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The four steps to beginning on your Psychic Pathway are: 1. Be Open to your Inner Voice of Wisdom: Being open primes the consciousness to receive guidance. All people are endowed with an amazing psychic ability. This natural gift Plus PDF Workbook Reawaken the Voice of Your Soul with Your Psychic Pathway. A practical, step-by-step, week interactive program that teaches you how to develop the intuitive sense that lies within you and to live in accordance.

The Psychic Pathway Pdf

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The Psychic Pathway: A Week Programme for Developing Your Psychic Gifts [ Sonia Choquette, Julia Cameron] on *FREE* shipping on. The Psychic Pathway to Joy. By Sonia Choquette. Intuition is the guiding voice of our souls and a natural and important part of who we are. Without it we cannot. Sonia Choquette - Your Psychic Pathway Workbook - Download as PDF File .pdf ), Text File .txt) or read online. ihhih.

Sign Up for email and receive exclusive offers, online discounts and info on our newest courses. Your information will never be shared or sold to a 3rd party. Sonia Choquette and Patrick Tully. Regular Price: All people are endowed with an amazing psychic ability. This natural gift can give us the power to expand our awareness, reconnect to our Higher Intelligence, and discover a personal pathway to our souls. Listening to the Guiding Wisdom of Your Soul, which contains clear, inspiring, and practical guidelines for tapping the psychic powers within you.

I believe that the sooner we all begin to recognize that we are designed to be psychic—as much as we are designed to have eyes, ears, and noses—the sooner we will come to embrace just what marvelous sophisticated, creative, and soulful beings we really are. I hope you enjoy the wonder of the path as much as I have. Sign Up NOW to receive a daily dose of insight and inspiration. Click here to Subscribe.

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[Read PDF] The Psychic Pathway: A Workbook for Reawakening the Voice of Your Soul Ebook Online

Main Menu. All Authors Dr. Andrew Newberg Dr. Andy Fuehl Asara Lovejoy Dr. Arnd Stein Barbara Mahaffey, M. Barefoot Doctor Barry J. Farber Bernie S. Metcalf Dr. Dean Sluyter Dr. Dolf de Roos Dominic O'Brien. Elaine St. Gary S. Goodman Gale Glassner Twersky, A. Dec 04, Denise Lyra rated it it was amazing.

Helped me in the process of developing my intuition and psychic abilities. Jan 30, Juli Morris rated it it was amazing. I went to a retreat of Sonia's and learned about this book. I listen more. Jun 19, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: Apparently this sort of set up of a book appeals to me. Feb 09, sweepea rated it really liked it Shelves: The title is a little misleading Psychic means 'of the soul'.

Most of us think of the scam artists who hock their readings and skills for a not so small fee. The word has almost become synonymous with con artist unfortunately. For anyone interested in tuning into intuition this is a helpful guide. Some of it veers into the seemingly silly but I think some of the exercises are for just that reason; to get back in touch with our instincts we need to cultivate a playful approach. One needs to ad The title is a little misleading One needs to adopt an almost childlike perspective in accepting that if we feel strongly about something or someone despite having no concrete evidence we should pay attention.

Each chapter reviews the information with exercises and questions for reflection. One of the exercises encouraged readers to write down all of the instances they had a 'psychic' psychic is her word for basic intuition feeling that turned out to be correct.

Your Psychic Pathway Digital Download by Sonia Choquette

If you take the time to reflect and recall all of these you'd probably be surprised and yes a little excited. Another exercise was to note all of the times you ignored your intuition and the outcome. I was surprised once I wrote some of these out; it's a clever way to encourage you to avoid doing this in the future. A section in here covered use of divination tools like tarot and I Ching to encourage further exploration of your intuitive practice.

The I Ching in particular interests me and her explanation of it was thorough. Many of us have this capability but our focus is obscured with background noise of hectic daily living.

A chapter on self care emphasizes how important it is to be healthy, well rested and practice daily meditation to make the most of our intuition.

Seems common sense but many people don't put it into practice. I appreciated her introduction to meditation too; it's something I eschewed for years as it always seemed tedious.

Simply dedicating 15 minutes a day is all it takes. The benefits aren't just improving intuition; these techniques also alleviate stress and anxiety. Even if you're not sold on being able to fine tune your intuition via reading this book and doing the exercises you'll get some useful information regardless. I've read some of her other books and as always her approach is straightforward and not bogged down in esoteric crap. One interesting section of the book I enjoyed detailed a few of her clients' issues and how they not only were resolved but flourished once they put into practice her steps for following 'the psychic pathway'.

This book title might scare off some people as being too new age and woo woo unfortunately. But the book is a great way to get back in touch with your intuition and get back on track with what makes you happy.

Feb 23, Matthew Jay rated it it was amazing. What an amazing book! Might even been my favorite yet. I picked up this book to learn more about my intuition and it definitely taught me more than I expected.

Do not let the word Psychic scare you away as I've learned that is just you connecting with your soul. This is a workbook that is suppose to be followed over many weeks to practice connection with yourself and the universe.

I read t What an amazing book! I read this is just over a week and had such amazing results along with wonderful new insight I will always apply to my life.

Some of the psychic "powers" taught is all within all of us and is just spiritual enlightenment, energy, law of attraction related topics, put into great perspective. It was so inspiring to me and exciting to know that my life can be transformed through this. I had a telepathic experience that was unbelievable. I would love to get a reading from Sonia. Check out the book.

Jul 30, Heather rated it really liked it. While this is very much a book for beginner's on the path to psychic awareness, and I was looking for something a little more advanced , I enjoyed Sonia Choquette's warm-hearted, compassionate style.

She really brings a loving and accepting way of being to her way with people as described in her vignettes with customers who weren't always so nice. It's one thing to be psychic; it's another to practice and evolve your personal growth and spirituality. Both go hand in hand, and Sonia Choquette While this is very much a book for beginner's on the path to psychic awareness, and I was looking for something a little more advanced , I enjoyed Sonia Choquette's warm-hearted, compassionate style.

I think she's a great teacher. This book has all the necessities of a spiritual and psychic practice: There's room in each section to chart your progress, or to try one of her exercises, and it's nice to have everything, including your progressive development, all in one place.

I think this just seems very wishy wasy Apr 18, Mica rated it liked it. I only got halfway through this book before I lost interest in it. The exercises are broken down into very manageable pieces. The key is doing the exercises immediately. This exercise is designed to help you uncover and fulfill your deepest and most immediate desires.

All wishes count.. Once you are aware of the lesson or gift. I trust. Thank you. Repeat this affirmation every day for two weeks. I expect. Part of the Psychic Pathway is remembering who you really are. I ask the Universe to guide me in the fulfillment of these three desires.

After acknowledging your wounds. Repeat this exercise every day for six more days. Fill in the blanks: I am open. If you cannot forgive a person fully. Day 2.

What was your favorite childhood experience with your mother? What was your favorite childhood experience with your father?

What was your favorite childhood experience with your brothers and sisters? What was your favorite childhood experience with your grandparents? What was your favorite childhood experience with your favorite friends? What were your favorite childhood games? What were your favorite childhood interests? What were your least favorite childhood experiences? Who was your first love?

Who was your first date? What was your first job? What was your greatest childhood triumph? What is your favorite childhood memory? What is your favorite memory of your teenage years? What is your favorite memory of your twenties? What is your favorite memory of your thirties? What is your favorite memory of your forties? What is your favorite memory of your fifties? What are your three most important desires? What were the problems you had to overcome?

How does it feel to be more aware? What is your favorite memory of your sixties? What is your favorite memory of last year? What do you love about your life today? Grounding means channeling into the ground just like electricity.

Hug a tree. I wonder. Dance or jump rope. Cook or bake bread. Some hints to improve the outcome of this strategy are to: Take a brisk walk. You can clear away unwanted energy by grounding and clearing your aura. Take an Epsom salts bath. Play with clay. Literally put your hands in the ground.. Go for a run. Try these techniques: For optimum psychic awareness: To cut away these psychic cords and free yourself of this negative energy. Imagine the inside surface of this energy shield reflect- ing a beautiful and healing golden white light which protects you from all negativity.

Inhale once again. You can find them in many metaphysical bookstores. Pay attention to the requirements of your body in order to be fully aware. As you exhale. Simply shrug it off and return to wondering. The ability to tune in depends on how well the radio is working. Your radio is your body. These cords drag us down and create flashes of negative anxiety.

See these cords falling to the ground in pieces and dissolving. Replace this energy in your aura with a golden white light. If it is exhausted. Imagine that the outside surface of this aura is like a mirror.

Repeat this two or three times. Use breathing exercises. Do visualization exercises and write down your goals. How is your meditation going? Is it changing? Getting any new ideas? Make sure you have an occasional change of routine and time to do nothing! Cleanse your aura. How many days this week did you make entries in your psychic journal? Are you checking your energy? Meditate every day.

Are you grounding yourself? How often? In what way? Get enough sleep to be fully rested. What are the results? Engage in physical exercise and recreation. Practice a grounding exercise. How about the energy of people around you?

The etheric body also serves as a bridge to convey the energy of thought and feeling from the mental and astral planes to visible. Each is designed to send out and pick up psychic energy. Because it very nearly duplicates the physical body.

In an evolved soul. In an unevolved soul. Seven of these psychic relay stations exist in your body and extend outward in your aura. These etheric chakras keep the body alive and keep its consciousness moving. Without this bridge. These satellites are referred to as chakras.

To describe their location we use the names of corresponding points in the physical body. This invisible part of the body is of tremendous importance to us. When undeveloped they are small. When developed or activated.

And they can be much larger in size. To the clairvoyant eye this body looks like a violet-gray mist emanating from and slightly beyond the physical body. If you are clairvoyant. Resting in this etheric body are satellites of energy that control the degree and quality of conscious awareness we possess. As it rotates see it warming your soul and filling you with self-appreciation and plea- sure.

Greediness Underactive: Close your eyes and place your attention on the mid-section between your navel and your tailbone. My body is balanced. I am warmed by the love of the Universe. When this chakra is balanced a person feels confident.

I am completely grounded and filled with life force and vitality. Imagine a feeling of profound security rush- ing through every cell in your body. It is the seat of sensuality. Let the energy flow through you and into every cell in your body. I love being alive.

Envision this orb drawing in conscious energy to stimulate physical well-being. In your minds eye see this fiery orange satellite of energy spinning around and around. I am balanced.

It is the seat of focus. Paranoia Underactive: Close your eyes and place your attention directly on this satellite of energy. It controls the consciousness of survival and well-being.

When the second chakra is balanced. My body is holy and happy. I enjoy the sensations of pleasure and comfort that flow through it. I am open to all the loving goodness that God bestows upon me. As the chakra rotates. I do with love. Imagine that it rotates in a perfectly balanced state. To balance the heart chakra. Everything I do. Breathe this energy in and completely relax. Please notice that this center is different from the center for emotion.

Imagine that there you will find a perfectly spinning orb of about five inches in diameter. This can be felt through the hands. Let this vitality fill every cell in your body. I am loved and loving. Distraction Underactive: Dishonesty Negativity Willfulness Resentfulness Hostility Love is always patient. Open Heart Chakra: Balance Closed Heart Chakra: An open heart chakra creates a connection between people.

Subjectivity Underactive: Close your eyes and place your attention on your navel. I allow Divine energy to move my thoughts. I forgive and release all old wounds.

Imagine that God and all the heavenly bodies love you unconditionally. It is the seat of the soul and the center of love in your consciousness.

It is accepting of oneself and others. This includes telepathy as well as hearing the guiding wisdom of your soul. This ability is called clairaudience. This can be achieved if the desire is true and the intention stays focused on love and service. Do not force this image. I am open to the infinite love and wisdom of the Universe pouring into my consciousness at all times. I am aware at all times of the loving Guidance directing my thoughts and my speech. Opening the seventh chakra can take years of training.

I am receptive to vision. This endows one with the ability to see auras. As this orb rotates. This chakra is connected to your pineal gland and governs the consciousness of spiritual awakening.

Opening this chakra requires a regular practice of daily meditation. Also known as the third eye. I remember who I really am. I am loving. Hallucination Underactive: Center your imagination on the area of your forehead between your eyes and visualize a beautiful indigo blue orb of about seven inches in diameter spinning smoothly.

Now imagine that your soul is looking upon you with loving energy and deep affection. Center your imagination at the base of your throat and visualize a vibrant blue orb spinning in perfect balance. As it spins. Imagine playing in a field of poppies like a free- spirited child. See Divine energy soothing your throat. How many days did you meditate this week? Are you enjoying it? Which chakras are balanced?

How do you feel as a result? Visit a therapeutic massage healer. Certain foods aid in balancing energy while others drag it down. Check your diet. Explore aromatherapy.

Have you stayed grounded? Which chakra is your favorite? Least favorite? Drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Which chakras need balancing? Visualize that this character represents your Higher Self. If not. The more you engage in creative play. On this day. In words? In symbols? It can be whatever you want. At the end of the day. Your psychic self can also be a fairy. If your hunches are accurate. Sometimes our sensitive egos prevent us from being psychic because they fear losing control.

Pick a low-stress day such as a weekend. This can be as simple as a special piece of clothing or jewelry worn with your regular clothes. Create a sacred space in your life to retreat to for sanctuary and connection to your Higher Self. What has your Psychic Self revealed to you?

Any images of guides? Do you like being psychic? What does your Psychic Persona look like? Does your Persona have a name? Do you have a sacred space? Are you staying grounded? This can be a corner in your bedroom or a perch under your favorite tree.

When you need guidance. Are you cleansing your aura? Just be consistent. Special clothing has been a part of nearly every sacred and ceremonial tradition from the beginning of time. Your Master compels you to let go of pain and feel loved. Be aware of your guides. They are assigned to you by God at varying times to help you along your path. As Jesus said. They can assist in love. The purpose of joy guides is to make you laugh!

Your Psychic Pathway Digital Download

They will tease you. Follow these simple suggestions to allow your guides to work for you. Every person has one Master who is totally devoted to guiding their spiritual evolution. Teachers come to you to help you remember your spiritual self. Runners help you find things or connect you to people or things you need. Feel the love.

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