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Requiem for Rome Sheet - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Vampire the Requiem - SAS - Requiem for Rome - Paterfamilias - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The Kindred of Rome treat Disciplines with a strange to Rome are often confused by Roman hypocrisy. The sion of City Status in Vampire: The Requiem.

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their truth or falsity in Requiem for Rome. The Camarilla, at its peak, was the most successful vampire society in history: Fact. While far from perfect, the Camarilla. Requiem for Rome - Glory Reigns AboveThe living world is civilized by the vision and the power of Rome. PDF + Hardcover B&W Book. The PDF editions of Requiem for Rome, Fall of the Camarilla, and Paterfamilias are all 20% Off in the August Classics Sale going on now over at.

Glory Reigns Above The living world is civilized by the vision and the power of Rome. But not all that walks is living, and not all that falls will die. We Do Not Live. We are but shadows and worms, consigned to the earth and shamed by our incompletion. But We Are Creatures of Rome And that which is not conquered by the children of Romulus shall submit to his brother's get. In the name of the Republic. In the name of the Camarilla.

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Selected Option: Average Rating 23 ratings. Bundles containing this product: Victorian Lost. Tales of the Dark Eras. New Wave Requiem. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased. Reviews 5. Please log in to add or reply to comments. Andrew V. Extremely well written, the most proof-read book I've read by far. I love this book. Jose B. I purchased this in preparation for a historical chronicle begining in the late years of the Roman Empire.

This book is absolutely amazing in detail, depth and information. It provides specific dates for the history of the Camarilla, as well as a detai [ Andrew T. As with all of White Wolf's Material extremely well written. It sparys sanguine with inspiration for games on the hills of Rome and all over the empire [ Dan A.

A very interesting sourcebook, full of interesting ideas. The cross between vampiric and human societies is really good. The only negative point is the absence of non-player characters like "City of Damnation" and "by Night" series [ See All Ratings and Reviews. Browse Categories. WoD 20th Anniversary Edition Sale. Rule System. Apocalypse World Engine. BRP Basic Roleplaying. Cypher System. Eclipse Phase. Savage Worlds. Product Type.

Core Rulebooks. Non-Core Books. Other Tabletop Games. Gift Certificates. Publisher Resources. Family Gaming. Virtual Tabletops. STL 3D Model. Gaudens would not have killed her at all.

He is brave and stoic. Any Roman paterfamilias would have killed her then. Gagliauda took the abrupt end of her project as a personal slight. Gaudens believes that the truth will out.

She tried to seduce him. Rage led to the will to revenge. His family converted to the new faith. Gagliauda had set the girl to work the streets as a whore. With the help of his colleague Cimber. Vitala had. Grief became rage. They were the friends and family he had. He looks as if he has never smiled. He believes in justice and clings to it beyond anything else. A huge. The old man cackles. He enjoyed the work. But justice is justice.

He grew up with the Birds of Minerva. He is honorable and reasonable. He lived with them. His face is heavily lined and leathery. Everything about him is gray: Storytelling Hints: Flavius Gaudens is that rarest of things: Cimber never found himself excluded from society any more than he was already.

He knows that in a generation or two. Cimber is a loyal friend. His round shield carries the device of an owl. His calves and forearms ripple with old. Valerius Ambrosius Cimber is a survivor of dozens of campaigns on behalf of the goddess. Most of his friends have died.

Gaudens and Cimber are never without at least two or three stakes. Cimber laughs and tells jokes. Paterfamilias her go if she had not happily followed the order to kill him.

Now his only reason to live is to bring justice — true. He relishes the chances to use these skills.

He rarely raises his voice. Characters who appeal to justice should be able to reach him. Cimber knows how to get an answer from a monster and he knows how to make it hurt. The insula is full of broken furniture. Gaudens is one of those people who always seems to talk through gritted teeth. His hands are huge. The temple took him in when he was no more than a boy. Ambrosius Cimber will die soon. Instead he was forced to behead her… and by that act he destroyed himself.

He has always stood by his friends. His hooked. Unlike his friend Gaudens. Although he carries a noble name. He tried for years to see the best in every situation and things grow worse and worse for him. He could be made of earth or the hardest leather He looks like he has lived for centuries. The way he sees it.

The third was Gagliauda. She hated what they made her do. Gagliauda survives. Her clients — now blood-bound slaves — now include the secretary to the Vicar of Rome. They told her it was her fault. And with her death. And then the African came. A man without fear of death does not have to be a fool: Cimber is the living proof of that. She began to despair. And God sees all. He bought her. She hated them. As a vampire. Thascius Hostilinus the Plague Angel.

Her long-nailed fingers caress the body of Roman government. Her abdomen and chest are hollow. Fiercely protective of her projects. She found in the faith of the Sanctified a purpose and a reason for her disease and her suffering.

She does not give in until she has no hope left. And they told her that she was the sinful one. Her voice is heard within the most intimate chambers. Georgius by name. The second. Although she has bound all of them to her by Vinculi.

At the same time. She sees things through. Gagliauda often goes too far in her quest for revenge. And they infected her with their filthy diseases. The first was a Christian deacon. They degraded her. She was a Frank. Gagliauda spreads plague in the cor5 The Cast. Ambrosius fights exceptionally dirty. Agens in Rebus. Each carries the brand of the Owl. Her perfume barely disguises a sweet smell of corruption that seems to come from nowhere. But when Flavius Gaudens dispatched her pet killer.

He is not alone in this. If the coterie kill the hunter and then come and find her. Now the Birds of Minerva are few. She keeps talking when confronted. As vampires go. He is one of the Aves Minervae. The Sibyl of Cumae. Beside her relative lack of supernatural and physical power. Talk in whispers. New Group: She talks with a slight Germanic accent. Her garments rustle slightly when she walks.

Requiem for Rome Sheet

His ancestors did the will of the Goddess long ago. Of course. Something about the way she opens her mouth. Her power in the mortal realm and her Status within the Lancea et Sanctum comes wholly from her unequaled stable of powerful blood-bound men. If she finds that the hunters and the vampires have somehow joined together. Young Noble. Gagliauda is the unliving proof that the Lancea et Sanctum have already won the war of influence in Rome.

But the ploys are clumsy. Characters who reach her can finish her in no time. Despite the work of a new emperor.

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Gagliauda is as convinced of the rightness of her work as Gaudens is of his. The whore. And this is why her plan is so tortuous.

Who can gainsay the word of a god? Who can ignore the summons of a goddess? The Birds of Minerva. In some respects her understanding of people is fatally flawed. She does not really understand why he cannot take what she sees as his just punishment. She cannot comprehend an honest man like Flavius Gaudens. Her connections surpass those of nearly all of the Senex.

Her hips swing smoothly under her silken gown. Each bears the wisdom of the Owl. The more success the coterie achieve. She might send the cenobite to raise a mob against them. She became a willing and joyful disciple. Religion and Occult dice pools dealing with the recognition of supernatural creatures. The Rites of Denial can be found in Night Stalkers. The Birds of Minerva may only learn a few. Times change.

Note that the Red Rituals are slightly different from their modern equivalent. Within a few years. The priestesses. It is the business of the Order of the Owl to protect Rome however its members see fit. The Red Rituals are an Endowment. Hunters who gain dots in the Merit: Status Birds of Minerva receive extra benefits.

The vampires for their part know that a group of men sometimes appear bearing the device of the Owl — which.

Each man has only to pledge that he will defend the sanctity of Rome from the creatures of the night. And a few years after that. On the other hand. If you want to use the systems for Hunters found in that book. The Birds of Minerva and Hunter: The Vigil. In The Birds of Minerva have always been swift to die for the cause. No other group of hunters — not even the fabled Aegis Kai Doru. After the year CE. Tactics and risked Willpower. The library lies beneath the Temple of Minerva.

The line of salt and the trickle of blood provide no barrier. It feels heavier. Dice Pool: Instant or extended Each ritual demands that the hunter takes an action spending some blood from his consecrated vial.

No supernatural creature can cross that line unless he spends a dot of Willpower to do so. If someone attempts to throw the vampire through the door. If the weapon would previously have done only bashing damage the leg of a chair. Instant Roll Results Dramatic Failure: Exceptional Success: Each of the Red Rituals requires the expense of some of that blood.

And then it causes devastating injuries.

Vampire the Requiem - SAS - Requiem for Rome - Paterfamilias

The doorway or window prevents access to the dead. The ritual fails. This is how the Aves Minervae perform the rituals: Unless mentioned otherwise. For the remainder of the scene in the case of a close combat weapon or for one attack in the case of an arrow.

Endowment Red Rituals. Every vial is the same: The Bird spreads a line of salt across the threshold of a door or a windowsill and then spreads a few drops of blood over the sand. The blood brands itself into the fabric of the weapon. Unless otherwise stated. A full vial of blood contains six thimbles full.

The Red Rituals are an Endowment a limited collection of supernatural powers available to persons with Status in a hunter conspiracy. The weapon feels empowered.

Minerva is a no-nonsense goddess. If a Bird tries to perform a ritual without blood taken from a consecrated vial filled by a priestess of the Order of the Owl. As above. The Owl drizzles a little of the blood from his vial onto a weapon. Herennia is trying to convince Flavius Gaudens of her innocence. Paterfamilias The soldiers of the Order of the Owl know how to fly like their namesake.

Updated Rules: Social Conflict. He is frozen in place wherever he is for the duration. If the hunter tries to perform the ritual too late. All of the rules for debate apply. A vampire dealing with humans limits his dice pools in these interactions to his Humanity score. The hunter smears a line of blood on the ground with his first two fingers before stepping over it. The ritual still retains its potency. The circumstantial complications listed in Requiem for Rome.

A Bird of Minerva drops a few trickles of blood inside the borders of the footprint. For the next hour. The nail burns the hand of the Owl. The hunter suffers the opposite of the desired effect: The hunter achieves the necessary successes. She has Intelligence 2. An Owl must perform the ritual within an hour of the monster leaving the footprint. Wherever the creature is at the time the hunter completes the Red Ritual. Wits 3 and Presence 3.

The blood is wasted. The Bird wastes the blood. Nothing happens. The Bird receives no benefit. Her Humanity is only 4. Social Conflict This number begins at its maximum at the beginning of each social conflict. Extended the blood must be rubbed into the boot-nail. She has three dots in Investigation and three dots in Empathy. Gagliauda forged it. The reason why each character is here very much depends on the character. Flashbacks Take a moment to work with the Storyteller to explain why your character is in the insula before rejoining the action.

This scene needs some work between the Storyteller and the players. If the characters are in an established coterie. The goal is to quickly sketch enough narrative to help set the stage for the start of the story before diving back into the flow of events. Paterfamilias This is a special scene. Tailor them to the expectations of the players. No meeting is planned. Flashbacks The relative is already dead. Under this rationale. He will be massively in their debt.

Gagliauda knows about the conspiracy. Gagliauda has gone to her sire and asked for this favor. The kidnappers are hiding in the insula. Paterfamilias The consequences from this scene should be very minimal.

His daughter or his wife. The messenger is her agent. Once the scene is over. Whores and their pimps make the damnation-songs their soundtrack: They can face Flavius Gaudens and his colleague and defeat them. Syriac and a dozen other languages. The coterie must become aware that the building is on fire and that the way out is blocked by flames. And then. In the brothels and taverns. The building is burning. Even in the poor places. The nights are hot and dry this September.

Flavius Gaudens must make himself known to the coterie — he does not have to engage them. The melodies clash. Gangs of beggars prick up their ears and make a beeline to the squares and high places where the congregations sing.

The shriveled. The people drink and play dice and fuck in the cacophony. The coterie must realize that they have been led into a trap. The bad parts of the city suffer as they ever do from the plague. Julian is Emperor and right now the tide seems to be turning back to paganism. The hymns. The vampires must have the choice presented to them: Their slaves and victims are everywhere. From below. Are they just the unfortunate poor. In the Suburra. Christians cry out hymns of retribution directed against the apostate emperor.

The young bruiser with the pox-ridden mouth. Whatever or whoever they were expecting to see. They will use the rituals they know see pp. You may seek the right to appeal. Gaudens is down two points of Willpower and has two thimbles of blood left in his vial.

The ground floor is where the fire starts. Gaudens is at the top of the stairwell on the sixth floor — this is where Gaudens is standing when he issues his proclamation see below. The fire takes over another floor every ten minutes. The extent of the blaze: The insula is mostly made of wood and plaster. The flame causes three points of lethal damage per turn to any living human in contact with it. If you want that. When the vampires first become aware of Gaudens. His voice rings down the stairwell or corridor of the insula.

Broken furniture is everywhere. Cimber is lying in wait on the fifth floor. It may take a couple of days until they have caught their quarries. Mortals the hunters. Notoriously flammable.

Cimber is also down two points of Willpower and has three thimbles of blood left in his vial. The entire insula is covered in dust. Both men have empowered their swords with the Aggravate ritual and Gaudens has used the Deny ritual on the door leading to the roof.

This means that currently. Each floor then becomes uninhabitable. Give the characters a few moments to figure out that something is up before introducing Gaudens. If the vampires get out of their deathtrap. Cimber is also using Evade. Know that it is my right as the shepherd of your kind these three decades to pronounce judgment upon you. The entry point to the roof of the insula is a trap door at the top of a ladder.

The smell of smoke is the most immediate stimulus. Seeing the flames at the bottom of the stairwell requires extended rolls against fear frenzy requiring five successes. Mekhet characters take one extra point of aggravated damage from fire every turn. Flavius Gaudens. Characters who wish to brave the flames to investigate the lower floors need to gather up the courage before going in.

No matter how many rolls a player makes. The chances of them getting out in one piece are very slim. Each roll accounts for about thirty seconds of time. A failure to accrue successes on the roll to avoid fear frenzy at any point forces the character to turn back unless he spends a point of Willpower in every subsequent round to contain himself.

Once a character has accrued five successes on rolls to avoid frenzy. Characters who get to the roof before Cimber and Gaudens do — for example. Character already injured -3 to fear frenzy rolls. Roll to hold back fear frenzy and then roll to escape the flames each time.

The character controls himself.

Resilience downgrades aggravated damage to lethal and allows for extra health dots. Characters who activate Celerity 3 or more need roll only once. When one of them has run out of tricks. Characters who activate Celerity 1 or 2 need only make two rolls to escape the building. This is easy enough — except that Gaudens has cast the Deny ritual see p.

The hunters would have warded the windows. Each floor is a little over five yards high. Jumping from the fifth causes nine points of bashing damage. Gaudens and Cimber try to fool the vampires into believing that more than two hunters are after them. At the first opportunity. If the character succumbs to fear frenzy.

Cimber can move exceptionally fast although not as fast as a vampire with Celerity and tries to get around the vampires. Paterfamilias Help: Ingenious way to avoid burning old curtains soaked in water.

Gaudens and Cimber have both performed the Aggravate ritual over their swords. Cimber uses his bow whenever he can. Roll Results Dramatic Failure: If the player rolls a dramatic failure to avoid fear frenzy. He still takes a point of aggravated damage. A character using Protean 5 suffers one fewer point of damage from the flames. Portray Gaudens and Cimber as intelligent fighters. Various doorways and wrecked furniture -1 to -2 to movement. Remember that thanks to the Evade ritual.

If the coterie explore the upper floors. The pieces of rotting furniture serve as hiding places. If the player rolls a dramatic failure on a roll to avoid the flames. They might try to bluff the vampires into believing that they have warded the windows. Gaudens is wise to the existence of Dominate. If so. The coterie is trying to prove their innocence. If Gaudens wins. Extended and contested. If the coterie can make it out of the insula by braving the flames. Here is where she died.

Gagliauda starts to throw obstacles in the path of the coterie. The stakes are high: Gaudens concedes that he may be mistaken. Characters may gain bonus dice using the various powers of Majesty or end the debate abruptly using Nightmare. Will Gaudens accompany them? Or is he following at a distance? Will he arrive at the denouement? If the coterie wins. But every obstacle Gagliauda places in the path of the coterie gives them a chance to catch hold of someone and say.

If the coterie manages to escape and kill Gaudens and Cimber. Gaudens and Cimber. Remember that because Gaudens and Cimber are living.

Cimber weighs in on the debate if he is present and more than one character is joining in on the other side. Paterfamilias Characters might wish to try to parlay with the hunter. The obstacles presented here actually make it easier for the coterie to find Gagliauda. But she panics. Use the traits of the Officer of the Garrison Requiem for Rome. If Gagliauda went to ground and did nothing. If more than four of them die. If Gaudens is somehow with the coterie. The officer might.

Assume all other dice pools have three or four dice. You may not resist. This is not a time for talking. This is a whole lot easier than it might seem to be. The leader. Character Integrity Paul. The characters can run for it or fight it out. On the warpath. The hunters will run or fight with the coterie. I must place you under arrest. It means destruction. In this scene. The Officer is Paul. By the authority vested in me by the Vicar of Rome. If Paul understands what the coterie are or if he realizes that they will not spare his lady.

Social conflict see p. If Gaudens and Cimber are with the coterie. Paul breaks. Paul does not break. He begs them to kill him in her place. The coterie learns all of the information that Paul knows above. He does not know why.

If the characters kill Paul without finding out who sent him. Each success reveals one piece of information: Which means that if they kill him or cause him to kill himself. If the coterie escape from the soldiers. Individual soldiers might remember their names and cause trouble in the future. Or were they? He incites his motley congregation to riot through the Suburra.

Suddenly there is a scream. The character sees an appropriate escape route and takes it. A man making the noise sounds grotesque.. The prostitutes withdraw into their doorways. The gangsters abandon their dice games and vanish. The character does not manage to get out of the way in time.

He cries out again. Characters might try to fight their way free. Not only is he caught right in the path of the Christians. They come to us and would sup upon our blood! They are the bringers of all pestilence! Even the rats. The character fails to get his act together. This works as a combat. Cenobites make the noise and imagine they are making the sounds of a woman in childbirth.

Looking like a possible customer of the red-candle district -1 Help: The character takes advantage of a split-second opportunity: He has one turn to get himself and his friends out of the way.

The cenobite imagines Gagliauda in terms of an angel. Extended and contested 10 successes to escape. God will bring judgment upon this place of sin and we shall be His agents. If he has one dot of Celerity.

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