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Edge of the Empire Character Sheet - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Star Wars - Edge of the Empire - Crates of Krayts (Beta Rulebook). Hey /r/swrpg, I know that there's a few unofficial character sheet templates All Posts need to be related to FFG Star Wars RPG. Nearly all Jedi are dead, the Empire is strong, and the Rebel Alliance has won a major victory. Edge of the Empire · Age of Rebellion · Force and Destiny · New to the system. Star Wars Legends of the Galaxy Form fillable unofficial universal character sheet for Edge of the Empire Age of Rebellion or Force and Destiny Star Wars RPG.

Star Wars Edge Of The Empire Character Sheet Pdf

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Character sheet also available for download at ® . TM. CharaCter weapons. CharaCterIstICs. CharaCter Name. SPeCIeS. Player. I couldn't find form fillable PDF's that I was happy with so I dove in. I made it in Acrobat DC so I've only been able to confirm that it will work. FFG Star Wars Role Play Character Sheet one sheet that is Compatible with. Edge of the Empire Age of Rebellion Force and Destiny Character Sheet (4 pages).

Edge of the Empire RPG. Something other than the character sheet, maybe smaller or Merry Christmas! I made this I could create an editable PDF, although I haven't made a lot of those, so don't know how well I'll do.

Something other than the character sheet, maybe smaller or Merry Christmas! I made this I could create an editable PDF, although I haven't made a lot of those, so don't know how well I'll do. But I guess it's just a matter of making some fields for input, so people without publisher can use it.

I just made them and some scene reference cards for the scenario I'm working on. I also made some talent cards and weapon cards to make it easy to keep track of what you can use during play. Uploaded new version of the NPC cards.

They are editable pdfs. The text already there can be edited, it's just a place holder.

Use new link: Just joined the community and his is exactly one of the things I hoped to find. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. All rights reserved. Star Wars: Npc sheet available?

Edge of the Empire Character Sheet

Reply to this topic Start new topic. Unfortunately at this time making printer friendly versions of the Ship sheets is prohibitively time consuming. I have almost completely stopped creating new ships for a variety of reasons. In the future I may be looking in to re-working my ship sheets from the ground up in some way and at that time, I will try to incorporate a printer friendly capability. This future though, is likely far far away. Just curious how current the spec trees are, I'm noticing some missing links between talents in the Guardian: Specifically between column 4: The links are there in the core rulebook but not in the PDFs, so just curious if you're privy to some errata that is more current than the first edition printings.

It looks like FFG hasn't put out any official errata on their website yet but I've been digging through some forum posters who've taken it upon themselves to compile various sources from FFG's podcasts, etc that answered faqs and erratas for the rules. You are quite frustratingly correct. Unfortunately I made a mistake here. Thank you for pointing it out. I will correct this some time in the next couple days. No worries!

I was more frustrated that when I got curious and went looking for any sort of errata that they FFG haven't put anything out. Thank you so much for making these!

Since I don't have access to a scanner, these sheets are a Yoda-send. Me and some friends have just stepped foot into the FaD world. In reality its also our first time playing anything like this. I was wondering if there are any signature abilities for the mystic, consular, and warrior classes.

These sheets and the material in the Depot are so awesome! I just started in an EotE campaign and these make it so much easier at the table! Thanks a ton! Also, what software do you use to create these? Thanks for the compliments.

Im glad your getting good use from them. I use word, excel, gimp and adobe acrobat 9 to create most of this stuff. Hi Bastion, First I wanted to thank you for taking the time to put these character sheets and talent trees together.

My players love the character sheets, and we are just getting started using the talent trees. I noticed a few things with the Custom - All sheets I wanted to share to see if I can help make them even more awesome. This was my first pass, so I apologize if these suggestions have been presented before.

I would offer to help, but yeah I am not even close to having the correct software for graphic design! The graphic has black text but the rest of the talents have white text. Perhaps adjust to white to increase visibility, consistency in the trees, and with the source books? I appreciate the awesome design, but I would like to offer the suggestion to change this to something else like a starburst, half-star burst on the talent outer edge, or at least change the fill to white with black outline borders.

Also, this might also allow placement for the conflict symbol in this space. Currently, at first glance these are really easy to confuse with conflict talents vs a force sensitive talent. The conflict talents are actually easier to miss with this structure due to placement and coloring and should be the reverse in my opinion. This would be an easier adjustment, increase visibility in the title bar of the icon, and also provide more room in the text box when conflict isn't present while really drawing attention to the conflict talents while keeping in line with your desired style.

I will list a few specs and talents to help you get the idea but the whole list might need a pass if they are adjusted. This is awesome and a great example of enhancements for the small text issue. Great examples of wrapping text for impoved reading. The header seems to be a bit small compared the the others making it somewhat difficult to read.

Much like the doctor the text is small. Small header text. Another small header text. Active and ranked is cut off at the bottom.

Missing capitalization on first word. All force point icons should be the half and half icons. Last line of basic power, Range, Magnitude, Control, and Duration should be the force point half and half icon and not the solid one. I appreciate your suggestions and comments. If i have the time and energy, i may implement some of these suggestions.

Fantasy Flight Games

If doing this was my full time job, you damn right i would be all over these inconsistencies and inaccuracies because i hate knowing they are there Unfortunately, I am one guy doing this for free with recognition for the few small donations from some very nice individuals in my precious spare time, so it is unlikely that i will go back and change anything that is already completed.

Great resources. The only thing I wish'ed you had was a sheet for listing all of a character's Force Powers with room for all upgrades for each Power. It's not enough to simply say Control 1, 2, etc. Control upgrades are notorious for this.

I have started to have a similar space issue in my game. My suggestion, if you have that many Force Powers and Upgrades, is to just print out the relevant specialization pages for your Force powers and add them to the back of your character sheet.

I may change my mind as my own character s gain more force abilities, but for the moment i feel that the sheets the way i have them are just fine for low-mid level force campaigns, and for high force focus campaigns, printing out the force specializations is an easy enough and more accurate way to keep track of ones powers.

And yes this IS the blog I'm looking for. Thanks for everything so far looking forward to the new soldier and eventually sentinel trees. Was wondering if possible and if have the time if we could get a sheet with all the known cybernetics cost rarity and what it does along with all the weapon attachments same as above if your unable it's cool I know it's lots of work.

This is a list of pretty much every item in the game. It's basically just one giant spread sheet like the ones in the books but all combined and condensed. Hi, thank you for your excellent work. These PDFs are really helpful. I found a minor error too - some talents have "close range" listed in their description, but at personal scale, there is only "short range". At least the talent descriptions of - Point Blank - Inspiring Rhetoric - Scathing Tirade - Form on me - Heightened Awareness have this error - the other occurrences of "close range" refer to planetary scale and are probably correct.

Thank you for the information. If I have the time and energy, I may go back and fix these existing errors. I do my best to make sure i don't make these kinds of simple mistakes, but unfortunately it's still occurs all too often. Form on Me is suppose to be Close range as it deals with spaceship combat. For Heightened Awareness: I agree it is probably suppose to be "short" range, but there is no errata to say that, so i will stick with the text.

Wanted to appreciate you for making this blog, you were really on time with Endless Vigil and in an acceptable time frame for the soldier sourcebook.

You've done some amazing work: Thanks ever so much for all this work you have put into this. Like everyone else has said your work makes everything so much easier for pc creation and at the table. One thought That could make navigating it so much easier. I couldn't run this game without your sheets.

They make everything as a GM much easier less reference necessary as so much is compiled on your sheets. Seriously, fantastic stuff! These are amazing as has been said many times. If you are still working on the Talent Trees, do you know when Forged in Battle will be added?

To be more clear. I am referring to it not being in the single PDF with all trees. Love your sheets, they make the game so much easier to approach with limited resources only a handful of books between all of us!

Thank you so much for all the hard work! Hey also wanted to give my thanks for these amazing sheets! Do you know if there is any way to use the custom dice symbols in other parts of the pdf?

I'm using acrobat and when i try and copy them they just come up as accented characters or upside down question marks. Thank you for all your hard work! Having it in one pdf is superior to them separating it by line! One little comment: As such, you might consider removing that from the Universal Talent Trees.

Wanted to see if you planned on updating these with Endless Vigil and No Disintegrations? Thanks again for all the effort. Thanks for all of these resources! Just printed a ton of stuff from this page for a Force and Destiny Campaign I'm running.

I was wondering if you plan on adding Warde's Foresight from Chronicles of the Gatekeeper to the list of Force Powers. I can get you a screenshot if you need it. I would love a screenshot.

Unfortunately I don't usually buy adventure modules. I have gotten a copy of this and will be working it up in the next day or two. It is a neat power I'll have to look in to that further. I love your sheets! I've shared them with my groups and they love them too. Just caught a small mistake on the Sentinel Sentry tree.

On the improved reflect, it's supposed to be useable on 3 threat, not 3 advantage. Works pretty well, it is missing the further morality Thresholds though. Dark side 2, paragon 2, etc. Hey There! Was just wondering if I could shoot you the sheets from Disciples of harmony if you hadn't come across them yet: Love your work! Thank you for the offer.

I just picked up this book yesterday actually and plan to work on it over the weekend. Hopefully you will be seeing my review and playing with my updated sheets soon. Hi, I love your sheets However, the Printer-Friendly versions don't seem to have the custom Lightsaber skill: Are there sheets with two armor spots?

My character has a shield Would that go in a weapon slot or would it go in an armor slot? Signature ability where it says "Ma" instead of "May". Hey there! First, wanted to tell you how awesome is the work you put into these - having those fillable talent sheets are a lifesaver. However, I just came across what seems to be a bug? When you select the "Eye for detail" talent, it also trigger the "More machine than man" on the third row and vice-versa.

In the same way, the "Toughened" and "Cyberneticist" on the second row are both linked. I'm not sure what might be the issue, but I figured I'd let you know. I know it took a while, but I have addressed this issue. Should now be fixed. Hey mate! I had a copy of the new talent sheet from Ghost of Dathomir. I was wondering if you would be willing to craft it up if I send it your way? I finally got my hands on one AND found the time to put together the sheet.

It has been added to the force power all link. Awesome resource! Gambler Talents are not connected Properly, unfortunately. Love the sheets but is there anyway to just save 1 of the career pages instead of getting all of them?. Great resource. I noticed the imbue force power is missing the connection from the basic power to the rightmost range upgrade.

That way you won't need to jump between Dropbox PDFs to do it. A pdf of the crafting tables would also be very useful.

This IS the blog you're looking for: FILLABLE SHEETS

Weapons, Droids, etc. There's still the Vehicle and Force-imbued items, but we all know those books are months away. I agree about the Crafting tables. I have wanted to do something with those for a while. Unfortunately, I am trying very hard to stay within the bounds of the law and I don't believe I can legally copy information from those pages of the book for redistribution in any form. As a result, even if I did do that work, I wouldn't be allowed to share with my fans.

As for the first thing about Career skills, i'm not sure what that is in reference to.

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Definitely stay legal, we need this resource too much for it to be taken down. What I meant with the skills is that the specializations list BONUS career skills, would you put the regular career skills here next to the different careers?

So, on this page it'd read: Also, as a droid player, I'd like to ask for a Talents sheet without the Force ability stuff on the bottom. Expanding the fields for the talents so its not so tiny when I print it out.

Hello, Bastion Kain, is there any chance of having a blank fillable talent tree? I have made a few custom universal trees for my group but it looks horrible next to your really nice trees i have printed. These are awesome sheets. They should be able to use either one, right, as per Force and Destiny? Unless there was some errata on that, that I missed.

Be sure to donate button at the top of the page and tell your friends to too. He does this for free and all these books can get expensive. Fantastic sheets and I have made a donation in thanks for all of your hard work! Looking forward to Mystic and Warrior sheets being added. Will they be added soon? Should all be up now. Amazing sheets use them all the time.

Your's are the only sheets that have enough space for everything. Thanks for these. Just one thought though could you do a vehicle sheet that's not for ships, maybe one for walkers or speeders or something more generic. Not much of a complete change more of a slight edit on the small vehicle sheet change the silhouette and change some of the wording to fit a more generic vehicle wording. Just come across this, and the character sheets are perfect.

Would it be out of the question to get a list of all the species in the books and their stats. Character Sheet. Group Sheet. Notes Sheet. Quest Log Printer Friendly. Small Vehicle Sheet. Large Vehicle Sheet. Small Special Vehicle Sheet. There is expanded places for attachments and mods to each of these items as well as damage indicators. I added a place to keep track of what cybernetic implants you have and what their benefits are, as well as whether they are currently functional or not.

On the top right is a place to keep track of how much and to whom you owe any credits. Encumbrance tracker, also displayed on page 1 for convenience. Added a space to keep track of available group objectives as well as important enemies. Nothing to special, just a bunch of spaces to keep different kinds of notes. Added Current speed tracker, additional components list and damage indicators for components and weapons.

Small special vehicle sheet Is a combination of formatting from the large and small vehicle sheets in order to more easily record info for silhouette 4 or less ships that are also capable of carrying other ships. Email This BlogThis! Martin Bakke March 9, at 3: Bastion Kain March 9, at 2: Martin Bakke March 9, at Bastion Kain March 10, at 7: Martin Bakke March 10, at Love IS Evol March 30, at 9: Cogitatus Unus May 25, at 6: Anonymous January 23, at 7: Anonymous Trandoshan May 22, at 4: Rich Howard July 5, at Bastion Kain July 13, at 4: Kenneth Parmerter July 5, at 5:

See my other posts. I enjoy casting. I do enjoy exploring ePub and PDF books solidly.