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The Review of Life Studies Vol.8 (October ) Philosophy of Life in Contemporary Society. Masahiro Morioka*. 1. Introduction. Academic bioethics and. Journal of Philosophy of Life Vol.5, No.1 (July ) [Essay]. Philosophy for Everyday Life. Finn Janning. *. Abstract. The aim of this essay is two-sided. This book rekindles the spirit of the Stoic philosophical tradition, now It is about the value of your own life, and you can put philosophy to work.

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THE PHILOSOPHY. OF LIFE. SWAMI KRISHNANANDA. The Divine Life Society. Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh, India. Website: The Philosophy of Life - A critical exposition of the fundamental principles in Eastern and Western philosophy in the light of the doctrines PDF Email this page. In past deep thinking on any subject was considered as philosophy and thinker was called philosopher. Even today researcher on any subject is honored with.

Forgot password? Don't have an account? This chapter examines Socrates' conception of philosophy itself as a way of life, of philosophy as something to be lived , not merely thought and talked about. It argues that for Socrates, living a philosophical life meant living with the idea that reason — conceived as the capacity for argument and analysis in pursuit of the truth about things — is our highest and most essential capacity. To live a philosophical life is therefore to live consistently on the basis of reason so conceived in everything that we do. Socrates had a quite particular conception, not followed by all his successors in this tradition, of what living on the basis of reason entailed; those particularities are explored.


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