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Take to the air with Unfriendly Skies--new PDF product released! «on: (/ )». Happy Memorial Day weekend to you Stateside folks, and happy. Shadowrun 4th Edition -, MB, pdf, Sim Dreams Unfriendly, MB, pdf, März Shadowrun Grundregelwerk 4. Edition . Unfriendly Skies, en, · Link

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Shadowrun: Unfriendly Skies - Wings to Fly It's a big world, and not all of the work that's available is sitting right outside Watermarked PDF. Index of /public/Books/ M. Bookmark 26S - Unfriendly M. Bookmark 26S - Gun. Unfriendly Views. 6 years ago. Cost, · Speed, · Body, · Sensor, · Pilot, · Armor, · Hand, · Accel, · Avail, · Transport, · Unfriendly.

Remember me. Toggle navigation. Happy Memorial Day weekend to you Stateside folks, and happy weekend to everyone else! Our eBook crew has been hard at work, and as a result we have a new PDF book on sale-- Unfriendly Skies is now available at the Battleshop and at Drivethrurpg. Here's the lowdown: Sometimes you might need to hop across a country, across a continent, or across an ocean. And then there are the times you might need something in the air that can pack a much-needed punch.

Johnson Posts: Hm, weird, my Adobe won't let me see all of the preview. Oh well. I'll buy it when I wake up from my nap. Ooooooooooooooo, "Euro-War Antiques"! It's not just AKs any longer? Frankie the Fomori Omae Posts: Had a brief look through, and I love it. Shadow talk, and one option for PC creation with a Glider for 19K and availability of 8 get a license and fly around Seattle till the GM gets tired of it and shoots me down.

Mystic Freelancer Omae Posts: OK, without sounding too much like a fanboy Anyway, I love this idea. I'll have to download ASAP. I've always loved aircraft, and one of my favorite Riggers ended up with a tricked out Plutocrat that made a modern Apache look like a traffic-report chopper. Can't wait to see what is in this! Bringing chaos, mayhem, and occasionally cookies to the Sixth World since !

I'm happy with my purchase. Apparently the military ones still have the lack of clarity regarding weapon mounts and launch weapons as found back in Arsenal. PeterSmith Ace Runner Posts: Quote from: Power corrupts. Absolute power is kinda neat. Hardy, 3 August Nexushound Newb Posts: Oi Chums, Good stuff in this one.

All the PDF products have been great. With this and MilSpec Tech I have an unending stream of goodies to throw at my group. And they have something to dream about owning. Get your runners into the skies and moving fast with the options Unfriendly Skies provides. The production values for the vehicles are on par with MilSpecTech. Some good artwork, some serviceable, and some just goofy looking zeppelins particularly. Write-ups seem decent so far. Nothing obviously broken about the stats yet, though I am scratching my head a bit about the sub-orbital speeds, but I think I kind of know what they were going for.

The shadowtalk has been amusing me. The in-character chatter about including the sub-orbitals was some good fourth-wall poking. Good mix of aircraft too, I think. Okay, bought it. The download file is not broken. Yeah, not even the a little bit. The standard upgrades on the combat aircraft are consistent with Arsenal and MilSpecTech - a handful of mounts for guns, make up your own rules for launch weapons.

I get the impression that launch weapons is something they expect to be fired at runners, not by runners Maybe in Eurowars Vintage. On a quick glance More deatiled when I have the time: The art's good, though sometimes inconsistent with the description the china clipper looks pretty tiny, as does the grande concorde, and why is the Firebrand designated a transport plane and looks like a light and overarmed fighter?

Aha, so, both MiG and Su make fighters still? That's a nice thing to know. Pah, SR art is never consistent with the descriptions, time to get used to it. Apparently, though by SR time, the Su design is more than 70 years old. So maybe it's leftovers or something. The Mig 63 is a relatively new design though. Will you leave my little nitpicks alone? Uh, Su is 70 years old?

So, designed around ? I'm not aware of any production models with that index in RL, except for maybe one or two mentions on forums where it's confused with Su, and a single notice of the MFP project. Or is it just based on any of the old Soviet models like Su? So, forward-swept wings? They seem popular on SR illustrations - look unusual and thus represent the progress, or something?


It's a result of a project started as early as don't you just love the 90ies in Russia, heh. So, that brings us to almost a hundred years, if it's indeed the same airframe.

I have to say many of the pics look like they where designed for crimson skies, many airplanes have turboprops for no reason. Also the most of the airplanes are really slow, some Jets are slower than helicopters The turbopropped airplanes for the most part are brushed up Rigger Blackbook art, so they precede Crimson Skies by a few years.

Unfriendly Skies.pdf

Besides, propeller engines have their pros in modern aviation; whether executive jets are better equipped with these, though, YMMV. Shadowrun diverges from RL officially in the late 80's. I've seen some compelling arguments that the divergence must have been even earlier, smaller things that eventually set up the larger things that happen in the SR 90's and 00's The corporate rulings, the whole Amerind war, etc.

Not to mention a vast difference in the way technology developed both pre- and post-Crash. So in SHadowrun?

Yeah, there's a production model with that index that was in development for the last 10 years RL, well It's RL, not game. So it don't count.

Cs are Turboprop Planes, and are still in common military usage today, despite being close to years old. I think the Canadian Armed Forces still have some of the original airframes as well.

Take to the air with Unfriendly Skies--new PDF product released!

Which will, hopefully, finally be retired soon. And then there's the AC, which is a C that you don't pick a fight with. It still fell apart in , it's around the ies when the differences with RL really started to show.

Some of the original airframes are still seeing use. And so on. Yes, Canada even has Deserts, so even in those hot, dry places. Also, Canadian designs typically have the idea that modifications and jury rigging will need to be done in the field We have to do so much of it already anyhow , so even if local conditions make things difficult IE: Fine sand of Afghanistan.

And that's why I like the Ford-Canada Buffalo. I've also flown on the Dash-8 Turboprop a number of times. Aside from worrying about how the engines appeared to have been repaired, and being put in the place where the guy in the WWII Bomber Movies always gets cut in half when the prop gets shot off, it was a very nice ride. Wouldn't SR have begun deviating in the pre-Sumerian days, sometime around the 1st or 2nd world?

It all depends on what version of SR you take as canon. Without any further explanations, that was changed in SR2 to Russia: That, however, was retconned in SR2 published in , where it is just assumed that the collapse of the USSR has already happened, and it is not even mentioned.

I don't remember all that much on the Baltic states, but when grabbing your former republics, why not grab those midgets as well? It's not like they had anything to match an army which the entirety of Europe had trouble fighting. Okay, so you meant a more chinese reunification.

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