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Friday, June 7, 2019

Not configured to display PDF error on Samsung Galaxy Tab Most likely the error is at least partially correct - the browsers won't be able. On your Samsung Galaxy tablet, there's nothing to downloading, other than For example, some links automatically download, such as links to PDF files, Microsoft If the Save Link command doesn't appear, the file cannot be downloaded. Basically I tried yesterday to download a pdf, the first red flag was that it file explorer) and won't open, Adobe says its not a valid PDF document. also works no problem, I can open it and move it around etc. on the tablet.

Samsung Tablet Wont Pdf

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downloading with tablet/phone I get file, which only has some . On my Android phone, one of them can be opened, the other cannot. I also have a S7 and cannot open PDF from email. . my Samsung cell or tablet the attachment doesn't read "PDF" or show the Adobe symbol. When I try to open a PDF from a website the tablet flicks to the black page and starts the opening bar at the top. Within 2 seconds it then flicks back to the original page and won't open the PDF. I have downloaded adobe reader and also gone into google drive and deselected it as.

This post was written in late , a time when it was difficult to find a PDF app for a cheap Android tablet. That is no longer true. If you can't access it, try the Amazon Appstore. If that is inaccessible then the apps mentioned below will tide you over until you find something better. If you are reading this then you have probably found yourself in need of a PDF reading app. If you're in a hurry, scroll down to the end. In order to save myself some trouble next time around, I pulled together a list of 7 apps.

If that's the case then there unfortunately might not be a lot you can do, I'd wager. There is no PDF reader on both devices - best you can do is download the app that opens PDF documents, and then maybe, the website when browsing from said devices might trigger an intent to open the PDF using the app.

As matter of interest - what is the website are you referring to?

How to read a PDF on an Android tablet

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Solved: email PDF attachments not opening in S7 - Samsung Community -

Related 2. And I also managed to download the file on my computer and transfer it via USB, this also works no problem, I can open it and move it around etc.

I've tried a few files multiple times and the same thing is happening so I don't think its a case of the download being incomplete. I'm using Dolphin and the firmware updated a few days ago. Any ideas?

Can't seem to download pdfs anymore

Senior Member. Newcastle Upon Tyne. Join Date: Oct If its not a personal pdf document I will happily try download it from my tablet to test it.

I kniw for certain I can download files no problem as I downloaded loads of PDF files a few weeks back. OP Junior Member.

How to Download Files to Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Nov Thanks for the offer unfortunately its on the colleges moodle site so I can't link it. I've had issues with pdfs that had copy protection on them, I couldn't save them or move them. Should have tried this earlier tbh but it seems to be a problem with Dolphin. I have successfully downloaded the same pdf using Chrome, Opera and the stock browser just annoying since Dolphin is my preferred browser and the others don't give the option to change destination on a file by file basis afaik.

Hopefully this will be fixed in an update by Dolphin but for now its just a minor inconvenience. Also ES file explorer seems to have a problem, when I try moving the newly download file it fails, again the stock file explorer is moving the files fine.

Hopefully this too will be fixed soon. I'm just glad I can download files to my tablet in class now without having to wait to use my laptop and transferring later.

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