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inner sanctums of big companies come tumbling down and the red carpet is rolled out for When you position yourself by the products or services you sell, you .. PDF. $ Printed. ___. ______. JumpStart Your Sales Self-Study Guide. Jill Konrath, | | | [email protected] Selling to BIG. Companies. Thank you very much for reading selling to big companies. hundreds times for their favorite readings like this selling to big companies, but end up in infectious.

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Arthur Brisbane was a run-of-the-mill newspaperman, no better and no worse than a he receives How To Sell Your Think BIG: Big Ideas, Big Findings. Selling to Big Companies [Jill Konrath] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Struggling to Get Your Foot in the Door of Big Companies? Setting. Selling to Big Companies shows you what it takes to get the attention of corporate decision makers today. Part I: Accept the Challenge. In Part I you'll learn more.

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I mean, are you the only one there?

I wrote the product myself, answer all the questions myself, and do all the support myself. And, like you can imagine, I take very good care of my baby.

The Secret to Selling to Big Companies

The hospital had an internal meeting with ten attendees to decide which product to go forward with. Every person other than Jill understood the meeting as "Deciding between Appointment Reminder and whatever that other company is", because their inboxes had had two emails with extensive commentary from Patrick at Appointment Reminder and a PDF filed forwarded from "some guy" which every doctor had promised to read some day when there were no lives to be saved.

The lead doctor wanted to go with the 8, lb gorilla. Jill relayed the baby story, with a strong personal recommendation. And that's how I outcompeted my biggest competitor and won an enterprise sale as a single guy running his business from Japan. If you're curious as to who the hospital is, keep an eye on the Appointment Reminder home page, as in only a few more short months I should be able to mention them publicly.

Selling to Big Companies

I won't lie to you: I've probably invested 25 hours into pushing paperwork on this one over six months, and there have been another dozen stories which started like this one and then ended at the select-down prior to the in-depth phone calls.

But hey, sale made and beachhead established in an extraordinarily lucrative market segment with huge barriers to entry. Interestingly, after you have a beachhead, broadening it is a hundred times easier. I essentially picked up eight customer logos for the "price" of one.

Selling to Big Companies by Jill Konrath - PDF Drive

Your pipeline is to high-touch sales as your funnel is to low-touch sales via your website. That's how I've always seen at it, coming from a low-touch background. Sales guys see it as something like "You become aware that a hundred prospective customers exist. You winnow your list down to 20 of them who are qualified leads, the ones with the best prospect of purchasing your product. You call them and get meaningful interaction with 10 decisionmakers.

You get three product demos. One of them converts into a sale, and you get a commission check. You will eventually want to get past the point where all sales comes from one of the founders doing a time-intensive song and dance yourself.

This desire eventually results in the dreaded Defined, Repeatable Sales Process. These strategies also transition perfectly well to doing Enterprise sales "for real.

Twenty times as much, you ask? No, transitioning from "pocket lint" to pennies. Stop thinking like a human. Think like a corporation. Corporations are like humans whose smallest increment of currency is the largest paycheck you've ever received. How would you segment folks who need a higher offering? In many cases, they'll self-segment by asking you questions, such as "Does the software have auditing capabilities?

Auditing is one of several Enterprise pricing trigger words. See also: Accordingly, the right answer is some variation of "We make auditing available to our Enterprise customers. When would you like to have a call about your needs? This is important: Enterprise pricing is discontinuous with normal pricing. If an Enterprise only needs foozles, that costs thousands or tens of thousands of dollars per month. If an Enterprise only needs 50 foozles, that costs thousands or tens of thousands of dollars per month.

This is partially justified by the amount of pain you're signing up for by doing an Enterprise sales process, but is mostly just pure, naked price discrimination. Don't attempt to sell them based on your price. I meet a lot of developers who learn about pricing primarily through reading other people's SaaS pricing pages. I know of companies who have policies against doing this sort of thing 37signals famously does, for example but there are many successful SaaS companies who have a magic lever available to make your experience of them totally disconnected from their standard offering.

The existence of that lever is not often disclosed. Here's an example I know won't rub anyone wrong: Github has Enterprise pricing available, and the magic segmenting feature is "behind your firewall. Quick, guess, where does Github make more money: I know which one I'm betting on. Sometimes customers won't come out and tell you "Hey, I'm price insensitive, please charge me 20 times as much.

For example, let's say you hypothetically wanted to get people to talk to you about their auditing requirements. You could put Call Us copy on your pricing page. Many of your customers because they know how the game is played will correctly read that to mean "We have Enterprise service available and it is, as you would expect, expensive. Have you considered asking for it in your application? For example, just drop a setting in the Account Settings menu. If someone clicks it, display a message saying "Your plan level doesn't include auditing but we'll be in touch.

Click here if you don't want to hear from us. You just turned 5 minutes of engineer time into the start of a repeatable pipeline for getting six-figure deals. Good on you. If you're discomfit by that idea, you can write microcopy which you'll be more comfortable with, like "Auditing: This is not their first rodeo -- as an Enterprise, they have institutional experience of dealing with Enterprise sales thousands of times.

Another method: Gradually, you can transition the emails from less education and more selling on the benefits available of transitioning to your Enterprise model. If you want to be really sophisticated, send this only to folks whose accounts suggest possible enterprise-ness about them. Myself, I'd be inclined to suggest e. You can pitch the benefits of your Enterprise services, such as e. Your happy internal customer might recognize the benfits of upgrading to these or the same for your purposes be required to take advantage of them by internal rules, and accordingly those emails might spark fruitful conversations with your sales teams.

Not sure what I mean by "internal rules"? Consider a Pricing Department which, having been burned on a software purchase before, has a bullet-point "All software purchases must include one year of maintenance with a minimum service level guarantee of tier two support being available within 6 hours.

Email support on a best-effort basis. No SLA purchased; available separately. Still another method: You've got a dashboard with everyone who signed up in the last day on it, right? If someone with an email address ending with e.

I see no particular reason why you can't give everyone who signs up the same letter, but I'd devote more of my concentration to making sure a conversation actually happened if a customer was from boeing. One of the most common objections I hear from folks thinking about moving upmarket into the enterprise is that they're not cut out to be Sales Guys.

Guys, believe me, I used to play World of Warcraft and still often stare at my own shoes while talking. Nobody is less qualified to be a Sales Guy than me. It is a skill, though, like any other.

Try it. Fail a few times. You'll get better at it, eventually.

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As my father always counselled me with regards to dating advice: Make them come up with them. Someday, someone -- perhaps someone surprising -- will say Yes. Equally good advice in the original context. Kalzumeus Software S. Anybody interested in seeing these emails on a regular basis should go to my site and give me their email address.

If you'd like to share this link around, though, go right ahead! The Easiest Hack Around The Purchasing Process All internal users hate the purchasing process because it inhibits their ability to get work done. Let Them. There are three easy answers to this question:

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