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CLASS 10th. OUR ENVIRONMENT. BIOLOGY. 1. Designed by: Junaid Qadri. BIODEGRADABLE SUBSTANCES: Substances that are broken down by the. Vidyakul Our Environment Class 10 Notes were made by expert teacher to help Class 10 Science Chapter 15 Our Environment Notes - PDF Download. Environment affect the life and development of an organism in its natural So only 10% of Energy is transferred to next trophic level while 90% of energy is.

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Notes For Class 10 Science Biology lesson 15 Our Environment Download pdf. Our Environment class 10 Notes Science chapter 15 in PDF format for free download. Latest chapter wise notes for CBSE board exams. BIOLOGY OUR ENVIRONMENT 2. Our Environment. Biodegradable and Non-biodegradable Wastes. Ecosystem. • An ecosystem is a .

Our Environment Class 10 Notes are prepared by our panel of highly qualified teachers who follow strict CBSE guidelines to get rid of any confusion among children regarding the content of the course since CBSE keeps on updating the course every year. These notes are made out of past 10 years question papers and study material which help the students cover each and every concept given in the chapter. Our Environment Class 10 Notes would provide you with clear understanding and retention of the course content which would help you score more marks. Our surrounding is called environment. In this lesson, you will learn about the following: Ecosystem and its components, Biotic and abiotic components, Food chain and food web, Energy transfer through trophic levels, and Ozone layer and its concerns.

All living organisms are classified on the basis nutrition. It is the sequence of living organisms in which one organism consumes another organism for energy. It is unidirectional single directional.

In a food chain, various steps where transfer of energy takes place is called a trophic level.

The flow of energy is unidirectional in a food chain. There is gradual decrease in the amount of energy from one trophic level to next trophic level in a food chain.

It is called Bio-magnification Maximum concentration of such chemicals get accumulated in human bodies.

Chapter Notes: Our Environment - Class 10 Science -

Since humans occupy the top level in any food chain. Environmental problems caused by humans: Depletion of Ozone Layer O3 layer is largely found in the stratosphere which is a part of our atmosphere from 12 km — 50 km above sea level. Ozone is a deadly poison at the ground level. Ozone is formed as a result of a following photochemical reaction.

Ozone layer is a protective blanket around earth which absorbs most of the harmful U. Ultraviolet radiation of the Sun, thus protecting the living beings of the earth from health hazards like skin cancer, cataract in eyes, weaken immune system, destruction of plants etc. The different methods of solid wastes disposal commonly used around the world are. Resend OTP. Wanna update details? Please provide the Phone Number you used when you signed up for your vidyakul account. Please enter it below.

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CBSE Class 10 Science Revision Notes Chapter 15 - Our Environment

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Class 7. Class 8. Class 9. Class Informatics Practices. Business Studies. Political Science. Competitive Exam. JEE Mains. JEE Advanced. The inter-connected food chains operating in an ecosystem which establish a network of relationships between various species, is called a food web.

The addition of certain pollutants like the carbon dioxide gases increases the temperature of the earth. The reduction in the forest cover also contributes to the heating of earth.

This is called global warming. Ozone Layer formation and importance Ozone O3 is a molecule formed by three atoms of oxygen. Ozone, is a deadly poison. It shields the surface of the earth from ultraviolet UV radiation from the Sun. This radiation is highly damaging to organisms.

Ozone at the higher levels ofthe atmosphere is a product of UV radiation acting on oxygen O2 molecule. The higher energy UV radiations split apart some molecular oxygen O2 into free oxygen O atoms.

Chapter Notes: Our Environment - Class 10 Science

There is a continuous transfer of energy from one trophic level of organisms to the next in a food chain. Ten percent law states that only 10 percent of the energy entering a particular trophic level of organisms is available for transfer to the next higher trophic level. The increase in concentration of harmful chemical substances like pesticides in the body of living organisms at each trophic level of a food chain is called biological magnification.

The disposal of waste should be done in a scientific way. There are different methods of waste disposal.

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