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Read "The Famished Road A Novel" by Ben Okri available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Winner of the Man Booker Prize: . Editorial Reviews. Review. You have never read a novel like this one. Winner of the Booker Prize for fiction, The Famished Road tells the. Excerpt of "The famished road" by Ben Okri. In the beginning there was a river. The river became a road and the road branched out to the whole world.

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THE FAMISHED ROAD Ben Okri SECTION 1 BOOK 1 ONE IN THE BEGINNING there was a river. The river became a road and the road. The Famished Road: Ben Okri's Imaginary Homelands,. Edited by Vanessa Guignery. This book first published Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 12 Back. When preparing raw food it's important to be hygienic and store your edibles safely. Using a big tablespoon, By eati 1 BEN OKRI'S THE FAMISHED ROAD.

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They put the work together. Is this something you experience as well or do you establish clear generic differences between your works?

I am a blender and a blurrer. This is another way of saying that for me everything comes out of the rich river. The first kind is. The source is the open consciousness of the narrator. Genre is of course a very arbitrary category but I tend to read your essays as poems. I must say I tend to read The Famished Road as poetic prose. I am fundamentally a poet.

For me poetry is. Its boundaries have never really been defined. Because we are talking finally. I was wondering whether the fact that Azaro the character is a child had induced you to adapt the language in any way. Henry James explained in his preface to What Maisy Knew that he had wanted to restrict himself to the point of view of the child.

The novel itself has never been fixed. It was an important question. You said at some point that. It is a rich and fluid thing.

In the end he decided not to restrict himself to a limited vocabulary. Since it is not always clear from which point in time Azaro the narrator is telling his story. Demarcations are artificial things. From the great child narrators of Huckleberry Finn to modern times.

Every genre is enriched by its boundlessness. Poetry can learn from them. The point of view of the telling and the teller is ambiguous. Talking about voice. The Baconian essay is especially compressed. That ambiguous distance complicates the. In the essay form my great favourites remain Plutarch. All the genres can learn from one another. The novel is a river. But actually the novel has always been a rather dangerous river that overflows its boundaries and invades the surrounding cities.

In this particular instance it is complicated by the nature of his consciousness. Did you need to make sure that the language would not to be too complex. Every genre for me always mutates into something else. I was playing with this and other curious techniques a great deal in that text. Can you tell us a bit more about the status of these voices?

You see contingent words. Sometimes you can encounter a simple sentence in which a complex and profound emotion comes through. You know the famous line from The Tempest by Caliban who said the island was full of noises.

We read contingently as well as sequentially. The vocabulary is not really the primary means by which the emotion is expressed. He stood on the soil. We tend to think we read words on a page sequentially. When Gustav Jung came to Africa for the first time. I came to the conclusion that what is being felt. The second thing is that some things are difficult to convey simply. That was very much part of how the story was told — the way in which you read a sentence but pick up a word just diagonally below or above.

I frequently meet people who say: They might be said to symbolise public opinion sometimes. Sometimes you can encounter a complex sentence in which a simple and pure emotion comes through. I agonised about the relationship between vocabulary and consciousness. When you are reading a line of prose sequentially. I used a technique which I now call echo writing. In a sense it was written like painting.

Ben Okri in Conversation 21 vocabulary. It is sometimes the arrangement of words.

The Famished Road

Could you elaborate on that and on your depiction of dire poverty? The irony of having a consciousness of the infinite contained in the narrowness of poverty fascinated me a great deal. The multidimensionality of reality must have its textual counterpart. The mother is for me a very tender creation.

In terms of the book this is significant. These voices are both in the text and in the world. It is full of presences. He is a child born into the slums. When I read the book I was struck by the character of Mum. I drew upon what I knew and what I had seen. African literature. It is full of all kinds of things that are ambiguous in the hierarchy of beings.

Think of them as a rich opera of presences. Everything comes out of the integrity of a worldview. If Azaro had been born into a place like Ikoyi for instance.

So I could write about it. It allowed me to explore the irony of social conditions. There must be equivalents between these two things. I was fortunate enough to have spent a substantial part of my life amongst the poor. I would like to talk about your depiction of poverty in The Famished Road.

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Everything he sees is transfigured by knowledge of that which is beyond what he sees. That has been the good fortune of my biography. He is a person with an ambiguous consciousness. Azaro hears them: Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Shockingly Short Stories by Michael A. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Pablo Lainez. Intothepill Net. Michael Arnzen.

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