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Viewing and Editing Content Details mentions this limitation as well and also details When a content file is uploaded to Salesforce the application generates PDF check to see if it may be caused by an issue within the Word document itself. (See Data Mappings); Merge data from Salesforce into document fields tags in any document you send through Adobe Sign (Word, PDF, Text, etc.). . Please note that you do not need to set that field to point to the default. 6 days ago Configure Adobe Sign for Salesforce to send large documents (greater than MB Adobe AcrobatThe complete PDF solution · Adobe SignThe world's top Establishing the Large Document and Push Agreement services first (See Registering a Custom Domain in the help).

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If the browser has a PDF-viewer plugin installed and enabled, it will display the PDF, If you're having trouble opening or viewing Salesforce PDFs (like our Release Notes), refer to Please include the following information. Description, When clicking on the Create PDF button in Quotes, you will get a message in the PDF Preview window: Please download Adobe Reader to view the. We've been able to replicate this problem on IE 8 (with Adobe Reader X), and one workaround is to One workaround is to disable this plug-in so you view PDFs in your native Adobe PDF reader. Please include the following information.

Adobe Sign for Salesforce works from any browser and mobile device. The app is available from the AppExchange and supports the following Salesforce Editions:. There are a few prerequisites that you need to be aware of and some basic discovery that will help ensure your deployment runs smoothly. Before downloading the package, please contact the Adobe Sign support team to:. If you have any questions or require additional assistance, please open a ticket with Adobe Sign Support , or your contact your designated Client Success Manager. New Customer Testing and Installing for the First Time— For those who are new to Adobe Sign for Salesforce, you can try installing and start sending test agreements within minutes. Basic installation to the point of functionality takes only 15 minutes.

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Nothing happens from end user perspective when clicking on the View link. Repro 1. Access a Service Cloud Console application 2. Open a quote record that has a quote PDF attached 3. Click on the View link in order to open the PDF 4.

Patrick Murphy Subra, that seems ludicrous! Jeff May Sorry, just thought I better ask. Admins will need to define your available Groups. Once an entity is selected, the recipient name is displayed, with the email address listed directly under the name.

If an account is associated to the recipient, that is also displayed to the right of the recipient name in parentheses. Email recipients will need to have their email address explicitly entered. Recipient - Enter the explicit recipient based on your Recipient Type. Private Message — A message that is delivered only to the discrete Recipient when they gain control of the document. If nothing is added, this defaults to the Agreement Message see below in the Details section.

To change the order of the recipients, you can click and drag the Recipients to the correct stack order. Identity Verification — Just under the Recipients is a drop down box to define the type of verification you want to use.

In the US and much of the EU, access to the email box as an authenticated object is sufficient to obtain a legally binding signature. But for customers that demand a higher standard of verification, there are options:.

It is possible to configure Adobe Sign to allow individual verification methods per Recipient. If this is enabled, you will see the verification options between the Email Address and the Private Message. Just under the Recipient section are the Agreement Details. This section is the most likely to be automated by templates or other settings.

Agreement Name — This is the name of the Agreement as it is exposed in the emails delivered to Recipients, as well as in the listing of Agreements in Salesforce see highlights in yellow below. Agreement Message — This message is applied to the email template that is delivered to all Recipients.

Best used as general information or instructions for all Recipients see highlights in green below.

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If Recipients need individualized instructions, use the Private Message in the Recipient section. Additional Relationship lookups — These fields will allow you to explicitly associate an Agreement with an Account, Opportunity, or Contract. The lower-right corner of the Agreement page holds a few workflow options that you may want to include:.

You can drag and drop a file from your desktop into the files section, or attach a document from the Salesforce interface. Click the Add Files link upper right of the section.

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You can attach a file or multiple files! After selecting the files from the source location, click the Add Files button in the lower right corner. When multiple documents are attached, they will present to the Recipients in the order you list them.

Just like Recipients, you can click and drag the documents to re-order the stack. Authoring fields is great if you have an ad hoc document that needs specific information added by the recipient, or if you have a contract and want to add initial fields by specific clauses. The authoring environment will render the full agreement in a window that allows you to drag and drop form fields into place, including:.

Once you are done adding your fields, you will then be able to Send the agreement and start the signature process. The integration with Salesforce almost ensures that your Agreements will be related to some object that is meaningful regarding the content of the agreement.

By the same token, if you sent an Agreement to a Recipient from an Opportunity, both the Recipient and the Opportunity will have the Agreement in their lists. On the chance that an Agreement is orphaned in the system, all Agreements will be listed on the Agreements tab click Recently Viewed and select All from the menu. The list will generate showing the Agreements you are authorized to view. And the view of that list can be customized to show any or all of the Agreement fields.

Once an agreement is found, you can double click the name of the Agreement to open it, and then modify the status as needed. Options are:. Replace Signer — This optional setting will allow you to replace the current signer email address with another. The Manage Agreements tab opens a portal to your Adobe Sign user account and shows you all of the Agreements related to your userID email address.

Where this is useful in some situations, Salesforce does an excellent job of making Agreements searchable and understandable in context. Most Admins will suppress this tab in favor of keeping all activity in Salesforce. Once done, the Adobe Sign object can be embedded in home page and other major Salesforce objects. When using Chatter to send from an object like a Contact, that Contact will be inserted as the first recipient.

Recipient — Displays the individual recipient as defined by the Recipient Type. On the chance that an Agreement is orphaned in the system, all Agreements will be listed on the Agreements tab select All and press Go.

If exposed, the Manage Agreements tab will open a portal to your Adobe Sign user account and show you all of the Agreements related to your userID email address.

Adobe Sign User Guide.

Adobe Sign for Salesforce Templates and Data/Merge Mapping

Select an article: Applies to: Adobe Sign. A guide for new Adobe Sign for Salesforce users to get comfortable with the primary objects and workflow to send an Agreement. Adobe Sign can help you and your company reap immediate benefits in your document and signature workflows by: Supported Browsers.

Known Issues with Microsoft Edge: When the Agreement page loads, an error may appear similar to the below: You might just need to refresh it.

Action failed" After sending and closing the post-send "success" tab, the Agreement page does not refresh automatically to reflect agreement status.

Adobe Sign for Salesforce - User Guide

An error may appear: Please check your browser popup blocker settings before trying another action. This page can now be reloaded.

Known Issues. Shared for all users in the account Shared at the group level, where the sender and viewer are in the same group The agreement is still viewable in the Adobe Sign environment. The common options include: Using the Lightning Profile. Click the App Launcher icon in the upper-left of the screen 2. Select the Adobe Sign application. Click the Agreements tab 4. Click the New button. Creating Agreements from Salesforce Objects.

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