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After literally years of fans telling to do so and me resisting, I am finally capitulating and releasing digital PDF versions of the Order of the Stick books. Right now, the first two books in the series are available—Dungeon Crawlin' Fools and On the Origin of PCs. Like all great stories in the history of the universe, this one begins in a tavern. The Order of the Stick: On the Origin of PCs reveals the secret character. will get a special never-before-seen The Order of the Stick story in PDF format. The Order of the Stick: On the Origin of PCs, which has been out-of-print for.

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After all, how did a psychotic halfling, dwarven cleric, bumbling bard, androgynous mage, and opportunistic rogue all team up with a college-grad fighter on quest to avenge his father's death?

Overall, a very fun read with plenty of chuckles. How did Xykon become a litch? What is the creature in the darkness? And how long will it take for SOD to reach Amazon, so we can order it here? It was fun to see all the characters and what they were doing before they joined up and why they all decided to go. Overall if you like, OOTS, get this book, it's well worth the price.

If you don't, then this book isn't going to change your mind. If you've never heard of OOTS, go here: Every bit as awesome as expected. Fans of Order of the Stick will like it. Includes fun fluff, but also adds a little meat to the storyline. For fans of the Order of the Stick, this is a must. A 72 page book on where the characters came from, how they met and what crimes they did before we meet them on the Web Comic.

Done in a cool greyscale, that flashback look, and with a preface by Redcloak and an introduction by Rich Burlew this book is full of humor, beer, explosions, beer, drama, beer, magic, beer, beards, beer, costumes, beer and Belkar Bitterleaf who is the most important character in the whole group.

So buy it. Why are you still reading this? It's a great prequel and I've read it before. I bought it for my best friend's birthday after I got him into the comics. I think he'll love it!

Origin Desktops Reviews

Black and white, but still the best. This book is a very interesting journey into the backstory of the protagonists of the Order of the Stick.

I do wish it was a bit longer. It was interesting to see OOTS in a more comic book-like format. See all 21 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. This item: On the Origin of PCs. Set up a giveaway. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Snips, Snails, and Dragon Tales. Arcane Fury and Divine Might. Keep an eye on your spam folder, just in case. What does the watermark look like? It's on the first page the cover , and it's a small grey ribbon-shape with the Gumroad "G" logo, next to which it says "Sold to" and then the email address that you gave when you purchased the book.

So don't buy using your top secret email. Why do the listings say that they're 76 pages and pages when the print versions are 72 and ? The page count includes the front and back covers, inside and out.

Why did you reletter the old comics? I like Comic Sans! Since I had to touch each one manually to fix it, I decided I might as well use the current font. Why did you change the typography on the commentaries? The original layout for both of these books was done in Quark Xpress 3. I needed to lay them out from scratch in Adobe InDesign, which is what I've used for the more recent books.

That meant retyping the old commentaries. Did you make any other corrections to the art?

A few really egregious errors that had slipped by, though I probably missed some yet again. Not much else. Why are you using Gumroad instead of insert name of other company? Because they charge the lowest commission, which means I could lower the price more.

Plus, most other companies that offer a watermark service add it to every single page, which seemed like overkill to me. One page is enough. Can't find the email with the download link?

Originally Posted by Keltest. Word of warning for the slightly inattentive: I got an email with a download link for each, as described, however said email also began with 'You will receive an email with a download link in a few minutes.

Rich Burlew. This is pretty awesome! I mean, i have all the print copies that are available, but this is pretty cool for those what want the PDF ones. Also, totally blindsided on this one. Why not have a tweet about it also? I mean, I'm sure most people who subscribe to your twitter are also on the forum, but it's a few seconds worth of work for added publicity, which is a pretty good trade-off.

Last edited by Peelee; at Cuthalion 's avatars rock. Like this very fine dragon he made me.

I never bought the books because I don't like material bulk, but this is awesome. Edit to add: Originally Posted by The Giant. Last edited by blunk; at As an International and not so wealthy fan, thank you! Not native English speaker, I've warned you! You are a gentleman and a scholar, and I cannot throw my money at this fast enough! Thank you! Lesser, greater, middling, it's all the same. Proportions are negotiated, boundaries blurred. I'm not a pious hermit, I haven't done only good in my life.

But if I'm to choose between one evil and another, then I prefer not to choose at all. Originally Posted by Peelee. Also, thanks for the hint on ! As it's Wow, and the release of two PDF books! This is quite an exciting day in the Playground!

The way in which vampires work in OOTS. - Google Диск

Thanks Rich! Already have the physical books though I imagine a lot of people will really appreciate this. For your pledge, you can select one of the reward packages—listed to the right—of equal or lesser value to your pledge.

You can always pledge more than the minimum to get a reward if you want and for some packages, you'll need to do so if it must be shipped internationally. Your credit card or other account will not actually be charged at the time you make your pledge, and you can change your mind right up to the final deadline. If the final deadline comes and we've reached our goal, then everyone gets charged the amount they pledged at once and we get to work printing and mailing books and magnets and whatnot.

But if for some reason we don't meet our goal, then the whole thing is called off. No one gets charged, no fees are applied, everyone just keeps their money. So there's no risk of putting up money and then the reprint project never getting off the ground. Of course, if we fail to meet the goal, then no one gets any rewards, either, and some of those rewards are pretty cool, in my highly biased opinion. Why, then you're missing out on the finest tale of comedy, action, and adventure ever to be serialized on the internet using brightly-colored stick figures.

It tells the tale of the eponymous band of heroes living in a fantasy roleplaying game world as they struggle to overcome their enemies, their environment, the rules of the game, and their own crippling incompetence not necessarily in that order of importance. Much of the story is available for free on my website, Giant in the Playground , too. The story starts here , though be warned that the art is pretty crappy at that early stage, and the roleplaying game references are numerous and dated.

But it gets better after that, such that I would rate the current art as "less crappy" and the gaming references as "virtually unnoticeable. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. A Roy Greenhilt fridge magnet, exclusive to this pledge drive, shipped anywhere in the world.

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All of the rewards below this include the digital download as well. A crayon drawing of any OOTS character, made by Rich Burlew, plus the art print, the magnet, and the other free swag, plus a patch. No books or other stuff added no exceptions. In order to get this package, you must be under 23 years of age and will be required to email me a photo of yourself holding your high school or college I.

Please don't take this unless you really are a broke-ass student, and please don't take this on behalf of your broke-ass son or daughter. To be perfectly clear: One "I'm Participating" commemorative patch, plus a Roy Greenhilt magnet.

Shipped anywhere in the world. This reward will NOT include the coloring book, stickers, or notepad. Note that this reward will NOT include the coloring book, hit point pad, or sticker sheet. A pledge-drive-exclusive 8x10 art print of pretty much the entire OOTS cast, suitable for framing, plus a Roy Greenhilt magnet. One copy of the villain prequel Start of Darkness, plus a Roy Greenhilt magnet, shipped anywhere in the United States. Plus a Roy Greenhilt magnet, shipped anywhere in the United States.

The 8x10 art print, autographed by the author, plus the Roy Greenhilt magnet and the coloring book and stuff. This package will not ship until all other orders have been fulfilled! A pledge-drive-exclusive 8x10 art print of pretty much the entire OOTS cast, suitable for framing and autographed by the artist, Rich Burlew. Plus a Roy Greenhilt magnet.

Don't pick now; we'll ask you which ones you want when we collect your shipping address. Plus a Roy Greenhilt magnet, shipped anywhere in United States.

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If Don't Split the Party is being reprinted by the time the drive ends, you can pick that for your compilation, too. One copy each of all three "print only" OOTS books: A digital OOTS stick figure portrait of you and any pets you have for you to print out or use however you wish.

Plus the 8x10 art print signed and the swag that goes with it. You will be asked to confirm the quantities of books ordered before they are shipped, and you'll get one Roy Greenhilt magnet for every 2 books ordered. Shipped anywhere in the United States. One copy of the villain prequel Start of Darkness, autographed by the author, Rich Burlew, plus one signed copy of any other OOTS book that's in stock or to be reprinted by the time this drive is over.

Your choice, but don't pick now; we'll ask you which one you want when it's all done! Plus the Roy Greenhilt magnet, shipped anywhere in the United States. Plus the Roy Greenhilt magnet, all shipped anywhere in the United States. A set of all four limited edition OOTS magnets released so far: Plus a Roy Greenhilt magnet and the other free swag.

One copy of each full-color OOTS book:

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