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Passages 1 teacher's book Where can I find the audio cds for the Sky High 4 and also the passages series for download into pdf?? 2 years. Title: Passages 1, second edition, student book, Author: Efraín Leota, Name: Passages 1, second edition, student book, Length: pages, Page: 1, Published. Descripción: Passages 1 Teachers Book 3rd Edition (Jack C. Richards & Chuck Sandy).

Passages 1 Book Pdf

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Passages 1 Teachers Book 3rd Edition (Jack C. Richards & Chuck Sandy). Passages 1 Second Edition Teacher'S_OPT. Passages rd-Student - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. A great number of people contributed to the development of Passages Third Edition. . ~1 uSUANy •WJHI ttlg peopW INt rm angry With t/'lrr1 t guus rm JUst.

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Upcoming SlideShare. Like this document? Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. DiovanyMoreira Where can I find the cd audio? Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. Universidad Aut6noma de Zacatecas. Barbara Raifsnider. Silvia Correa. Manuel Marrufo Vasquez. San Diego. AIF System. Elsa Yolanda Cruz Maldonado. Paulo Henrique Gomes de Abreu.

James Drury de Matos Fonseca. Maria Regina Pereira Filgueiras. Cult ura lnglesa. Curs o Oxford.

Passages 1 Teachers Book 3rd Edition

Universidad del Golfo de Mexico Norte. Elaine Florencio. Sant iago. Rio de Janeiro. English School. Nora Aquino. Casa Thomas J efferson.

Guillermo Guadalupe Duran Garcia. Carlos Andres Mejia Gomez. Catarina M. Juliana Costa da Silva. Marcia Lima. Tuxtla Gutierrez. Trujillo-La Libertad. Marcia M. Paul Macintyre for revising the Grammar Plus section. Juan Manuel Ardila Prada. Lilianne de Souza Oliveira. Areli Martinez Suaste. Centro Peruano A mericana El Cultural.

The College of Lake County.

Passages 1-3rd-Student Book.pdf

Rosa Awilda Lopez Fernandez. San Juan del Rio. Universidad Veracruzana. Gabriela de Jesus Aubry Gonzalez. Liviane Santana Paulino de Carvalho. Sao Luis. Sheila Lima. Walter Junior Ribeiro Silva. Dominican Republic. Ricardo Ramos Miguel Cezar. Tecnol6gico de M onterrey. Mexico City. Athina Arcadinos Leite. Centro de Cultura Anglo Americ ana. Sao Leopoldo. Universidad Aut6nom a M etropolitana Azcapotzal co. Tomas Sparano Martins. Universidad Politecnica de Chiapas.

Ciudad Juarez. Vasti Rodrigues e Silva. Authors' Acknowledgments A great number of people contributed to the development of Passages Third Edition. Brava Training. Institute de Ciencias y Humanidades Tabasc o. Universidad Polit ecnica de Quintana Roo. Staci Jenkins. Eduardo Aguirre Rodriguez.

Particular thanks are owed to the following reviewers and institutions. Fri ends L anguage Center. Heriberto Diaz Vazquez. Sandlei Moraes de Oliveira. College Language Center. Jac kson English School. Tanja Jakimoska. Britannia International Eng lish. Jerusa Rafael.

Gabriela Cortes Sanchez. Universidad Aut6noma de Occidente. Centro de lnvestigaciones Biol6gicas del Noroeste. Angie Vasconcellos. Marilyn Ponder. Cultura lnglesa. Deida Perea. Universidad La Salle Canc un. Brenda Victoria. La Paz. Pontes Kruppa. Acosta Cruz. Santo Dom ingo. Ana Cristina Hebling Meira. Fausto Noriega. English House Corp orate. Maria Lucia Sciamarelli. Secundino lsabeles Flores. Gustavo Reges Ferreira. Universidad TecMilenio Campus Veracruz.

Frank Ramirez Marin. Institute Laurens. Arizona State University. Lizzete G. Paulo A. Ph il Young 's English School.

Universidad Aut6noma de la Ciudad de Mexico. Linda M. Jefferson Community and Technical College. Claudia Isabel Fierro Castillo. Nicholas J. Gabriela Ladr6n de Guevara de Leon. Univers idad Aut6noma de Chiapas. Janaina da Silva Cardoso. Elisabete Thess. Rosalinda Heredia. Lino Mendoza Rodriguez. Chance Language Center.

Cent ro de lnvestigaci6n y Docencia Econ 6micas. San Diego Community College District. Zuania Serrano. Universidad A ut6nom a de Ciudad Juarez. Simone C. Nancy Alarcon Mendoza. Alejandro Rodriguez Sanchez. Additional thanks are owed to Alex Tilbury for revising the Self-assessment charts. Cenk Aykut. Henrick Oprea. Adult Learning Center. Elizabeth Carolina Llatas Castillo. Atlantic ldiomas. Ary Guel. Interactive Learning Syst em s. Alicia Mitchell-Boncquet.

Scott C. Marc L. Gema Kuri Rodriguez. Nery e Filho ldiomas. Solange Nery Veloso. Centro Cultural Brasil-Estados Unidos.

Universidad Aut6nom a de Zac atecas. Carolina Labastida Villa. Manoel Fialho da Silva Neto. Robin English School. Beth Vasconcelos. Andrea Grimaldo. Facultad de Estudios Superiores Zaragoza. Maria Magdalena Cass Zubiria. Vera Lucia Ratide. Universidad de Colima. Kristen Okada. Lauren Osowski. Associa9ao Alumni. Then compan1 answers w 1lh a partnor.

Which person rS rr.. Ccmplete tne survey. Can you.. Find two Ira.. You have learned the basics. H It'' cio.. I insist on making my own oecisioM. UM ttll. I alwa'. I can't 1Utld being I to be In a messy room I late:. Your journey through each unit of Passages Third while additional grammar and vocabulary Edition will include a range of activities that will practice is available whenever you need it in the progressively expand you r language ability in Grammar Plus and Vocabulary Plus sections in the a variety of contexts I UY'l t S Dut.

A Which statement from the survey bHSt matches these personality tra: Wnte tne cOtTOCt number. I'd u. IOOI Realy? I dOr'l"t. D Pair w o rk How do you feal about these thtngs? I hllt tsklng ff 16S1tnd.. Teff your partner Then re. Why did so m3ny peop: I le issues as. Living on a Tight. Jt your oartnef's 1.

C Group work 01seuss these QuesUor U f'J'f'! I about a topic. W P"t. I and SCDl: Ol 1M. J "'S1'11 U. What wa More support is always available.. Then th3re your. Oo Don"t. Passages Third Edi tion is a two-level course that will open the door to communicating with greater fluency and proficiency.

C1 11's a fun pl. She"'" Oft TV ar. A It's about time! UNrT a Putting the mird to work pages Four Lessons": I don't either. Then compare answers with a partner. I never worry about getting places on time. Find two ways you and your partner are different. I'd say I'm more. How about you? I don't. Same traits So am I. That's not true for me.. WJ Personality survey A Do you agree with these statements? Complete the survey. What kind of person are you? Find t wo traits you have in common.

SON A.. I like taking it easy and Find one way that you're different. I'm definitely afraid of doing that! A Which statement from the survey best matches these personality traits? Write the correct number.

Use the gerund form after these expressions containing prepositions. Ask questions around the class to find the other student. I enjoy going to parties where I don't know everyone. Which person is most similar to you? I hate getting up I to get up for early morning classes. I insist on making my own decisions. Don't w rite your name. I love taking I to take my friends to cool new clubs. I can't stand being I to be in a messy room.

I always feel like going dancing! I'm into going out to new foreign restaurants. I don't mind giving up my time to help other people. Use the gerund or infinitive form after these verbs.

Your teac her will take your profile and give you the profi le of another student. Can you find other ex pressions that are followed by gerunds? Which of them can also be followed by infinitives? B Pa ir w ork How do you feel about these t hings? Discuss your answers using verbs or expressions followed by gerunds and infinitives. I avoid expressing my feelings and ideas in public.

I guess I'm just afraid of making them angry at me. What made you change? Choose the person you think would be more likely to do each of these things this weekend. Ask follow-up questions. J I'm interested in. I was afraid of getting out of shape How did they change? Complete the chart with the expressions from the box.

A How have you changed over the last five years? What do you want to change now? Complete the chart. Marcos Heather 1. What do you find most interesting about your partner's paragraph? People come to me if something goes wrong with their computers or phones. My apartment is always a mess. He was afraid of causing more damage. D Pair work Exchange paragraphs with a partner.

Underline the topic sentence in each paragraph. Last week. What examples does your partner give to support the topic sentence? My specialty is electronics.

B Think about your own personal qualities. I finished doing some homework and then started to make dinner. My most negative quality is that I'm not very neat and tidy. Make sure your paragraph has only one main idea. Circle each one.. Make a list. It only took me 15 minutes to fix it. I couldn't find my assignment anywhere.

In the morning. I'm really into solving tricky problems and finding solutions to things. Then decide which quality is the most positive and which is the most negative. Then answer the questions. For example. I really want to change my bad habits. I think that my most positive quality is that I'm always pretty calm and cool. Sometimes I worry about being so disorganized.

C Write a paragraph about either your most positive or your most negative quality. What is your partner's topic sentence? Underline it. The big advantage of having her at home is that she can babysit more often. What's different about each type of family?

Your Family Like? The Wangs. Different types of families A Look at the families in the pictures.: That's a disadvantage. The only trouble just my sister. Sydn ey "My wife and I both work now. Paul's sister d Andrea's sister-in-law c. Every family is different. Match the people on the left with the phrases on the right.

C Pair work Is your family similar to Paul's or Andrea's? How is it similar? How is it different? Paul's mother f. What kind of family did each person grow up in? How have their families changed? Compare ideas.. Andrea's husband b. Paul e. Vancouver "We're an extended family now that Grandma has moved in.

The best thing about having a big family is. Ask follow-up questions and make sure everyone in your group participates.

Can you find the noun clause in the last paragraph? Which preposition is used in the first part of the sentence? B Combine the sentences. The big advantage of having Grandma at home is that she can babysit more often. D What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a two-income family?

B Group work Discuss the questions you chose in part A. An advantage of being a twin is.. The only trouble with being a two-income family is that we don't spend as much time together. I'm away at college. I'm the youngest in the family. The nice thing is I get a lot of attention. I have a younger sister. One benefit of being the oldest is.. One bad thing is that I always have to babysit.

I work at night. A problem with being an only child is.. That is optional in noun clauses after be. C Complete the sentences with your own ideas. Also notice the prepositions followed by gerunds in the first part of the sentences..

D What's the best thing about spending time with your family? What 's the worst thing? D What 's one advantage of havin g a close family? D What are some rules that people have t o follow in your family? D What 's a benefit of having strict parents? D Are you most likely to confide in a parent. The worst thing is I can't have dinner with my family. J Family matters A Choose at least three questions you'd like to talk about with your group..

The trouble is she always wants to borrow my clothes. The bad part is that I miss my family.. A big disadvantage of having an older sibling is.. I'm the oldest in the family. The nice thing about being the youngest in the family is that I get a lot of attention.

B Pair work Which of the family members in the box can be combined with a prefix or suffix in the chart? Complete the chart with a partner. Your sister-in-law is c. In addition to Victor. What does each term mean? Select the people mentioned. What were they celebrating at the reunion?

How does a group of friends become a tribe? C Group work Discuss these questions. Who cele brates birthdays and holidays with you? Who do you call when a crisis hits or when good luck strikes?

If your answer is "my friends. According to the a rticle. Then share your answers with the class. Discuss with your group. What are some advantages and disadvantages of relying on friends for fami ly-like support? Do you consider yourself a member of a modern tribe? Why or why not? It gives the group a history.

Then c ompare answers with a part ner. Experience Life B Read the article and answer the questions.

In what ways does Watter: Shared rites and that family members typically rituals create a tribal story. Individuals feel more confident. Watters grew to believe that non-family members forming close-knit social net works was Like families.

I anyway. Are these statements true or false?

Choose the correct answer. I had to wear a uniform. Frank marked his calendar to remember to feed the cat. I But I really shouldn't have done it.

Learning the hard way A Read about these people's problems. She shouldn't let them influence her like that.

I mean.. Now the test is in two wasted a lot of money on trendy outfits. True False Frank forgot what time his train was going to leave. Now I'm broke! When I started college.

Frank remembered to feed the cat on Saturday. I agree. Frank knew he was allergic to cats. Frank and his neighbor were good friends. Canada B Pair work What should each person do differently in the future?

Compare ideas. The cafeteria was right next instead. What mistake did each person make? What was his decision? Why was it a bad one? I got caught making popcorn hours..

I didn't have to go with thought I needed to have more. J Past experiences A Look at the survey and choose the items that are true for you. You didn't tell anyone. At my old job. You told someone. Then compare answers w ith a partner. I was supposed to be studying this weekend. We were prepared for the test. Jane was rude to me. We forgot to study. O e n joye d doing something you weren't supposed to do?

O not done something you s hould have done? O done something fo olish that you didn't need to do? O had t o enforce a rule you didn't like? B Pair work Discuss your answers. I didn't invite them. When I had the opportunity. I invited them.. We were forced to do this. I had to.. I shouldn't have invited them. I made someone angry once because I wasn't supposed to. Jane wasn't rude to me. Can you find other examples of past modals and phrasal modals of obligation? What does each one mean?

B Choose the answer that is true for each sentence. I should have stayed home and studied! It was a good idea. We didn't have to study for the test. C Complete the sentences w ith information about yourself.. I wasted a lot of money once because I thought I needed to. I wasn't supposed to take a long lunch.

That was a secret! You weren't supposed 4. There was no obligation. I thought this was necessary. It was expected. I should have. After I started high school. I didn't have to go with my friends. I thought I needed to have more clothes. I know Jane didn't like my cooking. Use the verbs to replace the boldfaced words and phrases in the sentences.. Felipe F.

Dan always makes his problems worse B Pair work Tell your partner about people you know w ho are similar to the people in the sentences in part A. Michael always unexpectedly encounters problems when he tries to fix things. Al is the kind of student who always makes problems for teachers. What did each person finally do about the problem? Write the correct letter Briefly describe each person's problem. Carla is great at completely fixing any kind of problem at work..

Cambridge Passages English All Levels and Editions DOWNLOAD for FREE pdf

Her car is always making strange noises Maria can look at a broken bicycle and find the problem right away. My sister is never afraid to try to take care of a difficult problem.. My friend never does anything about his problems My friend always ignores his problems Ruby always follows the recipe closely to prevent problems when she cooks. A Group work Brainstorm as many ideas as you can to add to the dos and don'ts for living on a budget.

Brainstorming Brainstorming means making a list of ideas about a topic. Can you think of a gooq t itle for your partner's paragraph? Explain your choice. D Pair work Exchange brainstorming lists and paragraphs with a partner. Then you can use this list to come up with a topic sentence and ideas to support it.

First of all. You need to check at least a few other stores and go on line to compare prices. How many brainstorming ideas did your partner use? Do you think he or she chose the best ones? Write your ideas. If there are no sales right now. You can check in the newspaper or on line to find what you're looking for. If you take your time. Do you have any questions about your partner's paragraph?

Is there anything you disagree with? Then write a topic sentence and a similar paragraph about your topic using your ideas. Banksy's secret was still safe. In People thought he could have been trying to get publicity for the movie.

It's not clear who was behind the hoax. Time magazine featured Banksy as one of the most influential people of the year. Banksy has managed to keep his identity secret and both his fans and detractors alert.

At that time. Readers hoping to finally see his face must have been pretty disappointed when they saw the picture of Banksy. It may have been Banksy documenting his own work. Any clues to his identity always make the news.. Whose comments do you agree with? Banksy is a British graffiti artist who has become famous around the world for two things: B Pair work Compare your reactions to the article.

To express obligation. You haven't received any phone calls or text should have called to tell me. That website hoax might have been planned by Banksy himself. How would you explain them? J What's t h e explanation? A Read these headlines about strange events. He might have been busy at work.. You loaned your classmate a lot of money Do not use must not have for obligations. I'm certain Banksy must have wanted to win that Oscar. Banksy shouldn't have painted on other people's property. Disagreeing B Group work Discuss your explanations.

Farmers say the honey is unsellable. What does each modal express? Wh ich one is used in the passive? B Use medals to w rite reactions to these situations. You receive flowers from a secret admirer. Do you agree? I don't know. I think someone may have been making the sound I know what you mean.

You and your friend planned to meet. You feel sick after a big fish dinner. Engla nd. Some people rushed to save a bottle of the colored water. Your boss promised to promote you I bet that's the reason why.

Yawning is contagious. How did Sheila think that cell phones could cause fires? Why do some buildings not have a thirteenth floor? What ideas did Sheila and Adam originally have?

Answer the questions. Why do giraffes have long necks? What color is an insect's blood? Why didn't Adam believe that yawning could be contagious? C Group work Brainstorm other mysteries you might like to have Solving Mysteries investigate for you.

A person can break a glass using just his or her voice. Talking to plants for a short time will help them grow better. Why doesn't a haircut hurt? Using a cell phone can cause a fire at a gas station. Why did Sheila have trouble believing voices could break a glass?

Discuss your answers with a partner. Why did Adam doubt that talking to plants could help them grow? Can anyone in the group explain the mysteries?

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