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Comic Book FLASH FACT: “ is the 60th anniversary of Barry Allen becoming The Flash, and it's a privilege to be It's where I became a Flash fan for life. Reading order for all essential Flash comic books published by DC Comics. We cover Barry Allen through Wally West through present day Flash! of the Forever Evil Rogues Rebellion tie-in comics. The Flash: Out of Time · The Flash: Savage . Buy products related to flash comic products and see what customers say about flash comic products on ✓ FREE The Flash: A Celebration of 75 years . The Flash: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1 (The Flash Rebirth).

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The Flash is an ongoing American comic book series featuring the DC Comics superhero of the only to be canceled again in in the wake of Barry Allen's return in Final Crisis and The Flash: Rebirth. .. 6, Out of Time, The Flash vol. The Flash (or simply Flash) is the name of several superheroes appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Created by writer Gardner Fox. The most famous of these is the Flash, also known as the Fastest Man Alive. FLASH COMICS #1 () See All Comic Books and Graphic Novels. c. g.

But at the same time, the California native had a lot of questions. I think about these characters every day. Barry Allen and Wally West: Knowing the potential damage Wally could do to the DC Universe and because Barry has made the same mistake before with epic consequences , Barry now stands in the way of his former sidekick. But Barry fighting Wally is more than just an all-out brawl. One of the things I found interesting was, over time, everyone, not just Wally but readers, also started putting Barry on this pedestal. He was much more complex.

The Flash Comic

Each of them redefined the word "hero. The mysterious power known as the Speed Force is an energy field that has, over the centuries, granted incredible powers of velocity to certain heroes. Ever since the days of World War II, there has been a man clad in red who can run at impossible speeds, using his power to save lives and defend those who cannot defend themselves. All between the ticks of a second. In the s, college student Jay Garrick acquired his super-speed abilities in a random lab accident and became the first DC Super Hero to go by the name the Flash.

But, when Barry returned, he became the Flash once again. All three generations of speedsters have been cornerstone members of both the Justice Society and Justice League. Although the Flash has not always been fast enough to outrun personal tragedy when it has come for him, he always does his best to prevent the same from happening to the people of Central City and Keystone City. In so doing, he's earned himself a spot among the greatest Super Heroes the DC Universe has ever known.

Can you believe the television season is already over? It seems like just yesterday Barry and Iris began raising an adult daughter and Oliver was serving his sentence in Welcome back, DCTV fans! I hope you have your Easter baskets ready! It seems like it was just last year that we watched Barry and Iris take their wedding Barry Allen struggles to control his powers as he experiments with his newfound abilities.

This is what good quality comics should look like. I can't sing enough praise for how beautiful he's made all these panels and how adept he is at conveying a story through pictures. I highly recommend this for the artwork alone.

Pair that with Brian Buccellato's writing and this book is a real winner. Admittedly, for The Flash purist this book may be a little hard to take as it is a reinventing of the character, and while many of the classic characters are present their relationships to one another are different.

When executed well, as it's done here, it keeps the characters fresh and relevant. Incidentally, if you've never read or heard of What happens when you've been dead for several years, and then come back to life?


That is an odd question, but in comic books, that is a question that is worth asking. Most comic deaths, with the exception of Bruce Wayne's parents and Spider-Man's Uncle Ben, will eventually be reversed by a later storyline, if they haven't been reversed already. Eventually, even he came back. Such a phenomenal story!

This was actually my first experience into The Flash comic world. I'm hugely addicted to the television series and as soon as they mentioned time travel, I began concocting theories about what might happen in the show while guesting on The Flash Podcast. Unknown to me, I was actually predicting much of what happened in Flashpoint! The Silver Age Vol. Ah the flash.

Before flash point, before crisis, before any of that. The flash with iris, grodd, solivar, the trickster, captain cold, weather wizard and more! Starting with his origin and some great Carmine Infantino art, it's certainly worth reading! The Flash Vol. History Lessons The New I understand know it's history lesson because it about dead men and they are part of the history lol.

Read it. Rogues Revolution The New Love the Flash, such a cool comic! It's on a nice laminated paper, which helps preserve the comic. I love the new 52 for DC hero's!! Worth every penny for the fastest man alive!!

DC's 'Flash War' Sparks a Comic Book Showdown Thirty Years in the Making

Great shipping as well from this seller. Speed of Darkness Rebirth. Blood Will Run. The Secret of Barry Allen. Rogue War. Infinite Crisis. The Wild Wests. Lightning in a Bottle. Full Throttle. Final Crisis. Final Crisis: Rogues Revenge.

Blackest Night. Blackest Night: Flash 1 to 3. There are some fairly important Flash ramifications here, most notably detailed in the three issue Blackest Night: Flash tie-in. Rebirth with Hal Jordan, and then the next era of Flash on our list.

The Flash Comics:

The Flash Volume 1: The Dastardly Death of the Rogues. The Flash Volume 2: The Road to Flashpoint. Flashpoint Featuring Wonder Woman. The World of Flashpoint Featuring Superman.

The World of Flashpoint Featuring Batman. Move Forward. Rogues Revolution.

Gorilla Warfare. History Lessons.

Forever Evil. Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion. Out of Time. Savage World.

The Flash Vol. As a matter of flash fact, the Flash family is at the center of DC Universe Rebirth 1, in some thrilling and poignant ways. The launch of this entire new universe makes a whole lot more sense if you have this Flash reading order under your belt.

DC Universe Rebirth 1.

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