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SWOT and PESTEL are analytical tools that help identify the key external 1 - 6 persons with good research/analysis skills, to conduct initial research on the six. I was unfamiliar with the PESTEL analysis tool and needed to learn it quickly before a meeting next week. I was hoping to gain enough knowledge that I would . Environment & PEST Analysis: An Approach to External PEST analysis stands for Political, Economic, Social, and Technological analysis.

Pest Analysis Pdf

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PEST is an acronym for four sources of change: political, economic, social, and technological. PEST analysis is a powerful and widely used tool for understanding strategic risk. PEST analysis works best when the environmental factors are analyzed from the perspective of the firm's. PEST analysis is very important that an organization considers its environment before beginning the marketing process. In fact, environmental analysis should. PEST analysis (PDF Download Available) 13/3/18, 4(21 pm Search for publications, researchers, or questions or Discover by subject Joinarea for free Log in.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Pauline Fonseca. Wiley Encyclopedia of Management, Publisher: PEST analysis is a powerful and widely used tool for understanding strategic risk.

The banning factors and evaluate how business models will of tobacco advertising in the European Union, have to evolve to adapt to their environment. Google had to pull out of China positions that may be created in the process. The increase in aware- investment decisions had been made. As the business activities the STEER analytical tool, which incorporates become more globalized, the supranational level regulatory factors.

The The external environmental analysis constitutes United States of America is a case in point. While shores to remain vigilant at what is happening a number of operators traditionally owned at a supranational level. Major changes in the polit- enterprise, planning and permitting, procedures ical climate may bring about major changes in the for licensing and approval of new products, structure and operations of a market or industry.

Domestic Product GDP per capita. This various luxury items amongst others. These would typically amongst various countries. Typically, time series include staple foods, health services, and basic and multilinear regression analysis techniques commodities. Conversely, https: Higher taxes have sector are likely to have a ripple effect on most a negative impact on the disposable income of industries and economies around the world.

The recession was as on the one hand, it erodes disposable income intricately linked to the bursting of the US of families but on the other hand, it provides housing bubble as housing prices plummeted access to a cheaper labor market. In the All these economic factors demonstrate the former case, consumers are more likely to save importance of the need for continuous surveil- part of their discretionary income than to spend lance of the key economic factors that have a it on consumer goods when bank interest rates bearing on an industry.

It is not an easy task to increase. Investors are also likely to borrow to analyze only those factors, which have a less and redirect part of their speculative income critical bearing on their operation rather than into guilt-edged securities rather than in further the broader spectrum. This is mainly because of an increase in their cost of capital.

Social factors. Social trends dictate work Changes in economic factors will affect patterns and attitudes, consumer tastes and different industries in different ways.

Figure 4 between the economic performances of different provides a list of examples of social factors, which countries. Today, air Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain being travel has become a commodity openly acces- the main victims.

The domino effect has also sible to all social classes. Ryanair has challenged left its marks on other countries. Increased health consciousness Some industries also exhibit positive corre- of customers across the developed world has lations in performance between each other and created a market for healthy food.

For example, a decline in the tourist hand, provided employers with a healthier industry would typically have an immediate pipeline of potential employees; however, impact on the entertainment industry and a they now also have a pool of more demanding long-term impact on the construction industry. Firms have restruc- advantage is short-lived. Technological break- tured their business model from a product throughs can either spell the demise of some orientation to a consumer orientation.

Indeed, industries or create opportunities for new ones. The proliferation of the Internet and e- Insurance companies are developing seg- commerce has done away with many inter- mented products for the busy professional, mediaries. This has been referred to as disin- for the small business owner, and for families. In the travel industry, consumers Banks have customized products for students, have become their own travel agents. They plan employees, self-employed, and the high net and book their travel online, using business-to- worth individuals.

Moreover, many retailers have of the economy. Most developed countries are found an increased intensity in competition as facing the challenges of an ageing population as they are facing rivalry from online stores.

On baby boomers are now 60 years of age and over.

This is referred for medicines, healthcare, and support services to as re-intermediation. Examples of new forms and lowers demand for products associated with of intermediaries include Amazon, eBay, and the younger generation such as education.

The Expedia to name just a few. The opinions provide added value of government, which would in turn have an in the supply chain. Technological factors. The rapid pace of tech- In some cases, a new technology has nological change is driven through innovation, completely replaced an old one, sending its which is in turn created through entrepreneurs demand in free fall toward its demise. In other who seek to push the boundaries of present cases, technologies wage wars against each other limitations.

As new frontiers are broken, tech- in an effort to become the recognized standard. Factors internet retailing examples Innovations in pricing e. It has to be although iPad is the current standard for tablets constantly updated on any technological devel- and currently under threat from Samsung. However, it is not intended to constrain the 2.

There are clear inter- competitive position of each factor. Categorization of each factor into opportu- the framework. Prioritization of the strategic importance of income of consumers.

Technological seems to be pretty self-explanatory, technology based factors. I was surprised to see just how much was covered in the technology category.

PEST analysis (PDF Download Available) | Pauline Fonseca -

It was a lot more than staying up to date on the latest software, as I had previously thought. Legal factors can also be difficult since laws are constantly changing. Environmental covers infrastructures and contamination to name a few. What I liked about this book was that at the beginning of each section describing each category it listed several factors that could be an issue for the category.

I thought that the pictures used were extremely helpful. I really liked that it showed both sides of this tool and not just the positive side.

This pdf was extremely useful. This book did a great job of describing each of the categories in depth and gives great examples for everyone to take back and used for each category. I highly recommend this pdf. Not only was it short and used in a context that is easily understood, but it also is FREE. Derrick Schultz.


The PESTEL Analysis provides you with a framework that enables you to investigate your external environment by asking questions for each factor and discussing the likely implications. These are the types of questions you would ask:. How you categorize each issue raised is not important when using the PESTLE technique because the aim of this tool is simply to identify as many factors as possible.

For example, whether you classify an impending government regulation as a Political or Legal issue is not important.

The only thing that matters is that it is identified as potentially having an impact on your organization. The PESTEL tool is a powerful technique for analyzing your environment but it should represent just one component of a comprehensive strategic analysis process.

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