he announced to the nation that we were getting married.

The remainder of the show had focused on our whirlwind romance, our tumultuous relationship, and Night Owl, Matt's tell-all novel about us.

Somehow, the news of our engagement eclipsed even Matt's phony death. We excused everything with love. Women in the audience dabbed their eyes-and the cameras ate it up-as Matt described his loneliness at the cabin. He was animated, gorgeous, and powerfully persuasive.

As Matt wove a tale for our rapt spectators, even I envisioned him storming off the mountain and back into my arms-all for love! We laughed and shared longing glances. I lowered my head when the story darkened. My hand played on his thigh. After the last segment, Matt had dragged me off the set.

My heart kicked into doubletime as we navigated the corridors backstage, stepping over wires and around video equipment. He hauled me into a dressing room. My phone began to ring. I remembered thinking it was probably my boss and Matt's agent, Pamela Wing, and she was probably having an aneurysm.

Or maybe she was cracking open a bottle of champagne. Impossible to say. Pam had arranged the talk show appearance and prepped Matt and me exhaustively, and we had proceeded to stray from every line in the script.

Matt's phone had started ringing, too. He ignored it. He slammed the dressing room door shut and pressed me against it. In the dark, I couldn't make out his expression. Are you angry? I-" "Angry? His hands roamed down my body. The scene is engraved on my memory: And then the way Matt had said, "You're a genius, Hannah.

You're brilliant. He said it wasn't "a sure thing. I moved back into the condo with Matt. We returned to our routines.

Three weeks passed, and I began to wonder if I had even asked. Marry me. Did I say those words? We're getting married. Did he believe those words?

The sweet smell of rain brought me back to the present moment. I perched on the windowsill and listened as Denver's dry pavement sighed beneath the downpour. The wind carried a spray of moisture that misted my face and legs. You're a genius, Hannah. I shut the window and walked to the office.

The door stood open, which meant Matt wasn't writing. I leaned against the frame and watched him. Something on the computer screen captivated him. He sat hunched forward, frowning and rubbing his jaw. I giggled and his eyes shot up. God ,,, I loved to watch that smile dawning on his face.

He pushed away from the keyboard and patted his thigh. He grinned at me. His hair was growing in blond, light roots clashing with black dye on the fringes. I ran my fingers through it and he nuzzled my chest.

I rubbed his shoulders and he planted idle kisses along the neckline of my nightie. I stole a glance at the computer. I'm on Facebook, too. I rarely got a look at Matt's computer. A page of Colorado homes loaded. He glared at the screen. Just looking. A smile quirked my mouth-until I started to study the houses. Matt eased out from under me and plopped me onto the office chair.

He stalked to the wall, where he pretended a frame needed straightening. This place is tiny. You have no real room of your own. It's like a-" "'Six built-in fireplaces,'" I read from the Web page. Six bedrooms? Oh here, look at this. There's a fountain in the driveway. That's perfectly normal. A Romeo and Juliet balcony? Is that a thing? However remaining anonymous proves to be a difficult task for Matt after he sees a picture of Hannah online.

It was gone. Her picture was gone. I clicked on the galaxy and it took me to a larger picture Already I couldn't remember the details of Hannah's face. From there things take off for these two. And that first meeting… "In you go, little bird.

Get on your hands and knees. I'm going to take you from behind. Ok look, like I said this is not for everybody so there is only one way to know if this book is for you.. Oh, and I mean that in the nicest way possible!!! Just bought this, sounds good PLUS it was. At twenty-seven, Hannah Catalano has a train wreck. View all 32 comments. I know I'm in the minority here, and risking an online mobbing, but I just didn't love this story.

M Pierce - After_Dark_The_Night_Owl_Trilogy_3 - Pobierz epub z

I wanted to love it. I expected to love it. I had extremely high hopes and now I feel kind of let-down. I liked it, but not as much as I thought I would. Despite being well-written and original, I struggled to stay interested.

Some of this may be due to the fact that I listened to the audiobook version. I've found that audiobooks just don't work for all stories for me. Sometimes, what would be an in I know I'm in the minority here, and risking an online mobbing, but I just didn't love this story.

Sometimes, what would be an incredibly sexy line read in a book, can be humorous when read aloud by a narrator. It can really kill the mood. Honestly, it's like I'm cruising along listening to Morgan Freeman talking about marching penguins in that smooth, almost sterile voice. Although the narration was quite good for this audiobook, the dirty-talking, dominant Matt, was just too much for me to handle in traffic.

Holy hell, did that man have a dirty mouth! If I'd read instead of listened, I probably would have found it sexy as hell. Since I didn't, it was a bit much. I'm pretty sure I blushed, and even felt a little embarrassed ALONE, in my car! That takes some talent! Unfortunately, when Matt wasn't talking dirty to Hannah, I lost interest quickly. Their sex was hot, as was their frisky banter.

Otherwise, I didn't feel any connection with Hannah at all, and only a minimal draw to Matt. I think I liked the rabbit the most honestly. Lastly, where the hell did that ending come from!?! Is it some sort of cruel joke??? Possibly a clever angle on M. Pierce's "autobiographical" novel? I'm not sure whether I feel more intrigued or infuriated. Check out more of my reviews at www. View all 22 comments. I think I liked this book. But I think I didn't like this book. Fuck, I dont know.

What was this book even about??? I'm so confused. The first half I felt like I was in the twilight zone I'm all for dirty talk but Matt kind of creeped me out. He was all kinds of uncomfortable and awkward. I think I would have liked to have gotten more of Matt and Hannah's writing relationship, how they first met, etc. I loved that they met online--that was unique I think I liked this book. I loved that they met online--that was unique and refreshing. I had trouble connecting to the characters.

Matt is fiercely private When Hannah inadvertently gives Matt her name and a picture of herself things between them change. Now he has to meet Hannah. And for me it really wasn't even THAT hot.

And there's really no romance in this story. When the reason for Matt's need to remain unknown and private is revealed everything sort of spirals out of control. We see a completely different Matt at this point. I kind of felt sorry for Matt. But I'm not going to lie, there was still something off about Matt to me. He seems to really be obsessed with Hannah I did read the epilogue I mean this is a trilogy.

So maybe the plot will develop more along the way. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious as to where this story could possibly go. The writing was good, I'll admit. I just found it to be a bit on the disturbing and dark side I guess. I'm a little perplexed. There is cheating in this book on Matt's part but I guess you kind of forget because his girlfriend is out of the country vacationing. So you don't even remember he has a girlfriend. And karma is a bitch and comes back and bites him in the ass!

This book definitely wasn't what I was expecting I did read this book in one sitting pretty much, so I guess that has to say something.

And I think I'm curious enough that I will have to check out the next book in the series. If you want an HEA sort of --don't read the epilogue. If you want to be left with unanswered questions and a big WTH then read the epilogue.

And if there's anyone out there who can actually refrain from reading the epilogue I want to know who you are?!?!

View all 48 comments. Jan 28, Jaidee rated it did not like it Recommends it for: What I hoped for: When I read a description of this book and saw the very high ratings I was hoping and expecting a sweet heterosexual erotic romance with a touch of kink!!

What I experienced: A very dull, predictable, sexist and possibly antifeminist middle of america neglected housewife wet dream. Hanna is a sweet dependent loser wh 1 "insipid, ridiculous, sexist" star!!! Hanna is a sweet dependent loser who attracts all the assholes who neglect her. This new man has it all she thinks but is a bigger asshole and narcissist than all her previous boyfriends combined. Matt is a successful author with a big mind, big wallet, big condo, big dick and about the most fragile biggest ego than you can ever meet.

He's a cheater, liar but oh so misunderstood until he meets Hanna who is curvy, big busted and just so happens likes to be treated like a slut. Oh My!! This goes from bad to worse. Hanna's sister is a cheeky stripper go figures but Matt's brother might be even more successful than he is. This is really gross and the story spins out of some maudlin control when Matt's secret is revealed and he hits the bottle Only Hanna can save him and you know what ultimately rescues him is the gift of her virgin ass.

No Joke!! This is complete and utter trash IMHO and as my BF likes to say to me quite frequently when he gets annoyed with some of my book choices I think he was right: Please just do it!! These characters would have been pleasant additions to the characters on The Girl on the Train View all 50 comments. Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger But she ain't messin' with no already successful indie authors who aren't "in need" I can't make myself interested in how the story will evolve or how anything gets resolved, so I quit.

I have the gist of what's coming anyway no pun intended. I haven't connected with either character and haven't learned much about them beyond the sex. There's plenty of that. It just doesn't feel very soulful or relevant, I guess.

I'm reading these supposedly "sexy" scenes, but I don't feel anything and I don't sense the reason for it being there. Honestly, the time these two spend together is like a script for a phone sex operator, lol. I'm also distracted by the sense that I've seen shades of all this stuff before, so it's not feeling special to me.

I thought the set up and the beginning were compelling, but once they "met", it started to go downhill for me. Turns out, the dude started giving me the creeps, which has to be some sort of deal breaker in romance books, right?

I mean, he's view spoiler [effing cheating on his live-in girlfriend with this chick hide spoiler ] , so there's that. Then there's the presumptuous way he the dude drags Hannah that's our heroine along on outings and tells her what she's feeling and thinking and what she really wants.

Seriously, wtf? Not sexy. Not romantic. It's like BDSM without the communication, boundaries and emotional dynamics. I didn't find it engaging or compelling in any way.

Honestly, this story makes Anna of Fifty fame seem like Wonder Woman by comparison. At least Anna told Christian where to get off now and then and didn't automatically cow tow to his every wish. I can't help but notice this book seems to be using similar scenes and character arcs as Fifty Shades, but does it in a way that's less interesting or more glaring and since part of the premise is that he's cheating, its obvious where the crisis, conflict and I may completely edit this tomorrow because it's obvious I'm venting after just quitting this book, but we'll see.

Note to self: I'm not sure why I think that, but there is an emotional distance in the sexual encounters and it feels masculine to me not saying men are emotionally distant, just "different" and I sense the difference I wouldn't be surprised if this is a guy whose trying his hand at writing a Fifty Shades type of story.

I'm just throwing that out there in case it turns out I'm right. I'm gonna look back and say that I totally called it! Post Script: My friend, Cam, mentioned that she was discussing this with other readers and they also guessed the author was male due to the way the heroine was presented like "every male's fantasy".

I thought, "exactly! This book reads like a male fantasy. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's not my cuppa. View all 68 comments. Oh and some more sex. Besides kinky sex, there was no plot, character, or any kind of development so it was hard for me to connect with the story. I did like how Hannah and Matt meet through online writing; that was pretty neat but they have Skype sex in the very first few pages?!

This book is like a mini-Fifty Shades. Christian and Matt could almost pass for twins! Isn't that original? During sex, grunts and moans are expected but what do you think of this? I like those embarrassing noises. You yowl like a cat when I fuck you hard, and you whine and bet like a dog. This might be my favorite, though. Another thing many early reviews failed to mention was the cheating aspect!!! Technically both Hannah and Matt cheated but at least Hannah came to her senses and broke it off with her boyfriend to be with Matt.

But Matt? Oh no, he feels guilt but he still willingly strings along Bethany girlfriend out of town and Hannah. Well good thing what goes around comes around! As for the name calling, it is just ridiculous. Not me though! The fact that I couldn't DNF this probably signifies something positive about the author's writing style. As a GR reviewer would I recommend this? As a blogger would I recommend this?

That's a hell no. This wasn't a bad read. Saw a few DNFs. Yeah, he was a bit mouthy with the name calling but some girls get off on that. Epilogue was interesting. I don't like writing bad reviews, so I'm going to try to explain my feelings for why this book didn't work for me. It's not that I don't appreciate a good dark romance, I do, or even a serious mindfuck, because I'm all over that too.

It's just that this story was an unpleasant experience for me all around. In fact, I contemplated putting it down many times. It was only on the advice of my very highly esteemed GR friends that I trudged on.

And the second half of the book did change significantly, holding my interest until the end, but Here's what I didn't like I did NOT like the characters And this is crucial for me. I was completely unable to connect with the characters throughout the book.

Matthew I found Matthew's character to be extremely weak, and just I mean, he was completely inconsistent. How is it that this guy had a live-in girlfriend, who apparently meant "nothing" to him?

And the cocky, demanding demeanor that he projected in the beginning of the book seemed to crumble like a house of cards the moment his identity was revealed. I just didn't get that. He was a liar , he was unfaithful , and he was a coward ; in short And the second he get's called on it Sure he has issues, but I didn't see how they could justify his actions. But maybe that is coming later in the series.

I felt that his "dirty talk" was a bit over the top and sort of evolved out of nowhere. He treated her worse than a cheap prostitute, right from the start.

He was demeaning to her and down-right abusive and completely without warning. He seemed to be so infatuated with her in his head, but he treated her like a cheap slut. And it was as if what was going on in his mind To me, he came off as creepy and stalkery instead of commanding and sexy.

Matt's theme song: Creep by Radiohead: Hannah Now Hannah was probably the character that completely ruined the story for me. I don't remember if her age was ever mentioned, but she seemed VERY immature to me.

Right from the start, she behaved like a high school freshman, who was trying to impress the captain of the football team. She seemed to be going along with this guy's suggestions like a love-sick puppy, even before she knew who he was, or anything about him.

I mean who quits their job, dumps their boyfriend, jumps in their car and moves halfway across the country She was reckless , and immature. And in response to Matt's abrupt debasement of her, she was completely on board with it??!!! Had she known him better, maybe developed some trust first, ok, but not like this. It just didn't work for me. That is not typically the kind of sex you have with a complete stranger Instincts alone should have had her afraid or at least wary of this guy This relationship was like two speeding trains colliding Then his identity was revealed, and she was suddenly shocked and broken-hearted?

What did she expect? Why she was surprised by the fact that he lied to her But then, she almost And then Speaking of love Hero worship I think you get my meaning. And what I liked? So, what kept me going? I'm not sure. But the last two-thirds of the book started the downward spiral for their relationship It is not that this story lacked creativity, because the storyline certainly was intriguing, it just lost it's luster in its execution.

One thing that did catch my interest was his writing. His idea for The Surrogate was more intriguing for me than the actual story. In fairness I realize that this is just the first segment of the story, and that I may need to factor in things that have not yet been revealed. But based on the story as it stands I just couldn't connect with it. View all 70 comments. Gawddddddd, I am speechless! Night Owl by M.

Night Owl by M. Pierce

Pierce had me captivated and enthralled within the first few pages. I knew without a doubt this book was going to be a winner. And I am relieved to see that I was indeed correct. Matt is unbelievably the most self assured, arrogant, assholery kind of douche there is.

But at the same time its his arrogance and his dirtyyyyy mouth is what captivated me from the start. And we soon find out that there is more to this man than meets the eye. Matt literally stole the show his POV was insightful, sarcastic, and funny Hannah on the other hand unleashed her inner goddess whenever she was within arms reach of Matt. Their whirlwind romance based on lust, sex, and lies was the underlying coating to this unhealthy relationship.

The lines are blurred Although the main theme of this book is their erotic sexual relationship there is so much more than just the sex. There is a great backbone story behind the sex filled pages. And I was consumed to find out the twist and unexpected events that had transpired.. Don't get me wrong I knew shit was going to hit the fan there was no if's or but's about it but its the way things unfolded and transpired that had me captivated throughout the WHOLE damn book..

Ohhhh sweet jesus, that epilogue was brutal!! Cannot wait to get my hands onto book 2 and more Matt of course ;.. View all 42 comments. Well, what a difference a few days makes. Once I finished, the reviews and ratings surged and Night Owl is on Amazon's top So what can I possibly say that the many before have not already?

Well, I'm giving it a go.. First, M. Pierce who the hell are you and will we ever know? Please let the rabbit out of the bag I hate the ever elusive hidden identity of some writers Sylvain Reynard, M. It's not only a bit annoying its bloody not fair. Why , what makes the difference if we know who you are or not?

It really doesn't Not only is it a strategy but its part of the story Pierce on Twitter, FB , and the blog. You will have tweeted the author and recommended the book to every reader you know well not the squeamish ones. By page 5 I was sucked in and I'm not too proud to let you assume why After I pushed all my SmutSisters to push aside their books and their own writings I took my time. I stopped at times so I could savor this story as it was going far too fast.

Look it may not be a literary master piece but to me it is. I like hot books and lets face it most readers do right now for whatever reason, they do. You know the humiliation factor alone should turn us off The prose and samples of loneliness make you feel for Hannah at first but it is truly Matthew that is the lonely one. Hannah other than her name is a very likable lead with her own humor and wits. The Pavlov's dog and the rendering Matt speechless comments were just two of the lines that made me laugh out loud.

As I read I kept thinking where is this going? Not once was the story predictable. And, if you don't like the story then the last shmexy scene alone is worth the read. Oh and not only were there supporting characters but they were also unique and intriguing. Many books are written in this indie world which I love. We get so many insights and plots we wouldn't otherwise. But, some whilst the plot is fantastic the writing is not as strong.

Or the writing is fantastic and there really isn't a unique story. This is the best damn. Perfect sentence that sums up the writing in this book: You have to master the rules before you break them.

I'm a greedy bird, I want more nowww. Thank you for trying your hand at a romantic erotic story, I am forever in your debt and so is my husband. But clearly this was not your first book, your writing expertise gives you away. At least in my mind you are. View all 7 comments. This story is told in alternating pov of Hannah and Matt and it does indeed end with a cliffhanger with the next book coming this January.

I think M. Pierce is truly a gifted writer. You have a new fan girl in me! The story had a dark edge which kept me on the edge of my seat to the very last page. The c 4. The characters and yes characters each one was written to perfection. I think Pam maybe my favorite but Laurence was quietly adorable. A reader will be hooked from the first page and I have to say M. Matt is such a deep character.

He was intelligent and crazy, sexy and dominating, broken and fragile, insecure and childlike. And fuck, I was unhappy.

That was fiction. This was my life. I was addicted to the way he humiliated me in bed. View all 47 comments.

I just want to say "Thank You" to Jen for making me read this one!! Right off the bat we're hit with some pretty steamy scenes. There's dirty phone sex!! Matt and Hannah are working on a story together but only converse over the internet. There's an undeniable chemistry between the two but Matt isn't being all that truthful with Hannah.

Actually, he hardly gives her much information about his life, but she's under his control. He's definitely got some mental issues and is quite eccentric!

I've never fallien in love with an alpha who had a pet bunny rabbit, a stuffed manatee doll, and who loved to play with baby chicks!! Sounds absolutely nuts Only he could pull that shit off!! LOL My thoughts drifted back over all the ways he'd touched me. My ass, my breasts, my sex. God, I loved the way he handled me, like he had a right to my body. Like I was his. I loved his voice, demanding, dictating, demeaning, and, in the end, desperate.

She left me alone in the riddle. I needed her because I loved her--or I loved her because I needed her. Why had the feelings turned to a maze? Now I was lost in the dark. In my dreams I ran paths walked with high hedges.

Always the leaves brushing me like laughter. Always the long night. Don't you know that I love you? I see you under all your lies, and I always find you.

I laughed out loud. I needed a few cold showers. I wanted to wrap my arms around Matt during his dark days. Nothing lasts forever, and nothing ever ends. This book had it all for me and just gave me another swoon worthy book boyfriend!!

Can't wait for book two!!!!! View all 62 comments. This is a pretty original concept, at least as far as I was concerned and it definitely piqued my interest.

When it comes to reading erotica…I have one expectation - insanely hot sex…everything else just makes me a happier camper.

Well, this book achieved that I never knew what to expect with the story line or characters and up to the epilogue, I loved every direction it took me. Matthew Robert Sky Jr Pierce… Mr. Matt Matt Matt He's snarky and brooding and not in the normal sexy way I usually love It was an interesting dilemma because I never disliked Matt completely but he doesn't make it easy to just fall in love with him Then all bets are off.

My whole body responded to the idea of Hannah near me. She's so likeable, genuine, real I just liked her! I liked her relationship with Matt Tonight, trouble was a beautiful body standing next to a beautiful car right outside my house, waiting for me. I felt raw elation. By far. And I liked that! It's not out of the realm of possibility That being said, things do progress rather quickly once that line has been crossed Another thing I loved.

I wish you could see yourself. You look lost. Scorching…sizzling…blazing…ten alarm fire…that kind of HOT - am I painting a clear picture? Like all out smoking , it is hands down some of the best sex I have ever read. I say this with no shame…I was panting during some of the scenes. Matt is dominant and demanding and all kinds of yumminess.

Watching Matts personality open up more and change now that he is experiencing Hannah first hand…he morphed into this super insanely loveable Matt - the core essence of him was still there, still surely and sour, but he was loving, sweet and receptive to Hannah. He treated her with such care and yet still managed to fuck her on a desk and out in the wilderness Yup…it was.

She gazed over her shoulder with half-lidded eyes and whispered my name. Why did I think I had any power over Hannah? I was hers. I don't do spoilers You know what else I didn't see coming Matts pet rabbit. And once again Just sayin. I also loved Chrissy, Hannah's sister - because she made me laugh. I love Nate, Matts brother, because he's the best big bro in the world. I loved the plot because it was very unpredictable and I never knew what was going to happen and while, yes it is an erotica, there was a significant amount of angst IMO.

It's crisp and clean while being descriptive and precise. It's a very unique style and it just flowed throughout the entire book for me. Also, M. Pierce is a very intellectual writer - there are words in this book that I have never seen used in a romance. That's awesome! We switch back and forth, alternating chapters from Hannah and Matts POV's and both were written extremely well.

It expanded until it seemed to press at the limits of my being. I became less than a shell of myself. I was a fine limning — a suggestion of Hannah Catalano. I understood how people fall apart. I understood how dangerous it is to let someone become your whole life, and how powerless we are to prevent it.

Never deny me , Matt once said. As if I had a choice. The last chapter is fabulous. Great ending for Hannah and Matt, even though it's not as conclusive and concrete as I usually like.

But…then there is the epilogue. If you don't like cliffs - do not read the epilogue, problem solved! I have so many questions and I am not a very happy girl about the cliff - and an epilogue of two pages did that to me! The 'great and horrible' epilogue aside…I really loved this book. Everything about it worked for me and I couldn't get enough. If Night Owl is any indication of what is to be expected for the rest of the series, count me in.

This book is astoundingly well written, practically flawless in my opinion and if you're a lover of contemporary romance, erotica and indie books, this is by far one of the best choices out there. View all 36 comments. To keep this relationship strictly anonymous Matt has rules: I don't want to know you, and I don't want you to know me. We write together online, that's it.

I'm not looking for a new friend. I'm looking for a writing partner. Little accidental e-mails from Hannah's personal account leads to Matt wanting to know more about his writing partner. Their attraction starts out cerebral but turns physical. I love the way they met and their conversations through Skype. Several authors got their start from NaNoWriMo. Very interesting that the author of Night Owl is Matt's view spoiler [pen name.

I noticed that the first time we learned Matt's pen name. I'm not a fan of cheating. I avoid books with this subject matter because I don't find them enjoyable. Now, back to the question I'm going to answer in a spoiler in case someone doesn't want to know.

Matt has a girl friend but she's not in the picture because she's traveling. How the author writes the story it doesn't bother me that Matt has gf and maybe that's because she's away on a trip with her parents. Matt's feelings towards his gf aren't those of being in love but more of companionship. No cliffhanger unless you read the epilogue. View all 33 comments. All this excitment and swooning totally clouded my judgement.

I think my brain had an accident and turned off for awhile. There is so no other explanation, why I would torture myself. I wish I could forgot picking it up. I know, I know If the wishes were horses, begars would ride Contains spoilers What didn't work out for me? What a fucking asshole! They meet on the internet, write, jerk off together, have phone sex and start having 'real' sex. There is no feelings - no love, no caring, nothing. They have sex, and more sex Well having sex without kissing someone before is Kisses are, in my opinion sexier and more important than the 'insert penis into vagina' thing.

I really did. But even Matt's dirty talking and I'm a slut for some smutty talk wasn't enough to make me read longer. After the scene in the strip club I was done. Shoul've done it earlier, though. I don't even want to know how it ended, but if I had to guess, it probably went like this view spoiler [ Hannah found out about Beth and him being Matt Pierce, Beth found out about Hannah and Matt realized he loves Hannah.

So there would be totall mindfuck with cliffhanger or make up sex. The best thing? Laurence the bunny. I have a rabbit a pet, get your mind of the gutter! View all 26 comments. Two writers co-authoring a story. But Matt has rules. No specifics, no last names, no phone numbers, no pictures… But even when these two stay within the rules the lines start to blur.

One woman is driving his fantasies and this one woman is now within reach. Desperate for his privacy and a heartbreaking past that was both in and out of his control; Matt begins a dangerous game with Hannah, his little bird. Erotic and haunting. I clung to my Kindle the entire time.

This story grabbed you completely from the start. Matt played both the hero and the anti-hero, concealing his identity and his relationship from Hannah. This felt like two stories perfectly woven together. There was the fantastic smutty parts that had you panting and squirming and then there was the hauntingly painful moments that had holding your breath. There was beauty and pure lust in the writing. I would probably cry when I got into the barn.

Finally, I captured one of the chicks. I cupped its body to my chest. Little bird, I thought. Soft warm little bird. Although we did not get too much back-story with Hannah, beyond simple things she shared, we got to know Matt deeply. I am not sure what to exactly expect with the second installment of this trilogy, the epilogue leaves us with quite a few questions, but for some reason it did not leave me fearful of what was to come.

I absolutely fell in love with this book. Every scene, every word… I picked this one up because Sally said so and when Sally picks a winner, I almost always agree with her. Why I loved this book: The storyline- fresh, unique, addicting 2. Matt- his possessiveness, dirty mouthed sex crazed demands 3. Hannah; her willingness, confidence and commitment 5. The sex-scorching, dominant, lots of it and lov "Had I read too far into Matt's fiction?

The sex-scorching, dominant, lots of it and loved it! Broken Matt "God, I was lucky. View all 12 comments. I've been thinking about fucking you. It's like there's something wrong with me. I can't stop thinking about it.

I want my body against yours, my cock 4. I want my body against yours, my cock inside of you. It's driving me wild. Does that frighten you? No, I've Hannah has no clue what to think of Matt, he somehow found a way in but his hot cold mood swings make her think twice "A little bit of an asshole" was putting Matt lightly.

Matt's smirks came in flavors— two parts kindness, one part wicked amusement, a little lust in the mix. The way Hannah submits to him, the humiliation that they get off on, her need for him drive him wild.

Trying to do the right thing behind her back, his world is turned upside down and everything just goes down the drain, but the only thing that matters is trying to make things right with Hannah, how could he ever make it up to her. I needed her because I loved her— or I loved her because I needed her. In my dreams I ran paths walled with high hedges.

Night Owl , was such a surprising deliciously-sexy read, these two were completely off the charts, talk about lust at first Skype. Matt was a complex-rich-asshole who had a dirty mouth and knew how to use it, Hannah was a witty-charming-heroine that submitted to just the right man.

Being curious, I grabbed my kindle, loaded it up and — BAM! The intensity of this story lured me in like the proverbial fish on a hook. I was savagely devouring each word.

It took me a while to mull this one over and formulate cohesive thoughts, because this story evoked so man 4. It took me a while to mull this one over and formulate cohesive thoughts, because this story evoked so many emotions for me.

Matt Sky, a best selling author writing under the alias M. Pierce hmm , meets Hannah Catalano on-line while collaborating on a story.

He is a sexy, temperamental and mysterious man. Hannah, also a writer, is a beautiful, sweet, fun loving girl. No sharing personal information and under no circumstances will he reveal the fact he is the M. All is well and they are focused on their work until Matt stumbles across a photo of Hannah.

Sad things seem truest to me "You are always deceiving me," she whispered Matt becomes obsessed and desperately needs to connect with Hannah - learn everything about her. Eventually, his boundaries are crossed and their telephone conversations turn into sizzling phone sex scenes. Trying to remain emotionally detached from Hannah becomes taxing. All bets are off when she moves back home to Colorado, right in his back yard.

As destiny plays its hand, these two finally meet. And then, all hell breaks loose. This book contained extremely hot, extremely erotic scenes. Matt and Hannah get-it-on, and fast.

From scandalous public displays affection to blindfolding, ball-gagging spank fests, this couple is HOT and extraordinarily kinky.

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