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DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/ FADE IN: 1. INT. FLORIDA COURTROOM The book? The church? KEVIN. I'm on parole. Early release. DOWNLOAD EBOOK: THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE BY IAIN MORLEY PDF You will not be so tough to recognize something from this book The. Devil's Advocate . The Devil's Advocate . self-inflicted brainwashing that Pascal advocates? .. 6 The passage that follows is from Hick's book Christianity at the Centre (London.

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The Devil's Advocate by Andrew Neiderman - When Kevin Taylor joins the Plus , receive recommendations and exclusive offers on all of your favorite books. Devil's Advocate take a moment to ponder trust team, advocate and not micro- manage (or manage at all), good A Complete Book. MS Vudl Download The Devil's Advocate free in PDF & EPUB format. Download Frederick M. White's The Devil's Advocate for your kindle, tablet, IPAD.

Northern Florida in the midst of a heat wave. Air conditioners fighting a losing battle. The gallery is full. She is maybe She is a witness in a criminal trial.

For now, we'll just have you work pro hac vice. We've petitioned Florida for a letter of good conduct. I prepared, at Mr. Milton's request, an overview of the Moyez case.

Deep ghetto side street. One of those blocks that have been completely lost. One whole side of the street has nothing but boarded-up row houses. A storefront botanica. Insane colors. Rusted iron grates covering two tiny cataract windows. A steel door is open.

Kevin walking from the car. Suit and tie. Turning, as he hears Her hair is white. I have a card. Phillipe Moyez. DAY 38 It's dark.

Jars and bags and boxes are stacked on shelves everywhere.

Kevin behind him. DAY 39 Darkness. I know what she's doin'! That's right! Tell 'em take that noise back t'Africa 'fore I -- Stopping instantly because -. Kevin enters -- 38 INT. Now there is silence. I'm not sure who I spoke with. She holds a live chicken by its feet. A door opening above us.

You get 'em! Go get 'em. The air thick with incense. Her skin is jet black. Oil lamps and candles for light. She moves aside. Dried herbs. Her eyes are pale blue. Kevin taking a very deep breath. A BOY -. I'm not sure I'm making myself clear here.

Mounds of bones. BOY Moyez. Beyond that. The walls painted a deep. Kevin hesitates. Crouching not to hit his head as he goes down into -- 42 INT. A naked bulb on the landing below. DAY 41 The Boy.? Where you think me taking you? No furniture. Speak wid him. DAY 42 Around the landing -. I thought I would recognize you. Sucks it up. In the dark? BOY laughing Where? Where you think -. DAY 40 The Boy hits the lights.

Think of it as spiritual currency. His eyes opaque and piercing at the same time. I'm going to need your help with this.

A plastic bag of fresh green roots in his lap. We are much older. This is not Santeria. I'm a lawyer. I need to ask you some questions. At your firm. We are not Voodoo. Is there a name? We have the tax exemption. His teeth black from chewing it. Skinny and intense. At once unassuming and terrifying. Starts slowly across the room. Before all of it. None of that. African cocaine. Let's start with that.. I'm here about the animals.

I'll get right into that. Moyez stands. Moyez stands aside. You will have all the help I can give you. Bags of entrails. Assistant District Attorney Arnold Merto. That's very clear. Kevin backing away. Driving it into the tongue. A huge beef tongue sits on the bench. Moyez now with a hammer. The Boy already running up the stairs. For an instant.

And the nail. La chemise noire. Jars of blood. The nails are scattered around it. DAY 44 Video monitor -. Pam there with him. And it's a loser. New York cops -. PAM Isn't everything? DAY 48 with the remote control. PAM I'm sure the D. A long. Plea him out and suppress the tape. PAM What do you think? So what's the point? DAY 45 Hand-held footage of a police raid. We're running -- through a building -. DAY 51 Bench trial.

No jury. Now some people may find it bizarre. And he did it at home. She doesn't like the wallpaper. Pam sits with Moyez. PAM It's only a health code case. She's tearing it off. Eight days ago. A rump roast slaps down onto a table. Other than that. Across the hall Pam is going home. Phillipe Moyez killed a goat. Men kill animals and eat their flesh.

He killed a goat. MERTO at his seat. An associate wheels in a trolley with more books. That's a veal roast. And worst of all. Quietly at first. Moyez staring a hole in Merto. Merto's coughing getting worse as he tries to stop. And I'd like to move at this time for an immediate directed verdict for dismissal. It's certainly not as common as the belief that wine is transformed into blood.

It's not as common as. It's not even as common as the handling of poisonous snakes to prove one's faith.. He doesn't use electricity to kill. But Phillipe Moyez isn't two thousand miles away in a stockyard. Merto begins to cough. Try that. What a scene. Merto can't speak -. Moyez and Pam leaving the courtroom. Milton paying for Kevin's eggroll. Moyez shaking his hand and thanking him.

All smiles. Tell me it isn't great. And they're walking. Armies that get so fucking far away from each other they need satellites to tell them who won. I don't see a whole lot of pro bono work in your immediate future. You gotta hear that on your own. That's instinct. They're corporate lawyers. They're doing needlepoint. Inside the cage. No pain. Push button wars.

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It's gotta be in your blood. No smell. I bet I've got five thousand lawyers working around the planet. It's molecular. We're giving you away? He's paying us in goat's blood? I'm billing you out at four-hundred an hour. Push button battles.

You can't help but smell your clients. They're busy reducing life and death to the proper position of a semi- colon. Can't be taught. No sound. One big. I'm a surprise. The cripple. Be the hick. Do I look like a master of the universe? That's your only weakness as far as I can tell.

That's what you're missing. I'm the whisper in Nefertitti's ear. The Florida stud thing. I'm the hand up Mona Lisa's skirt. They never see me coming. No matter how good you are. The nerd. Look at me -- I've been underestimated from day one.

Milton escaping across the street. The leper. That's the gaff. What I have? Don't let them see you coming. The shit- kicking surfer. It's me. But don't get too cocky. And see. From dirt. Where's the chicken? The chicken that plays tic-tac-toe. Why I came down? You want the truth? I'm an aging. You're in the part of the game I like best. I came up from nothing. I'm rambling because I'm excited.

He never loses. Like you. You are a believer. The realm of the True Believers. Back that way. Because I knew I was gonna like it. He used to be right here. Kevin taking the token.

The Devil's Advocate

It's faith.? You can't believe a little bit.. Behind him. Still not enough furniture. Exactly like that. Stay in the trenches. Don't let that happen to you. Use them. Milton offering a token. So many of us have lost our faith. You're either in or out. The apartment is starting to come together.

Finishing her makeup for a night out. We were due up there fifteen minutes ago. Drops his pants. She blows him a kiss. Ducking back into bedroom. In the hallway -. Drops his briefcase. Going up. All what? Mary Ann up the hall in the bedroom door. Eddie's wife. Some of them familiar from the conference room scene.

Mary Ann's hand squeezing Kevin's just a bit more tightly as Diana leads them into the throng. Everyone can't wait to meet you. The crowd is very smart. Seventy-five guests and ten in staff.

Decorated and furnished to the max. The entire 'A' line -. Starting from scratch. These are normal people. I envy you. Milton has just arrived. I don't think so. Do you have your fabrics yet? Tell me you don't. Even as he says this. John Milton. And here you are. Mary Ann looking a little lost.

Looking over as Christabella glides through the room. What scares you? I mean. Let's be honest. There's a lot more fear in this room than you'd think.

You can call yourself a finance trainee. We're talking for the very first time. There's been a seismic shift in your existence and I'm responsible. There's only one thing worth being frightened of anyway. And you've never even met me. How insane is that? I've changed your life. Truly and finally alone. I think you're right. Changed it forever. For you. Pastel bedspreads. The princess. I haven't spoken to my folks in a long time..

I'm not worried about Kevin. It's gonna be great. Cinnamon cookies. He's there. I had you down as daddy's little girl. What about you? My sister ran all the way to Germany.

You've made a real commitment. He buys a few new suits. Sugar plum snapshots. I don't worry about Kevin. I gotta think about that. Learns a few new tricks. Isn't that incredible? You need to cut your hair. Mary Ann frozen there. You don't like it? Pull it back.. Let me help? I'd feel a lot less responsible.. It's the no man's land in the battle between mind and body. And her neck. Will you do that for me? That's it.

But can I make a suggestion? It's about your hair. Pull back your hair. He looks over. I'm just getting to know the city. We're all jealous. I live downtown. Not exactly. This is the family building. I'm about twelve floors down.

Christabella not ten feet away. You prefer to be on top. And let's be quiet about it. I'm going to scare you away. Kevin can't help watching her walk away.

You grab Heath and Eddie Barzoon and get up to my place right away. You know what I see? Milton in the doorway. He's been watching them. Silhouettes against the window. Searching for Kevin. Stopping as she reaches a door.

Mary Ann looking lost.. And suddenly it's clear. Opening it and -- 80 INT. He's not here. MAN 2 But feel free to join in..

MAN 1 Don't think he's here. Man 1 fucking her from behind. The Men Jackie Heath shaking her head no. The Woman is kneeling on a table. Scanning faces. Of special. Heath is at the bar. The dialogue is unimportant. One enormous room. Milton is on the phone. Kevin just standing there gaping at the space. Two lines going. Carved into the marble are human forms -. Northern Florida in the midst of a heat wave.

Air conditioners fighting a losing battle. The gallery is full. She is maybe She is a witness in a criminal trial. Her testimony has been carefully rehearsed. And is that what you did on the day in question? He told me to sit in the chair beside his desk. The very picture of respectability.

His perfect wife and son staunchly enduring this testimony. I told him I was afraid I would miss my bus. He promised I would get to the bus on time if I would help him to do something Kevin -- his eyes -- drifting around the courtroom -- taking inventory -- assessing damage Then he put -- before I could say anything -- he placed his hand inside my blouse I was so frightened I didn't move. I thought if I was just quiet it would be okay Then his other hand went up under -- inside my skirt Gettys' hand -- down below the table -- down where no one but Kevin could possibly see it -- Getty's fingers subtly feeling their way along the leg of his chair He's been caught -.

Kevin is rocked.. I didn't know what to say. Gettys quickly returns his hand into his lap. I was trying to think of something to say but I was confused and he just kept on -. I was asking him to stop but it was like he couldn't hear me -. Kevin looks up to find Gettys' eyes waiting for him. Trying not to show it. CUT TO: What are you talking about? His eyes never leaving the mirror.

He takes off his wedding ring. You definitely had me fooled. Morality crisis. Identity crisis. Frozen there. I'm advising you to get the fuck away from me. Gettys standing aside. The outrage. Gettys right on his heels. You're here to defend me! Why don't we put you on the stand and you can jerk off for the judge. The kid. Your Honor. Letting cold water run in the sink. Kevin standing at the mirror.

DAY 3 An ancient upstairs facility. DAY 2 Kevin heading quickly away from the courtroom. And then it's over. Gimme a quote. I need a quote. Rumor was you were out wandering in traffic. Kevin alone with the mirror.. He's made his decision. Had to close out someday. Reaching for his jacket. Nobody wins 'em all. Replacing his wedding ring. Lomax had no comment on today's events. His game face. The Reporter exits. I got a four-thirty deadline. DAY 4 Kevin walking through.

Gettys has had to talk to you repeatedly about your behavior? Isn't that why he asked you to stay after class? Have you had any discipline problems in math class this year?

Gettys is the problem? Everyone in place. Isn't it true Mr. DAY 5 Barbara on the stand. You'd have to talk to them.. I'm also gonna suggest that if you have any other exhibits you present in a timely fashion or not at all. This is your handwriting. You may answer the question. Maybe a note that made fun of Mr. Never called him a 'disgusting pig monster'? I was wrong. Kevin handing out paperwork. The Judge quickly studying his copy of the note. I've pre-marked this Defense Exhibit A. This is way out of.

Have you ever played the game Special Places? Gettys asked you whether you had special feelings.. Answer the question. A man's career -. He probably eats a thousand pancakes for breakfast. You claimed that Mr. This is not a joke. I will. Rephrase your question. Can you think of anything else. Gettys had hurt them. A special story. We love her. Amused by the scene.

She is a doll. He's black. That's what really happened. Chaos -. You need a drink. Kevin at the bar with Mary Ann. I suggest we frontload the ceremonial bullshit. But it's early and empty.

Florida style. As the night goes on.. In the event we all get drunk and forget. Kevin turns -. Help us pick a jury.

Leamon Heath standing beside him. The guy that set Gettys free. We want you to come to New York. Moving for the sink. We've been following your progress. There he is. Sue me? And the black thing -. Kevin done pissing. And the card is great. You're pretty damn good. A mirror above the sink. Never heard of it. Still looking at it.. The tempo is ragged and the pitch shaky. A trio -.

Kevin's mother. DAY 10 Inside the church. Halfway in. You and your wife. Take a look. Forty-five voices raised in song. DAY 9 Two dozen cars parked. DAY 11 Post-service. Lomax and Kevin walking to her car. Halfway out. Kevin takes the check. First class travel and lodging.

A lump sum payment. Singing her heart out. Poor but faithful. A woman with faith. Standing in the doorway. A sign reads: They mean it. Plain and functional. In the very back. Wouldn't hurt you to look it over. It has become a dwelling place of demons.

Where are we? Open your eyes. For an instant -. He takes his hands away. Coming in from a big night out. The definitive New York skyline. In one hour hast thou mighty judgement come. Kissing her good-bye. All those courtrooms.. A bored judge. Kevin smiles. The juror being questioned. She's taking off the dress. Rats on the West Side. I hardly ever think at all. In fact.

You're my kind of guy. New York veteran. This town don't look good in tatters. I can't give it away on Seventh Avenue Voire dire. Potential jurors fill the benches. DAY 17 Criminal court. DAY 16 Six huge courthouses. Do I like bankers? Heath catches Meisel's eye. We're not squeezing oranges here. Sotto voce. Waves him over. She's my first choice. You're kidding. Meisel joins them. While you're at it let's get rid of number six. And the defendant -. He's a defendant juror if I ever saw one.

With the dreadlocks? That's crazy. She's wrong.

Your favorite? She's damaged goods. He likes it here. He may look like a brother-with- an-attitude to you. DAY 18 Kevin leaving court.

The defendant staring a hole into Kevin. Here's the deal. He makes his own clothes. You do the explaining. There's something missing from her. In no hurry to get home. Somebody hurt her and she wants revenge.

Kevin enters looking beat. And now. She has her bad feeling. Watching him. Except this man turns as Kevin passes. Grabs a cold french fry. Milton joins the flow of people heading down into a subway station -. Remnants of a room service dinner.. The maids have started to give up. Something's up. Seeing something that pleases him. They've been living here for weeks now. You can play it cool if you want We are going out. I'm sorry. Wasn't a jury anywhere gonna let him off. Except one. A large central atrium..

DAY 22 The firm offices. What the hell did they expect? The man is guilty as can be. DAY 21 Milton. My jury.. The receptionist is simply stunning. Those words written in stone on the wall. Offices rim this space. Milton got pinned down in Indonesia a little longer than expected. The decor is stark. This is the home office. Kevin rushing to catch up -- 25 INT. DAY 24 Heath is now far ahead. DAY 25 Kevin about six steps into it when suddenly.

She is a goddess. Interesting work. I just love that. She's wearing a headset and arguing in machine-gun Italian.. Close to six hundred associates. In addition to our corporate clients. He's got you scheduled for fifteen minutes.. She turns. Central America. West Africa. She is beautiful beyond propriety. Completely spooked. Sees us staring -. Assistants She will also turn out to be a brilliant EUC lawyer.

The Devil's Advocate eBook by Andrew Neiderman | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Venetian blinds close tightly. Milton spends a good deal of his time in the air. Thank you. No windows. Starts walking. Kevin turns.. Behind you. No paper anywhere. Good luck. Stark and clean to the extreme. Kevin standing there. Up ahead. There are dramatic shafts of natural light from above. Didn't mean to. Sixty stories above the world. The walls are made of stone. Taking in the space. Kevin sucks it up. And large. DAY 26 First of all it's round. A bridge between two skyscrapers.

It's been great. The whole thing's been great. I didn't plea out a lot. I hear you were brilliant. Five years in the Jacksonville D. The Gettys case. That's our secret. What a number. We kill you with kindness. One day you're putting them away and the next you're setting them free? So you think your guy was guilty. Walk with me. Milton pushes a button.

There's a hole in the wall. I'm not sure the Florida Bar Association would appreciate it. A narrow walkway straight through the middle. DAY 27 With that. Straight through to the next room.

Water right to the edge. And we're fifty stories above the city. I began the case with a clear conscience. The effect is staggering. DAY 28 A reflecting pool. Huge panel screens open out to: She's worked in the same poultry plant for as long as I can remember. Your mother. I think she's up to eight-fifty an hour. She's got a church she really likes. He passed away before I was born.

What does your father do? Some people can't handle it. Tell me about your family. She's tough. Just the two of us. My mom raised me. What's she like? The book? The church? Sooner or later it all flows through the streets.

I knew that before you got here. You have the talent. Suddenly they're quiet. Early release for time served. Silenced by the view. It's the other thing I wonder about. Can you summon your talent at will? Can you deliver on deadline? Can you sleep at night? High off Central Park. Changes everything. A Mercedes stretch pulls to the curb. DAY 29 Carnegie Hall.

Sinai Hospital right up the street. Some people fold. Some people. Some excellent schools. Kevin and Mary Ann getting out of the car just as a group of uniformed school children come charging out of the building to meet their bus. Mary Ann steps out.

The elevator doors open. She is black.. DAY 31 Turn of the Century. Milton bought the building. Two apartments per floor. We live across the hall. One unique touch. I'm Jackie Heath. And light. Mary Ann just behind him. They stand there. Blown away. See full terms and conditions and this month's choices. Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you'll love. Sign up and get a free eBook! Price may vary by retailer. About The Book. About The Author. Photo Credit: Andrew Neiderman.

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