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The Setting Sun Osamu Dazai - [PDF] [EPUB] The Setting Sun Osamu Dazai Osamu Dazai (???, Dazai Osamu, June 19, – June Blue Bamboo is a collection of seven short stories by one of Japan's preeminent postwar writers and prose stylists, Osamu Dazai. Not the typical romantic. The Setting Sun Pdf is available here. nYpou can easily download The Setting Sun Pdf, The Setting Sun Pdf by

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Setting Sun derives much of its power from its portrayal of the ways in which the new . The Setting Sun a strength that most of Dazai's other writings, however. Psionic Artifacts of Athas (Dark Sun campaign setting) The Will and the Way ( Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Ed. Fantasy Roleplaying, Dark Sun Setting) . The Setting Sun - Download as .rtf), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The Setting Sun by Osamu Dazai.

The novel created an immediate sensation when it Osamu Dazai first appeared. It is generally conceded that Dazai is one of the great chroniclers of trans. Donald Keene contemporary Japanese life, and this major achievement was reached despite the shortness of his life and career. It is a powerful novel of a nation in social and powerful and beautiful novel by one of the most moral crisis probes the destructive brilliant of recent Japanese writers and stands as effects of war, and the transition from a such in the world of literature. Tuttle Company, Inc.

I also included boys and girls from the elementary suppose you might say I take a very schools, all of them with frozen little faces on the egocentric view of it. Only when I was verge of tears. The rain went through my coat, conscripted and forced to do coolie penetrated my jacket, and finally soaked through labor in sneakers was I able to think of to my underwear. I I spent that whole day carrying baskets of often had harsh thoughts about the earth on my back.

The next time at the base I coolie labor, but thanks to it I became tugged ropes in a team of laborers. That was the quite robust, and even now I sometimes work I liked best. I was shouldering baskets was entering its really desperate phase, of earth one day when a couple of them passed a man dressed in a kind of military by, and I heard one of them whisper, "Think she's uniform came to our house in Nishikata a spy?

I asked the girl carrying earth papers and a schedule listing the days I next to me what made the boy say such a thing. I discovered that She answered seriously, "Perhaps because you from the following day I would have to look like a foreigner. Do you also think I'm a spy? In "No," she answered, this time with a little spite of myself, I found myself in tears. The man answered firmly, "The Army One fine morning which I had spent hauling has work for you, and you yourself must logs along with the men, the young officer go.

The next day it rained. An officer You, come here. He stopped by a pile of preamble. Today please just watch over this thwarted, and we will have another lumber. If you get where I worked. That was the only day I was able bored, perhaps you'd like to read this.

From then on I went every other He took a small volume from his pocket day to Tachikawa to do my stint of hard labor. I picked it up. There's labor in the fields. South Pacific. That's terrible. The rest might aptly be He shook his head in sympathy. I'll bring your lunch box myself later on. Last year nothing happened You just rest without worrying about The year before nothing happened anything. I sat on the lumber pile and began to Idiotically enough, all that remains of my war read the book.

I had read about half experiences is the pair of sneakers. It must be very although wearing what may be called my unique tedious being here alone.

I The fire. I woke after three with the while I, quite on the contrary, feel as though I am sudden impression that I had seen the steadily turning into a coarse, low-class woman. I young officer before, but where I could can't escape the feeling that it is by sucking the not recall. I clambered down from the life-breath out of Mother that I am fattening.

Far from reprimanding me, she "Thank you very much for having seemed to pity me, but the shock she received come today. You may leave now if you was certainly ten times as great as mine. Ever wish. I wanted to express my thanks, blowing, she slips out of bed any number of times, but the words did not come. In silence I however late it may be, and goes around the looked at his face, and when our eyes house making sure that everything is all right.

She met, mine filled with tears. Then tears never looks well. She had about it. I ask you please to restrain yourself and expressed a desire to help me in the listen until I have finished. The truth is that Naoji fields, and although I had discouraged is alive. It seems that a man who used to could barely breathe. She spent the day work for him has recently returned from the South in bed. After that she appeared to have Pacific.

He went to your uncle's office to pay his given up the idea of manual labor. Once respects, and then, quite by accident, it came out in a while she walks out into the fields that he had been in the same unit with Naoji and but only to observe intently what I am that Naoji is safe and will soon be returning. He doing. According to Today, while Mother was watching this man, Naoji has become a rather serious me work, she suddenly remarked, opium addict. I wonder if My mouth twisted as if I had eaten something it's true.

When Naoji was in high school, in imitation watering the eggplants. It is already the of a certain novelist, he had taken to drugs, and beginning of summer. She continued he finally ran up such an enormous bill at the softly, "I am very fond of hibiscus, but pharmacist's that it had taken Mother two years to we haven't a single one in this garden. He seems to have taken it up again. But answered in an intentionally sharp tone. I like almost all time he gets back because they won't let him summer flowers, but oleanders are too return otherwise.

Your uncle's letter goes on to loud. But they bloom in there's no immediate likelihood of finding a job for all four seasons. I wonder if people who someone in his frame of mind. Even perfectly like roses best have to die four times normal people become rather peculiar nowadays over again. She added, "I have berserk in no time. There's no telling what he something I'd like to talk over with you might do. It Naoji comes back, the best thing today. If it's about your dying, mountains for the time being and not let him go no thanks.

That's one thing. And, Kazuko, I followed Mother to a bench under your uncle had another thing in his letter. He says the wisteria trellis. The wisteria that our money is all gone, and what with the blossoms were at their end, and the blocking of savings and the capital levy, he won't soft afternoon sunlight filtering through be able to send us as much as he has before.

It the leaves fell on our laps and dyed will be extremely difficult for him to manage our them green. He suggests meaning to tell you for quite a while, that we should waste no time in finding for you but I was waiting for a moment when either a husband or else a position in some we were both in a good mood.

You see, household. But "As a servant? I'll go. That would only bring unhappiness to all three of us if I probably wouldn't be too depressing or stayed. We've lived together for a long time, and I awkward for you. Now "I wonder if there isn't some other you and Naoji can stay together, just the two of job.

I hope for your sake he'll be a very good son "He says that any other profession to you. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of this life. I'll would be impractical for you. I have somewhere I can go.

Mother smiled sadly but did not "Kazuko! Her face was answer. I've had enough of such talk! When she stood and confronted me, she burst out hysterically, knowing even as looked almost taller than I.

I did so that I would regret it. But I I wanted to beg her pardon, but the words couldn't stop. Instead I uttered wretched sneakers — look! You were using me with the back of my hand and looked until Naoji came. I've been your servant, and now Mother in the face. A voice within me that you no longer need me you're sending me repeated, "I mustn't, I mustn't," but away. I've been taken because of me, because you had me, advantage of because I'm a fool. You're getting rid that you were going to Izu?

Didn't you of me because I'm a fool. It's best I go, isn't it?

Money — what's that? I would die? That's why I've stayed here don't understand such things. I had always without budging from your side. And believed in love, in my mother's love, in that at here I am wearing these sneakers least.

Now Mother turned her head away abruptly. She you hear that Naoji's coming home, and was weeping. I wanted to beg her pardon and to suddenly you find me in the way.

It's work in the fields, and this involuntary too much, too much. I have myself, but they could not be stopped, somewhere I can go. With these words I ran off to the bathroom "If we're poor and our money's gone, where I washed my face and hands, still sobbing. I why don't we sell all our expensive went to my room, changed my clothes, only once clothes?

Why don't we sell this house? I again to be overcome with weeping. I wanted to can do something.

The Setting Sun

I can get a job weep more, more, until I had drained every tear working at the village office, and if they from my body. I ran to the foreign-style room on won't hire me there, I can do coolie the second floor, threw myself on the bed, and work. Poverty is nothing. As long as you covering my head in the blankets, wept my very love me, all I want is to spend my whole flesh away. Then my mind began to wander life by your side. But you love Naoji aimlessly.

I had that very particular "Please do," I whispered. Do Toward evening Mother came softly you remember?

You burst into tears and I realized into the room and switched on the light. But my memory was that I had felt grateful to I got up and sat on the bed, Mother at the time for talking to me in such a sweeping both hands over my hair. I way, and my tears had been of happiness.

It was sank into the sofa under the window. That news came as a first time in my life. I wrote a letter in terrible shock. Hosoda had already been a answer to his, requesting him to leave married man for years and had children. I knew it my children's affairs to me. Kazuko, could never come to anything, no matter how we'll sell our clothes. We'll sell our much you loved him. It was nothing money just as we please, for whatever but groundless suspicion on my husband's part.

Let's live "Perhaps. I don't suppose you can still be extravagantly. I don't want to let you thinking of Mr. Where was it then that work in the fields any more. Let's buy you meant when you said you had somewhere to our vegetables even if they are go? It's unreasonable to expect "Not to Mr. Then where? Man has, I know, language, toll. I am sure that the reason why I knowledge, principles, and social order, but don't wept and stormed as if I had gone off all the other animals have them too, granted the my head was that the combination of difference of degree?

Perhaps the animals even physical exhaustion and my have religions. Man boasts of being the lord of all unhappiness had made me hate and creation, but it would seem as if essentially he resent everything.

I sat on the bed in silence, my eyes But, Mother, there was one way I thought of. Perhaps you won't understand. It's a faculty "Kazuko. Can "Yes. Every morning I pray to your the nape of my neck. The autumn flowers asters, came from a scarf that Mother knitted for me pinks, gentians, valerians -were all in twenty years ago, when I was still in elementary bloom. The wild grapes were still green. The end of the scarf was formed into a Later Father and I boarded a kind of skullcap, and when I put it on and looked motorboat at Lake Biwa.

I jumped into at myself in the mirror, a little imp stared back at the water. The little fish that live in the me. The scarf was very different in color from the weeds brushed against my legs, and scarves my school friends wore, and that fact the shadow of my legs, distinctly alone sufficed to make me loathe it with an reflected on the bottom of the lake, unreasoning fury. I felt so ashamed to be seen in moved with me.

The picture bore no it that I had refused to wear it again, and for years relation to what Mother and I had been it had lain hidden away in a drawer somewhere. I only to vanish. But somehow the faded color failed to forgive me. Those days, as I remember them Today, having nothing else to do, I took it out on now, were the last in which the dying the spur of the moment and idly began to knit.

It embers of our happiness still glowed. What a beautiful, wonderful thing color harmony is, I A sensation of helplessness, as if it thought to myself, rather surprised. It is amazing were utterly impossible to go on living. The wool I held in my hands became vibrant white clouds frantically scud across the with warmth, and the cold rainy sky was soft as sky. A terrible emotion — shall I call it velvet.

I remembered a Monet painting of a an apprehension — wrings my heart cathedral in the mist, and I felt as if, thanks to the only to release it, makes my pulse wool, I had for the first time understood what falter, and chokes my breath. At times good taste is. Good taste. Mother had chosen the everything grows misty and dark before pale rose wool because she knew just how lovely my eyes, and I feel that the strength of it would look against the snowy winter sky, but in my whole body is oozing away through my foolishness I had disliked it.

I had had my own my finger tips. During all this time Mother had falling almost incessantly. Whatever I not said a word of explanation but had waited do depresses me. Today I took a wicker these twenty years until I was able to appreciate chair out onto the porch, intending to the beauty of the color myself.

I thought what a work again on the sweater which I wonderful Mother I had. At the same moment began to knit this spring. The wool is of clouds of dread and apprehension suddenly a somewhat faded rose, and I am eking welled up within my breast as I wondered whether it out with cobalt-blue yarn to make a Naoji and I between us had not tortured and sweater. The pale rose wool originally weakened Mother to the point of killing her.

The thought filled nine! The her book. For some days now she has been strength left my fingers, and I dropped wearing a gauze mask over her mouth, and that my knitting needles on my lap. A great may have been the cause of her exceptional sigh shook me. With my eyes still shut, I taciturnity of late.

She wore the mask in lifted my head. Before I knew what I obedience to Naoji's instructions. One summer a corner of the room, reading a book, evening, without a word of warning, he had burst answered with a note of doubt in her into the garden, slamming the wooden gate voice. What atrocious taste I was confused. In an unnecessarily for a house!

You should put out a sign 'China loud voice I declared, "The roses have Mansions: Chow Mein'! Did you know it, These were Naoji's words of greeting on first Mother? I just noticed it now. They've seeing me. I could not been brought back long ago by Uncle detect anything abnormal about the tip of her Wada from France — or was it England? At meal times she could only had now been transplanted here from get down a thin soup. I suggested that the doctor our house in Nishikata Street. I had examine her, but Mother shook her head and said been fully aware this morning that one with a forced smile, "He would only laugh at me.

Mother's illness unnerved me. The flowers, of a He sat for a moment by Mother's pillow and in- dark purple, had a sombre pride and clined his head in a word of greeting.

That was all strength. I followed behind him. She's grown thin. It'd "Perhaps. Are you sorry for me? People like Mama "No. I only meant to say that it was are not meant to go on living in such a world as typical of you. It's just like you to paste this. She was too pathetic even for me to look at pictures by Renoir on the kitchen match her.

To hear you talk about the roses "You've coarsened. Your face looks as if you've in the garden, one would think you got two or three men. Tonight were discussing live people.

I nervously fingered the were unfortunately just out of stock. When I knitting on my lap. You don't know how and smoking a cigarette, looked out at the sea in to deal with her. That "I hear your tongue hurts you. I waited for hours for his he had noticed for the first time that Mother was return, but in vain. I had made baked not well. You probably sleep brighter electric lights in the dining- at night with your mouth open.

Very careless of room to add some cheer. While I was you. You should wear a gauze mask. Soak some waiting, Osaki, the girl from the inn, put gauze in Rivanol solution and put it inside a her head in at the kitchen door and mask. Is it all I exploded, "What kind of treatment do you call right? He's drinking gin. You mean methyl alcohol? I asked, "Mother, will you wear one?

I was quite Osaki nodded as if she were taken aback. Mother was apparently resolved to swallowing and went away. She accepted it into a smile. Please finish the dinner. Tonight her ears. She looked as she lay there pathetically we'll all three sleep in this room. Put like a little girl. Naoji's bedding in the middle. He Naoji returned late that night, changed to a business suit and set off with 2, thumping loudly through the house. The yen from Mother. She has told me that the medicine you tell Mother something about the is very effective and that wearing the mask South Seas?

I can't help "There's nothing to tell. Nothing at feeling, however, that Mother is not telling the all. I've forgotten. When I returned to truth. She is out of bed now, but her appetite Japan and got on the train the rice fieldsremains poor and she seldom speaks.

I am looked unbelievably beautiful from the worried about her, and I wonder what can be train window. That's all. Turn out the keeping Naoji so long. No doubt he is amusing light. I can't sleep. The summer moment being sucked into the frenzied whirlpool moonlight flooded into the mosquito of Tokyo. The more I let my thoughts run along netting. It is alive. It is not children — lapses I would never have the love for living human beings.

Money and women. Logic, intimidated, My knitting fell as I stood up with a scampers off precipitously. I felt at an utter loss The courageous testimony of Dr. Faust that a what to do with myself. With shaking maiden's smile is more precious than history, limbs, I climbed the stairs to the philosophy, education, religion, law, politics, foreign-style room on the second floor. This is to be Naoji's room. Four or Learning is another name for vanity.

It is the five days ago Mother and I settled this, effort of human beings not to be human beings. Nakai to help me move in Naoji's wardrobe and bookcases, five or six wooden crates stuffed with books and papers, and various other objects- I can swear even before Goethe that I am a in short, everything that had been in his superbly gifted writer.

Flawless construction, the room in our old house in Nishikata proper leavening of humor, pathos to bring tears Street. We decided to await his return to the reader's eyes — or else a distinguished from Tokyo before we put the wardrobe novel, perfect of its kind, to be read aloud and bookcases in place, not knowing sonorously with the deference due it, this shall I where he would like them.

The room call it running commentary on a film? I claim I was so cluttered that there was could write were I not ashamed. There's scarcely space enough to turn around. Only a madman would read notebooks from an open crate. The a novel with deference. In that case it had best be words "Moonflower Journal" were done in formal clothes, like going to a funeral. So written on the cover. The notebook long as it does not seem as affected as a good seems to have been kept while Naoji work!

I will write my novel clumsily, deliberately was suffering from narcotic poisoning. Oh, to see my friend's happy face! A sensation of burning to death. And What is this affection which would make me excruciat-ing though it is, I cannot blow the toy bugle of bad prose and bad pronounce even the simple words "it character to proclaim, "Here is the greatest fool in hurts. Compared to me, you're all right-be of portent of a hell unparalleled, unique in good health! You who relate with a smug face, Philosophy?

All lies. They say the I wonder if there is anyone who is not wisteria of Ushijima are a thousand depraved. A wearisome thought.

I have heard Unless I have it. The books on my shelves were, with a Today I surreptitiously introduced a few exceptions, cheap paper-bound editions, and clerk from the pawnshop into the house at that I had bought them second-hand.

Pdf The Setting Sun

It was not and ushered him to my room. I asked, surprising that they fetched so little. If there is, take it away. I am in That is approximately my effective strength. It is desperate need of money. The clerk, with scarcely a glance at But rather than the patronizing "But being the room, had the effrontery to say, decadent is the only way to survive!

It's straightforward. But people almost you. That's not where you'll find the so- "just take the things I have bought with called class struggle. Don't be silly. I my own pocket money.

It is knocking down your fellow-men for the of all the odds and ends I piled before sake of your own happiness. It is a killing. What him had any value as a pledge. A hand in plaster. This was the It's no use cheating. A hand like a There aren't any decent people in our class dahlia blossom, a pure white hand, either.

Idiots, specters, penny-pinchers, mad mounted on a stand. But if you looked dogs, braggarts, high-flown words, piss from at it carefully you could tell how this above the clouds. Japan's war is an act of desperation. I had rather die by my stop her breath; in the gesture was own hand. The seriousness of our leaders these the tragedy of her nudity. Unfortunately, this was only a piece of bric-a-brac. The clerk valued it at fifty sen.

A large map of the suburbs of I want to spend my time with people who don't Paris. A celluloid top almost a foot in look to be respected. But such good people won't diameter. A special pen-point with want to spend their time with me. All things bought by me under the impression that they were great bargains.

When I pretended to be precocious, people The clerk laughed and said, "I must started the rumor that I was precocious. When I be leaving now. I When I pretended I couldn't write a novel, people finally managed to load him down with said I couldn't write. When I acted like a rich The little stork-chicks man, they started the rumor I was rich.

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Are growing up. When I feigned indifference, they Ah! But when I in-advertently groaned because I was really in pain, they started the rumor that I was faking suffering.

Morphine, atromol, narcopon, philipon, The world is out of joint. Doesn't that mean in effect that I What is self-esteem? It is impossible for a human being — no, a man In spite of my suffering, at the — to go on living without thinking "I am one of the thought that I was sure to end up by elite," "I have my good points," etc. Test of wits. A weakling. I don't And in such a way that it will be good tidings think I need scold you about that any for me.

Whenever I think of her, I want to cry. I I am not putting on an act. Absolutely not. I beg it of you. I feel as if I will die of shame. Every day, every day, I wait for your answer; Please forgive me. Just this once, night and day I tremble all over.

Do not make me eat dirt. I can hear a smothered laugh from the walls. Do not humiliate me. New Year's Poem My sister! I may go afterward to our villa in the Having read that much, I shut the mountains to recuperate. I really mean it. The day "Moonflower Journal" and returned it to I pay back my whole debt I intend to give up the wooden crate. I walked to the drugs completely. I swear it to God. Please believe window, threw it open, and looking me. Please keep it a secret from Mama, and send down on the garden smoky with white the money to Mr.

I days. Uehara's apartment, but then. Naoji's drug addiction eventually the promise in Naoji's letter was, as always, false. No, I shouldn't say He didn't go to the villa to recuperate.

Instead, his that. I have the feeling that my divorce drug taking seems to have turned into a kind of was settled from the moment I was poisoning and grown steadily more serious.

The born, that even if Naoji had not been style of the letters he sent imploring me for addicted to drugs the divorce would money took on an anguished tone which was all have occurred sooner or later for some but a shriek.

Each time I read his words "I promise other cause. Naoji was in difficulties to give up drugs now," followed by an oath so about paying the pharmacist and heart-rending that it made me want to turn my frequently importuned me for money. I face away from the paper, I realized perfectly well had just been married and could not be that he might be lying again, but 1 would entirely free about money. Besides, I nevertheless send Oseki out to sell a piece of felt strongly that it was most improper jewelry and to take the money to Mr.

After talking the matter answered, adding, "but he's seldom at home over with my maid Oseki, who had when I call.

Usually there's just his wife and a little come with me from my mother's house, girl about six years old. His wife is not particularly I decided to sell my bracelets, pretty, but she seems a sweet, intelligent person. Naoji had sent You don't have to worry about entrusting your me a letter concluding, "I feel such money to a lady like her. Please send the money comparison is possible — I had my head in the with Oseki to the apartment [he gave clouds and was always very easy-going.

All the the address] of the novelist Uehara Jiro, same, I began to be terribly worried what with one whom I'm sure you must know, at least sum of money after another being extorted from by name. Uehara has the reputation me, and the whole thing gradually assumed the of being an evil man, but he is not proportions of a nightmare. One day, returning actually like that at all, and there is no from the theatre, I sent back the car and walked need to worry about sending me the by myself to Mr.

Uehara's apartment. I have arranged Mr. Uehara was alone in his room reading a with Uehara to let me know newspaper. He was dressed in a Japanese immediately by telephone when the costume which made him look old and young at money arrives, so please do it that way. I received a strange first I want to keep my addiction from impression as if from a rare beast that I had never Mama, at least.

Somehow I intend to before seen. If I "My wife has gone with the child to collect the get the money from you this time, I will rations. When I told man was a hopeless alcoholic. He dragged the him that I was Naoji's sister, Mr. Uehara man out of the car and slung him over his barked a laugh. A cold shiver went shoulders. The man's body flopped about as if he through me; I don't know why. That was the first time I uttered these words than he threw on a ever saw an alcoholic. It was fascinating.

The wind "No, that isn't true. I've seen a real alcoholic, was icy. It felt as if it were blowing in and it's entirely different.

Uehara walked in Mr. Uehara for the first time gave a genuine silence, his right shoulder slightly raised smile. I followed behind to become an alcoholic either, but at least it him, half running. We entered the basement of a Let's go. You don't want to be late, do you? Four "It doesn't make any difference. The bill. If it isn't too much, I have Mr. Uehara drank his sake from a a little money with me.

I drank two bag and told Mr. Uehara how much money I had. Uehara drank and smoked, still two or three more places. This was the spoke with a scowl, then laughed. He shook his head. I'll "Liquor would be better, but get a taxi for you. You had better go back. Uehara, who was one step ahead of me, "I mean, your brother. It would be a turned around suddenly and gave me a quick kiss.

Pdf The Setting Sun 1968

I felt no of alcohol. I was once a dope addict special attraction for him, but all the same, from myself, a long time ago, and I know that moment on my "secret" came into being. Uehara clattered up the stairs, and I slowly Alcohol is the same sort of thing, but followed, with a strangely transparent feeling. I think I'll make an alcoholic felt wonderful against my cheek. How does that suit He hailed a taxi for me, and we separated you?

I was about I felt, as I was tossed in the decrepit old taxi, as to set out on New Year's calls when I if the world had suddenly opened wide as the sea.

I was so surprised head to say, "I have a lover. The driver told me the "I know. It's Hosoda, isn't it? Whenever there was any I said, "I've met your Mr. He's a unpleasantness between my husband delightful man. Don't you think it would be and myself, this matter would always amusing if the three of us went drinking together be brought up. I was simply amazed how cheap sake thought. It was like buying the wrong is. As long as you stick to sake, I can always foot material for a dress — once you have the bill.

And don't worry about paying the cut it you can't sew the material pharmacist. It will be arranged somehow. That night, as soon as he had on another piece of material. One night my husband asked me if Uehara's place. I Addiction is perhaps a sickness of the spirit. I was so frightened that I shook all over. I praised Mr. Uehara and borrowed his novels from realize now that my husband and I were my brother.

When I had read them, I told Naoji both very young. I did not know what what a wonderful writer I thought Mr.

I did not even understand Naoji was astonished that I could understand him, simple affection. I was so wild about Mr.

Before I knew people I met that every day of one's life it I had begun to read his novels in earnest, and would be filled with beauty if one were Naoji and I gossiped a great deal about him. Naoji the wife of such a man, and that staggered off almost every night to drinking marriage was meaningless unless it parties at Mr.

Bit by bit, as Mr. Uehara were to a man with taste like his. And had planned, Naoji was switching to alcohol.

She covered her publicly say without any face with one hand and for a while sat motionless. Presently she looked up and said with a smile, "I I never attempted to take back my can't think of anything to do.

I don't know how words, which made things terribly many years it may take, but we'll have to pay complicated. That was why even the back a little each month. Yes, it must have been painful suspicions. Although neither of us for Naoji, too. Even now his path is blocked, and openly spoke of divorce, the he probably still has no idea what to do in what atmosphere grew increasingly chilly, way. His drinking every day must be only in the and I returned to my mother's house.

The child was stillborn. I took ill and was I wonder how it would be if I let go and yielded confined to my bed. My relations with myself to real depravity. Perhaps that might my husband had come to an end. Naoji, perhaps feeling a kind of "I wonder if there is anyone who is not responsibility for my divorce, bellowed depraved," Naoji wrote in his notebook.

Those that he would die, and his face words made me feel depraved myself, and my decomposed with weeping. I asked him uncle and even Mother somehow then seemed how much he still owed the pharmacist. Perhaps by depravity he actually He mentioned a fantastically large meant tenderness.

Yesterday I was in pain and feverish. I was I couldn't make up my mind whether hardly able to breathe and felt at a complete loss to write to him or what to do.

Then, this what to do with myself. A little after lunch the girl morning the words of Jesus — "wise as from the farmer's house down the road came in serpents and harmless as doves" — the rain with a load of rice on her back.

I handed flashed into my head and in a sudden over to her the clothes I had promised. The girl burst of courage I decided to write him sat facing me in the dining-room, and as she a letter.

Perhaps a year," I answered. I am Naoji's sister. If you have Then, half covering my face with my right hand, I forgotten me, please try to remember. I'm so terribly sleepy. It's nervous exhaustion. As a matter of fact, I on the verge of tears, the words "realism" and cannot help feeling that Naoji's affairs "romanticism" welled up within me. I have no are for Naoji to decide, and it is sense of realism.

And that this very fact might be nonsensical for me to offer an apology. Mother is half an invalid not for Naoji but for myself. I heard and spends as much time in bed as up. Naoji, as from Naoji that your old place was you know, is mentally very sick.

While he is here destroyed during the war and that you he spends most of his time at the local drinking have since moved to your present place, and once every couple of days he takes address. I had thought of paying a visit whatever money we have from selling our clothes to your house which seems to be very and goes off to Tokyo.

But that is not what hurts far out in the suburbs from Tokyo , but me. I am afraid because I can so clearly foresee of late my mother's health has been my own life rotting away of itself, like a leaf that rather poor, and I can't possibly leave rots without falling, while I pursue my round of her to go up to Tokyo. That is why I existence from day to day. That is what I find made up my mind to write you a letter. And now I The matter I have to discuss may am asking your advice. I want to state with absolute Young Women," or even a positive clarity that I have been in love for some time with crime, but 1 — no, we — cannot go on a certain man, and that I intend in the future to living as we have.

I must therefore ask live as his mistress. I am quite sure you know who you, the person whom my brother Naoji it is. His initials are M. Whenever anything respects most in the whole world, to be painful comes up, I am seized with the desire to so kind as to listen to my plain, rush to his house and die of love with him. He also benefit of your guidance. It is younger than I.

But I feel that I cannot go on living not a matter of like or dislike — we my except by going to him. I have never met M. Whenever I think of her, I seem the rainbow in my breast will not fade away. I I pray for an answer. Uehara Jiro. My Chekhov. I have recently been putting on a little consideration can make me refrain weight. I think it is less that I am turning into a from appealing to M. I would like to brute creature than that I have at last become fulfill my love "wise as the serpent and human.

This summer I read a novel just one by harmless as the dove," but I am sure D. I wonder about you. In short, I have no choice but to think things out myself No answer has come from you, and I am and act however it seems best to me. The letter I sent the other day was The thought brings tears. This is the underhanded and full of snares. I suppose that first thing I have ever had, and I wonder you saw through every one of them. Yes, it's true.

I imagine that you thought that me. I have strained my mental powers my purpose was merely to elicit money from you as if I were trying to think of the answer to save my life. I don't deny this. However, I to some terribly complicated problem in would like you to know, if you'll excuse me for algebra, until at last I have come to feel saying so, that if my only wish was for a patron I that there is a single point where the should not have chosen you especially.

I have the whole thing may be unraveled, and impression that quite a few rich old men would be suddenly I have become cheerful. As a matter of fact, not long But what does my precious M. You may think of me? That's a disheartening even know the gentleman's name — he is a question.

You might call me a self- widower over sixty, a member of the Academy of styled — what shall I say, I can't say Arts, I believe; this great artist came here to the self-styled wife-perhaps a "self-styled mountains in order to ask my hand.

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