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And Dylan finds him too addicting to pass up. Sweet Addiction is the story of one woman's struggle to keep things casual, and one man's desire. Do any of you ladies have the, three book "Sweet Addiction" series by J. Daniels!! ". The Sweet Addiction Series Collection - J. MB. 3. Where I Belong (1) - J. KB. The Sweet Addiction Series Collection_ Swe - J. MB. 4. Like Show likes. 1. Share Show shared.

Automatyczne logowanie. Sean 2. Harper 3. Sean 4. Sean 5. Harper 6. Sean 7.

You can go on home," Josh told the other apprentice. The one on the schedule shows up, you get the boot. Be back in two hours for your usual shift.

Josh had just finished up a septum piercing on a girl who had to have lied about her age. Piercings were easy money. Sean was sure that's why it's all Josh did these days.

Why labor over some ink for hours when you could stick a pin through some twat and get a hundred bucks? He knew the reason, though. When you were a tattoo artist, it wasn't a choice. You drew because you had to, and skin was the ultimate canvas.

Sean tucked into his sketchbook and let his vision carry him away. When the door chimed, it seemed hours later. He glanced up and saw a group of exceptionally tight girls walk in. They chattered and laughed in that clique-ish way he hated, but he couldn't tear his eyes away.

Something feminine, for sure," the blonde said. What do you think? He rubbed his hands together as he approached.

Vivian Wood - Addiction (Addiction Duet Book 1) - Pobierz epub z

We'll all choose our own-" " Small ," the redhead emphasized. Right on time. Our two artists here, Sean and Daniel, will take good care of you ladies. All except the redhead, who examined the book of drawings like her life depended on it.

You know, if I wear that little white crochete top I just got, the one that looks like Kylie Jenners'-" "A party, huh? Sean caught her eye and she bit her lip as she smiled at him. He'd been the only one who heard. Damn, she was one hell of a knockout. Built like an hourglass with porcelain skin.

Her thick, wavy red hair fell over one eye, but she didn't push it back. And she didn't break his gaze. Little black ankle boots gave her an added twitch that made it almost impossible to not ogle her openly. He tried to stay professional as he tucked a paper towel into her jeans and caught a look at her turquoise thong. With her faced away from him, he couldn't tell if she was giving him shit. He let her check the imprint on her skin before he readied the needle.

She nodded, wordless, at the coiled cobra on her back. She jumped slightly as he started to work. Not the typical SoCal party girl," he said. Normally he didn't like shooting the shit with customers. But normally, customers weren't this hot.

Sweet Addiction by J. Daniels

She laughed. But my friends party hard.

Normally I'd just fake sick, but since it's at my place ,,," "I can go with you," he said. The words were out before he could stop himself. What the hell? I, uh ,,, I'm sober. So, you know. Something about her, or maybe it was that he could only see half her face in the mirror, just let it slip out.

He saw her bite her lip in the mirror. After he'd finished up the little serpent, he handed her the mirror so she could inspect it. Here," she said, and twisted around. He finished with the gauze and put his number in her phone. He busied himself with the girl's tattoo, but stole glances at Harper when he could.

He couldn't get over that body. Nobody was built like that, but he could tell it was all natural. As the group left, Harper gave him a wave. Sean smiled halfway. He couldn't help himself. He felt lighter. And he hadn't wanted a drink the whole afternoon. You see the asses on those girls? Harper sighed.

Tired was, obviously, code for fat. Her feet hurt, even though she'd balled up her Furoshiki shoes to strap on between the go-sees. Since when did wearing stilettos for a block or two hurt? She chewed her lip as she checked the ETA on her phone.

Twenty-eight minutes to walk. And how much for a Lyft? She didn't even bother waiting for the app to tell her. It would be spending money she didn't have.

All morning had been go-sees and there were clearly no nibbles. Even the polite designers with their canned, "I'll get in touch with your agent if we go in that direction" were clearly on the hunt for someone else. Someone younger. Harper shoved her standard black stilettos into the Goode Kids knapsack she'd picked up at some folk concert Molly had dragged her to. By the time she reached her last go-see, she could feel a sheen of sweat on her skin. Well that's just perfect, she thought. Harper wobbled on one foot while she slipped on the stilettos outside the small brick building.

I'll wait for you. Harper pulled out her little mirror and examined her face before she was called. The eyelash extensions definitely helped to open up her eyes-and draw attention away from the little wrinkles that didn't fade as quickly as they used to when she stopped smiling. And the microbladed brows certainly made her look younger.

She re-applied white liner to her water rim and willed her eyes to look even bigger. Molly squeezed her arm as they passed one another. I can see that. I wasn't-you look a bit tired , dear. She wanted to slap herself for apologizing. Put this on. Just to the mirror there and back. The walk to the mirror and back was all autopilot. She'd walked too many runways to keep count and knew her saunter was perfect.

But that wouldn't make up for her age. Or that goddamned stomach. We'll be in touch. How'd it go? She stood up as soon as Harper walked into the hallway. I'm-I'm getting too old for this, Mol. You are not. Lately, it seemed like all the designers and casting directors don't think she's right for any campaign or show. At first, she'd thought it had just been a fluke. Maybe she really had overdone it on that weekend trip to Tijuana and just needed a week or two to rejuvenate.

But she hadn't bounced back. Ever since she was seventeen, she'd slayed more go-sees than other girls. Harper had been kept so busy she'd hardly slept. Yeah, maybe that was part of the problem, she thought. As they approached the little storybook house, she saw all five cars littered in the driveway and street.

A full house. The house mother didn't keep a regular schedule of dropping in, and right now Harper could really use some doting.

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Search Home About Donate. Sweet Addiction by J. Wedding hookups never amount to anything. He wants more than just one night with Dylan. And Dylan finds him too addicting to pass up. This book contains adult themes. Sweet Addiction 2. Table of Contents 3.

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